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How To Scale Your Shopify Store (The Right Way)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Scale Your Shopify Store (The Right Way)

How To Scale Your Shopify Store (The Right Way)

if you're gonna make fun of my fedora in
the comment section just exit out of the
video right now we just play it [ __ ]
this fedora I don't even know where that
came from but if you want a free four
door you can come pick it up in
Minnesota what's going on everyone
Hayden here coming back to you with
another video and in this one I want to
tok to you yes you especially those of
you who are already making some money
and have some sort of traction going
with Shopify but that's not to exclude
everyone who's just getting started but
I want to tok to you guys specifically
about how to scale now yeah I'm sure you
know it's not that hard you know once
you've figured out how to start making
100 bucks 200 bucks a day but how can
you actually scale that beyond that
point I really want to hit home on a
couple main keys that I have toked
about some other videos but everyone
100% deserves its own video because this
is super super important and I know
people doing really well well a lot of
potential and could be making a lot more
money with Shopify if they know how to
properly scale and leverage the sales
they already have so we're gonna tok
about that real quick and by the way I
don't know if you guys have notiked but
I do play music sometimes in the
beginning of my videos and no I have not
gotten a copyright strike I have no idea
how that works or if there's a time
limit some people are saying yeah if you
played it for 10 seconds or more but I
don't really care I don't know I just
play music if I want to so that's I
don't know I don't see anyone else doing
it I focus music so I throw it in the
video because I guess it's unique and
it's fun no thrill this video is gonna
be lit there's a lot of people you know
I even know someone who has a decent
sized YouTube channel not gonna say
names at all who is selling of course
yes they're making a lot of money
selling of course they're making a good
amount of money on Shopify but they
could 100% be making a hell of a lot
more money through Shopify specifically
if they properly knew how to scale right
they're just stiking with Instagram
influencers shoutouts which you know
that's cool and all but there's ways you
can really grow that exponentially scale
here's the thing with Shopify it's like
an exponential growth curve it starts
you did some momentum then it really
just explodes but how can you fulfill
that last piece where it really goes for
me okay you're making good money couple
thousand a month five ten thousand
whatever to boom go to the six figures a
month you know 50 100 200 random month
no I do want to just say disclaimer I'm
not there yet but I've kind of figured
out how and I'm pretty confident my
ability is just a matter of testing now
so hopefully I can hit my goal within
the next 60 to 90 days I'm doing
Hunter came on to shop five I'm
definitely gonna keep you guys to none
that but specifically to do this you
want to start with Instagram inputs or
shots which I always tok about and make
sure when you're just getting started
before you start running all the
shoutouts you put your pixel data from
Facebook in your Shopify store that way
all the traffic sales add to cards
everything that's coming through the
Instagram traffic to your store is being
tracked by Facebook now what this will
do for you is you can then make a
look-alike audience on Facebook once you
have enough data and that way you're
literally excluding the hardest part at
least in my opinion this is the hardest
picking the targeting on Facebook then
it's just a matter of having a good
product that aligns with that audience
and you already know the product you're
running works because of work door on
Instagram with the same type of audience
so a Facebook's going to do is they're
not going to retarget they're just
finding people who look similar to the
people who have already bought you know
all the traffic you brought from
Instagram those people who actually
purchased Facebook's gonna go through
and find people who look exactly like
those people you know what they're
online did not on they like physically
look both you know what their data is
online what they're interested in what
they buy all that stuff so then all you
have to do good sales copy have a good
post good website everything congruent
and your Facebook campaigns are gonna do
really well so that's a point I'm at
with my new store right now with my new
business partner we're doing well for
Instagram we definitely been updated to
at least start testing on Facebook so
right now we're launching three
campaigns every single day just starting
to really test and like immediately acts
out the stuff that's not working and
start to run and build off the stuff
that it and here's the thing I don't
know which video instead this in it
might have been a couple days ago where
I said don't do Facebook ads if you
don't know [ __ ] about it that's so true
what I mean by that though specifically
because some of you were confused is
that means don't start with Facebook ads
just straight up you have a store zero
sales zero traffic nothing don't just
start with Facebook ads if you don't
know stuff about it sure even if you
have guidance I would not recommend it
you start with Instagram that way you
can get some sales and get stuff going
properly get the data then Facebook
becomes I'm not gonna say easy but it
becomes simpler so that's definite how
you scale you know I've had some people
reach out to me on Instagram saying oh I
did a thousand dollars last week or some
people actually doing a thousand dollars
a day only through Instagram influencers
like if you this blows my mind if you
can do a thousand dollars a day through
Instagram influencers you can easily be
doing 10k
like it just blows my mind like a
potential there and the difference and
scalability on Instagram versus Facebook
is so huge and I see a lot of people not
properly taking advantage of it mostly
because they don't know how my goal with
this video is not to like dive into all
the specifics on how to do Facebook and
look alike you know you guys should know
that if you don't know it by a [ __ ]
course on it hire a mentor go google it
do whatever you want but use Instagram
you know it's not very hard start
getting some sales I'm gonna have some
content coming on Instagram specifically
because I know I've made good videos on
you guys like but I'm gonna build off of
it a lot more so stay tuned for that but
use Instagram and then use Facebook on
the backend to really scale you know
like I was toking about the graph it's
really not that hard you know it's I'm
not gonna say it's easy it's just simple
it's simple concepts and it's a simple
period of testing so for anyone who has
questions on this who might already have
some traction going like through the
Instagram influencers shout outs or
maybe Facebook Ads as well any other
making fifty a hundred maybe a couple
hundred bucks a day potentially more
which would be absolutely awesome leave
a comment down below or hit me up on
Instagram or something if you want to be
more private about it I'd love to tok
to you I think that if you have any
specific questions on this I do really
want to help you guys scale because it's
cool seeing it go from making a hundred
dollars of the sales every single day
somewhat consistently on Instagram to
being able to make a thousand a day very
consistently on Facebook so stuff like
that you should need to be able to make
that transition I'm doing it right now
I'm kind of in the middle of that
transition it's starting to scale up I
found things that work but most
important I've found a lot of things
that don't so I feel like I can share
that information I'm not the most
credible person out there I'm just
documenting my journey like I've said
before I don't want to just create
content I'm showing you guys the UPS the
Downs the good the bad just trying to
show you exactly what I have going on
and where my mind is at so do you guys
have any video suggestions that you
think would bring value to this channel
do you want me to make let me know in
the comments down below and drop a like
on this video if you got at least an
ounce of value that's my only goal I
will see you guys tomorrow the next
video keep absolutely crushing it with
whatever you're doing peace

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