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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The above is a brief introduction to How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Let's move on to the first section of How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace!

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

so i only put things in this course that
i do myself
right and that i truly believe in
there's a lot of other things that i
could add into this course that might
help you
but i think they'll help you marginally
at best and so i don't put them in there
because my whole goal with this course
is to give you the best tools and the
best insights and strategies so that you
can make money reselling the fastest
i could for example tell you to go off
and list all your items on somewhere
like tradesy
or somewhere like vinted right or
something or like depop right
and spend all your time there right and
you might make a couple sales
but the truth is it's gonna waste a lot
more your time and there's not gonna be
that much return on your investment
time-wise right
that's why i literally only suggest
poshmark mercari
ebay and amazon is selling platforms
currently or in the you know other
version of this
of this course obviously because in my
opinion they were the only ones that
were worth it okay
but until now now i've recently notiked
someone actually asked me this question
in a q a recently
on i think it was oap 5.0 so version
and they were like what do i think about
facebook shop so we'll actually tackle
that here in a second
and i was like to be honest like i don't
waste my time listing on facebook
marketplace and i don't list my time
wasting or waste my time listing on
facebook shops because honestly i don't
know if they're going to be worth it to
me to actually list all my products
so what i do is i let other people test
them out first and i see the feedback i
see the results that they get and then i
decide if it's worth it for me okay
so first and foremost in my opinion
facebook shops is not worth it okay
that's what i wanted to cover right here
really briefly facebook shops is not
worth it
uh and the reason being is if you notike
the difference between facebook shops
and facebook marketplace is worth it so
we're going to cover that here in a
facebook shops is not worth it because
this is an old page that i used to
actually have it's lively listings which
is the brand that i actually used to
kind of post from
and so if you start selling with your
facebook page then you're going to have
a facebook shops
facebook shop excuse me so facebook
shops is something that integrates on
your facebook page and so
you don't want to waste your time
listening to a facebook shop and posting
to a facebook shop
unless unless you have a massive brand
for example
like old navy or uh you know
american eagle or anything like these
right a big brand
that you know you have a lot of
followers already on your facebook page
and you already have a brand
then maybe you want to list from
facebook shops right but obviously
99.9 percent of you probably 100
of you are not going to be in that boat
so do not list from facebook shops
facebook shop is a different thing
than facebook marketplace facebook shop
is literally directly from your facebook
page and will only
be posted specifically uh you know
getting uh promoted essentially to the
people that follow your page
so if that's not you don't do that and
i'm saying that's probably the majority
of you if not all of you okay
instead what i've notiked is and i
didn't do this for a long time because
like i said i see the best results
uh you know obviously selling things
like books selling things like
liquidation selling things like retail
uh website uh things
and and bulk site things as well as
wholesale on amazon right and a number
of other things
uh and books if i don't know if i said
that right so i see the majority of my
my success doing that on amazon and i
see the majority of my success listing
liquidation coupon
and cashback on sites like poshmark ebay
and mercari right
but i never actually put my time and
effort into facebook marketplace because
it didn't seem like it was worth it to
me so what i did is i kind of watched
and waited and i saw what other people
were doing
and if it was worth it to them and it
seems like facebook marketplace is kind
of growing and it's actually a viable
option now now am i saying you're going
to list all your stuff on facebook
marketplace and it's all going to sell
better than ebay poshmark mercari no
is there an opportunity yes there is an
opportunity some people have great
success with it some people have
mild success with it and uh obviously i
think it's worth it so i wanted to bring
it to you now if it's worth it i'm gonna
be testing this out myself i haven't
actually listed a lot of items
personally yet on facebook marketplace
but i do network with a lot of other
people that are in the industry
that are also resellers and they
basically say that it is worth it and
they're seeing a lot of success
and i've seen the results from them and
so i'm literally telling you to do this
now as well
i'm gonna be doing this and if it seems
like it's you know better than poshmark
or better than mercari
or better than ebay obviously and it
starts to kind of scale my business and
get me more sales from this place
then i'll create an entire section and
i'll move this lecture into an entire
for just facebook marketplace but for
the current time period we're just going
to put this in the general reselling
tips module
because obviously i don't think that you
should focus the majority of your
attention on facebook marketplace
it's just another place where you can
post your items to get sales
and i think it's worth it okay there's
also a lecture in here
where the top 20 marketplaces that i
recommend that you resell on and i kind
of tear them off
and poshmark ebay mercari and amazon are
a tier one
and facebook mark places in tier two i'm
moving currently i'm moving facebook
into tier one from tier two okay so now
there's five in tier one
poshmark ebay mercari and amazon and
facebook marketplace okay
so i'm gonna show you briefly how to
list from facebook marketplace here so
i'm gonna create a new listing and we're
gonna take this listing right here for
my poshmark closet
and we're gonna list it on facebook
marketplace just to kind of show you
now this is just a demonstration to show
you how to specifically list on facebook
if you have a software that posts
multi-channel like lists perfectly for
example which is the one that i
then you'll notike that if you just post
on this perfectly it's already posting
the mercari for you
it's already posting the poshmark for
you and it's already posting to ebay for
you right
and it can also post to facebook
marketplace okay so if you have lists
perfectly when you go to post an item
then you can either post it to all of
these places and just also choose
facebook marketplace which is literally
like another second of your time to post
to another
you know site like facebook marketplaces
that's going to get you
more potential sales so you might as
well do it anyway right
and you should also be posting your
items to other places as well because
why not
but the whole key here is if you do do
this and if you choose facebook
marketplace it's not going to actually
put your tags in so you do want to come
back and put your tags in
obviously i'm going to show you that
here in a second all right so i'm going
to choose my listing types and i'm going
to go item for sale
and i'm literally just going to take all
the different stuff from this listing
and post it into facebook marketplace
so right here i'm going to copy the
i don't know why i can't copy there we
go copy the title and i'm going to save
these two as the title
just to get the seo like i've covered
many other times
in many other videos right and so we're
going to add the photos
boom and we're going to add the title
and then we're going to grab the
description and for those of you that
have asked like this
this um designation at the bottom is the
bin that i keep it in that's my
inventory system which is another video
in this actual section here okay so if
you have if you're scaling up and you
need to keep track of your inventory
better i suggest you watch that video
it's really going to help you okay
now how many item i'm just going to list
this as one because it's just a test run
i'm actually going to have somebody else
list all my items to facebook
marketplace for me if you have lists
perfectly running then you can literally
just elect
uh to have your list perfectly and go in
the list perfectly and then just say hey
copy all these listings to facebook
marketplace so it's it's a super easy
way to get them all on a different
as they introduce them to you or as you
elect to go this route okay
so i'm just gonna say available quantity
one we're going to paste the description
in here
oops i thought i copied that maybe not
paste the description in there we're
going to say price was 58
we're going to go round it up to 60. i
always like to keep them high and then
slowly drop the price
and like i said i don't have that much
experience on facebook marketplace i'm
gonna give you all the insight that i
have currently on it
but as i start selling more and more on
this i will have more insight and i will
add more insight to this section
and obviously potentially in the future
i will turn facebook marketplace
into its own section okay so let's
categorize this now
clothing shoes and accessories it is
men's clothing
we're actually no sorry this is women's
clothing uh women's clothing
jackets and hoodies maybe or
sweatshirts and hoodies there we go
condition is new
brand is we're going to say nba
oops size is
i guess there's multiple sizes here
we're going to list the 1x
and the only thing that i've notiked
correct me if i'm wrong if you're
watching this
by either messaging me on facebook or
dropping it in the facebook group or
emailing me obviously and i'm to my
knowledge you can't list multiple sizes
on facebook marketplace so it's a lot
like mercari you have to go in and post
doubles okay and i've also notiked that
when you do post a double for example if
i want to list this as like an excel
but then i come back to post the 3x
which i also have
it's gonna sometimes flag you as a
duplicate listing so that is something
that i've notiked um and might be a
potential issue
but obviously you could just use
facebook marketplace like you would
mercari to sell other list listings
and i personally use poshmark to store
all my inventory
uh data right so for example if i have
one listing on po
on mercari what i do is i come back to
that listing on poshmark and i see how
inventory i have of that right i can
literally look and say okay i have one x
or i have three one x's
left and i have uh nine three x's right
so if i just sold one on mercari
i'll take this down to eight and i'll
save it right or i'll take this down
to two and i'll save it if i sold on one
x right and so that's how i keep track
of my inventory i use poshmark's
inventory to track it because obviously
they they let you add multiple sizes
and multiple quantities in multiple
sizes so it's easy to kind of do it from
that aspect facebook marketplace does
and mercari obviously does not as well
now these are two things that are
probably going to be most important to
you the rest of this is common sense
right just list it like you would any
other place categorize it correctly
and then the product tags are important
right you want to have great
product tags this is literally in my
opinion and
what i've heard from other people is
going to be the number one thing that
gets you visibility
on facebook marketplace right because
it's not that big of a marketplace yet
tags are not that irrelevant like they
would be on somewhere else right like
youtube for example i know that's a
completely different business model but
now on youtube for example like tags are
irrelevant because so there's so many
and so many tags that like youtube
doesn't even really rank tags anymore
currently facebook marketplace the
product tags are crucial because there's
not that much
that not that many sellers not that many
listings relative to the amount of
people on the platform
looking for stuff and so tags are still
very very important obviously
you know the seo in your your listing
pictures is important
the title is vastly important what you
categorize it is important the
description is important all for seo but
do not sleep on the tags
put great tags in there so i'm gonna say
like new orleans
jazz i'm gonna say nba sweatshirt and
obviously i would take some time and and
do this uh you know really well
so maybe take like i don't know two
three minutes and actually put some good
ones in there but for the sake of not
wasting your time i'm just gonna kind of
put some in here
right now so nba sweatshirt we're gonna
go like um
nba fan gear uh
jazz sweatshirt
um let's go vintage
sweatshirt let's go we'll do one more
just to save
i don't want to waste your time we'll go
retro sweatshirt okay
and obviously those are bad those aren't
the best examples of tags but um you
know you get the picture
now another thing here is a lot of
people will say like you know i
i want to post on facebook marketplace
but i don't want all my friends to see
it okay this is a common objection that
i usually hear
and so what you can do is you can
literally hit this hide from friends
button just make sure to click this
and then when you post it it will not
post to all the
your friends feeds it will won't post in
any of them at all right
then it will just be available and
viewable in facebook marketplace for
other people okay
so this is crucial obviously if you
don't want your friends to see it when
you actually go and list this then just
hit hide from friends
and none of your friends will see it
okay now hit next obviously once you're
you're gonna put your location in if you
haven't signed up you know for the
shipping yet and how to actually go
ahead and pay for it you can sign up for
the shipping here there should be an
option to like
activate shipping and then put your
information in there i'm obviously going
to go just shipping
i don't want any local pickup i'm going
to use
use a prepaid shipping label if you want
to go use your own shipping label that's
totally fine then you can use something
like pirate ship to get your own
shipping label and shipping
rates i use prepaid on pretty much
everything obviously estimate your
package weight i'm going to say this is
uh 5.5 to 1 pounds and
turn on free shipping for this listing
so you can do that if you want to give
free shipping to your buyers
you don't have to do that i've been
playing around with both of these
obviously so we'll see which one i
recommend in the future
right now i don't have enough feedback
and data to give one give it one way or
the other
but even so like on on for example like
mercari and on ebay like i recommend
going free shipping but that's just what
works for me right some other people
have more success
charging shipping because they have
higher profit margins and some people
tend to not really kind of mind right so
it really
what i'm going to say is like test this
out test both of them and see which
tends to work better for you
then we're going to go next and we're
simply going to list it to the
marketplace now if you're in other
you can also listen to other groups i'm
not going to do that
we're going to publish it and bam then
it's going to go live all right
and then you'll see that i literally
only have two listings i don't really
use this that much but this is something
that i'm going to start listing to
a lot more and obviously they're going
to review it to make sure you're not
listing anything uh that's against their
terms of service so it's really if
you're listing like physical products
like you would on ebay or poshmark
you're gonna be fine right the only
things that i would say keep in mind are
like if you're listing like
something where you're not actually
selling something like for example
you'll see a lot of car listings where
it's like listing a car for like five
dollars but then like the description is
contact me for the actual pro like
that's against terms of service
as well as uh digital products so you
can't sell digital products either it
has to be physical so this will be
and then i'll have two listings and then
i'm going to actually just go into my
list perfectly
and i'm going to morph all my listings
over to facebook marketplace because
it's going to save me time okay
but i just wanted to kind of bring this
to your attention because i've seen that
with other people that i tok to
it has provided good results they are
making good money and they are selling
so i'm moving facebook marketplace
up into tier one and i'm telling you to
start testing and start listing here
as well

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