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How to Set Up A Woocommerce Site in 6 EASY Steps

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

How to Set Up A Woocommerce Site in 6 EASY Steps

How to Set Up A Woocommerce Site in 6 EASY Steps

the first step to setting up your
WooCommerce store is to get a domain
name after you do that you can choose a
host you can choose a website that's
going to host your WooCommerce store
after that you just install WordPress
and if you choose the right host it's
very easy it'll be a one-click install
and I'm going to tok about all the
steps all six of the steps in detail
later in this video I just want to
quickly give you an overview of what the
steps are so after you install WordPress
which is the platform that WooCommerce
is based on you install the plug-in of
WooCommerce very simple very easy to do
once you've setup WooCommerce and you
can set up a payment processor this is
things like PayPal or stripe who's gonna
be actually handling the credit cards
for you basically also once again this
is really easy to do this whole process
of setting up blue commerce is very
simple and the last and final step is to
create your product hi I'm Travis and
about six years ago I quit my corporate
job to start my first online business my
first online store and it was the best
thing I ever did and I made a ton of
mistakes along the way so I wanted to
make this video for you so you don't
make a lot of the same mistakes I did
now personally I'm a big fan of Shopify
but if you're on a budget WooCommerce is
a great option and I personally use Moo
commerce for some of my stores so this
video is going to be the perfect video
for you if you're just getting started
the first step is to buy a domain name
you can go to GoDaddy
or Namecheap to get your domain name now
a few tips on getting a domain name this
domain name is gonna represent you and
it's gonna represent your company so you
want it to be short easy to spell and
easy to remember think of any good
website any good company you go to their
their website if you don't if it's a
hard name to spell it's a hard name to
you're just you're not going to go there
if it's too long there's issues a bonus
tip is you want your domain name to
include the keyword you're trying to
rank for and for those of you that don't
know a keyword is what would someone
type into Google to find you find your
company you want to make sure that that
is included
an example of this might be if you're
selling peanut butter you'd want the
domain-name peanut butter calm because
it's so short but if that's not
available which it probably isn't you
might want to use something like peanut
butter lovers calm and it still contains
the key word and that makes Google know
that your site is all about peanut
butter and it also lets other people
know people that are typing it in that
your website is selling and all about
peanut butter once you've purchased your
domain name you need to choose a company
that's gonna host your website so even
though WooCommerce is free it's not free
to host it you need to either host it
yourself which means you need to buy a
lot of expensive computer stuff which I
don't recommend or pay someone a few
bucks a month I personally recommend SCI
crown I'll have a link up here and if
you use this link I get a little bit of
a kickback for them so as a thank you
I'll give you a free one-on-one
consulting session now I've reviewed all
the top hosting companies and I'll link
that video up here as well if you want
to maybe choose a different one and to
be fair all of them give affiliate
Commission's I crown doesn't even give
the biggest affiliate Commission but I
respect them I use them and I think that
they're one of the best hosting
companies out there in fact they're one
of only three companies that WordPress
themselves recommend to be used for
hosting WordPress they're also really
cheap at about 4 bucks a month and they
offer a free SSL certificate which is
necessary for running mu commerce so
after you purchase hosting transfer your
domain name over to your host which is a
very simple process there's a complete
tutorial I have a link I have a complete
tutorial walkthrough down below on how
to do that and then after you do that
you're gonna want to install WordPress
which is literally like a one-click
install it's the easiest thing to do it
used to be very difficult but sites like
SiteGround made it really easy with
their one-click wordpress install but
you've installed WordPress you're gonna
go into the backend and you're going to
install a plug-in and the plug-in is of
course WooCommerce this is also free and
also very easy to do again if you have
any issues with figuring out how to do
this check out the walkthrough tutorial
the next step is to find a payment
processor someone that's gonna process
all your payments I highly recommend at
least using PayPal but you'll probably
also want to use stripe or some
other company like that to accept credit
card payments PayPal can work for
accepting credit card payments but it's
a little clunky so I personally use
stripe and PayPal once you've set up the
payment processor it's time to add your
first product this is easy as well once
you're done you're just gonna add the
title what do you want the title of your
product to be a description and you're
gonna want to add all the images and
lastly what is the price at that point
you're pretty much done and one big
bonus tip for you is make sure you
design your site so it looks good again
I do have that complete walkthrough
tutorial and part of the walkthroughs
tutorial is showing you how to design
your website so it it converts really
well so whatever stage you are at and
creating your online store take the next
step if you just have an idea go buy the
domain name today do it right now if you
have the domain name then pick a hosting
company again I recommend psych round I
have the link up here and down below and
remember if you use my link I'll give
you a free 30-minute one-on-one
consulting session so whenever step
you're at take the next step make sure
also to like and comment down below and
I teach people how to create their own
passion product and sell it online so if
you want more information about that
click that subscribe button and last and
most importantly remember to enjoy the

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