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How To Setup Facebook Custom Audiences 2019

Published on: December 23 2022 by David Cantero

Facebook Custom Audiences is an essential tool for marketers looking to target their ads to a specific audience. With this feature, you can create lists of people based on their interactions with your website, app, or Facebook page. In this article, we'll walk you through how to set up Facebook Custom Audiences in 2019.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Manager account

To use Facebook Custom Audiences, you'll need to have a Facebook Business Manager account. If you don't have one already, create an account and set up your business profile.

Step 2: Create a Custom Audience

Once you have a Business Manager account, navigate to the Audiences tab and click Create Audience. From there, select Custom Audience and choose the type of audience you want to create.

Step 3: Upload your customer data

If you want to create a Custom Audience based on customer data, you'll need to upload a CSV file with their information. Make sure to follow Facebook's guidelines for formatting the file correctly.

Step 4: Install the Facebook Pixel

To create a Custom Audience based on website interactions, you'll need to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. This pixel will track visitors to your site and allow you to target ads to them later.

Step 5: Set up rules for your Custom Audience

Once you have your audience created, you can set up rules to determine who gets included in it. You can specify things like which pages they visited on your website, how long they stayed, and whether they made a purchase.

Step 6: Create your ad and target your Custom Audience

Now that you have your Custom Audience set up, you can create your ad and target it specifically to that audience. This will increase the chances of your ad resonating with them and driving conversions.

Setting up Facebook Custom Audiences may seem daunting, but it's an essential tool for any marketer looking to improve their targeting. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a Custom Audience that's tailored to your business and start seeing better results from your ads.

How To Setup Facebook Custom Audiences 2019

Hey everyone, it's David Cantero from Inspired Digital dot com. If you're new here, make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on any of our daily videos on social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online. In this video, we'll be discussing a game changer for driving traffic to your offers – custom audiences.

Why You Need Custom Audiences:

- You need to track the traffic to your offers.

- You need to create different audiences so you know where your advertisements are going.

- A custom audience allows you to exclude those who have already purchased your product.

- You don't want to keep advertising the same offer to those who have already bought it.

How to Create Custom Audiences:

1. Go to your ads manager and click on the drop-down menu for assets.

2. Click on audiences.

3. Click on create audience and then customize audience.

4. Grab the URL of the page you want to create a custom audience for.

5. Select website traffic and paste the URL.

6. Name the audience and set the time frame (up to 180 days).

7. Repeat for other pages you want to create custom audiences for.

How to Use Custom Audiences:

1. Go to the ads manager and create a new ad.

2. Click on custom audiences and select the audience you want to use.

3. Exclude those who have already purchased your product.

4. Run the ad and optimize as necessary.

Custom audiences are crucial for optimizing your advertisements and not wasting money on targeting the wrong audience. Make sure to create custom audiences for important pages on your website and exclude those who have already purchased your product. Paid advertising is essential for taking your online business to the next level, and custom audiences are a game changer for driving traffic to your offers.

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