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How To Source Hot Selling Walmart Items With Zik Analytics In 2020

Published on: December 3 2022 by eCom Tom

How To Source Hot Selling Walmart Items With Zik Analytics In 2020

How To Source Hot Selling Walmart Items With Zik Analytics In 2020

all right Tom Cormier here looking extra
pale on this lighting right now I need
to go outside and get a tan but in this
video I am gonna tok to you about
another video on Zig analytiks I know
you guys love Zig analytiks and I bet
you guys are always wishing hey Zig
analytiks those Amazon so well it's such
a great program for Amazon it's kind of
hard to find Walmart items to source
from it well guess what
now you can find Walmart items and
source them from zyk analytiks and I'm
not gonna say it's perfect as of yet and
I do think that it's a little bit harder
to find these Walmart items but there is
the ability to find Walmart items on
Zink and put them into folders and do
whatever you're gonna do on Zik and I
highly recommend you do all of this
because it will highly optimized your
workflow or your VA s workflow or
whatever it is but for anybody that does
not know what SiC analytiks is if you're
new to this channel
well first off my name is EECOM Tom I've
been doing over a hundred-thousand and
sales on eBay dropshipping for about
seven months now and I've primarily
using analytiks to get there I remember
I solely used Zig analytiks to get up to
my first hundred and something thousand
in sales and then after that I started
moving to other programs like sale
freaks and whatnot but I do want to
start moving a lot of my efforts to
highly optimized Walmart items and other
sources like that because I do think
that they are gonna be able to cop
higher margins first off higher margins
and higher profit and higher item price
you know you're not selling you're not
always selling these low priced items on
on wamp from Walmart but Amma's money
can be selling like $7 items from Amazon
on eBay things like that and I really
just want to raise my overall price per
item so that I can get the same amount
of work done with less items and
everything like that same amount of
money with less work basically so that's
just in my efforts to highly optimized
everything and make everything so that
my v---aids can completely run my
business and
can focus on other things like providing
value for you guys in these videos and
teaching you how to use dick analytiks
so if you do not use it and Alex I do
not know why not if you think Chile
hunter is better you're wrong so the
second O'Lakes is way better the graph
the user interface or whatever that
thing is called is pristine it's
beautiful it's streamlined its it pretty
much runs my business so if you guys are
interested in signing up if you look at
the link in the description as per
always I have gotten you or this has
been going on for a while but some of
you guys might not know this I have
gotten you five dollars off your first
month I know it's not much but every
little bit counts for people when they
first start and are looking to get
starting this ebay drop shipping
business so if you do want to find your
items music analytiks look at the I'm
gonna tag a lot of videos up above
there's gonna be a whole entire just
playlist of all my sick aunt likes
videos everything up to date and this is
obviously going to be added into it I
think that this is a great addition to
the whole entire repertoire and if you
learn how to use this you will be able
to find some high profit highly just
high priced items if you're getting 10%
on a $300 item that's a lot better than
10% on a $4 item or whatever 7% on a $15
item you know what I mean you are gonna
be able to put oh and I've been selling
a ton of Walmart items lately I would
say that the majority of my sales have
been coming from Walmart and I really do
think that Walmart is a great source
once you get over kind of the fact that
it's a little hard to navigate their
website and do returns and stuff like
that well they try I like trying things
and working at it makes you an expert at
it and over time I've gotten very
comfortable with their system so I hope
that you guys really do look into you
know just diversifying your stores make
sure you're not putting all your eggs in
one basket and you do look into Walmart
onto eBay and I know that sale freaks is
also coming out with a Walmart on to
ebay function just the way that they do
Amazon now and I'm gonna try to review
that when it comes
but I'm not sure when that's happening
but right now it's easy to find items on
ZigBee at Walmart I already have a video
on it but this is more this is a this is
a bigger and better update at the moment
so this is what I'm going to be teaching
you and I will see you inside the video
I hope you guys enjoy it okay so now we
are inside of Ziggy Analytiks and if you
have never seen zyk this is what it
looks like this is the holy grail of how
to find items on ebay or on Amazon or
Walmart and put them on eBay this is the
program you need to use so if you do use
SiC already
first I mean you haven't use it like I
said look up in the little eye there's a
white little circle with a black eye in
it that and that'll be give you a drop
down all my suggested videos we're gonna
suggest the sikh analytiks playlist for
you is a bunch of videos on there one of
the videos is me doing it manually and
i'll show you how hard it is to do
without sikh analytiks then i show
everything on how to find out in physic
analytiks so there's a little bit more
of a advanced to the video so you a lot
of people may not have even known that
this update even happened and all you
have to do is go to your management
panel and then you're gonna click my
settings when you click on my settings
you're gonna get two-bit you're gonna
get to this page account but then just
click on integrations at the top and
when you click on integrations at the
top you'll see source website so when
you want a source for wal-mart items or
have zip give you a comparison of
wal-mart items that you you know you can
easily find them instead of amazon you
can't do both at the same time you have
to pick which one you want so you can do
amazon code you a UK or whatever or
amazon.com but right here let's take
this video we're doing walmart items and
this is what we want to do so i showed
you guys in my one video on how to
source walmart items from sick on to
ebay I already started guys how to do
that and I showed going to Amazon I mean
going on to Walmart type in and
mainstays finding an item going on to
ebay typing it in and then basically
finding a seller from there and you know
that does work it's pretty easy I think
my VA still do that but I started doing
this the other day and this has been a
lot faster at finding people and finding
like good sellers right off the bat so
I'm gonna show you guys when let's you
in a little trick here so stay tuned
keep watching and you will see how I
find Walmart items easily so easily so
you're gonna go I mean I'll go into the
next page what you want to do is you
want to click product research when you
click product Rees
you'll get brought to this page all
right here all you have to do is type in
mainstays why do you type in mainstays
mainstays is a Walmart brand it's a
brand that it's only sold at Walmart
it's also sold on Amazon when your drop
shipping from Walmart onto Amazon but
you're gonna find it primarily in
Walmart you're gonna find it in the
store online all you do is click search
so I click search here you're gonna see
all right there's all these analytiks I
never look at these things it's just a
pain in the ass it doesn't really you
know it's it doesn't show you much so
what are we gonna do we're gonna look
around oh wait no I'm gonna type of
mainstays here I got one step out of
myself so you type in mainstays here
you're gonna see that there's a hundred
items right here and you're gonna click
on whichever ones you want so look for
the ones that just have just regular old
backgrounds like this is obviously from
Walmart click here this is obviously
from Walmart no doubt my mind click here
so as this one it's the same item click
here this one's from Walmart click here
this one I know what this guy's doing I
don't want to show in the video click
here this one here here here this one
clearly is not from I mean it's from
Walmart but it's not being dropship
somebody just bought this fleece blank
and thought somebody else wanted it
click here you know oh this one is
definitely from Walmart just all stok
photos you just want to find the stok
clothes that's not a stok photo that's
not a stok photo that is clearly from
somebody's household this is looks like
it was taken on a Nokia flip
phone this I don't even know that it
looks like a stok photo there you go
you get the drift you're just gonna go
through and click the ones that have
stok photos it's very very easy here's
one here's another one
all right so we've clicked enough you
can keep going if you want but let's not
waste any more time here we've clicked
14 click 6 election
you don't even have to go on a Walmart
you really don't or eBay after that
you're gonna give a little graph
and you're gonna see oh this guy's the
best exx bargain if you're watching this
you know I didn't mean to point you out
I'm sorry bud
all right so let's go and these are all
different people exx bargain whoever
this is you ever this is this guy seems
to be selling a lot and this is actually
his account right here so I use them as
an example actually so I'll get rid of
this let's bring up this exx bargain
person too but I think that they're
doing something a little bit different
which I will explain probably in a later
video let's bring up this one v8 2012 I
don't know how they are so if you're
watching this as well tough I'm
sorry but in reality I mean it's just
the nature of the beast so you're gonna
look and first off you will realize that
so basically the way that dick has been
set up before of this green circle is
here than it means that it found the
item on another website but I can tell
that a lot of these items do seem to be
from Walmart let's check this one right
and as it loads you know play some
elevator music here we go so you want to
look make sure it's the same item is it
the same item it might be it might not
be it really depends but that's up to
you to find out so we're gonna check
here Walmart does it have all these
other attachments with it no it really
only seems like it's just this it does
oh wait yes it is it's the same item
because it has all these little
attachments right here in picture number
two if it would load here we go so there
you go that's that that's clearly the
same picture just looks like he mess he
messed around with the picture a bit oh
i open in a new tab i'm in a new window
yeah it's clearly the same item it's
just that he's been editing these images
and you know making it look better and
stuff so let's X out of that so we found
a good item right off the bat with a
break-even of 12.05 like I have you know
they got an $8 profit so that's a match
but some of these items right here show
up red like there's no match but they
actually do have a match this one
doesn't but I found some at least not on
this guy's account on the other guys
see look this is a match right here even
though it says it's not so I'm it's not
perfect yet I'm they just launched this
like a week and a half ago so I wanted
to be one of the first people to make a
video on it anyways but this person's
copping a 10 dollar and 50 cent profit
on the front end here not to mention
that like Walmart has very very very
good cash back I have a 2% cash back
credit card if you use you promise
that's 5% cash back you used a Bates
sometimes there's 10 I've seen 12 some
top cash back you really depends on what
you're using so this guy's copying a
pretty healthy margin on the front end
over 10% well over 10% and whatever he
catches on the back end so I mean all
you have to do from there is to add it
into a folder if you wanted or add it
into a Google Doc or whatever you want
and I mean I've really started doing a
lot of Walmart items and I've realized
that you know there's a lot of margin
here and not as many people are doing it
they're afraid the return system isn't
as you know it's kind of clunky it's
really kind of difficult to look up
somebody's order but you know in my next
course or when I redo the course that is
gonna be what I'm very very much gonna
be focusing on diversify and everything
like this so you may look that there's
an estimated
here of 9:49 one thing like I always say
on zyk don't these numbers aren't always
accurate SiC updates like I think every
couple of days so you really want to
make sure that when you click on it you
know like it the price could be
completely different and then we click
on it here so we found a pretty good
seller right off the bat I'm gonna tell
you that right now and that wasn't even
the one that I was gonna use for this
video so let's look at it on Walmart if
it ever loads here we go
it's 34 38 like it says I mean 34 88 one
thing that you do want to realize is
that price right there estimated profit
is not taking into consideration the
fact that if it's under $35 you have to
pay $5.99 for shipping but one little
hack here I'm just giving away all the
tricks today if it's under $35 it's 12
cents away just add in something that's
extremely cheap to the order and then
it'll go up to you won't have to pay the
$5.99 if you pay $1 for something and
add it to the order then you'll go over
$35 you won't have to pay the $5.99 and
you'll save that extra $4 profits so
this is basically the probability will
be making that's almost 20% on this item
20% front end profit on this item that's
pretty good so this person is actually
killing it I don't know how much they're
selling it's a 78,000 I picked a
good one I'm gonna I'm gonna Pat myself
on the back right here for this one I
picked a great person go steal all their
items you know just just pillage them
and we'll see how they're doing later
but they do have some pretty strong
listings so we'll I think that they're
listening to outlast most people they're
highly optimized and everything like
that so I mean I'm gonna Pat myself on
the back for that one and probably not
even show the next guy but I will show
you the next guy just for shits and
giggles so on this guy he did have a lot
more of these green ones pop up that do
kind of show you like hey these are
matches but I did notike a lot of the
time here I mean I'm sure it's a glitch
in the system that these red ones are
popping up and they're not matches but
if you click on them they do still show
a match and I know that if you've used
this before like this is a match right
here one thing that you're gonna realize
oh where was it it was right here I
found it on this one is that the Walmart
item is not always going to be
profitable compared to their eBay that
means that they're probably sourcing it
from somewhere else or these numbers are
wrong so you always want to do your own
little investigation if these numbers
seem correct you're gonna want to check
on eBay - the number change this one's
out of stok so there's obviously
something that went on either it's out
of stok on Walmart or yeah it's out of
stok on Walmart so you know this is one
that you might not want to list you
might want to keep it for later you know
check on it occasionally add this guy to
your watch list keep prodding his
account like I said this guy is the
complete opposite Alaska he has a ton of
active listings he did not do any title
optimization whatsoever from what I see
he just bulk listed his shitload and
he's only selling a little bit you can
go to it goes to show that when you
highly optimized your listings which I
strayed away from when I first started
that you know you're definitely gonna
start doing better so I would really
like to start pushing that mentality
like they have four hundred eleven
active listings and three hundred three
of them are successful they're selling
eighty one of these a month fifty five
of these a month where stuff it's a lot
easier you know your products you know
everything you know is gonna have you
have four hundred eleven products you
probably know every single one of them
if you have fourteen thousand products
there's no chance in hell you know all
of them so I mean I hope you guys
enjoyed this video let me know if you
have any questions below I would like to
answer your questions if you guys you
know if you guys don't like sick for
some reason I mean let me know why I
think that sick is the number one
program out there at the moment and for
finding items manually and doing it on
your own it's so great I've been using
it literally since before I start I've
been using it for almost fifteen months
I think that was the first program I
ever bought along with I bought skew
grid hydrolyse there and zyk on the same
day and the next day I cancelled skew
grid in Hydra Lister and went on so I
think website route was that was back in
the day I'm reminiscing on old times
like I said there's a $5 off your first
month promo so if you used my affiliate
code not only do you get I think it's a
14-day for it now it's a free 7 day
trial you don't need to connect anything
no PayPal no anything to it and
basically once you are done with the
seven days you get you buy a one month I
suggest going monthly at first if you're
beginner notike because you don't want
to dole out the $350 for a whole year
subscription to $25 a month I think it
is you get five dollars off if you
message the people from zik where's my
mouse right here and just mention econ
Tom or email them or anything like that
they will honor you five dollars off
your first month I know
a lot of people are tight on money when
they first start and this could be a
make or break situation for them so I
hope you guys found this video very
helpful because source nobody out there
is really putting how to source from
specific sources and how to find items
from different sources like Walmart and
Amazon nobody really has that out there
and I'm really trying to provide you
guys the free value that is Nick
analytiks because I've used this program
since I started and I really truly truly
love this program so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed
making it for you and have a great day
I'll see you in the next one

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