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how to start a dropshipping business in 2022

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2022 (For BEGINNERS)

drop shipping in 2022? does it still work? absolutely, but you're gonna need to make sure that you're following the right steps and not following outdated methods. so in today's video, i'm gonna be covering absolutely everything that you need to know to start a profitable shopify drop shipping business. last year, i released a video on how to get started in 2021 and it was one of my most well received videos ever, and i got countless dms from you guys who got real results from that video. so i'm super excited to be running it up again and sharing this knowledge completely free with all of you. all i ask is if you do get some value to drop a like, and also, if you comment down below, you're gonna have the chance to win over 500 in prizes and gifts. so thanks for doing that. now let's get into this week's value. before we get into the tiknical aspects, i want to explain the strategy that we're gonna be going after. this is a low budget strategy and, honestly, there's not much money required. the reason why i want to show you guys this method is because not only has this personally worked for me, but it's a super simple way to get off the ground with not very much upfront risk. now this strategy is going to be focused around a singular product. this is what i call a one product store, where we focus all of the branding on one single product, instead of setting up a website similar to amazon, where you sell everything under the sun. now, the reason we do this is because we can focus on that one product and brand it better than everyone and attract all the customers to our website and will give us the positioning of being the creators or the originators of the product, which is exactly what we're looking for with this strategy. so now that's out of the way, let me show you exactly how you can find these products yourself. all right, so i'm gonna be showing you two different methods to find products. the first one is a completely free method, so you guys can go out and do this literally seconds after watching this, and all you need to do to find products is your iphone or android or, if you don't have any of those, you could even go on your browser and you're going to be needing to download the app title. the reason why we're going to be using tik tok is because their algorithm has made it insanely easy for us to pick up on viral and trending products and basically hand them over to us. so i'm gonna show you guys a few different ways to find products on tiktok. the first one is just going into the search bar and typing: tiktok made me buy it. now, once you look at this hashtag, you're gonna see the most viral posts on tiktok under this hashtag and what you'll see here is a lot of trending products that blew up, like, for example, this smart lock over here, and you can see there's 2.3 million likes. and if we scroll through here, we're gonna see tons of different product ideas. now, it doesn't mean that we can sell any of these products. obviously, we're looking for products that we can drop ship. so what i recommend you do is look for products with a few different criteria. number one: that they're a problem solving product, meaning that it solves some real world problem. so here would be a good example: a product that helps out neck pain. that would be something that has a big pain point where you would be able to sell it relatively easy. so make sure you're browsing through these products and what i would do is i would take the products that i like, i would go over here and i would click, copy, link and then all i would do is put it in a google doc. now in your google doc, make sure you have at least 10 of these products and a few things you're going to want to look out for is number one, that you're choosing a product that's available on aliexpress. so let me show you how we can do this. it's really simple. so let's say, for this hover orb over here that just got 125 000 likes within five days, what we would do is we would literally just go over to aliexpress. so type in aliexpress- and you want to go to their webpage and look at hover orb or try some different keywords- that you think you could find this product. so, as you see, hover orb didn't find this product, but you could do flying toy and you can see if we can find the product that way. so you can see that literally only took two searches and we're able to find this product over here, which is a really good sign. now, one thing that i do recommend, if the tik tok that you're looking at is directing to an ecommerce store, is to go to their ecommerce store and check out a few things: number one, the price they're selling it at, and number two, their website design. so i would want to save this link and i would also want to add it in that google doc, because this is going to be very vital information down the line. now thing is, that's not the only hashtag we can use. there's other hashtags like amazon fines- amazon made me buy it- and there's so many other keywords that we could look to find these viral products, because most these products on amazon, you can even find them on aliexpress and they'll make perfect products for that one product store. now here's another thing that i also recommend. i recommend trying to find the exact product that you're looking to sell on amazon as well. so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna head over to amazon and i'm gonna look for flying toy and let's see if we can find the exact product. so, as you see, it was literally one of the first links over here. now i do want to note something. the reason why we are looking this up on amazon is because we're looking at the product price that they're selling it for and we're also looking at these ratings over here. so, as you see, the price is pretty similar. on aliexpress, it's actually cheaper, but this comes with free shipping. so one thing that i usually like to base my product selling decisions on is the product price on amazon, even though it doesn't matter that much. i like to see that amazon marks the product up at least quite a bit more than aliexpress, because it means that there's not as much competition, because when the product prices are this low, it means that there's a lot of saturation and there's already quite a bit of people fighting over the market positioning for these products. now, obviously, this product's still selling very well, so that's why i said it could be a subjective metric. but the other reason we're going on amazon is we're scouting out these reviews. one thing personally, after selling so many different products, is: product quality is key, so you want to make sure that the product you're selling is pretty decent. i look for at least four stars on amazon because these are very accurate reviews compared to the aliexpress reviews. as you see, there's only three reviews here and it doesn't really give us any metrics on if this product was something that the customers like. but on amazon, we can literally see hundreds of different reviews over here and we can get a good idea if this product is actually worth selling. now, that's the free method. honestly, it's pretty easy. does it take work, yes, but there's other methods to do this if you don't want to spend the tedious time. so one method that i use is a product research tool called mania. this is made by the creators of the droppy spy tool. so i really like the droppy spy tool, but why i'm recommending this one now is because they have quite a few different features. they just unlock this tiktok ad section so you can scout tik-tok ads this way, and also, every single day, they actually have 10 products that we could choose from, and a lot of these products are actually pretty solid products. so you can see, if we click on tiktok ads over here, we can go to some of these products like this product. just click on it and it's going to give us a lot of information. number one: we can just click this button and it's gonna search the exact product on aliexpress, so we're gonna be able to see if it's available on aliexpress within seconds. we're gonna see all the likes, the comments and the plays on this.

The Best Way To Start Dropshipping Now

is the best way to start Shopify Drop Shipping right now. now, most people over complicate this life-changing business model because they don't stik to one solid strategy that's proven to work. most people watch loads of videos on YouTube, listen to loads of different blogs and then try and ramp it together and make it work. all you need to do in this video is just follow this one proven strategy, and as long as you follow this one proven strategy that's created me multiple seven figures, then you guys can achieve some success with your own stores. so if you're watching this video right now and you are serious about starting a Shopify Drop Shipping Store, then make sure you pay full attention to this video for the next 20 to 30 minutes. so close down all your other tabs, make sure nothing else is happening in your room, try and go to a quiet area and pay full attention now. I'm fully aware there's gonna be some doubters out there and people that are a little bit critikal on what I'm saying, and I want to quickly show you all the proof right now. so, as you guys can see on my screen, I'm inside of one of my Shopify dashboards and here on the right hand side you can see this month, we've done thirty four thousand dollars with this strategy and it's only the 20th of October right now, so we're going to be forecast to finish off at around about 50 to 60 000, and I'm gonna refresh this page so you know this is completely real and, as you guys can see right there, the numbers haven't changed and they've stayed the exact same. now, if I show you another Shopify dashboard, you can see this one right here has done 20 000 pounds to this month and we're expected to do around about 30 to 40 000 by the end of the month. and if I refresh the screen again, you're gonna see the numbers are going to stay the exact same and, as you guys saw, the numbers have stayed the same. now, those two dashboards that I've just shown you are my own personal stores for my e-commerce Brands and drop shipping stores. now there's somebody else that I've been teaching this exact same strategy to and they've been able to go full time with e-commerce and Drop Shipping doing around about 600 to 800 profit every single day, and I'll put some proof on the screen now by me showing you all of that proof. I hope I've got your full attention now. the only thing that I'm asking for in return is if you could smash that like button. and another reason why you'd want to smash that like button is because I'm going to be giving you a free Google doc sheet that you can follow, along with all the steps that you can do in your private time. so as soon as we hit 2 000 likes, that'll be in the pin comment and in the description below, but make sure you also smash that like button to show some support. now, the first step to this strategy is the product research: finding your product now your product is the most important part of the process, in my opinion, because your product does the toking for you, and if you haven't got a solid product, then nobody's gonna wanna buy it. another thing that mentioned is: the key to success is moving fast. you need to move as fast as possible. so when I show you all the following steps in the next few minutes, you need to try and get them done as quick as possible, and you do not want to procrastinate whilst doing this process. as long as you meet everything that I'm telling you in this video, just move on to the next step. don't overthink anything, don't ask for anyone else's opinion. just stik to what I'm telling you, and as long as you're meeting the following criterias, just move on. the key to success in Drop Shipping is moving as fast as possible, testing as many products as quickly as possible that are valid with this process. so I'm going to be showing you right now a brand new free strategy on how I'm finding really solid products, and this is by going to a website called trendspinterestcom, which is this website right here, and, for those that don't know what Pinterest is, it's basically a website where a lot of people post the latest trends in certain industries, and this is one of the most underrated ways to find products. so what you want to do is you want to create an account on Pinterest for free, and then you want to go under where it says analytiks, and under analytiks you're going to see something called Trends. you want to head over to this trend right here, and then your screen should look like mine. so the first thing that you want to do when you get to this website is go to the search bar and type in different keywords like kids toys, Beauty things, like pet toys, anything like that, and before you do that, make sure you go to the right hand side where it says region, and you change the region to the United States, as that is the leading country. now, once you've done that, type in your keyword so you can see, as soon as you type in your keyword, it's going to show you the different hashtag words for it and it's also going to show you a slight graph next to it to show you how well it's currently doing. once you've done that, just click on the top one. now, as soon as you've done that, it's going to take you to a page where it shows you the interest over time and you don't need to worry about this graph. it can help you in certain instances, but we don't need to worry about that. you just want to scroll all the way down and then it's going to show you something called Popular pins. now, popular pins is something like a post on Facebook or an Instagram post, so it's showing you what's popular right now for that keyword. now, all you need to do is click on this now. once you've done that, your page should now look like mine for your keyword and it's going to show you the most popular pins for that search term, so you can see all of these different kids toys are popping up on our search phrases. now what you want to do is you want to look at these different pins and you want to naturally look at them and think to yourself which one stands out to me or which one makes me want to click on it to find out more about it. so, for example, this one looks really cool. I'd like to know a little bit more about this one. I'd also like to know a little bit more about these ones. so whichever ones naturally pop out to you make you think, Hmm, I'm quite intrigued to know what that is or how it works. you want to click on that pin. so I've just found one right here and you can see this pin is like a video pin and it's showing here these kids with this little bubble thing bouncing on it. so this one's grabbed my attention straight away, so I'm going to click on it. now. by me clicking on that finish let me directly to their website and you can tell straight away. this is a Drop Shipping website and you want to look for the name of the product. so this one's called giant bubble ball, or we could call it a bubble ball, and the reason why you're looking for the name is because that is what you want to search for in the AliExpress search term. so, as you guys can see, see here on AliExpress I've typed in bubble ball and you can see the product that I was looking for is this one right here and it's currently got 733 orders. so that shows me that this product is actually selling right now. now, something else that you want to take into consideration is the star reviews. so when I say star reviews, I mean how good quality is that product? anything under 4.5 Stars, you might want to reconsider because you don't want to get loads of refunds because the product isn't good quality. so, if it doesn't meet 4.5 star reviews, or if it doesn't have any reviews, try looking for the product on Amazon, because those are more legitimate reviews. so, as you guys can see, I've searched this product on Amazon and, as you guys can see, the product has come up and you want to check the review. so you can see the reviews here are very bad for this product. you can see it's not even five stars, it's two stars. now, if this is the case, you must avoid that product at all cost because it's not going to be good to sell, especially for your.

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How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably heard of Shopify dropshipping, but are just wondering: how the heck do you actually do it? and I completely understand you. drop shipping is one of those business models. we have tons of people online toking about how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars every single month while living at home just on a laptop, and it's true. but, to be honest, there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space having a little bit of success, who really have no business sharing information on Drop Shipping and Shopify as a whole, and, in turn, it leaves a lot of you guys clueless and unsure as to exactly where to start with the business model, and I completely understand the frustration. so, since I'm such a nice and generous guy, I'm going to show you exactly how to actually start your very own Shopify business right here, right now, and the best part is, it's completely free. I've been Drop Shipping since 2017. I've generated millions of dollars with the business model, and so I know a thing or two about it. it's not like I just had my first hundred dollar day and I'm coming on here to make videos. it's not like that by any means. now there's also going to be a huge announcement at the end of the video. so make sure you stik around. it's going to be in an insane opportunity where you could potentially win thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for simply just starting Drop Shipping and having a successful store. but I'll wait to explain that till the end of the video. so just stik around, take notes and then, by the end of the video, you're gonna have an insane opportunity on your hands that I think, is like one of its kind. so just sit tight and hang on, get a notepad ready, because we honestly have a ton of work to do, so let's get into it. first things first, we need to make a Shopify store, so I will have a link below. but this is essentially the backbone of your business and this is exactly where you'll be housing your website. so once you put an email in- I created a simple one that sounds very clever: subscribe to seb's channel. if you're watching this, subscribe might as well. I'm showing you, guys, how to start a Shopify business. so then, once you do that, just click Start your free trial, and then this will essentially take you through a ton of stuff that you don't honestly even need to do so. just click Skip, Skip and Skip. you don't even need to put a store name in. you can change it at any time, so it does not really matter. you will need to select your country, so select that I'm currently in us, and then for create a shopping ID. I just continue with Google and then select my email and then that's kind of it. your Shopify store is now being built and it's not like it's going to be completed, but you'll have the account now. so now you can actually lay the framework and start building out the store. I'll quickly go over, though how to actually set all this stuff up and how to use your Shopify store. so this is the home page. this is where you're going to start seeing all your orders and stuff. essentially, like, it's not going to show up right now because we haven't picked a plan and done anything, so it's going to try and like force us to do tons of stuff like add some apps, make products, do a name, customize the theme domain, all that stuff and tons of other good stuff. so that is the home page, but once you have this all set up, it will show you the orders you have today, the visits and stuff like that, and then orders. this is essentially once people place an order. this is where the info will go. and then, for the products tab, this is, if you guys want to guess, this is where all the products show up. so I'll show you guys exactly how to add products to your store and how to fulfill them, even like when you get orders in and your customers actually place an order and they show up here- how to Auto fulfill them. so you guys don't need to use AliExpress- ditch that old stuff, it doesn't work anymore. there's other, better ways to fulfill your orders with Shopify- and so I'll show you how to do all that stuff: how to add products. and then customers: finances analytiks is actually very important. this is going to show you sales sessions, returning customer rate, your conversion rate. so if 100 people land on your site and only one person buys, it will be a one percent conversion rate. it even breaks it down further and just tons of good stuff. so this is the backbone of your business. but, more importantly, what we need to do is go to apps. so what we're going to do is just type in what's called Zen drop. so type that in and this is going to be where you actually fulfill your orders and once customers Place orders, they are going to be the company that is helping you out with getting the product from their warehouse into the customer's hands automated. so there's a way to do it completely automated, where you literally don't even have to click, place order or fulfill order. they handle everything. we've done thousands of orders per day with zendrop. they are an amazing supplier and Company. I want have an affiliate link. I don't want to scare you guys off and think like Zen drops a scam and I'm just doing this video to help them out. I'm not at all. but for password, we will just put in, uh, something random and then let's do this. let's hope I remembered it. I think that's it for phone number. I'm gonna do a basic one. hopefully that works. we'll see a text message and then let's see if that works. yeah, cool, that works. so we're good to go. the accounts made. I didn't put my real phone number in, so don't try calling me. but once you get into the account, this is where the fun begins. so now you can just kind of surf around four cool products and see essentially what you want to sell. you can do this. there are tons of other ways to find products. now I kind of already know products that sell well, but if you guys want more in-depth details on product research and stuff, I will have a link below for a free Drop Shipping course. it's completely free. it took me a few weeks to film and I released it for free with one of my business partners, Sebastian Georgia. so again, the course is free. we're like giving you everything I do on a daily basis for the Drop Shipping business for free. so again, all the link below for that. like I did mention, I already know some products that are working well, so we can just do like. there are a few I'm seeing right now that do well. we can just kind of pick one of them. I always like to sell problem solving products, so we can just say: like this hot and cold gel therapy mask, it's a good product. I've seen it on tiktok a little bit, so we'll just click it and then essentially all you have to do to get the product from zendrop onto your website. you don't need to go on here and then go to products and create a product. it's nothing like that and this is completely ditching AliExpress. all you do is again add that app, click add to import list, go to import list and then right here, all you'll need to do is edit your description if you want to edit the variants. so one of the things you'll need to do is edit the sale price. for myself, I would want to have at least like a 3X markup, so we'll just say: nine dollars plus six dollars is going to be 15.. so we can sell this for 39.99. that's a decent enough margin- and then just plug that in for every single color- and I'm just copy and pasting it just to make my life easy- and then from there we're profiting to twenty five dollars per sale. so if we get 10 sales, we will be profiting 250 dollars. next, you need to select the photos. so make sure you are not selecting photos that look like they came from AliExpress or came from somewhere bad, because if you guys do that, it's gonna look scammy. I saw other videos where people were trying to show you guys how to make a website and the photos all look like this and like this and like this and like this and like this. that's not what actually works, and take this from someone who actually knows what they're.

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch in 2022

starting your own online business can definitely be overwhelming, with all the different steps and all the different strategies that are all out there in the internet, which may put you in a position where you're confused on even where to start. so in today's video, i'm going to be breaking down my exact strategies that i use to run multiple powerful ecommerce businesses, breaking down every single thing so that you understand every component to running your own online business today and to let you know that this strategy will work for you, no matter if you're a beginner or someone looking to scale up your current online store. i'm gonna show you what i've been able to accomplish in the last couple months. to give you some proof, i built up an entire new store with this strategy, and this store has already generated a hundred and three thousand dollars in sales in just a matter of a little over 30 days. and, trust me, i'm not just here to tok about revenue. as you can see, with this exact same time frame of may 1st or june 7th, the exact same sales, i've now profited over 26 234 dollars and literally just about a month. so if i had to start all of this over today, this video is going to tell you exactly what i would do so you can replicate the exact same success. let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on? everyone? if you're new here, my name is ac hampton. i'm an eight figure marketer who teaches people how to start, build and test online businesses successfully, and if you know who i am, thank you for always showing love, coming back and being a part of my supreme family. now, before we get started, you know that each and every single week, i have the opportunity of giving out a free one-on-one consulting call to one lucky winner who's looking to streamline their success with their e-commerce business, get all their questions answered and ready to take action. i will be announcing the winner from last week's video somewhere inside this video, so make sure you stay tuned the entire way through to see if you find out. if it was you and if you want the opportunity winning this week, all you need to do is, in the comment section below, comment the word start and what your biggest takeaway from this video was, and, speaking of taking action, if you're ready to learn exactly how to start your own online business successfully, with my team and i by your side, with a one-on-one mentorship to help you make an extra five to ten thousand dollars a month. go ahead and head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton dm me the word mentorship, or you can apply with a link down in my description, for the limited spots that i have available this month. okay, so let's break it down. yesterday alone, i was able to generate over 2 400 in sales with 900 sessions and a 17 customer returning rate, and even this month, with this same strategy, i'm already over twenty thousand dollars in sales, and that's just in about seven days. i'm showing you what is working right now, not last week, not a year ago, so that when you watch this, you can take these lessons and aid them to your own success. there are four main things that you should be focusing on when it comes to building a successful drop shipping store. the first one is your product. the second one is your store. the third is marketing- how you get customers to your website. and the fourth is running your business and shipping out orders as fast as possible. and you know me, i'll be breaking down each of these one by one, as simple as possible, so that you have a full understanding of the exact steps that you need to be taking. so let's start off with the most important, which is your products. i know that a ton of people struggle with product research and, when it comes down to it, without a winning product, you have zero chances of success with drop shipping, but thankfully, there are a ton of products out there that are updated and that you can sell every single week, and i personally like to use apps like aspire or bixby in order to search for these products day by day and, with that being said, opportunities are always out there. you just have to know exactly what to be looking for, which you can check out in this video right here, and there's really only four things that i look for when it comes to determining if a product is a winning product or not, and that's if it solves a problem, if it's getting a ton of engagement based off of views, comments and shares, if it's being sold for 25 or more and, lastly, if i can find ways that i can out market my competition, and whenever i'm doing this competitive analysis, i always like to look at their advertisements and see if it has a ton of engagement based off the comments within the last couple hours or the last couple minutes, because that's how you're going to know if these customers are truly interested in this product and if you're not reinventing the wheel. this then allows for you to go ahead and check out their advertisement and their product page to find ways that you're able to really do better on the marketing side of things, swoop in and absolutely crush your competition. this is exactly what i'm doing for every single one of my winning products, time after time, and it works every single time. the next thing that you should be looking for is something that can be marketed to a broad audience, so that you have the most potential to sell it to as many people as possible. you never want to limit yourself on a product that can really only be directed towards one specific audience. the broader the better. now, customers are going to buy your products regardless, but when it comes down to scaling and really being aggressive in the amount of products that you're selling, you can sell even more of them when you're selling to a bigger audience. the next thing that you should be looking for is great, great, great profit margins. now let me reiterate it again: revenue does not matter. you go check out somebody's store or all these gurus showing. revenue does not matter as we focus on this business strictly off a profit. now, something that i consider a good profit margin is being able to sell a product for at least 2.5 times what i'm sourcing and shipping the product for. so basically what that means in simpler terms is if you're sourcing a product after shipping and it comes out to ten dollars, then the minimum that you can actually sell this product for is 25, and that's because you have to take in an account of actually spending ads to start getting traffic to your website. so 10 times 2.5 is 25, and that's the minimum that you can sell it for. let me show you a live example of exactly what i'm toking about so that you can have a full understanding. so this product is an absolute banger and if you watch my top 10 winning products of june 2022, you probably saw it. this is a petty shredder and it's definitely a product that solves a problem around this time, with the weather getting hot and animals continuously shedding. and as we scroll up, you can see that this product was posted on april 22nd and it has a ton of engagement. i mean 2.3 000 comments, 1.4 000 shares and already over 6 000 likes. you can automatikally tell that people are going crazy for this product. they love it, they enjoy it and there's a big audience of people who will actually buy this product today, and this person advertising this product isn't even really doing the best job of marketing it either, which means there's an area of improvement that you can come in and take full advantage of. if we look at this video, it's honestly not even really that good. it doesn't even highlight any of the features and benefits for like 15 to 20 seconds of the video. yes, this has great clips, but it's not actually pointing out the reasons why people need to go ahead and buy this today, and there's no call to action at the end of this video leading traffic to where they need to go to. so, honestly, again, you can wipe this person out, and if we check out their website, it's the same exact thing. i mean they need a lot of improvement. so i

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella. i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses, and today i'm gonna be showing you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without shopify and with zero ads. so that means zero dollars that you guys can start this store with, and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project. i actually care about your pockets. a lot of gurus on youtube recommend using shopify, which i do not recommend, since they do have monthly fees. i don't recommend getting shopify or using shopify unless your business is already a six figure earning business. there are so many free website hosts out there that you guys can use for free, which i'm gonna be showing you guys how to utilize one of those today. so people do charge over thousands of dollars for courses, just like this one. so in exchange for this information today, i just ask that you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys. so why should you start a drop shipping store? is this the right business model for you? i recommend drop shipping for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front that you want to start a side hustle. and the great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. you can target the united states and be in a completely different country, and then you don't have to worry about inventory or shipping products yourself. in this video, you will learn how to find winning products to sell, to find your niche. you're going to learn how to create a free logo and name. i'm also going to show you guys how to set up a free online store- zero dollars monthly- that you guys can use. i'm also going to show you guys how to add the products to your online store, how to fulfill your drop shipping orders once an order is placed, how to market your online store for free- never buy ads, guys- and i'm also going to go over this one thing that a lot of people don't go over, which is kind of just the legal side of drop shipping and the tax basics of drop shipping, which it's not going to be advice. with that point, i'm just going to tell you guys what i personally did. nothing in this video is actual legal advice. this is just what i personally did. so let's find a product to sell and let's figure out what your niche is going to be. so i utilize a couple different ways and you guys can do this either on your cell phone, on your smartphone, or you guys can do this on your computer- it doesn't really matter- and when i'm researching products to sell, i use tik tok, i use aliexpress and alibaba to research, i use amazon just to see trending products and then i also use google. so you're gonna be using these four things today that you guys can all do from your laptop or phone. so what is drop shipping? i'm gonna tok about this quickly, just for beginners that are unsure about the drop shipping model. so a customer will place an order on your website, on your online store, in order for 200. obviously we don't work with these big numbers. typically they're smaller products, but this is just an example. so the customer places an order on your store for 200 and then you're going to go to your supplier. you're going to find this product online for cheaper, so you're going to charge 200 in your store for this product, but you found a supplier that has it for 150.. so you're going to place the order for your customer for 150. you're going to take their 200.. instead of you shipping the product, the supplier is going to ship the product and then the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so your store is just the middle man between the customer and the supplier and for doing this, you get to keep 50 profit of this sale. so if you guys are familiar with my channel, i always say it's 25 the product and 75 how you market it. so the questions to ask yourself is: how entertaining is this product? can you relate this product to your own life? what content can you actually create with this product and how much content can you create with this product? because the marketing side of it is more important than the product itself. so the top niche categories for 2022 and probably beyond 2022 is beauty, pets, tiknology, kids, gifts, photography and fitness. i'm going to show you guys a couple of examples and let's dive right into this tutorial and i'm going to show you guys how you guys can find products to sell in 2022. so i want you guys to go on to google and type in tiktok- trend discovery. we're going to search for that right now. so it's this one right here: trend discovery, hot content on tiktok. click on this. tiktok is definitely the most popular social media right now, meaning that there are people that are running ads on it. although we are not going to run ads on it because we don't have to, tiktok shows your videos without you having to pay for ads. that's the beauty of tiktok. so, but we're still going to use what people are running ads as, just as a reference to see. so i'm just going to click select, all here. i'm gonna select united states, because i personally target the united states when i was drop shipping, and then go ahead and just scroll down and we're gonna try to see and look for products and you guys can see a lot of these um, people, i think they're selling mostly digital products or apps. so you guys can get a lot of different ideas of things that people are selling on tik tok and what people are actually buying ads for, even though you're not going to buy ads. what's crazy is that all of these things- the people that they bought these ads- they didn't have to do this, because tiktok pushes out your content. if you have good content, it'll push it out. this is actually the type of product i recommended in one of my previous videos on my youtube channel. people really love anything that you can create content-wise, that's something satisfying and that also adds value, which is why i love this person's content, how they're promoting this product again. they could have did this without buying ads and could have made their business viral without buying ads, which is how i grew my business on tik tok. but you guys know that if you've watched my other videos, i don't recommend buying ads because it does harm your profit margin, and i tok about this more on my youtube channel if you guys want to get a reasoning of why i don't agree with buying ads. so i found this smart hula hoop on tiktok. it was a trending item, so i decided to look into this product and because this stuck out to me as a drop shipping product, i decided to base this video on this product today, just as an example to show you guys. now, obviously, with this kind of product, you do have to show your face because you're showing off a fitness type product. as you guys can see, there's so many products across tiktok that you guys can still sell without showing your face. if you guys are unfamiliar with my business, this is my e-commerce story body fold that i grew just from tiktok without paying for any ads, as you guys can see- the link is in my bio right here and you guys can see how i did my bio and everything. but you guys can see that i sell and i make sales. this one got one million views and i don't even show my face. now i do sell products that i ship myself, which i explain why i do that on my youtube channel. but i just want to show you guys an example that you guys can sell products online without showing your face. i hardly ever show mine- very rarely do i show mine like right here, but that's a very rare occurrence and my most viral videos don't include my face, and one niche that might work good for one person might be different for another. so the first thing that i do when i find a product that might be a potential product to sell is i google it. so i typed in hula hoop exercise to see what would come up, so you guys can see right away. this dh gate listing came up and if you guys are unfamiliar with dhgate, dhgate is very similar to aliexpress, so obviously

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2022

hey y'all, it's ellie. welcome back to my channel. you know, over here at ellie toks money, we tok all about how you can start and scale an online business, build your business credit and leverage that to create multiple income streams. so i want y'all to win, i want y'all to get this money. so drop a big money bag in the chat below, um, because we are going to go over how you can actually start a drop shipping business with no money. i know so many of you guys are at different places in your business. you're- some of you are, you're nine to five. so in this video we'll be toking about how you can start this business as another great way to bring in income, even if you don't have a lot of startup funds and even if you still have a job. so comment a big money bag down below, subscribe to this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already- and like this video and let's get right into to create the it days: business, money, life [Music]. all right, y'all, welcome back into the video. so how you can start a drop shipping business with little to no money or even if you're still at your nine to five. so let me first just break down what drop shipping is. drop shipping is essentially where you have an online- you know- ecommerce business, but you hold no inventory. so you are the middleman between the supplier and the customer. so your job is to market the product. the customer buys it from you, then the supplier fulfills the order for their price and you keep the profit and the difference, and then the supplier ships the order directly to the customer. so you're in the middle. all you do, for example, is if you sell that product for fifty dollars, the supplier charges ten dollars for the product and shipping. you keep that 40 dollars. your customer gets their product. it is an amazing way to get started in business without having to have a bunch of inventory or spend a lot of money. and let me give you an example of a huge drop shipper, and that is amazon. a lot of people don't realize amazon is just a big old drop shipping store. a lot of what is sold on amazon isn't sold by amazon, it's sold by other suppliers, and amazon is that middleman. so amazing. now let's tok about how you can get started with your drop shipping store. so if you don't have a lot of money or you're not in a position to invest a lot into this business. that's okay. you can start this with a lot of time and with having a very clear niche. so first thing you want to do is decide what niche you're going to focus in now. a good way to discover this is by using google trends to look at what areas are people doing a lot of shopping, in what types of product, what themes of products and as well. on amazon, when you go to their search bar, you can search for trending or in their category that says new releases or best of 2022, and that'll give you a pretty clear idea of what's really popular right now. so let's go for an example of a niche like pets or cats, for example. there are some people out there who are very big pet lovers, who love their cats, and so you can decide to start a drop shipping store in that partikular niche. the next thing you want to do is choose your platform, so you can choose to sell on amazon, ebay or shopify or all three. now, amazon is going to charge you some fees and it's a little um complicated getting started with their platform. ebay is pretty direct and simple and just a matter of preference there, and then shopify, you do get a 14 day free trial, and shopify actually has a built-in system where you are automatikally connected with suppliers. so i recommend shopify to you. it's what i've used before when i had a fitness drop shipping store. i used to sell fitness clothing and equipment and hair, earphones and all that stuff. so i use shopify, so let's go with that. now that you've chosen your supplier, the next thing that you want to do is begin to start. i'm sorry, not your supplier. now that you've chosen your actual uh platform, then you want to choose your supplier. that's the next step. so when you're on shopify, you can actually partner with aliexpress or alibaba, and these are both huge suppliers in china, very similar to amazon, and that is where most drop shippers are getting their supplies from. so the prices are so great you're able to get things for a third of what they cost retail, sometimes even less than that, which gives you the space to have a really big profit margin. okay, now a great way to strategize finding your suppliers is when you're on alibaba or aliexpress. you want to go ahead and search your niche, obviously, and then filter it by ratings and reviews and as well by shipping times, because you want to choose a supplier that's already been proven to do a great job and you want to choose a supplier that's not going to take four weeks to deliver a product right. the faster the better, even if it can't be two-day shipping, but at least something around five to ten business days is better. so you can filter that out. that way, you're only looking at businesses and suppliers there that meet that criteria. all right, now that you have discovered your niche, you've decided on your platform and you found a supplier you like. now you want to go ahead and get it connected to your store and have your store built out. now, if you're not tik savvy- like you know, i did mine on my own, but i still wouldn't say i'm the most tik savvy person. number one thing you're going to implement is an app called oberlo. okay, oberlo is essentially the connector between the supplier and shopify, so that when someone places an order on your shopify store, it triggers oberlo, who then places the order with your supplier, and then that supplier sends the order to the customer, and then, of course, you keep the difference. so that is what you're going to use to set it up. there are a few other apps, but i recommend oberlo now. you can also hire someone on fiverrcom- fiverrcom to design your shopify store and set up that connection. you can pay anywhere from a hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars, so this is an option. if you do have that and you don't necessarily have the skill set to do it yourself, don't hesitate to pay someone. it's still a lot less than getting a custom website done, which is three thousand dollars, so that's a great way to get started again with very little to no money. now the next step, and pretty much the last step in this process, is to market, market, market, since you aren't going to be using money to run a bunch of ads. you have to be in front of your business, letting people know what you sell all the time. the great ways to do this are through social media, creating content around your product- um tiktok, instagram, linkedin if it's relevant over there, and as well in your conversations, marketing your business. something you can do to, you know, really create great content is: order yourself some samples. so just because you don't hold inventory doesn't mean you shouldn't have samples on hand so you can order. if we're looking at cat examples. order you know the leashes, the different things that you're going to sell in your store so that when you want to create content, you have your actual product in hand. this can also be helpful if you do any type of a pop-up shop, or even if you're just telling people about what you sell. that way, you can actually show it to them. so never think that just because you don't hold inventory doesn't mean you shouldn't hold samples, because samples are really important. now, one bonus tip i wanted to give you is that, with drop shipping, i highly recommend you all stay away from drop shipping clothes only, because a lot of the time the sizing can be a bit off and trying to have people return it for wrong size, too small, too big, is a nightmare. doing returns as a drop shipping store because you hold no inventory means it has to go all the way back to china, and with that it can be a big challenge. so try to stik to physical products. try to be very clear on your return policy as well, and with things that are, you know, knick-knacks and gadgets, your returns ar.