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How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

The above is a brief introduction to How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial].

Let's move on to the first section of How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]!

How to Start an Amazon Book Selling Business [Full Tutorial]

what's going on guys it's been a long
time since i've created a video for this
channel if you can believe that
i know i've been putting content out but
it's kind of just been content that i've
clipped from the past and just like kind
of re-uploaded
to show you tutorials in different
videos um i spent the last
three to four months or so roughly not
creating content for youtube or anything
like that
but just vigorously improving my
products my courses
obviously i spent a lot of time uh
improving and turning online arbitrage
pro into resale
university if you're interested in
figuring out you know what resale
university is and how can obviously help
you become
a reseller take you from beginner to
advanced or if you're already advanced
obviously it's going to teach you how to
you know source profitable products in a
number of different ways with software
like i'm going
to show you in today's tutorial uh you
can check out the link in the
description there should be a link down
in there that says like
how resale university can help you okay
but i've been
vigorously improving that obviously i
relaunched it completely redid it added
a bunch of new tutorials a bunch of new
software a bunch of new tikniques
in that course on top of that i spent a
couple months redoing a lot of my udemy
literally the top the best-seller ones
and the top ones i
completely just tore them down or
rebuilt them up completely new
some i kept some of the lectures
obviously from the old ones that were so
but like if they were like an hour or
two now they're like 10 hours long
literally redid everything so that's
what i've been up to for the past
three to four months or so um but i'm
really excited to kind of go through a
tutorial today today is not going to be
like uh
i plan this tutorial to kind of teach
you book flipping i'm literally going to
go through this uh e-flip
like i'm sourcing i was literally doing
this already and i'm literally going
to start sourcing books for me right and
then i'm just going to kind of show you
like an
over-the-shoulder look of how i'm
sourcing books currently
for my own reselling business and buying
up books to resell on amazon to make a
profit i've been averaging about 10 to
profit per book and then obviously some
of the books you see like a 50
or like a hundred dollar and one of the
books obviously recently i had like a
200 and i think 10
might have been 220 200 plus of dollar
profit margin that's not
typical but you will see that every once
in a while and obviously some of them
are forty dollars
so we're going to go through an e-flip
tutorial here today on how to source
for books uh on a number of different
websites online
to resell on amazon for a profit okay
the great part about this
is you don't have to spend any money
until you solidify your profit margin
online like i'm going to show you right
once you know you're pretty much
guaranteed you're not guaranteed because
obviously things can change on the
amazon listing
and you know i'm also going to give you
kind of a tool here in a second of how i
approach it
uh if you know if you god forbid you do
source it and it's not
profitable you can always ship it back
or return it
especially if you're buying it on ebay
or a number of the other places you can
always just return it
and you're still not out any money
because if you bought it for 50 bucks
and then the buy box price changes by
the time you get it you just return it
ship it back and nobody's at a loss
right so this is pretty much how i do it
like i said i'm literally doing this
myself so i've created a spreadsheet
now you don't have to use a spreadsheet
you can use
inventory lab if you like a lot of
people use inventory lab and that works
very well
for me specifically i like spreadsheets
i'm going to make this a little bit
bigger just for the sake of kind of
showing you in case you can't read it
because it's a little bit small so see
here like i have the book name i
literally put that down so that when the
book comes to me and i get study guide
uh what is that patha pathocyte
to my house i literally come in i go
ctrl f on my pc there's a way to do it
on mac i'm just not sure what it is i'm
sure it's like control
something or something very similar and
i'll literally search like study guide
path out and then i'll pop it up and go
find and it'll pop it up
literally supposed to have this column
selected so i'll go like
oh i have the pathology book or the
pathophysiology book i'll search that
and it'll pop it up right for me i'll go
to that part of my spreadsheet because
obviously right now i don't have a lot
but as i buy more and more books you can
recently it auto calculates as well let
me kind of
push this down a little bit to like 11
so you can kind of see it
it auto calculates at the bottom right
here for how much i've spent which
over the past i don't know like two
hours roughly i haven't been sourcing
for two hours obviously but just like
two hours i've been on and off sourcing
with e-flip
kind of doing some other things and
editing some videos for resale u
um and then it auto calculates and i
know my profit margin on every single
book obviously but overall total in the
for this specific month i usually break
it month to month and that's kind of how
i approach it okay
so you'll see i always set up an auto
calculating spreadsheet you can do the
same or you can use inventory lab both
of them work very well
i'll take the book name so i know it
just like i said right i'll take where i
sourced it from so god forbid something
happens i don't ever receive it i can go
back into my
my invoices or my email and figure out
what's going on with that book i know
where i sourced it from and why i'm not
receiving it and i can look into it that
doesn't happen often but every once in a
while it will happen and you want to
kind of keep track of that
i'll also put the amazon link so when i
do receive this book i can literally
just click this link
and then list it from the back end of my
seller central okay
i'll also put took a little bit for that
to load but you'll see right there so
this buy box price on here is 38.95
and um it looks like
that's what it was when i sourced it
obviously and i purchased it for 1272
on ebay and obviously the book flipping
uh spit that out for me so i keep track
of all this data obviously the new
you know paperback or hardcover if it's
books specifically whether it's new or
obviously with books um because there's
usually a buy box price on new and used
uh then the buy box price for when i
purchased it so i know immediately when
i get it if like i look at the buy box
when i receive this and the buy box
price is all the way down to like 15
bucks and i purchased it for
1272 and the buy box price when i
purchased it was higher
i know immediately without even having
to look into it further like i need to
return this book because it's not
profitable anymore so
god forbid like especially with books
you're ordering from places like abe's
books or velour books or ebay sometimes
and you're getting it shipped media mail
it might take a week or two to get to
you sometimes not always
and so in that short window assuming
you're still doing all your your kind of
research like i'm going to show you here
in a second of how to actually vet these
books for good buys
you shouldn't have too many listings
change their buy box price
drastikally right because you're doing
your research ahead of time
that said god forbid they do and
something drops significantly
if it takes a week or two for you to get
it and then you see that the buy box
has changed you can simply return the
and you're not out any money right so
it's literally it's practikally no risk
things are going to change but that's
pretty much how i approach it and that's
how you can mitigate your risk to the
for the most part okay so the buy box
price when i purchase it i keep track of
whether i received it and listed it so
if it says red because obviously i just
ordered all these if it says red then i
haven't received it yet
if i fill it yellow that means i shipped
it into fba if i fill it green
that means i've just received it and i
haven't done anything with it okay so
obviously some of these are going to go
green when i receive these and then
they'll all go yellow
when i ship them into fba you don't have
to ship them into fba i always recommend
shipping in the fba
because it's less work for you and
obviously it's just
easier you're going to get the buy box
at a higher price but we're not really
going to get into that
specifically in this video okay so
obviously what i purchased it for what i
sold it for on amazon the fees that i
paid and then the profit on every item
so i can see if that item was profitable
and then obviously like you said before
it cap
it auto calculates at the bottom of the
spreadsheet okay
so that's how we kind of approach that
now let's start sourcing here now
if you guys do before we get into it if
you guys want to learn book flipping
it's a great time because textbook
season it's it's
toward the end of the the january window
of textbook season i think
the first couple weeks in january my
sales have been like up significantly
with a lot of book selling because
kids are going back to school they need
textbooks so books have just been
super profitable and flipping off the
shelves recently
although it does go into february i
believe into like early to mid february
but then obviously
sales are going to die down again but
honestly it's still like people always
ask me can you just flip bookstore and
textbook season or do you flip books
year round
obviously i source more books
pre-textbook season
there's three textbook seasons but two
main ones you can just google when
amazon textbook season is and you can
look that up if you want
but i source them all year round they're
still profitable fines and they're still
profitable books
all year round you don't just have to
source for textbook season
the only difference is that i source
more for textbook season
when the the textbook seasons are
approaching right but other than that
nothing changes and i still
source books but if you guys want to
learn this i'm going to drop a discount
link to my fba
book flipping course on udemy if you're
just interested in book flipping
obviously i think that's going to be
like a 1799 discount link
is the current one that i have you can
also always go to should that will be in
the description if you want to just
learn this
and how to do this with e-flip or zen
arbitrage i personally like zen
arbitrage a little bit better
but i flip back and forth between both
of them because they both work well
and i like to kind of get different
looks of different books right
uh so you can use zen arbitrage or
e-flip i will drop
affiliate links to both of them down in
the description both of them come with
free trials if you want to check them
also like i said i'll drop the 1799
discount link to uh the udemy course or
you can just check out
resale u and you can learn book flipping
as well as
plenty of other business models not just
book flipping i think it comes with
seven total
and a number it literally will spit you
out the best ways to go as you kind of
progress through the course i completely
redid the course
but enough about that let's jump into
this all right so
now we're going to source e-flip and i
do this number of ways i always kind of
switch my levers on how i actually
approach this i usually go a little bit
kind of
more specific but because i've been
doing this a little bit already i'm
going to go super broad for
demonstration purposes and showing you
guys and then obviously what i recommend
that you do
is if you're sourcing this yourself go
super specific with your levers like i'm
going to show you here and then slowly
broaden it out as you need more and more
books to actually look at
but the benefit of software like this is
you can use the levers on this
or on zen they both work very very
similar although zen's levers are like
um what is it horizontal and e-flips are
vertikal that's pretty much the only
difference and there's other small
minute differences
but they both the sourcing strategy
works very very similar right
so i'm gonna take the buy the used buy
box price or the used uh price here to
like 25
minimum we'll also go like 30 dollar
minimum on the
on the um minimum you uh new price
excuse me and we'll go like twenty
dollars minimum
amazon price and this is super super
broad okay
i'm not going to touch the trade in
value i used to recommend doing this but
for whatever reason
i think there's like a bug in the e-flip
software currently that if you add any
trade-in value it doesn't come up with
anything right
so i think that's just a bug after cert
like i still sell all my books it still
shoots me out books from ones that like
had trade and value and still do but for
whatever reason this lever like doesn't
seem to work
so don't use it okay you can also add
max used offers or minimum used offers
and and kind of
one of the other levers that works
really well is like decreasing your
minim your max rank so this is best
seller rank on the platform what's the
average rank what's the current rank
i'm going to keep it at 250 roughly like
i said just to kind of
just for demo purposes and just to kind
of show you
a broad overview of the types of books
that you can find so i hit search and it
should eventually pop up with a number
of different books here
in a second and there we go so as you
can see it pops up with a number of
books here
and i'm just gonna go right to like page
five to get some new looks of books you
can also just drop this row thing down
to like a hundred
um or fifty it's currently set at twenty
but one of the things i like about
e-flip is as your sourcing
it's gonna slowly um kind of it they'll
turn gray as you've looked at them so
you can kind of see which ones you've
already looked at
so you don't waste your time there now
there's two main ways that i use e-flip
to make money
one is reselling used books and we're
going to cover that in a different
tutorial on another day right
another is doing new books so what i
used to recommend
is you check a book and then you check
the used and then you check the new
but i work a lot faster just doing one
of them and just focusing on one of them
because i can then be thinking like
okay i'm sourcing new right now or okay
i'm sourcing used
if i'm constantly flipping back between
am i sourcing new on my source and used
it takes me a lot longer to go through
them obviously i'm going to go through
them slow here to show you
but then you'll see me source through
them fast you'll see just how fast you
can do this
and how much money you can make in a
short period of time once you get good
at it and once you understand it
like i do okay so i'm going to right
click on this and open it in a new tab
i'm also going to click this down and go
to the book finder what both of these
links are
is this one right here is going to take
you to the amazon listing
detail page for this book on amazon
right and we're going to compare the
price of this on amazon in the amazon
listing and the new buy box price
because remember
in this tutorial we're searching for new
books and discrepancies and prices
on other websites from from that book
and amazon's new price right so that we
can profit from the difference okay
so when i click the down arrow and i
went to book finder that's going to take
me up a software that's going to find
the book
all over the internet used examples on
the right but obviously we're not
sourcing used right now okay
and new on the left okay so we're
primarily sourcing new we're primarily
looking on the left over here
and we want to see the difference in
prices on these left books the lowest
one currently is 28.24 on ebay and
that's in the us you want to make sure
when you do this and i'll cover this
here in a second
that you're not sourcing international
editions that you're not sourcing
teacher editions
and that you're not sourcing um like
a different condition right so like if
it's a paperback you're not sourcing
hardcover very rarely will that happen
in this software
but you still want to make sure of it i
have seen it from time to time
so we're going to go to the detail page
here and we're going to look at the buy
box price
and the buy box price for this is a
paperback i believe
i believe it's paperback yes so the
bible sorry no it's a hardcover
and the buy box new price here is 130
for the hardback okay
so if that's true then obviously this is
a potential goodbye because it's only
28.24 so i can profit from the
obviously counting the amazon fees from
buying it for 28.24
and then selling it on amazon for 129
now they're all not usually
like this and they all don't usually
look this good right off the bat
it's just kind of a funny coincidence
but obviously you're going to get to see
a good example of this here in a second
let's first make sure that there's no
interest in international edition
then no teacher edition obviously and or
instructor edition that's the other word
we want to check all three of those
words i'm going to show you that here in
a second
and then obviously we're going to check
to make sure it's the same condition is
it hardcover
is it paperback and then we're going to
check to see if i can sell it and if
it's profitable okay
so next thing we're going to want to do
is we we
know the hard cover price is about 130.
we're going to click on this listing
right here so click on the price and
i'll take you to this ebay listing which
us and then what you want to do on the
listing first and foremost
is okay it's shipping from the united
states but the shipping is for some
reason 27
20. so that takes the price actually and
that's a rare you're getting a weird
look from a book here because usually
the shipping is either free or very very
cheap on ebay or
on any of the other sites honestly this
is a weird kind of listing but we're
going to roll with it okay
so the shipping price is 27.20 so the
price totally obviously is gonna be out
about 4720 not counting tax or round it
up to 50 to play it conservative okay
so we're going to spend about 50 into
this book once we do that all right
now once we do that obviously if it's
the same
then we still have a chance to profit
because we buy it for 50 bucks and we
can ship it into fba and sell it for
about 130 okay
so now we need to know okay is this
hardcover number one
is it an international or a teacher
edition and obviously we don't want
either one of those
so it is a hardcover you can see it
right here i want to look at the
pictures to make sure it does look like
it's in new condition
looks like it's in decent condition and
you're protecting yourself because when
you buy this it says it's in new
condition so you can obviously sell it
on amazon because you have the proof of
the receipt
slash invoice that you sourced it in new
i always like to look at if it's on ebay
as well like the the seller
and what's the record of feedback like
so a lot of times if they'll list listed
as new
and they have like a lot of good
feedback and it's like thousands and
they're a top seller on ebay
i just inherently trust them obviously
because they wouldn't risk listing it
like that
uh most people anyway uh for a bad
rating on ebay no
no top sellers to do that so the format
is hardcover
i also want to look at the condition
right here so a new unread unused book
in perfect condition blah blah blah
but then we want to open up a search bar
by going control f on pc
again i don't know what it is on mac but
you can i'm sure google that or you
already know just you want to search the
web page right here
for instructor edition to see if that
pops up anywhere in the listing it
doesn't so that's a good sign
or teacher entered it uh teacher one
which only pops up once and it's down
here in the review so it's not in the
actual listing so that's a good sign
and then international edition which
doesn't pop up either so teacher
and instructor none of those words
popped up on the listing so you're good
to go because you don't want to source
those editions they're not the same
okay so this looks like a pretty good
listing i can then go ahead and buy this
for about 50 bucks roughly with tax once
that's included
and then i hope i could ship it back
into fba and sell it for 120
or 130 excuse me and the buy box
currently is sold by
anoka media at 130 but then there's the
lowest price on this is eighty dollars
now one of the there's a couple
um extensions here that you can use i'm
not going to get into them in this video
because i've covered them extensively in
other videos
so i'll just do kind of like a beginner
you know i'll take you through a
beginner example here
of like using amazon and the fba
calculator on amazon which you can just
but you can also use jungle scout which
is an extension that's going to show you
sales data
you can also use amsi scout calculator
which is an extension that's going to
show you the profitability of it on that
listing so it's an
fba calculator that's free that you can
download as an extension
you can also use online seller add-on on
the actual listing to see what the sales
or who how many of the specific sellers
are on this listing
selling fba selling new selling used
what their prices are it's very very
valuable so those are the three
extensions i recommend that you grab
for this i will link um jungle scout
down in the description if you want the
other two are free
uh so you can get amc scout calculator
and online seller add-on right there
100 free just download them in the
chrome store jungle scout is i believe
29 a month but it's a complete life
saver it's gonna save you a lot of time
so you don't have to scroll down
and actually look at the uh the best
seller rank and then obviously know what
that means okay
so the first thing that we want to do
before we understand the profitability
of this is it's under 250 000 and we
know that obviously because we set our
levers there but you still want to check
it so
100 where's the listing 170 or 171 000
in books is still selling pretty quickly
so i'm good with that that's fine
obviously i'd run the jungle scouts
extension normally to just check that
but i want to kind of give you an inch a
beginner version of this
so we're going to take the first isbn
and we're going to take it into seller
central to see if we can sell it
because we can't sell it and we're gated
for this then why are we even
researching it doesn't even matter so
can i sell it as new
i can sell it as new okay great so
everything checks out right it's still
selling well on amazon
i can actually sell this the profit
looks like it's there so let's make sure
i still have the acin um copied so i'm
going to go with that here in a second
so it's 130 is what we can buy we can
actually sell it for i copied the ace
and i want to take it into the amazon
fba calculator here
so i'm going to paste it into the
calculator and you will see
the item price right here because i plan
on selling it on fba which is amazon
if you don't you want to use this and
then obviously estimate your shipping
on the merchant fulfill side but we're
not going to do that so the item price
is about 130 i think it was
uh 130 yes and the other offers on this
are probably a little bit lower so we
can go 11 new to check them if you
really wanted to
so right after that we have another 130
a 144 or 150 and then they go up from
there so chances are the buy box price
will stay roughly the same if not go up
a little bit
because there's a number of other offers
amazon included right here
a lot higher than the than the dollar uh
or the 130 price if 130 was the only
price that was this high
and every other new price was a lot
lower than that then you should
antikipate the buy box price
dropping but because that's not what
we're seeing here with the other sellers
and their prices
i'm not worried about this honestly by
the time i get this and ship it into fba
it'll roughly be the same if not more if
not slightly less but i always assume
for that
in my profit margin like i'm going to
show you here in a second so i can sell
it assuming that the buy box price is
the shipping to amazon fee is going to
be like a buck for me because i'm going
to ship it in with a number of other
products i never just shipped the
product in by itself
if you did that i'd probably end up
costing you like four or five bucks but
i don't do that i ship it in with a
bunch of products
and realistikally i'm just
overestimating here it's probably just
going to only cost me like 20 to 50
the cost of my product was about 50 we
said because
on ebay it's 20 but then we have to pay
for 27.20 which is crazy
shipping but it's still profitable so
we're going to estimate a little bit
high there at 50 and we're going to see
what the profit margin is
so if i sell this on amazon for 130 and
i pay 50 bucks to get it and it cost me
a dollar to ship it into fba excuse me
right here
i'm still going to net 51.45
so this is a great buy this is a perfect
random example that you got to see
of a great buy so what am i then going
to do i'm going to purchase this
obviously but i'm not going to do that
because they don't want to show you my
app i'm going to do it after we're done
with the video because i don't want to
show you my address here okay
i'd add it to my card i'd purchase it
and then probably end up being like 49
something with tax right so i'm gonna
round this up i'm gonna take everything
into my spreadsheet
and i'm gonna show you exactly how i
would do this okay so i'm gonna write
the real number in here after i
obviously do it but right now i'm just
gonna put
fifty dollars to estimate i'm gonna copy
this down and turn it red so i know i
haven't received it yet
the buy box price was 129.99 on amazon
it is a new uh hardcover book
i also need the listing title and
the listing uh actually on amazon so i
can just easily go back and relist it
when i'm done i bought it from ebay
and then we are going to
copy the amazon link right there
so i know that double click so it's
and then we're going to paste this in
here right there so campbell biology
concepts blah blah blah
and then bam once i buy this i pretty
much solidified a 50
profit margin or fifty one dollar profit
margin in by
simply buying this book getting it
shipping it back into fba and selling it
on my amazon seller account
so that's a perfect example of a
profitable book that you can buy i got
really lucky here honestly just showing
you the first one usually you have to
through a couple every once in a while
you have to sort through a bunch but
there are literally
hundreds of pages of these so i plan on
literally just sitting here all day
sourcing as much as i possibly can
obviously i'm gonna tally this stuff i'm
gonna try to keep this i have a
few grand to play with and i kind of
still want to order some wholesale as
which is another kind of business model
that resale university teaches you
that's a lot that's really scalable like
so i plan on scaling you know spending
maybe a thousand or two on books
here today but if you guys want to learn
this like i said i'm going to end this
here because i'm actually buy this book
and then i'm going to start sourcing
more first and foremost if you want to
see more of these tutorials with
software and me actually creating videos
drop a comment down below
first give the video a like drop a
comment down below though let me know
that you like these and i'll start
creating more for you guys
and if you have any questions let me
know as well i'll ask i'll answer them
down in the comments but then i'll also
potentially create a video
answering your question and i'll know
ahead of time in the next tutorials to
answer those questions and show you how
i do them okay
so that's first and foremost hope you
liked the video let me know if you want
to see more
secondly you can also go ahead and grab
the fba book flipping course from udemy
if you want 17.99
or if you're just interested in actually
finding out if resale university is for
you you can check out the free case
study that's linked down in the
for resale university and that will take
you through like a 10 minute short video
explaining what it is
showing you some testimonials of people
just like you that i've helped
and then you can try resell university
for just one dollar for 30 days okay
so hope you guys like this video i'm
gonna keep sourcing go out and source
yourself it's a great time to do so
and i'll see in the next one

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