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how to start dropshipping as a teenager

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

okay. so in this video, i'm gonna show you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars: no shopify, no ads. you can start for completely free. i've been able to build multiple seven figure drop shipping stores, so i definitely know what i'm toking about and if you're new here, i'm leon and i give away free drop shipping tips and tutorials that others charge thousands of dollars for, for completely free. all i ask is that you go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel so i can keep helping you for completely free. so let's get started with this free drop shipping course and let me show you how you can start a drop shipping business with zero dollars, and i mean completely free. no money spent on websites, no money spent on anything. you can start with zero dollars, okay. so first thing first, when it comes to drop shipping, you might have heard of shopify, and that's because it's the most popular platform to do online e-commerce with. okay, but as you can see right here, there's a monthly fee when it comes down to using shopify, and the basic plan is 29 a month and it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're getting started and you're not making any sales, that's 29 per month that you're just losing without making any sales. and this 29 right here does not even include any apps that you're gonna add onto the store and pay for, and typically, i would preach using shopify, because i use shopify, but then again, i'm making sales and i'm profitable, so i can do that without worrying about losing twenty nine dollars per month. right, but you're watching this free course because you wanna know how you can actually start drop shipping with zero dollars, and 29 dollars per month is not zero dollars. so, with that being said, we're not going to be using shopify at all, because then you wouldn't be starting with zero dollars, and on this channel, we keep it as real as possible, okay, so why should you start drop shipping? well, you can work from anywhere in the world, making it one of the best remote jobs and businesses to start, because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get things going. drop shipping also allows you to spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones, have financial freedom, and it's one of the only businesses that you can actually start with zero dollars. what are you gonna learn today from this free course? you're gonna learn how to find winning products to sell. how to set up a free, zero dollars per month- online store. how to advertise your products free, no paid ads, no facebook, no tiktok ads, no instagram ads. i'm going to show you how to advertise and market your product for completely free, and then i'm going to show you how to fulfill your orders with fast shipping. if you don't know what drop shipping is, it's pretty much just going on a wholesale website, finding a supplier that sells like a necklace for ten dollars, and then, because the perceived value of jewelry is so expensive, you can then make a website and list that same necklace on your website and sell it for like a hundred dollars, and then you advertise your website that sells that necklace and then, when someone buys that necklace, you then pay the wholesale supplier the ten dollars so that they can go ahead and ship the necklace to the customer, and then you keep the profit of ninety dollars. so first thing we're going to go over is finding winning products. now, what makes a product a winner? a winning product must have that wow factor and be a problem solver. okay, so, for example, right here, as you can see, it's a beach mat and this is a sand proof beach mat, meaning that no sand will get on top of the mat, causing dirt on your shoes, your stuff that you have on the beach and stuff like that. you might not know it, but it's annoying. you don't want no sand in your butt crack, do you? you know what i'm saying. it has that wow factor because when a customer sees it, they're like: what the heck? what do you mean by sand proof mat? right, it peaks that curiosity. but it's not all about problem solving products. as you can see right here, if it has a wow factor and a passionate audience, it'll also work very well, because people buy based off emotion. so this product right here is a rose bear and obviously this is something for people in relationships or just a sentimental gift to someone. okay, whether it's anniversary, whether it's, you know i'm just just because you know i'm saying this is a great gift for people in relationships: a bear made out of roses with a heart. you know i mean. so how do you actually find wooden products? here are a couple of ways that you can go ahead and do it for completely free and do it relatively fast. okay, without suggesting: just search tiktok- mainly buy it- or amazon finds on tiktok and just scroll and you come across a bunch of different posts and videos of literally accounts showing you the next hot thing to buy. another huge way i've been able to find winning products is just simply following mean pages on all social media platforms- twitter, instagram, facebook. the reason is because other dropshippers and e-commerce people they're gonna pay these pages to promote their products. so if you follow enough accounts, what's gonna happen is that if you just scroll every single day on all these platforms, you're gonna see ads for products and people are not gonna pay someone to advertise the product unless they really believe it's something that's gonna work. so all you literally have to do is just sit there, scroll, like you usually would when you know i'm saying watching gossip or whatever- just scroll and then, when you see a product being advertised, just save it to your computer, add it to your store and literally test it out as well. now, after you've found some products that you're interested in testing that you know meet the criteria of a winning product- you know that wow factor with a problem-solving ability or that wow factor with a passionate audience. the next step is to then go ahead and find a store name- and i preferably would do a general store name, just because you can literally sell anything in any niche on a general store domain. okay, so how do you find a name for your website? all you have to do is just come here to businessnamemakercom and, as you can see here, it says, enter keywords like tik, marketing agency, so that way they can generate a good name that you know is free and available for you to use. so right now we're just gonna- i'm just gonna- write something like oasis, because you know that goes well with websites and it's easy to pronounce and a bunch of names will literally pop up like: look at this oasis hut, so many different names, and then let's say you want to click this one and then you want to see if it's available. all you have to do is then come here on the dot com, click on it- it'll open up godaddy and to tell you if it's available or not. after you find a starting that's easy to pronounce and just easy to remember, the next step is to then go ahead and create an email account that matches that store name so that you know when people have questions about their order or whatever, they can go ahead and contact you through that email that matches your store name because you don't want someone to go on your website that's called leoncom. but then when they email you, your email is rockstarbaby101, gmailcom. know what i'm saying? they'll get skeptikal and it just won't work out. okay, so to create an email account, i use gmail, but you can use yahoo, whatever you like to use. i just specifically use gmail because that's what i've just been using for all my life. and then you just come here, click create account. for the first and last name you want to enter the name of your store. so, for example, if leon oasiscom is what i was able to find, then the first thing will be leon, last name will be oasis. okay, does that make sense? and then you just come here and do: like leon oasis store, gmailcom. that's literally what i'll do. and then you create, you know your password and everything, and then you're gonna

How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably heard of Shopify dropshipping, but are just wondering: how the heck do you actually do it? and I completely understand you. drop shipping is one of those business models. we have tons of people online toking about how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars every single month while living at home just on a laptop, and it's true. but, to be honest, there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space having a little bit of success, who really have no business sharing information on Drop Shipping and Shopify as a whole, and, in turn, it leaves a lot of you guys clueless and unsure as to exactly where to start with the business model, and I completely understand the frustration. so, since I'm such a nice and generous guy, I'm going to show you exactly how to actually start your very own Shopify business right here, right now, and the best part is, it's completely free. I've been Drop Shipping since 2017. I've generated millions of dollars with the business model, and so I know a thing or two about it. it's not like I just had my first hundred dollar day and I'm coming on here to make videos. it's not like that by any means. now there's also going to be a huge announcement at the end of the video. so make sure you stik around. it's going to be in an insane opportunity where you could potentially win thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for simply just starting Drop Shipping and having a successful store. but I'll wait to explain that till the end of the video. so just stik around, take notes and then, by the end of the video, you're gonna have an insane opportunity on your hands that I think, is like one of its kind. so just sit tight and hang on, get a notepad ready, because we honestly have a ton of work to do, so let's get into it. first things first, we need to make a Shopify store, so I will have a link below. but this is essentially the backbone of your business and this is exactly where you'll be housing your website. so once you put an email in- I created a simple one that sounds very clever: subscribe to seb's channel. if you're watching this, subscribe might as well. I'm showing you, guys, how to start a Shopify business. so then, once you do that, just click Start your free trial, and then this will essentially take you through a ton of stuff that you don't honestly even need to do so. just click Skip, Skip and Skip. you don't even need to put a store name in. you can change it at any time, so it does not really matter. you will need to select your country, so select that I'm currently in us, and then for create a shopping ID. I just continue with Google and then select my email and then that's kind of it. your Shopify store is now being built and it's not like it's going to be completed, but you'll have the account now. so now you can actually lay the framework and start building out the store. I'll quickly go over, though how to actually set all this stuff up and how to use your Shopify store. so this is the home page. this is where you're going to start seeing all your orders and stuff. essentially, like, it's not going to show up right now because we haven't picked a plan and done anything, so it's going to try and like force us to do tons of stuff like add some apps, make products, do a name, customize the theme domain, all that stuff and tons of other good stuff. so that is the home page, but once you have this all set up, it will show you the orders you have today, the visits and stuff like that, and then orders. this is essentially once people place an order. this is where the info will go. and then, for the products tab, this is, if you guys want to guess, this is where all the products show up. so I'll show you guys exactly how to add products to your store and how to fulfill them, even like when you get orders in and your customers actually place an order and they show up here- how to Auto fulfill them. so you guys don't need to use AliExpress- ditch that old stuff, it doesn't work anymore. there's other, better ways to fulfill your orders with Shopify- and so I'll show you how to do all that stuff: how to add products. and then customers: finances analytiks is actually very important. this is going to show you sales sessions, returning customer rate, your conversion rate. so if 100 people land on your site and only one person buys, it will be a one percent conversion rate. it even breaks it down further and just tons of good stuff. so this is the backbone of your business. but, more importantly, what we need to do is go to apps. so what we're going to do is just type in what's called Zen drop. so type that in and this is going to be where you actually fulfill your orders and once customers Place orders, they are going to be the company that is helping you out with getting the product from their warehouse into the customer's hands automated. so there's a way to do it completely automated, where you literally don't even have to click, place order or fulfill order. they handle everything. we've done thousands of orders per day with zendrop. they are an amazing supplier and Company. I want have an affiliate link. I don't want to scare you guys off and think like Zen drops a scam and I'm just doing this video to help them out. I'm not at all. but for password, we will just put in, uh, something random and then let's do this. let's hope I remembered it. I think that's it for phone number. I'm gonna do a basic one. hopefully that works. we'll see a text message and then let's see if that works. yeah, cool, that works. so we're good to go. the accounts made. I didn't put my real phone number in, so don't try calling me. but once you get into the account, this is where the fun begins. so now you can just kind of surf around four cool products and see essentially what you want to sell. you can do this. there are tons of other ways to find products. now I kind of already know products that sell well, but if you guys want more in-depth details on product research and stuff, I will have a link below for a free Drop Shipping course. it's completely free. it took me a few weeks to film and I released it for free with one of my business partners, Sebastian Georgia. so again, the course is free. we're like giving you everything I do on a daily basis for the Drop Shipping business for free. so again, all the link below for that. like I did mention, I already know some products that are working well, so we can just do like. there are a few I'm seeing right now that do well. we can just kind of pick one of them. I always like to sell problem solving products, so we can just say: like this hot and cold gel therapy mask, it's a good product. I've seen it on tiktok a little bit, so we'll just click it and then essentially all you have to do to get the product from zendrop onto your website. you don't need to go on here and then go to products and create a product. it's nothing like that and this is completely ditching AliExpress. all you do is again add that app, click add to import list, go to import list and then right here, all you'll need to do is edit your description if you want to edit the variants. so one of the things you'll need to do is edit the sale price. for myself, I would want to have at least like a 3X markup, so we'll just say: nine dollars plus six dollars is going to be 15.. so we can sell this for 39.99. that's a decent enough margin- and then just plug that in for every single color- and I'm just copy and pasting it just to make my life easy- and then from there we're profiting to twenty five dollars per sale. so if we get 10 sales, we will be profiting 250 dollars. next, you need to select the photos. so make sure you are not selecting photos that look like they came from AliExpress or came from somewhere bad, because if you guys do that, it's gonna look scammy. I saw other videos where people were trying to show you guys how to make a website and the photos all look like this and like this and like this and like this and like this. that's not what actually works, and take this from someone who actually knows what they're.

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I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make over seven figures drop shipping. but then i thought to myself, what if i lost it all, all the money, all the knowledge, all the connections, and i would have to start all over again with only 100 to my name? well, lucky for you guys, in this video i'm gonna go over exactly what i would do if i were to just start with 100 and potentially just maybe cut myself a lambo at the end of this video. so i am starting with 100 to my name. but wait, there's more. there are a few guidelines set in place, some terms and conditions. perhaps that will make this challenge a little bit harder. rule number one is i can't use my past connections, old influencers, past suppliers that have given me winning products and just overall, anything that i know of that can help influence this challenge to make it easier for me. rule number two is i have to start a brand new shopify store, meaning i also have to start with a brand new product that i've never tested before, just so that it's fair and it's as if i started from complete scratch. rule number three is i can't use my personal brand to gain anything out of this challenge, meaning shout it out on my instagram or just do anything to influence it in that sort of way. and last but not least, as you guys already know is i only have a set budget of 100. so now that you guys understand the rules, let's let the games begin. so the first step in the process is to actually find a winning product. now, since we only do have a budget of 100, i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic route, meaning posting content on tik tok and hope one of them blow up so that we can get a lot of visitors to our site for virtually free. now, personally, if you're on a budget, i think this is the best method because you don't have to spend any money on advertising and, in the case that a tiktok does blow up, you can get a lot of sales. so the way i'm actually gonna find a winning product is scroll through my tiktok feed. for a while here i'm gonna sit here, chill, scroll and since my tiktok feed is optimized to finding winning products- since i just like a bunch of drop shipping ads and drop shipping pages- we might come across something that may be interesting. so i'm gonna go ahead and do that now and get back to you guys once i think i found something pretty interesting or worthy of selling demon. this is the reality. sitting there, there's some on the radio back and forth, just had a heart attack and i heard the little one who's climate change. so you have 300. so a lot of people think. so a lot of people think that i'm faking these videos, but i'm going to show you guys once. i don't know, i think i may have just found a product that may be worthwhile testing. okay, so pretty much what this is is a speaker and you guys can pretty much see you connect your phone to this bluetooth metal thing and once you place that object on any surface, like something metal or glass, it pretty much amplifies the sound. so i'm gonna go ahead and follow this page and you guys can pretty much see that they're posting videos consistently, honestly, and it looks like they're getting consistent likes and comments on every single video that they post. so let's go ahead and check out their store and it looks like it's a general store that they turned into a one product store from the name of it. they're selling it for forty dollars and they have some pretty nice images here, some gifs and description, the size- overall really nice, and they have some reviews, so this might be a potential product, and i'm actually really excited to test this product out. the views are outrageous and they post really consistently and it looks like it's not too old. so you guys can see, their first video was on the 19th, which is insane. so this is a product that could potentially get us our lambo, okay. so right away i went ahead and searched the product on amazon, hoping i could find it- it was the fourth option- and went ahead and purchased it for 38. and then i also went on aliexpress to see how much i could source this product for, which came to be around 21, and i could always get this lower once i start getting more orders. but since we're selling it for 40 dollars and we're getting it for 21, we have a profit margin of 19.. so out of our 100 budget, we spent 38 of that to order the product, which leaves us with a total of 62 left to spend. but anyway, now that we have to wait for the product to arrive, i'm going to go ahead and use this time to actually create the store for this product. porta speaker: a speaker that is portable and you could pretty much stik anywhere and amplify the noise. well, hey, i think we got ourselves a brand name. porta speaker sounds pretty nice and pretty easy to remember. now, since we are on a budget of 100, i'm gonna be going ahead and making the logo myself. i'm gonna be using a 30 day shopify free trial, which, if you guys want to do the same, you can use the link below. so we're pretty much not gonna have to pay for shopify for the first 30 days. so i'm gonna get to work, create the store and then hopefully we get the amazon product so that we can start filming some content, posting the tik toks and just start driving traffic to the store to see if anyone would actually buy from this store. but anyway, let's go ahead and start the store build. okay, so our dropify shoplifting store is finally complete and now it's time to review it. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you porta speakerus- what, okay? so here is the product page where pretty much all of our customers are going to be redirected to. you guys can see we have a few images right here so you can just scroll through. we have the name of the product with a few reviews under it and you can see we have free shipping and 50 off, right under the price, and then, going into the description, we have a headline with a description under it, along with a few gifs. i'm going to be changing these gifs once i actually get the product and i'm going to pretty much record custom gifs so that they're a little more personalized and people who come to our site get a more personalized experience, but for now i just have these temporary gifs that i have just as a placeholder. we have another headline and description, another gif, another headline description and a gif, and then we have a faq section for customers who have any questions or doubts about the product, and you can see how this works. it's pretty much a drop down menu scrolling down into the reviews. we have all these reviews. reviews are very important and you could pretty much just take these from the supplier that you're sourcing the product from, because it's pretty much the same exact product. and that concludes our presentation for the porta speaker website. so we found the winning product. we have our site built out. now the last step is actually to get the product and create a tiktok page for it and then just start posting loads of custom content for the products that we can potentially get on the for you page of different potential customers that will potentially be the holder of the one and only porta speaker [Music]. okay, so the product has finally arrived from bezos's hands into my possession and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox this right in front of you guys. so let's go ahead and see what we got. i present to you the porta speaker. wow, it honestly looks pretty solid. okay, so i'm gonna go ahead and set this up and see what we can actually do with this thing and if it actually even works as expected. all right, so i just set it up. so i'm gonna go ahead and play some non-copyrighted music so that susan doesn't cut my paycheck for the month, but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how this works. it's honestly pretty cool. all right, so i have my music ready to go. i'm gonna move my mic actually, so you guys can pretty much hear everything that's happening, and i'm gonna go ahead and click play without this on the table and watch what happens once i actually put it on the table. [Music]. that actually works, believe it or not. we're actually almost pr.

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I Tried Dropshipping With $0! (13 Year Old)

hello, this is my first time vlogging shipping. it's a very trending business model right now, so i'm gonna try it. here are the rules. i start off with zero dollars. okay, so with. that makes the challenge very hard. i just have one month and my goal is to reach 1 000 by the end of my summer break. can i do it? stay tuned to find out. um, so now my plan is that i'm just gonna scroll on tiktok and see if i can find a trending product. okay, guys, so i found this product on tiktok and this account has been very trendy like two months ago, but now especially, it's the summer, so people do like to go outdoors. so i think this water bottle has this cool water. water can be useful, you know. it can store your snacks and your water, and so, yeah, i think i'm gonna create a account for this product, make a logo and just start posting. right, i'll post one video right now and one other video in a couple hours, and i'm just gonna update you guys, um, about tomorrow and tell you guys how it did next day. what's up y'all? it's like 11: 00 in the night, and look at this: 12k total likes across all our videos. that's insane. we got like 240 followers. also, i'm dude, people are liking this. right change of plans. i'm just gonna build my store tomorrow morning- it's currently day two, if you guys didn't see that, and i'm just gonna sleep now- build my store tomorrow, update you guys and yeah, we'll put the link in our bio and we'll see if we get any sales. we have to. right, look how many followers and likes we got. like at least one or two people want to buy. let's hope that and let's go to bed next day. well, guys, it's about 11 o'clock in the morning and i just got finished building the store. i put the link in my tiktok accounts bio. oh, and here let me show you guys. so here is our home page. we got our logo, we got the announcement bar. yeah, they don't know for tiktoks, bad vibes never stood a chance. i i love that. i added the shop now. here's the product, beautiful details. i'm selling it for 24.99. i'll break down the profit and costs later. there's a buy now faqs. same thing again, and i added all these pages: shipping policy, return policy, tracker order, blah, blah. all right, so here's the cost breakdown. we sell it for 24.99. the product cost is 1811. that might seem like a lot, but i researched on amazon and if they're selling it for like 30 on like aliexpress, this is the best price- cj, drop shipping and everything. they're just selling it for like 20, so i think 1811 is the best price. so that leaves us with 688. when profit one dollar to send us like the shopify fee, that leaves us with the final 5.86 in profit on every sale and just the checkup. on our tiktoks they've been doing really good. we have about 600 followers now. yep, now i'll update you guys. tomorrow we'll tok how our tiktoks did and i'm probably gonna post another tiktok right now. so, yeah, see you tomorrow. what's up, guys? it's like nine o'clock at night and i'm back with some more good news. check this out. we got 2 000 followers, so now we can finally add the store link in our bio. like i actually gained these followers so fast and i actually didn't post that much in the past few days. i just posted five videos. so, um, i think i'm just gonna post one tomorrow afternoon and that's it. and a bigger update is that i i ordered this bottle from amazon. it's going to arrive in about five days, so when we get it, we'll be able to film our own content, and even more in quantity and better in quality. so, yeah, and, and here's the thing, look at this, look at this. all right, if you see, here i actually got a sale, this is legit, i'm not joking. look, i'm literally refreshing my screen. there's 200 store sessions. there's like one view right now, i don't know. so what happened is, um, before selling this product for 24.99, but i forgot to change the shipping price to zero. but this person actually paid five dollars for shipping. so i mean, i'm taking it, i'm just gonna fulfill his order when i get his money and, yeah, that's first money by us. yay, we finally have something in our bank next day. hello guys, it's day four. it's like one o'clock in the afternoon. so today, the whole day i've just been working on this, on adding this other product under store, because other people thought that, um, the bottle we were already selling was too expensive, even though our profit margin is just like a couple dollars. so actually found a new product. so there's the catalog and here it is. it's like this double sided water bottle. people have been requesting to get this one. so i did the raven bottle 4.0. it's 14.99 and if you were to see it on here: it cut on aliexpress at 710. that leaves us with 789, and that's the shopify transaction fees and it leaves us with 716 in profit. so that's much better than the old profit and people seem to like it more because i just posted this bottle on tiktok. so when you look at our tiktok, uh, we have we gained 2756 followers with over 100 000 likes, which is very good. i just posted about it. if you can't make up, your already got 40 likes with just 424 views, which is very good. we've just been trending for the past couple days, which is very good, and i'm and because of that, hey, we finally have something in our bank, so we got a sale, which is very good. oh, and i'm probably going to update you guys tomorrow morning how many sales we get today. let's hope we actually get sales on the new bottle of the old one. they're both in our store, if you got confused. so, yeah, update you guys tomorrow, i guess. bye next day. sad news: uh, our tik-tac-toe got the end. so, um, now i have no way of marketing and we're left with just the one sale we got yesterday in which we got like 9.40 profit- okay, i mean dollars- in four days. that's not that bad. uh, i think i'm actually gonna close the challenge here. uh, i'm gonna do some more cool challenges about drop shipping and shopify on this channel, so make sure to subscribe. uh, i really want to build like a little good community around here. so, yeah, i mean this video was just to um show you guys that it's actually possible to start online business with zero dollars. well, it's very hard, it's very hard and you need like fifty percent left that your videos will go viral. most luck, yeah. so i mean i had some luck. i had a sale, but my tiktok count got banned at like 3 000 followers. so, yeah, i'll see you guys next week with a new video. peace.

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your Java shipping store, but you're probably running into a problem called information overload. you don't know exactly where to start, what strategies that you should be using, and you're probably feeling very overwhelmed with how popular Drop Shipping is becoming. it is now a high level skill that can be making you some serious money online, so you want to know exactly how to start with no confusion left on the table. that's why, today, I'm going to be breaking down a beginner friendly, step-by-step tutorial on how you can get started with Drop Shipping in 2023. so, by the end of this video, you feel fully confident in the ability to know exactly how to get started, and I'm not going to just leave it at that. once this video reaches 1500 likes, I'm going to give you a product list of the top 10 winning and training products that you need to be selling right now. so if you want full access to this product list, smash that like button down below. subscribe to this channel so I can release all the links to these products and help you get started in the right direction. so, without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on? my name is AC Hampton. I'm an a-figure marketer who has generated sales just like this, all from starting and branding drop shipping stores. while doing this, I also get to teach students from all over the world how to generate results with their own job streaming stores and make money online. if you want to experience what being a student in my one-on-one mentorship feels like, each week I get to hand out a free Consulting call to one lucky winner. so if you want the opportunity of getting on this call and go over anything you may be struggling with and answering all of your questions along the way, all you have to do is smash that like button down below and, in the comment section, comment the word Dropship with your biggest takeaway from this video. now, there's a ton of information out there in regards to starting your own dropshipping business, but let's take it all the way from the top, and the top is creating your online store. you cannot run an online business without a storefront, so let's hop into how you're going to get it and how you're going to build it. so we're heading over here to Shopify and, as you can see, you can start a seven day free trial, no credit card required in your next three months on only costing you one dollar by clicking on the link down in my description now. this is great for you, especially while just starting off, because you're immediately cutting down on the expenses that start in your online store can come with. so make sure to go ahead and check that out now. Shopify is a platform that your website will be built on and where you'll have the actual store from for the product or products that you're selling. now there are other e-commerce platforms out there that you may have heard of, but Shopify is by far the most reliable and beginner friendly, so I highly suggest that you start there. so, once you're on this page, you're going to come down over here to enter your email address and just go ahead and enter that and then, after entering your email you're sending, go to start free trial. then this screen will come up. you'll just do- I'm just starting- click on an online store and click next. you can go ahead and skip this part right here, and then this is going to be the next screen that you see, and then here you can go ahead and just name your store and, like I said, I would not spend a lot of time on this. you don't want to overthink this. just keep this very simple and very general. wherever your business is located, you'll go ahead and click on next, continue with email, create your password word and then create Shopify ID. now we just open up a new store with the free trial, and you're already 10 steps ahead of where you previously were at the beginning of this video, because your store is officially open. now let's go ahead and get into the build and everything that you'll need to make sure that, when customers are coming to your store, they always leave with purchasing something and putting more money back into your pocket. now the first thing that you want to do is head over to your Shopify App Store and search for an app called autods, and it's as simple as this. you come over here to apps, you type in Auto DS and click on enter, and this is what the Shopify App Store looks like, and it's going to be this one right here that says Auto DS- all-in-one Drop Shipping, and autods is literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping tool that you need on your online store. this app will allow you to connect your store to different suppliers that you may be wanting to use to help sell your product. they'll let you browse through potential products that you can be selling, and it even has the capability to fulfill the orders you're getting on your store automatikally and send out tracking information directly to your customer. I mean, Auto DS is going to make running your job- streaming business- as a beginner- as seamless as possible. I wish- I mean I wish- they had apps like that when I first started my Drop Shipping Journey, because automation is everything, and that's exactly what this app will give to you. I'm gonna go ahead and add this app into my store and it's just as simple as clicking add app and then install app. now that we have Auto DS downloaded, the next thing we need to do is connect this with our Shopify store. so this is gonna be the first screen you'll see. you'll go to add store, come to this plus sign where it says ad store at the bottom, click on Shopify store and click continue. you come back over here to your Shopify, highlight the actual HTML and then go ahead and add that to your store. and it's as simple as that. and if you want to make sure it's connected, you should see your actual Shopify store right here at the top left corner. now, before we head into the overall build of your store and making sure that you have all the necessary instructions. then get your store off the ground and running. my team and I do provide Hands-On, one-on-one guidance to help you directly with learning strategies of running your online store that can help you make money not just for short term but for a lifetime. so if you're ready to take action and start learning with my team and I by your side, make sure you head over to my Instagram at AC, underscore Hampton, DM me the word mentorship or apply with the link down in my description so I can reach out and help you get started. now that we have Auto DS connected, you're going to want to start off with importing your first product to your store, but in order to import a product, you have to know what you're looking for in a product that you should be selling. it is not smart to come into Drop Shipping thinking you can just sell any and everything, because that's going to cause you to spend a lot of time and money into the wrong direction. when you're scrolling through your products on autods and looking for one that you could be selling, you want to make sure that the product is hitting some very important key factors when, number one being that it solves some sort of problem. now, this is because a product that solves a problem is likely to sell for a longer period of time. secondly, that it can be sold for 25 or more. by doing a quick search for the product on Google, you can see on average what your competition is selling the product for, and if it's being sold for less than 25 dollars, you'll find that you're spending more money in ads than what you're actually making from selling it. so let's take this product right here as an example. so this is the anti-theft travel backpack, and you can see when I'm on Google and I'm actually searching for this. you can see that most of these products are over 25, if not all of them. so this is telling me right away that this is being sold for 25 or more across the entire market. and lastly, you want to make sure that there is demand in the market for the product that you're selling. an

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping as a Teenager (2023)

this video I'm going to be showing you guys how you guys can start a Shopify Drop Shipping as a teenager, under the age of 18, completely legally and legit. let's get right into the video. so about a year ago I made this video with the same exact title, just for the year of 2022, but that video is sort of outdated. but it did so well in terms of analytiks and you guys actually did love that video. so this video is going to be an updated video a year later on how you guys can start Shopify Drop Shipping under the age of 18 completely legally as a teenager. so basically, with Shopify they do restrict you to sort of be over 18 for the tax reasons, but this method will be showing you guys how to start actually making money with Shopify Drop Shipping, because Drop Shipping is such a viable path where you guys can start making money without having to have too much money or too much sort of anything. it's something where you never actually see the product, so you don't need to have inventory, a big money startup or even a good amount of followers on social media. so this video is going to sort of go from an A to Z guide on how you guys can legally start Shopify Drop Shipping as a teenager under 18.. so this video isn't going to show everything you need to know. I actually do have a Shopify playlist. if you guys do want to look up how to find winning products or how to create a store design to make it very professional and to get more sales, and basically everything from finding products to making your social media accounts and everything like that, check out the Shopify playlist on my YouTube channel. but this video is only going to go over how to actually set up the account. alright, so now that we toked enough for this video, what we're gonna do is go over to the Shopify website right over here, so we're gonna go to shopifycom on a new email and everything like that, so we could basically start the process of this. so, right from the bat, you see, start a free trial and enjoy three months of Shopify for one dollar per month on select plans. that's the plan you guys do want to sign up on, because for three months, you guys could pay only three dollars to actually start everything with all the features that Shopify gives and have your website actually hosted on Shopify for these three months for a very low price of three dollars. so, just for the startup, it's going to ask you a bunch of questions on how you guys can get started. so it says which of these best describes you, and any of these questions doesn't really have any effect on your store, so we're just going to press. I'm just starting right now. for the start, we would like to sell an online store, and that's the one you guys actually need to press for. that you're going to press next. and then what do you plan to sell? first? it's going to give you a bunch of options. it doesn't really matter. but for this you can either press Drop Shipping products or I'll decide later. basically, because you're on a Drop Shipping video, I'm assuming you guys are going to start Drop Shipping. so a store name: optional. you guys can change this later, but I'm going to just press next. and then where you're located- the United States- and then this is where you actually need to sign up with an email. so we are just going to do some random email right here. let's do a random password that you guys choose, and then we're gonna press on create Shopify ID. so right over here it's now building your store and you know you can do everything up to this as a actual setup to you know, not get into any problems first, but when you guys actually want to start selling and start getting payments and stuff like that, that's when you have to verify your identity, which requires you to be over 18.. so this next step in the video, once that loads, is I'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to get around that. you know legally not really around, but how to get that set up in the first place. all right, so now the next screen that you guys should see is the Shopify home screen, where it's going to be a setup guide on seven tasks that you guys have to do. these are things that are sort of recommended for your store to make your store look a lot more professional and sort of just get a good setup guide, just like it says. so the first one is the fine Shopify Drop Shipping products to sell, name your store at Brandon assets, customize your theme, a domain, set up Shopify payments and all of that. but you guys are gonna go through these and every store should do that. so if you guys are doing that, make sure you guys do pause the video right now and actually come back to this video after you did those steps, but the only steps that you need to really do to actually make sure your store is all good and all set legally is go over to set up Shopify payments, and this is how you guys actually can get orders and actually get sales and start making money on your store. so what you guys are going to want to do is press on activate Shopify payments, just like this, and for this you need to add an address. so I'm going to put in a random address right now. hopefully that doesn't get me into trouble. I'm just trying to show you guys the sort of setup right here. but for this name. this is where you guys have to put your parents names in, because that's someone that's over the age of 18 and so like, if you put your own first name and then your ID shows that you're under 18, Shopify is gonna shut down your account and kick you out of this. what you guys need to do is put your parents name, because your parent will match their ID and and their ID it shows they're over 18. so that's sort of the way you guys can start Shopify Drop Shipping under 18: by just having your parents sort of sign up and use them, for you know the tax information and stuff like that, and all the money you get paid you just contribute to their taxes, um, when taxes come in for that Shopify season, if you make a certain amount of money. so, right here, let's just put in some random name- uh, sorry, if this is anyone's actual name or someone's, uh, actual address, um, let's see, let's go with: was this Kansas? right here, um, and then a phone number. it will go with some a random phone. right here, sorry, if this is your number, which? what are the odds? uh, three or four, eight, five, one, oh, five, not six, all right. and then you can either put the store as a registered business business- which I doubt if you guys are Drop Shipping, it's gonna be a registered business, a business like a LLC, an incorporation, a trust, or, if a trust is even a business, but any of that stuff we're gonna press next over here. and then, once that loads, Shopify payments is going to be set up. but that's not the only step. so now you have to complete your account. set up so that your account is actually a good standing, complete your information about your business, secure your account with two-step authentikation, which basically means that someone hacks your password, you're gonna need that and then add banking information. so you're going to press submit details over here and then this is where you put in a business type. so if it's if it's an LLC or a partnership Corporation or if you're just an invis, an individual, why can I tok? you're gonna put things like this: so an EIN is in is if you have an LLC, but if most of you don't, so skip that, put the address in, then personal details, so this, none of this can be fake. all of this has to be real because it has to match up with your ID. so if you have your first name, a last name, your parents, real date of birth and then their SSN, and don't just put in your parents information, if you know it actually, go tok to them and go find out if they're willing to do this for you, because if they're not and then they see random things on their tax account that they didn't do and it comes back to you, you're going to be in a lot of trouble. so with them at least, um, and you may be screwing them over in taxes and stuff like that and money. so make sure you guys do tok to them about this and you'll try to convince them, uh be.