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how to start dropshipping as a young teenager

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How I Made $11K in A Day Dropshipping as a TEEN

this is how i made over eleven thousand dollars in just one day with drop shipping. yo, what's going on, guys? my name is fosurasani. i'm a 16 year old entrepreneur. um, i'm going to be explaining how i made over 11 000 in just one day with drop shipping. so this video isn't going to be like super in-depth, because nothing that i did, um, was special to like seeing this much success. making eleven thousand dollars in a day is the same thing as doing 200 in a day. it's just the matter of scaling up what's working for you. so this video is going to be kind of explaining the steps i took before eleven thousand dollars per day. uh, to the day that i actually did over five figures in one day. so it's going to be a fairly brief overlook on how i actually did that and how maybe you can do the same. so my history and e-commerce has been going on for one year, but i started drop shipping in october. um, i found out about drop shipping in the summer. never thought that i'd be able to like succeed at it, but i was wrong. um, i started in october. uh, first month i did a thousand profit. the next month i did 10 000 and then the month after was 30 000.. so, yeah, i'm gonna explain kind of what i did to change like the amount i was making per month with drop shipping. so there's three fairly simple steps that i took to actually scale up all my stores. so the first step is hopping on a trend or finding a really hot selling product. the second step is actually building up a nice, aesthetikally pleasing site that users would like to purchase from. and the third step is driving traffic to your store, whether that be through instagram influencers, twitter ads, snapchat ads or facebook ads. in my case, i did influencer ads through instagram and then scaled up using facebook, and this is a step that many, many, many, many, many online businesses use, and i i did the same because i know it works and it's proven to work all right. so step one: finding the hot product for me. i knew what was selling already. i had friends that were selling it. i was like, all right, why not? why not just copy that and see if it would work for me? and lo and behold, it did work. it was in the men's fashion niche. so i had the store running one week prior to the five figure day and it was doing a couple hundred every day and then it scaled up to a thousand and, uh, keep in mind, i was getting all this traffic from instagram influencers and i had my facebook pixel running on my site, so it was collecting all the data for the big day where i did five figures, just collected all that data, got all the orders in and got some good capital to invest into the big day of ads where i decided to just scale out of it. so on the day that i scaled, i spent probably 1500 on ads and did 11k in sales. i'm going to show you guys on my shopify app- um, it was december 9th 2017- that i did 11.1 k in sales. i'll just refresh that so you guys can see that it's legit. again, i'll explain how i was able to drive this much traffic and convert so well in my store and you can see in the graph that the sales were dispersed throughout time and you can see the really big peak right there and that's whenever the influencer post went viral. so i'll explain more about virality and how to achieve that in your ad copy and then you can see: on december 10th, i lowered the ad spend and, um, sales sales went down, obviously because i wasn't driving that much traffic and, as you can see, it was still really well. there was the proof that i was actually able to make 14k in a weekend and uh kind of how. how it was actually able to do that much was because a few of the ad copies went viral. so with virality you obviously gain a lot of traction. you go crazy in sales. i have a friend, tanner planes. he actually did, i think, 18k in a day. that was insane. that's kind of what inspired me to just like find the hot product and just scale out- a scale out of that kind of like how he did. his ad copy went viral, my ad copy went viral. so that's kind of how i was able to see so much crazy, crazy success with the product that i was selling. so it was basically because it was viral. i got kind of lucky because the product was selling and i jumped onto it because i was smart enough to realize that it was selling super well. so in that one week i ran the influencer ads, got the facebook targeting all that stuff for the long term and on that day, saturday, december 9th i believe, it did 11.1 k because of the viral ad copy and because i had the customers targeted down. and one thing i forgot to mention was i was also collecting a bunch of emails. so on the day, december 9th- i sent out a mass email to all the people who were buying for me. i was like: yo, i'm having a really big sale, so come and check it over and then buy something. so it was something around that. i was obviously not that informal. i made sure to build up the urgency to come and purchase from me asap, and people did so. with mailchimp i was able to gain a lot of traction and a lot of sales through the email retargeting, and that's something a lot of people don't really tok about. you just have to keep in mind that whenever you're collecting all these emails, it's basically free marketing, because you're getting the traffic to your site and then you have the same customers who have entered in their emails. so you have a huge list of hundreds of people that can become possible customers, even if they were customers already. so you can retarget with your um email list and you can also email all the people in your email list and make so much money off that. that's one thing i don't really see many people toking about. is um, actually driving all a lot of traffic through your email list. so that's one thing i did to kind of recap the entire ad thing that i was toking about. so i had the influencer ads, i had the facebook ads and i had, um, all these emails being sent up to people who have purchased from me or have abandoned their carts. and that's also one thing i need to tok about is abandoned cart recovery. so there's an app- i don't, i don't know what's called, i think it's called beautiful abandoned carts. but basically, after two hours someone abandons your cart, you get it's an automatik. email is sent to them saying: oh look, you forgot something in your cart. do you want to buy it before the sew ends? and again, just build up a bunch of urgency in your copy and then, boom, you probably will convert really well. so i'm kind of going in a weird order. i didn't follow one, two and three. one was finding the hot product. two was building a site for how to tok about that. um, well, well, building up a site is really easy with shopify. since there's already so many nice themes, i just go with the debut theme. i add a nice background, i use the header. i make sure the header drives urgency. i download a bunch of apps that also drive urgency. i'll have those linked in the description down below as well. as, if you want to start your own shopify store, i have a link in the description. yeah, so i build up a nice, clean looking site. so whenever someone clicks through facebook, it looks nice. whenever they click through instagram, it just flows really well, and i know thaddeus toks about that too. um, just got to make a site that looks really nice and flows well from different social media, so that's exactly what i did. i have a pretty good background in design and development in like the website space. i've been doing client work for that for a few years now. i designed apps. so having a good, strong background in design- even with like influencer ads and facebook ads, it really helps. so you can use a website called canvacom to create facebook ads, instagram ads and also logos. so that's what i use a lot of time for a lot of my design work. and i also use photoshop because i have, like, all the creative cloud assets. loud car. it's really not that hard to start a store. to start seeing success with it. you just need to build up a nice looking site, get really good ads and find a really hot product. it's. it's not that hard. a lot of people overthink it and they're like, oh m.

I Tried Dropshipping With $0! (13 Year Old)

hello, this is my first time vlogging shipping. it's a very trending business model right now, so i'm gonna try it. here are the rules. i start off with zero dollars. okay, so with. that makes the challenge very hard. i just have one month and my goal is to reach 1 000 by the end of my summer break. can i do it? stay tuned to find out. um, so now my plan is that i'm just gonna scroll on tiktok and see if i can find a trending product. okay, guys, so i found this product on tiktok and this account has been very trendy like two months ago, but now especially, it's the summer, so people do like to go outdoors. so i think this water bottle has this cool water. water can be useful, you know. it can store your snacks and your water, and so, yeah, i think i'm gonna create a account for this product, make a logo and just start posting. right, i'll post one video right now and one other video in a couple hours, and i'm just gonna update you guys, um, about tomorrow and tell you guys how it did next day. what's up y'all? it's like 11: 00 in the night, and look at this: 12k total likes across all our videos. that's insane. we got like 240 followers. also, i'm dude, people are liking this. right change of plans. i'm just gonna build my store tomorrow morning- it's currently day two, if you guys didn't see that, and i'm just gonna sleep now- build my store tomorrow, update you guys and yeah, we'll put the link in our bio and we'll see if we get any sales. we have to. right, look how many followers and likes we got. like at least one or two people want to buy. let's hope that and let's go to bed next day. well, guys, it's about 11 o'clock in the morning and i just got finished building the store. i put the link in my tiktok accounts bio. oh, and here let me show you guys. so here is our home page. we got our logo, we got the announcement bar. yeah, they don't know for tiktoks, bad vibes never stood a chance. i i love that. i added the shop now. here's the product, beautiful details. i'm selling it for 24.99. i'll break down the profit and costs later. there's a buy now faqs. same thing again, and i added all these pages: shipping policy, return policy, tracker order, blah, blah. all right, so here's the cost breakdown. we sell it for 24.99. the product cost is 1811. that might seem like a lot, but i researched on amazon and if they're selling it for like 30 on like aliexpress, this is the best price- cj, drop shipping and everything. they're just selling it for like 20, so i think 1811 is the best price. so that leaves us with 688. when profit one dollar to send us like the shopify fee, that leaves us with the final 5.86 in profit on every sale and just the checkup. on our tiktoks they've been doing really good. we have about 600 followers now. yep, now i'll update you guys. tomorrow we'll tok how our tiktoks did and i'm probably gonna post another tiktok right now. so, yeah, see you tomorrow. what's up, guys? it's like nine o'clock at night and i'm back with some more good news. check this out. we got 2 000 followers, so now we can finally add the store link in our bio. like i actually gained these followers so fast and i actually didn't post that much in the past few days. i just posted five videos. so, um, i think i'm just gonna post one tomorrow afternoon and that's it. and a bigger update is that i i ordered this bottle from amazon. it's going to arrive in about five days, so when we get it, we'll be able to film our own content, and even more in quantity and better in quality. so, yeah, and, and here's the thing, look at this, look at this. all right, if you see, here i actually got a sale, this is legit, i'm not joking. look, i'm literally refreshing my screen. there's 200 store sessions. there's like one view right now, i don't know. so what happened is, um, before selling this product for 24.99, but i forgot to change the shipping price to zero. but this person actually paid five dollars for shipping. so i mean, i'm taking it, i'm just gonna fulfill his order when i get his money and, yeah, that's first money by us. yay, we finally have something in our bank next day. hello guys, it's day four. it's like one o'clock in the afternoon. so today, the whole day i've just been working on this, on adding this other product under store, because other people thought that, um, the bottle we were already selling was too expensive, even though our profit margin is just like a couple dollars. so actually found a new product. so there's the catalog and here it is. it's like this double sided water bottle. people have been requesting to get this one. so i did the raven bottle 4.0. it's 14.99 and if you were to see it on here: it cut on aliexpress at 710. that leaves us with 789, and that's the shopify transaction fees and it leaves us with 716 in profit. so that's much better than the old profit and people seem to like it more because i just posted this bottle on tiktok. so when you look at our tiktok, uh, we have we gained 2756 followers with over 100 000 likes, which is very good. i just posted about it. if you can't make up, your already got 40 likes with just 424 views, which is very good. we've just been trending for the past couple days, which is very good, and i'm and because of that, hey, we finally have something in our bank, so we got a sale, which is very good. oh, and i'm probably going to update you guys tomorrow morning how many sales we get today. let's hope we actually get sales on the new bottle of the old one. they're both in our store, if you got confused. so, yeah, update you guys tomorrow, i guess. bye next day. sad news: uh, our tik-tac-toe got the end. so, um, now i have no way of marketing and we're left with just the one sale we got yesterday in which we got like 9.40 profit- okay, i mean dollars- in four days. that's not that bad. uh, i think i'm actually gonna close the challenge here. uh, i'm gonna do some more cool challenges about drop shipping and shopify on this channel, so make sure to subscribe. uh, i really want to build like a little good community around here. so, yeah, i mean this video was just to um show you guys that it's actually possible to start online business with zero dollars. well, it's very hard, it's very hard and you need like fifty percent left that your videos will go viral. most luck, yeah. so i mean i had some luck. i had a sale, but my tiktok count got banned at like 3 000 followers. so, yeah, i'll see you guys next week with a new video. peace.

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How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18

what's going on? guys standing with another video and then this one, I'm gonna be going over a roadblock I have when I first started drop shipping, as well as a question. I get a lot, and the question that I get a lot is: how do I start a drop shipping store if I'm under 18? like, how do I receive payments if I'm under 18, how the taxes work and everything like that. so in this one I'm gonna be giving a little bit of overview of how I worked around it and figured out how I could actually receive payments and have everything verified correctly. so if you're new to shop buy, you can create a store under your name. that's not a problem. but then, once you reach a certain amount of sales, Shopify is gonna ask you for identification to verify you. so if you turn in your ID and you're only 16 years old, they're just gonna lock your account and shut you down just because you're a minor, and it gives their terms and conditions of being a minor and owning a Shopify store. that's just how their legal business runs. they don't accept minors. so if you're a minor, then they're just going to completely shut you down and then you're no longer gonna be able to make sales or receive payments and then that stores just done so. that's pretty much what happened to me. when I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I had connected my checking account that's under my mom's name and then I was just using that to receive payments and using my personal PayPal. and then my paypal got locked because they try to verify me and I'm not 18, and then that got shut down. money was locked. your PayPal will instantly get locked if they figure out you're under 18. and then my bank account. it was fine. I could still receive payments, but Shopify didn't like that. I was still 16, so it shut that down. and then I tried to figure out what I wanted to do, something I've toked to my parents a little bit. so what you can do is have one of your parents enter their social security number on your shopify so that verifies that there is someone over 18 managing this Shopify store and they own the store, and then, if they ask for identity verification, then you can turn in your parents ID and then they'll verify you and your and your account will be fine. but my parents really didn't want to do that because that social security number can affect their taxes. so instead of having your social security number on there, you can actually use an EIN, which is what you can get once you create a legal business entity. so what I did was I started an LLC, a limited liability company, with my dad as the organizer and on the 100% owner. so I'm the owner of this company and it can hold all my stores, any business ventures that I go through, and I'm able to use that IIM that I, with that LLC as a social security number sort of it, basically keeps track of all the taxes and verifies that this is a legal business and they're able to run this. they're 18, whatever, because my dad's on that. he's over 18. so then also, it's sort of the same thing with PayPal. I had to create a business PayPal account for my Shopify stores that I use for all my Shopify stores- this one PayPal account. so I have to use my dad's name for the PayPal because he's over 18. I can't use my name, just in case they find out some way and locked my account or something- and they actually did for some reason. I have no idea why, but they have locked by 10 grand right now my PayPal and I still haven't got it unlocked. it's been like a month, sort of annoying. 10 grand is stuck and I've been having to use another PayPal. so PayPal off to my account but I'm actually still able to receive payments from customers. I just can't take the money out, so that money's sitting there at my PayPal. I'm not able to use it to buy orders on Aliexpress and fulfilling or buy anything or transfer it to my bank. it's all just sitting there and I can't do anything with it. and I'm still trying to figure it all out. spent too long with them still holding my money, so sort of annoying. but anyways, my stuff's all verified is with my ein, my legal business and my dad's name on there, so I've no idea why they locked it. it's really just an annoying situation. I mean, that's just how it goes when you start making money with drop shipping. there's always going to be some kind of problem that comes up. so back to what you need to do. if you're under 18 and want to start drop shipping, there's two options. first off, you can use your parents social security number and use them as the name on the Shopify count, and then you just manage everything but their names on it so they can verify that they're over 18. or secondly, you can create a legal business entity and use that, use the ein from that entity to show that this is a legal business and one of the members on the business is over 18 years old, and then you can verify it that way and if they ask for verification they'll ask you for the legal business documents of the organisation. so then you can send that to the name and know, verify your account and everything will be good. so right now my Shopify is all good. I use my legal business entity for all the Shopify stores that I create and it's worked fine so far. and then the ein is there so it keeps track of all my taxes as an income and everything like that, so the IRS can keep track of everything. so basically my dad's name and my business name is on everything, but I'm essentially just the owner of the business. so I'm able to manage everything and I can pretty much do what I want and my dad is just there to show shopify that my business account is not made by a minor in that legal and then I'm able to run these stores illegally and taxes and everything, or set up five. so those are the two options on what you can do if you're under 18. but I mean I with the legal business entity. I think it's more useful because you can use it for all your Shopify stores, easier to keep up with taxes and stuff like that. so hope you enjoyed this video. guys, make sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe. peace. [Music]. [Applause] [Music].

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

okay. so in this video, i'm gonna show you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars: no shopify, no ads. you can start for completely free. i've been able to build multiple seven figure drop shipping stores, so i definitely know what i'm toking about and if you're new here, i'm leon and i give away free drop shipping tips and tutorials that others charge thousands of dollars for, for completely free. all i ask is that you go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel so i can keep helping you for completely free. so let's get started with this free drop shipping course and let me show you how you can start a drop shipping business with zero dollars, and i mean completely free. no money spent on websites, no money spent on anything. you can start with zero dollars, okay. so first thing first, when it comes to drop shipping, you might have heard of shopify, and that's because it's the most popular platform to do online e-commerce with. okay, but as you can see right here, there's a monthly fee when it comes down to using shopify, and the basic plan is 29 a month and it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're getting started and you're not making any sales, that's 29 per month that you're just losing without making any sales. and this 29 right here does not even include any apps that you're gonna add onto the store and pay for, and typically, i would preach using shopify, because i use shopify, but then again, i'm making sales and i'm profitable, so i can do that without worrying about losing twenty nine dollars per month. right, but you're watching this free course because you wanna know how you can actually start drop shipping with zero dollars, and 29 dollars per month is not zero dollars. so, with that being said, we're not going to be using shopify at all, because then you wouldn't be starting with zero dollars, and on this channel, we keep it as real as possible, okay, so why should you start drop shipping? well, you can work from anywhere in the world, making it one of the best remote jobs and businesses to start, because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get things going. drop shipping also allows you to spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones, have financial freedom, and it's one of the only businesses that you can actually start with zero dollars. what are you gonna learn today from this free course? you're gonna learn how to find winning products to sell. how to set up a free, zero dollars per month- online store. how to advertise your products free, no paid ads, no facebook, no tiktok ads, no instagram ads. i'm going to show you how to advertise and market your product for completely free, and then i'm going to show you how to fulfill your orders with fast shipping. if you don't know what drop shipping is, it's pretty much just going on a wholesale website, finding a supplier that sells like a necklace for ten dollars, and then, because the perceived value of jewelry is so expensive, you can then make a website and list that same necklace on your website and sell it for like a hundred dollars, and then you advertise your website that sells that necklace and then, when someone buys that necklace, you then pay the wholesale supplier the ten dollars so that they can go ahead and ship the necklace to the customer, and then you keep the profit of ninety dollars. so first thing we're going to go over is finding winning products. now, what makes a product a winner? a winning product must have that wow factor and be a problem solver. okay, so, for example, right here, as you can see, it's a beach mat and this is a sand proof beach mat, meaning that no sand will get on top of the mat, causing dirt on your shoes, your stuff that you have on the beach and stuff like that. you might not know it, but it's annoying. you don't want no sand in your butt crack, do you? you know what i'm saying. it has that wow factor because when a customer sees it, they're like: what the heck? what do you mean by sand proof mat? right, it peaks that curiosity. but it's not all about problem solving products. as you can see right here, if it has a wow factor and a passionate audience, it'll also work very well, because people buy based off emotion. so this product right here is a rose bear and obviously this is something for people in relationships or just a sentimental gift to someone. okay, whether it's anniversary, whether it's, you know i'm just just because you know i'm saying this is a great gift for people in relationships: a bear made out of roses with a heart. you know i mean. so how do you actually find wooden products? here are a couple of ways that you can go ahead and do it for completely free and do it relatively fast. okay, without suggesting: just search tiktok- mainly buy it- or amazon finds on tiktok and just scroll and you come across a bunch of different posts and videos of literally accounts showing you the next hot thing to buy. another huge way i've been able to find winning products is just simply following mean pages on all social media platforms- twitter, instagram, facebook. the reason is because other dropshippers and e-commerce people they're gonna pay these pages to promote their products. so if you follow enough accounts, what's gonna happen is that if you just scroll every single day on all these platforms, you're gonna see ads for products and people are not gonna pay someone to advertise the product unless they really believe it's something that's gonna work. so all you literally have to do is just sit there, scroll, like you usually would when you know i'm saying watching gossip or whatever- just scroll and then, when you see a product being advertised, just save it to your computer, add it to your store and literally test it out as well. now, after you've found some products that you're interested in testing that you know meet the criteria of a winning product- you know that wow factor with a problem-solving ability or that wow factor with a passionate audience. the next step is to then go ahead and find a store name- and i preferably would do a general store name, just because you can literally sell anything in any niche on a general store domain. okay, so how do you find a name for your website? all you have to do is just come here to businessnamemakercom and, as you can see here, it says, enter keywords like tik, marketing agency, so that way they can generate a good name that you know is free and available for you to use. so right now we're just gonna- i'm just gonna- write something like oasis, because you know that goes well with websites and it's easy to pronounce and a bunch of names will literally pop up like: look at this oasis hut, so many different names, and then let's say you want to click this one and then you want to see if it's available. all you have to do is then come here on the dot com, click on it- it'll open up godaddy and to tell you if it's available or not. after you find a starting that's easy to pronounce and just easy to remember, the next step is to then go ahead and create an email account that matches that store name so that you know when people have questions about their order or whatever, they can go ahead and contact you through that email that matches your store name because you don't want someone to go on your website that's called leoncom. but then when they email you, your email is rockstarbaby101, gmailcom. know what i'm saying? they'll get skeptikal and it just won't work out. okay, so to create an email account, i use gmail, but you can use yahoo, whatever you like to use. i just specifically use gmail because that's what i've just been using for all my life. and then you just come here, click create account. for the first and last name you want to enter the name of your store. so, for example, if leon oasiscom is what i was able to find, then the first thing will be leon, last name will be oasis. okay, does that make sense? and then you just come here and do: like leon oasis store, gmailcom. that's literally what i'll do. and then you create, you know your password and everything, and then you're gonna

Start Shopify Dropshipping As A Broke Teenager

what's going on, y'all? so just the other day I had someone leave this comment on one of my videos and I get a comment like this almost every day: how do I start dropshipping up? I'm broke. how do I start drop shipping if I'm a teenager? how do I start drop shipping up if I'm a broke teenager? today we're gonna cover exactly that. what's going on, y'all? I'm brain, which I'm here to provide insane value to you guys every day to grow you personally and financially as well. all right, guys, today we're gonna cover how to start Shopify drop shipping if you're a teenager, and specifically if you're a broke teenager, if you're low on money, how to go about starting Shopify dropship and creating you know, whether this is your first business or your first Shopify business- how to go about it. so first we're gonna go ahead and cover how to actually do it and then, towards the end, I'm gonna actually cover whether I recommend it or not as a teenager. but before we get in, to make sure, go ahead and smash that like button for me. hit subscribe if you haven't already. I'm here for you guys every day to help you grow your businesses to successful numbers. alright, guys. so number one, starting as a minor. there's a few different things that you need to go ahead and be cautious of. you can go ahead and sign up with Shopify as a minor, but one thing they are going to require is that you have a social security number for someone over 18 or you know the equivalent. if you're outside of the United States, you're gonna need someone- a parent, guardian, a brother and uncle, grandparent, whatever it is- you're gonna need someone over the age of 18 to go ahead and give you their social security numbers. so this is where my first recommendation is: have someone on board. you know I don't recommend you go ahead and you take- you know, your parents social security number without them knowing you're using it for your Shopify store, because you know worst case scenario, if something happened, essentially you've made them liable. so you know, have someone on board. you know you should be able to go ahead and find someone within your family or, you know business partner, someone you trust that trusts you. you know, to go ahead and do this the right way: start your first business, or at least your first Shopify business. so you know, get someone on board that you can go ahead and use their information to go ahead and actually be able to set up your store. now you're actually gonna be able to use your own information for the actual ownership of the store- so it'll be your under your name and everything like that, but the actual, you know legality of it. you're gonna need someone over the age of eighteen, and this goes with payment processors, you know, with PayPal and Shopify payments and everything. a lot of times you can get holds and many times they're gonna require that you send in identification. this is okay as long as you've got, you know, a parent or someone over 18, a business partner, whatever you want to consider them to go ahead and back you. if they, they can go ahead and back you. give you their information. you guys should be good to go, but, you know, just go ahead and make sure that to get someone on board with this it'd be much better than going ahead and, you know, essentially stealing your parents information to go ahead and make it work, but you don't want to go ahead and you're not gonna be able to do it as a minor unless you get this. so, definitely find someone you can have on board with you that you can consider a business partner, whether that's even, like you know, a sister and uncle that you can be considered a business partner, or whether it's your parents supporting you in your decision to go ahead and start your first business, and you know there's ways to go about. you know getting them on board. you don't need to. you can tell them you're not gonna use their money whatever it is, but you're gonna need this. so number two is the store setup and research and everything. so, especially as someone who doesn't have very much money- I've toked about this in another video, but this is even more crucial- for you guys- to go ahead and take your time setting up your store, researching the different marketing methods, everything like that. you know one thing: I see, even with people with a big budget- I mean, I say even, especially with the people with the big budgets- that they rush into one throwing up a store really quick, and then, too, they rush into, you know, starting Facebook ads, starring Instagram influencer, you know, google-eyed. we're starting all of that before they even really know what they're doing, and they do that just because they know they've got money to spend. don't do that. you'll blow a budget and you know if you're starting with very, very little money or you're broke. essentially, you can't afford to do that period. so you know, first off, take your time setting up the brand you know, really do research on what niche you want to go into. you know I suggest going into mid-level niche, but really really do your research, knowing what nice you want to go into, how you want your store to be designed. the great thing about your age is you're gonna know what's appealing, not only for social media, because you grew up in the social media age, but you're also gonna know what's appealing when it comes to e-commerce stores because you grew up around everything being done online. so really really take your time to make a badass, appealing store before you start marketing. and then, when you get to the marketing stage, you know, really, really know what you're doing. have, you know, studied YouTube videos from? you know a couple people you trust have done research on Google. you know if you could get someone on board to back you to take a course specifically on it, you could do that. but really really have a very, very firm knowledge base of how you're gonna go about marketing. really have a plan before you start any of that because, like I said, you can't afford essentially to just be throwing money out there and sing with stiks. so then this comes to: you know the capital, how you're actually gonna have money to do this. so you know, I just said you know- go ahead and take your time building up your store and everything so while you're doing that- because it only cost $30 a month to run your store- while you're doing that, hopefully you have a job, even if it's something like having a paper route or something like that, because I know, you know if you're under 16, it's even hard to get a job. there are jobs for, you know, people under 16. but what you can do if you don't have a job or you essentially don't want a job, is you can start. you know, start online, start with affiliate marketing. you could even start eBay dropshipping. this way you're getting into the whole one business mindset of you know online marketing, ever thing like that. you know you're already starting that. that will help fund a little bit. obviously, you know if you've got parents on board, they can fund you or someone to go ahead and find you. you know, if you've got to allowance, whatever it is, you know essentially, instead of going out and spending your money, you know if you're broke, you're gonna go out, you're gonna need to go ahead and invest your money into your business, you know, and so this comes down to whatever money you get- whether it be from a part-time job, you've got- whether it be from, you know, allowance, Christmas money, birthday money- however, you're getting money period. however, you're getting money, no matter how small it is. you're gonna need to spin on your business essentially, and you're gonna need to go ahead and really really have a solid plan and don't spend it all at once on your business. I've seen people blow big budgets when they don't need to- when they start Facebook ads, for instance- or they'll go ahead and waste a lot of money on Instagram influencers. if you do this the right way and really, really metikulously, you're gonna be able to go ahead and you you can become profitable with not much money spent. but you need a very, very solid pl.

Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can be overwhelming. with so many different steps and strategies, it's hard to even know where to start. so in this video, i'm going to share my exact strategy for starting a new drop shipping store from scratch, and in the last couple months, i've built a new store with this strategy, and that store has already done close to 900 000 in sales. so if i had to start over today, this is exactly what i would do. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my online business with as much transparency as possible, so that i can lead by example and help you start your own online business this year. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to follow my journey, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. firstly, i want to show you some live results that i'm getting with this exact strategy. so it's around halfway through the day and i've already generated around 3 800 in sales on this store. the profit margin is pretty good as well. i've done almost fifteen hundred dollars in profit, which is almost a forty percent profit margin, and if we take a look at yesterday's stats, you can see i sold around sixty seven hundred dollars and made around eighteen hundred dollars in profit. i just wanted to prove to you that this is working right now. so you know it's worth your time to watch this whole video. so there are four main things that go into building a successful drop shipping store. the first one is your product. the second one is your store. the third is your marketing and how you get customers, and the fourth is running your business and shipping out your orders. now i'm gonna break down each of these one by one as simple as possible. so let's get started with products. so without a winning product, it's pretty much impossible to have success with drop shipping. thankfully, there are a ton of products out there that you can sell. every single week, new winning products pop up, so the opportunities are always fresh. there's really only three things that i look for when determining if a product is a winning product. the first thing is if the product has been recently trending on facebook and instagram. what i mean by trending is that there is a ad that is getting a ton of views, shares, comments and likes and people are going crazy for the product. this is a great sign that you can make money off of this product because people are already interested in it. as long as you do something a little bit better than the person that's already selling it, you can swoop right in, compete with them and make money selling that same product. this is exactly what i've done for every single one of my winning products and it's worked time and time again. the next thing i look for is mass appeal. my favorite type of products are the ones that can be sold to the masses. i don't love the extremely narrowed down products that only apply to a small set of people. yes, they will buy the product, but if we ever want to scale and build something big, we need something that we can sell to almost everybody. it's okay if it's a little narrow, like it's only for women or it's only for men, but the broader the better. the last thing i look for is good profit margins. what i consider to be good profit margins is being able to sell the product for three times the cost it takes to ship it out to the customer. so if the product costs you around 10 to send it to your customer, you want to be able to sell it for at least 30, and that's pretty much all i look for in a winning product. let me show you a live example of exactly what i'm toking about. okay, so this product is an absolute banger. basically, it is a garden privacy fence that you set up in your backyard. as you can see, this product was launched on march 8th of this year and they've already got over 70 000 likes on this post. if you check out the comments, people are going crazy for this. they love it, they really enjoy the product. but the people that are selling it aren't doing a good job and if we look at their video, it's not really that good. and then if we go to their website, it's the same thing. it's really not that good. this product has great profit margins as well. you can see that it cost around four dollars on the low end to ship to a customer and they're selling it for anywhere from 1999 all the way up to almost a hundred dollars per sale. so if you came in and made a slightly better video, a slightly better website, you could clean up off of this product and make a ton of money. so, like i said, that product is an absolute banger and a perfect example of a winning product. now, how do you find these products? the tried and true method that i've been using for years is simply just looking on your facebook and instagram feed. every single day, you're going to get targeted with ads for drop shipping products eventually, and every time you get targeted with one of these ads, you need to show facebook that you're interested. so you want to go to the ad, you want to like, you want to comment, you want to go to the website, you want to click add to cart and show facebook that you're trying to buy stuff like this. so they will start recommending you more products and your feed is just going to become the best product research tool that you have. that's my favorite method, but i also created a tool that automates this process. so if you want to check that out, click the link down below. alright, so step number one is finding a product that fits this criteria. so once you've got that product, now you've got to build a store. now there are a couple different types of stores that you could build. you could build a general store, which is a store that has a bunch of random products all around it. you could build a one product store, which is a store that only focuses on selling one main product, or you can build a hybrid store, which is what i recommend. building a hybrid store combines the benefit of a one product store and a general store. with a general store, you have freedom to test a bunch of products, and with a one product store you're limited, but you're gonna have a higher conversion rate and people are gonna trust you much more than a general store. with a hybrid store, you're creating the same branded feel that a one product store would have, but with the freedom to test a bunch of products. i think it's better if i just show you an example. so this is a sample store that i created. that would actually be perfect for the product i just showed you. the store is called flora flow. as you can see, it's pretty much focused entirely on home and garden based products. it has a nice branded design, it has a good logo, it's easy to browse and shop around and overall, it feels like a trustworthy site. i recently made a video on exactly how i built this store, so after you watch this one, feel free to check that out. the one tip i will give in this video is to model your store off of what's already working. this is not some brand new design i came up with. i just put my own little twist on what was already working. you don't have to reinvent the wheel. you just have to take what's working and add a little bit of your own sauce to it. so i would advise taking your product, building a store like this and filling it up with products that are similar to the one you're selling. here's another really good example of a hybrid store. this one is called arctik shirt and, as you can see, they sell a bunch of home decor products as well. they have the moon lamp, this kitchen set, they have bedding. they have all types of products, but the store is really nice, branded and feels extremely trustworthy. in my opinion, this is the best approach for beginners, so give it a try. next up, you need to get some traffic and customers to your website. personally, my favorite method for starting with a new store is facebook ads. it does cost a little bit of money to run ads on facebook, so i recommend that you have at least a couple hundred dollars.