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How to Start Your Blog and Make it Profitable - PixlFeed Radio #075 - Jessica Burgess

Published on: December 23 2022 by Christian Lovrecich - PixlFeed

Starting a blog can be an exciting and fulfilling way to express yourself, share your knowledge and opinions with the world, and even make some money. But where do you begin? In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to start your blog and make it profitable.

1. Determine your niche

- Choose a topic that you are passionate about

- Research the competition and identify a gap in the market

- Ensure your niche is profitable and has a potential audience

2. Choose a platform

- Consider using WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace

- Determine if you want a free or paid platform

- Ensure the platform is user-friendly and customizable

3. Create engaging content

- Write interesting and informative blog posts

- Use visuals such as images and videos to enhance your content

- Be consistent with your posting schedule

4. Build your audience

- Promote your blog on social media platforms

- Engage with your audience and respond to comments and questions

- Collaborate with other bloggers and influencers in your niche

5. Monetize your blog

- Consider using affiliate marketing and sponsored posts

- Sell digital products such as e-books and courses

- Offer coaching or consulting services

Starting a blog may seem daunting, but with these tips, you can start your own blog and make it profitable. Remember to choose a niche that you are passionate about, create engaging content, build your audience, and monetize your blog. With patience and hard work, you can turn your blog into a successful and profitable venture. So, what are you waiting for? Start your blog today!

How to Start Your Blog and Make it Profitable - PixlFeed Radio #075 - Jessica Burgess

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Pixel Feed Radio. Today, I'm excited to have my friend Jessica Burgos on the show. Jessica has been running a food and recipe blog for the past 10 years, and now has a successful YouTube channel with more subscribers than me! We discuss how she got started and turned her hobby into a business, as well as the importance of strategic content creation.

- Jessica Burgos is a successful food and recipe blogger who has been doing it for 10 years and now has a YouTube channel with more subscribers than the host.

How it all started:

- Jessica started blogging because she was a stay-at-home mom who got bored and wanted to be creative.

- She discovered Pinterest and was inspired by the parties, recipes, and photos people were sharing.

- She started looking into blogging and started sharing everything she wanted to at first, but now knows the importance of strategic content creation.

Choosing the platform:

- Jessica was lucky to have a friend who knew a little bit about tech and advised her to start on WordPress.org, which she says was the best advice she got.

- She now knows the importance of choosing a niche and sticking to it, but

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