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How To STRUCTURE Your Google Shopping Campaigns | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To STRUCTURE Your Google Shopping Campaigns | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

The above is a brief introduction to How To STRUCTURE Your Google Shopping Campaigns | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial.

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How To STRUCTURE Your Google Shopping Campaigns | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody srikanasa
here so how to structure
your google shopping campaigns now in a
lot of my previous videos i always used
to recommend that you just have one
general testing campaign
where you just plug in a bunch of
different products and have the products
tested that way and you can also add one
more general testing campaign
where you can have a lower bid for that
campaign however in 2020
i've come across multiple different
structures that you can actually use
and still find much more success
compared to the original strategy
now this is not to say that that
original strategy is not working
in fact that is still what i mostly use
even today
however there are a few different things
you can still try and implement within
your google shopping campaigns
along with that original strategy in
order to maximize that results because
as google's ad platform continues to
change as it continues to evolve
things are going to get much easier when
it comes to structuring your campaigns
it is your duty to structure your
campaigns the right way so that google
can then go ahead
and do the hard part for you which is to
go out and find the right customer
and then get you the sales but by the
end of this video you're gonna know
exactly how to structure your campaigns
the right way without wasting any more
time let's just jump right into it and
find out exactly what you should be
the first thing you'll have to do in
order to structure your campaign the
right way
however is to destroy that like button
down below for the youtube algorithm
it'll take just two quick seconds okay
hopefully i've done that but
here is structure number one and this
structure i like to call it
the niche down campaign now exactly what
is the niche down campaign within the
structure you're going to have multiple
different general testing campaigns
and a general testing campaign is simply
classified as a campaign
where it's generally testing all of the
products within your store however
as the structure name says right here
this is going to be a niche down
within each new campaign that you create
within the structure if you follow it
you want to subdivide the products based
on the niche so for instance
let's say you sell within three
different niches you want campaign
number one to be
all of the products within niche number
one campaign number two to be all of the
products with the niche number two
and campaign number three to be all of
the products within niche number three
you want to exclude these products from
appearing within each of the other
niche campaigns so that they don't
overlap and you don't end up competing
with yourself what this does is then it
lets you
personalize your approach to these niche
down campaigns much much more
and what that means is that your bid
will be determined by the niche
of course you sell heavy expensive
machinery your beta will be much much
higher compared to if you sell
baby toys especially those toys which
are much lower tiket and what this kind
of structure will let you do is that
it'll let you kind of
optimize each campaign based on the
products and the niches
it also kind of helps google in a way
because you're making google's life
easier to go out and find the right
audience within that niche
and within that campaign as a whole
because when it goes out within that
campaign to find the
related keywords it can then apply those
keywords to all the other products
within that same exact campaign so it
will be much more oriented and it will
much better in this structure but in
addition to having these multiple
campaigns with just different
targeted bids you want to also have one
general testing campaign with a very
very low bid
i normally recommend 10 cent bid which
tests all of your products because this
kind of campaign
is something in my opinion that is still
working really really well
a lot of the products you'll find not
working as good as you thought they
with these high bids so in this case
what i've always notiked is that those
products may
somewhat end up working with the low bid
campaign simply because then
when you have a low bid campaign google
has no choice but to go out and find
the right type of audience and which is
the most high quality audience out there
so these
different campaigns will be working in
your benefit and the low bid campaign
will really not be competing with any of
these other campaigns simply because
this will be a very very low bid
compared to these other campaigns
and if you do it right and set all the
priority of these campaigns to the same
exact priority which is medium
it should definitely not interfere with
each other but this is structure number
which i personally found that you can
you be using in 2020 and onwards
this is perfect for these stores but
that doesn't mean you can't use it for
general stores in fact this is something
you should also be trying for those
general sources as well so this is
structure number one but this brings me
to structure number two which i like to
call the margin divided campaign now
this is
a very straightforward structure you're
going to be having again multiple
general testing campaigns
only differences instead of dividing it
by the niche you'll be dividing each new
campaign by the products
and the profit margins of those products
so in this case let's say you have the
profit margins of products
that range from twenty dollars all the
way up to forty dollars you'll have one
campaign with
all the twenty dollar profit margin
products campaign number two will have
thirty dollar profit margin products and
campaign number three will have forty
dollar profit margin products that also
means that each bid
will be different according to each
campaign you can also try subdividing
these products based on the product
pricing meaning
all products that cost fifty dollars
have inside one campaign or products
that cost hundred dollars have inside
another but i normally like to just
subdivide by the profit margins to keep
it nice and simple
however when you add more and more
products this can get very difficult to
manage so that is something you
definitely want to keep in mind but
again when it comes to the bid you can
personalize it much much better and it
will also help you get much better
compared to just maybe having it all
cluttered up inside one general testing
campaign but
this is not the only thing you want to
be doing inside that structure you want
to also have
one low beta general testing campaign
again with a 10 cent bit or something
around that area
and this is going to be testing all your
products remember to set the priority at
medium because
otherwise it's going to start
interfering with each other and there's
a formula that you can use to calculate
the bid
for each given campaign i've released it
in one of my previous google ads videos
which you can check out in my
channel the video was going over how to
set up google shopping ads
but you can use that formula to
definitely find the right bid
for each given campaign however you can
kind of also guestimate the
bid that you set for instance if i have
a 20 profit margin product
maybe i don't want to bid anything above
20 cents to 25 cents
if i have a 50 profit margin product i
don't want to bid anything about 45
cents to 55 cents maximum 60 cents
basically what i'm trying to do here is
i'm trying to divide whatever my profit
margin is by 100
to get my bid but of course if you want
to go very very detailed you can use
that formula
to find the specific bit however you
also want to note that the formulas
don't always work the best
because google isn't working on just any
random formula there's a lot of
other external factors which drive your
sales which drive your traffic which you
want to keep in mind as well
but this is another structure that you
can use within your google ads account
and this brings me to the final
which i always tok about and this
structure is the all-in-one campaign
now this structure is very very simple
very easy to manage
and something i usually use to this day
you want to have two general testing
within the structure one campaign with a
high bid one campaign with a low bid
you want to have all products inserted
inside these two general testing
so that all these products get tested
within these campaigns of course you
want to set the priority to medium for
both so they don't end up interfering
with each other this is of course
somewhat of a slower testing method
depending on your budget if you have a
budget of a thousand dollars a day
this will be the best way you can go out
and test all of your products but even
if you have a low budget this is a much
safer method because
you can easily go wrong with these two
structures maybe you can choose the
wrong bid
maybe you can end up mixing up the
products and these products end up
interfering with each other
there are many things that can really go
wrong with these two structures so if
you're kind of a beginner you're not
really sure what to do
i recommend structure number three which
is just you know again starting these
campaigns up and letting them run and
then making other decisions
based on the data you're getting but now
this is the most important part
and that is exactly what kind of
structure can you be using should you be
all these structures at once if you're
again a beginner or maybe even an
intermediate i recommend structure
number three however
if you're in the top intermediate level
maybe you're an expert at google you
know what's up with google
you can start implementing structure
number one and number two you can
definitely go ahead and implement all
these three structures together
if you want to kind of get the best
results out of google however
you'll have to pay very very close
attention to the priorities you're
setting because
if you end up setting the wrong priority
to any of these campaigns
it can easily screw up all of your other
campaign data it can interfere with it
and cause you to compete with yourself
thus increasing your ad
costs so it is extremely important that
you find the right balance with these
structures however
it is definitely very possible for you
to just end up
using all three structures at once
within your campaigns and again it may
be a little bit difficult to have this
third structure campaign along with
these other two but what you can do is
maybe have
a few campaigns neat with niche down
where you're only targeting specific
niches and then other few campaigns
where it's a margin divided product or
what you can do is you can split test
both of these meaning
you can test all the niches within your
store inside these campaigns and then
test all of those products based on
profit margin inside your other
campaigns however
set the priority to the same exact
priority as each of these
in order to kind of prevent any type of
interference what this is going to do
is that sure there may be just a little
bit of interference but it will let you
whether the niche campaigns are working
the best or the profit margin campaigns
are working the best you want to let it
run for around a month or so until you
enough data once you have enough data
that's when you want to go in and shut
off all the campaigns which are not
getting the results and you'll easily
know whether it's the niche campaigns or
the margin divided campaigns
then you can just leave one of them
running and then introduce the
all-in-one campaign so what you then do
is start one campaign
testing all of your products again leave
this going on for about a month before
assessing the results and you'll know
whether the all-in-one campaign is going
or the other one which was a winner
previously that is the time that you'll
what your ad account really works best
with and that is the campaign structure
you really want to keep going with but
these are the three structures you
really can start
using from the beginning and then play
around with once you kind of get the
hang of it but
this was a quick video on how to
structure your google shopping campaigns
if you found any type of value in this
video smash that like button and smash
that subscribe button and i'll see you
guys next time

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