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how to take powered by shopify off

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How To Remove/Edit Powered By Shopify From Your Store

and here it is. it's powered by me. that's awesome, right? [Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel. as always, my name is ennis and i'm working for you, so if you have any questions or any video requests, you can find my instagram in the description box or just drop me a comment below and i do reply to each comment on also each message on my instagram. so in my previous video i did show you how to spy on competitors or find your shopify or drop shipping competitors, and in this video i will show you a trick: how you can hide from those competitors. so the trick that i did show in my previous video, it will not work on you. you see the irony here. so i did show you how to spy on competitors and today i will show you how to actually protect yourself from competitors by just hiding the powered by shopify from the footer of your shopify store. and that's not the only benefits of hiding the powered by shopify from the footer of your store. it does actually have so many benefits. for example, your drop shipping store will look more professional, and also the robots or boats that's crawling the internet for e-commerce website. they will not be able to spot your shopify store, because they do use the trick they did show in my previous video. and if you did remove the powered by shopify from the footer, they will not be able to find you. and that's not the only thing. there is a lot of reasons why you need to hide this powered by shopify or remove it. and not just that. in this video, i will actually show you how to modify this powered by shopify so you can either add your powered by the name of your store or even add the all rights reserved, as the all the websites have in their footer. so, as i said, i will show you first how to remove the powered by shopify and the second, i will show you how you actually modify it so you can have your own text in place of powered by shopify and, without any more checking, let's get to it. so, as you can see, this is the dashboard for the shopify store. let's just open up the store to show you guys, for for a moment, what we're going to change in this video. so this is just a testing store. this is not a real store for a drop shipping or anything like that. so, as you can see, this is the thing that we are going to change. it says here: 2021 on how, testing and powered by shopify. so the first thing we're going to do is remove this powered by shopify. so the footer will only has 2020 and the copyright sign and also on how, channel or the name of your shopify store in your case. so to do that, the first thing you're going to do is obviously access the shopify dashboard and after that, click on online store from here and you will see these options right here. it says current team. as you can see, i have the down team, which is the default one, but this trick works on all gyms because the structures of shopify teams- they are all the same. so after you did access here, click on this action button right here and click on edit code option right here and it will show you a bunch of code here and no worries, i know it looks complicated, will not go through that or anything like that. so the first thing you're going to do here is head over to the search bar right here, as you can see, and simply type in footer, just like you see on the screen right here, and it will show you the first file here. it's called footerliquid and the liquid is the extension for the files on the shopify teams. so simply click on it and after that it will show you this page right here and after that click on control f. if you are on windows. i'm on mac. i'm going to click on command f and it will show you this prompt right here. it says search. simply type in here powered and hit enter. and here is it will highlight the powered by shopify, which is the buy link command here. and keep in mind, you cannot simply change this and it will change the, the actual powered by shopify. no, it does not work like that. so, as i said, the first thing here we will remove the powered by shopify, so it will only show on the website the name of the website and 2021, and that's it. it will not be any powered by shopify here. and to do that it's really simple: simply select this line right here and make sure you guys select the correct line, because it will mess up the team. and after you did select this line- and, by the way, if you want to do the second trick they will show you in this video- which is if you want to actually change their powered by shopify, maybe it will be powered by you or powered by anything like that, or just type in: all right, reserve it just like any other drop shipping store that's not using the shopify platform. so if you want to do that, the first thing you're going to do is right click and copy. then, after you do that, simply delete it. and also, if you don't want to use the second trick, you simply want to delete the powered by shopify, you do not need to copy it. but if you want to change the text on the powered by shopify, make sure to copy it and after that, hit the save button right here, simply click on it and give it a couple of seconds. you will see this message right here. it says i said save it. so let's just get back to the website and simply refresh the page and let's just close this. and here it is. as you can see, there is no powered by shopify anywhere here. the only thing, as i said, will be, is the name for your shopify store and 2020 and the copyright sign here, and that's it. there is no powered by shopify. so people, they will not know if you are using shopify platform or not, but actually, if they have the same tiknical knowledge as me or as one of my subscribers, they would know- by simply right click on on the page. you cannot hide that, but anyway, the regular viewer, he will not find this- powered by shopify here and right now, the second trick, which is how to actually type in your name here, or powered by you, or simply change the powered by shopify to any text that you want, and to do that let's just get back to the same section right here. so if you did remember, i said, make sure to copy the line if you want to do this trick, and right now it's time to paste in the line again. so simply click here. if you were here on the page, make sure to hit space multiple times until you are in the same line with this first line here and simply paste in the line that we did copy first and here is after you did pass the line here. so just select this part right here, make sure to select it with this quotes here and simply remove it and hit space multiple times and after that the left arrow. so after you are in the middle here, you will simply type in the thing that you want. so in this case i will type in powered by ns, which is me, and after that, let's just click on save button here and it will say: i said save it. let's just get back to the website and simply refresh the page. and here is: it's powered by me. that's awesome, right? so, as i said, if you want to keep it really legit and make the website looks legit or the ecommerce platform or the ecommerce website looks legit, make sure to type in here: not powered by you or anything like that. type in here, all rights reserved, simple as that. and let's just hit save again. and here is: let's just access the shopify store, just scroll all the way down and here is right now it looks really professional, says 2020, the copyright sign on how testing and all right, reserve it. and keep in mind this on how testing is the name for the shopify store. in your case, it will be your shopify store's name here and, as i said, you cannot actually hide if you are using shopify platform or not, because if they know the proper knowledge, they can simply right click on the page and click on view page source and simply look for a link here. and here is, as you can see, it says cdnshopifycom, and cdn stands for content delivery network, which is the network where they deliver files and so on from shopify platform. so that's how you remove powered by shopify or actually change powered by shopify to powered by onha, which is on how channel or ns, or your name or your.


hey guys, welcome back to my channel, and in today's tutorial i am going to be showing you guys how to remove powered by shopify on your store. so, by default, every shopify store display the text powered by shopify on their footer menu- and this is our footer menu on our store and the powered by shopify is right over here. so i'm going to show you today how you can remove things so it won't be showing on your stove. if you're new to my channel, please like my video and subscribe on my channel for more tutorials like this. and yeah, let's get started to remove the pod by shopify awards. now we are on our shopify admin page, click online store and this will take us straight to the theme page. we are on our theme page and if you have multiple theme, you're gonna have to edit both of them. so if you remove the powered by shopify on one thing, it will still appear on the other theme. so you have to remove the powered by shopify on each beam individually. so now let's click action and then click edit languages so it's gonna load, okay, and in the filter translation, which is right over here on this box here, click powered. so we're gonna click powered and basically apply by shopping for retail to appear in different places on your online store. as you can see here, we have powered by shopify, which this will be available on your photo menu on your store, and the second one, which is this one. so, basically, these texts only appear if your store is not alive yet and is protected by a password. so this world will be there. um, the power by shopify will be there under description html. so, to remove the text from the photo menu of your online store, use the space bar on your keyboard. um, like to type a single space and remove the text completely. so we are gonna click this box here and use the single space to remove it. so now the powered by shopify is going to disappear. so, after removing this, the powered by shopify will be removed from your store after clicking save. but if you want to add any text you would like, you can actually add it here by typing it like on your keyboard. but if you don't want to add anything, you can just leave it open like that. i mean, you can leave it empty like that, and now on the description html, we can also remove these. so the powered by shopify will not be seen as well, so do the same thing. just click the box and then type a single space to remove the text completely. so we're going to type that and, yeah, that shop, that part by shopify, will be removed. then, after that, click save so we can save our changes. now let's get back to our online. so, previously we had the part by shopify. now, um, let's refresh our page and see, uh, if it's okay now, see, the powered by shopify has been removed. um, but you have to remember the powered by shopify tape is only removed on the theme that you have edited. so, let's say, if you upload another theme on your shopify store, you're gonna need to follow all these steps i showed you right now to remove the pallet by shopify. and, yeah, that's it for today's videos. guys, i hope you liked today's tutorial. if you do, please don't forget to smash the like button, subscribe for my channel for more tutorials like this, and thank you very much. i'll see you, guys, on the next tutorial.

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How to Remove the Powered by Shopify Link from Your Store Footer

Hey, what's going on, guys? my name is Christian for BitBranding, and today we're gonna go over how to remove the powered by Shopify link on your stores footer. let's get into it. so there are two ways that you can do this. number one: we're gonna go here to online store. I'm gonna wait for this to load, go to actions to drop down on the actions and you can go to edit languages. once that loads, you go to the search and search for powered and this will bring up any time that that word is mentioned on your website. so right now we have it for our general password page and our checkout and systems link. so right here you can go to just backspace whatever is written or, if you don't have anything, just add a space so that it completely gets rid of it same. over here on the password page you can just delete that at a space and make sure that they're both blank. once you have that going on, you can click Save. I'm gonna go ahead and go to our preview page so you can see what I'm toking about here. so right here at the bottom it says powered by Shopify and it has a link to Shopify. that's what we're trying to get rid of and it looks like this already saved. so let's go ahead and refresh the page and we see here at the bottom that the power by Shopify link has been deleted. now that's sort of the easy way to do it, and a lot of Shopify themes have the ability to for you to edit the language. you may have a different type of theme that maybe we can edit that part, but it still won't go away. so I'm gonna go into the actual edit code and show you how to find that and get rid of it. alright, so in order to do that, the second way you can go to actions and then edit code and then, within the Edit code is very important to try not to change anything else on any of these files. deleting a period from the code can actually break your website in different ways. so it's very important to stay within the things that you know how to change and just change those things. so, for example, here this shows you all the files for the website and what we're going to do is we're going to search for the footer and we search for the footer. you'll see under sections you have a footer dot liquid. I'm gonna open that one and in here I'm going to click on the text here and then command F or ctrl F if you're on PC, and it's going to open up the search. write down the search. we can type in the same word powered, and you will see here it says small, all this line of code right here, and then powered by link. so all you have to do is grab that right there. just grab that right there, just the powered by link, between those two brackets, and then backspace and save that and that should be it. you can just exit out of that and go back to your dashboard and you can check it. I mean already deleted it from the Edit languages, so I didn't have to necessarily do that step for my theme, but there are other things that it requires you to actually edit the code, and that's how it's done. see you next time. hey, thank you for watching, and if you enjoyed this video on how to get rid of that power by Shopify link, make sure to subscribe, thumbs up and leave a comment down below and let us know what do you want to know next regarding Shopify?

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Shopify Tutorial - how to remove the Powered By Shopify 2022

what's up, guys, welcome to video. my name is mitch and i'm part of the content creation team here clean canvas, and in today's video i'm going to show you how you can remove the shopify powered by shopify link from your footer on your home page, along with the password page, as a lot of people forget that. it also appears there, even if they do remove it from the home page. there's going to be two methods. uh, first one i like to use because it's very simple and it doesn't require touching any code, and then the second method just shows you where in the code you can remove it, and i'm going to go step by step. so, hopefully, if you do choose method number two, it'll apply to whatever theme you're using, whether it's one of our themes or it's one of shopify's free themes or an alternative third-party theme as well. so, guys, without further ado, i'm just going to get straight into it. alright, guys? so here i am on our showcase theme and if i scroll down to the very bottom, just in case anyone's wondering, you're going to see here, usually around this area or maybe down here, your theme is going to display the information. so here we have a theme by clean canvas shopping cart by shopify. yours might say powered by shopify. depending on the theme and how they script it, it'll say different things. so for hours it says shopping cart by shopify. but uh, for the demo i'm gonna go and use our symmetry theme. it's gonna say powered by shopify. so it'll just basically be the same thing. so, uh, let's go to my admin. so here i am, inside the admin. so here we are at the very bottom and you can see clean canvas mitch dev store powered by shopify, and we're going to make sure to remove the power by shopify from this. so where do i want to go? so from here you can pretty much go to theme actions and click on edit languages. or, if you're here, you just click actions, edit languages. this is basically your translations. so if you ever want to translate something, you can use this search feature to find the word you want to translate. so for me i want to translate powered. so now it's looking through the theme to see, okay, where is powered mentioned. so here we have powered by shopify here, and then we have also here the storefront password. so these are the two fields i'm going to play around with today. so here i can remove everything. but if i remove everything and click save, the theme jumps to whatever the title is here. so even if i remove everything now and save, it's just gonna say powered by shopify. but if i just click space, you don't even see the text there because the space registers as a letter. so even though you won't be able to see anything, it's registering and it's not going to display power by. it's not going to say powered by here. so if i go to save and i go over here to my theme, as you can see, clean canvas dev store and the power buy is removed. so that is the easiest and fastest method and my favorite method that everyone should probably use. and the second method is going to be going into the code or removing it there. so let's jump over and show you how you can do that in your theme. all right, guys, it's a new day, so this video is gonna look a little bit different to the first part, but we're still gonna go through and show you how you can remove it in the code to remove the power by shopify and on the password page, which i'll explain a little bit as well. um, but the one thing i will mention at the right off the bat is: if you're using one of shopify's free themes and you're not comfortable after watching this video and what i'm about to show you, then by all means you can contact shopify support and say: hi, i'm using one of your themes, can you please remove this from the theme? and because you get one hour customization to your store if you're using one of their themes. if you're one using a third party, like ours, i'll explain that a little bit more. so for me, what i'm going to do is i'm going to go to actions, edit code, and there's going to be two sections i'm going to open. they're going to be opened automatikally, but what you can do is here you can type in footer and open up footerliquid in the sections. that's it here, and we'll look at this one first. so now that i'm here, i'm going to control f and look for powered to help speed this up, and then here on line number 71- it might not be the same line on yours, so don't take that to be bible, but here it says power by link. if i just remove powered by link here and click save, that is going to remove it from the home page. now, the password template: this one is actually one that will be a bit different. so if i control powered, you'll see you'll get this kind of: uh, it's not as direct and that's because on the password page there's a little bit more going on here. so if i i'm just in expect mode, but you'll see like you'll have the text here. this shop will be powered by shopify. and then there's also the logo which you don't see on the regular store. so for our theme i'm going to remove, starting here with span class, all the way down to this where span ends, all this information in here will be removed. and i can break down a little bit, but you'll notike like: create your own online store with shopify. that's just some of the text that you might see. it's not showing there. um, the svg part, that's the logo that's being pulled in. so this logo here. so if i go and i delete all of that, so from span class, where it says power, dash by and all this information here, the link and all that gone and i'm just going to leave everything else. so now if i click save, i go over here. i'll go to the home page first, so scroll all the way down. we can see powered by shopify is no longer being displayed here, and the password page. um, if your password page is not enabled, you won't be able to see it here. if you enable your password page, you'll be able to see in the drop down here: um, password page. as you can see, read the word share: tweet: no powered by shopify going on here anymore. alright guys. um, and like i mentioned, if you're using a third-party theme and yours doesn't look exactly like this, where i'm deleting stuff, but if you can find the powered by link, you should be safe enough to remove that. but if not, you can, and if something goes wrong, you can always go here to older versions and just undo what you just did in case something bad happened. and then, if you want, you could reach out to the third party app developer or, sorry, theme developer and just ask if they can help out with this, because they might be able to show you they might have a different uh set of guides when it comes to removing this, because all themes are not the same, but they're generally the same. so this is a pretty much you can say that i'd say 90 percent of time. this should all apply to every theme. but if it doesn't apply and you're not sure and you're not comfortable with the code, reach out to theme developer and ask them if they have like a guide. most theme developers do have guides. i've checked a few and i've found a few of them with guides in relation to removing the power by shopify. so if you run into any issues, you can always reach out to them. and, with that being said, guys, hopefully this video was helpful and showed you exactly what you needed to do. uh, please keep in mind, clean canvas is a theme developer and we create themes for the shopify theme store. we have seven currently on the shopify theme store, so if you're thinking about upgrading from a free theme to a premium theme, keep this in mind. um, my go-to favorites are showcase and symmetry, um, and then there's also other themes, like canopy expression, that people quite like as well. so, thanks very much for guys watching. consider giving a like and subscribe to the channel, as i'll be finding out more content like this, revolving around updating and just creating better experiences with your shopify store. but yeah, thanks guys for watching. have a great day.

How to remove "Powered by Shopify" from your store

hello and welcome to software experts. today we are going to remove powered by shopify from the footer in down os 2.0. here we have a store and you can see that here it is followed by sharp file link in the footer, already available. so how we can remove this. let's come straight to the point. if you haven't subscribed our channel, do subscribe it and press the bell icon so that you can have the latest videos like this on your board. okay, first of all, check through the customizer that is there as any option available to remove the footer from the theme, customization or not. in most of the themes the option is available to remove the credits. so we will just go to footer and i think in the photo i don't see any option to remove this. if you go to theme settings and then [Music], okay, here if we click on footer and from here if we make it some less like this, so if we're clicking, if we are clicking on the folder, then we will have these options available. so from customizer we can't remove the power by shopify, but let's see how we can do this by going into the edit code. so, once again, if you haven't subscribed my channel, do subscribe it and we will go to theme editor for down os 2.0. you will have to simply search for footer dot liquid and it will direct you to this file. in this file you have to search for footer. press control plus f. after clicking on this file in there you will have a find option. just write power and you will get this. you will simply have to remove this small tag. we'll check by removing this one. okay, the small tag. okay, now you can see that after applying this, as you can see, the powered by shopify has been removed from here. so this was the easiest way to do this. mostly all of the currently supported themes os 2.0 are having this same feature. you will have to go to theme edit code and then in the section search for footerliquid and in the 40. liquid search for power and then, when you find the power small or something like p paragraph tab, you will have to simply select it and cut it. so here you can see in our store in the footer we don't see any powered by footer. thanks for watching and do subscribe. have a great day. bye.

How to Remove "Powered by Shopify" from Shopify Theme

hey guys, welcome to another shopify video, and in this one i want to show you how to get rid of this powered by a shopify link in the footer of your shopify store, as you can see it right down here. i just have a very simple one product store that i just used for tutorials. you can see here this might look like your store as well, but at the bottom you get this powered by shopify link, which i'm sure, once you convert to a real store, you don't want, so let's get rid of it. the first thing we have to do is actually come over to your shopify dashboard, and then you need to go through to your theme settings. so come down to your online store in your sales channels, click on this and then, depending on what theme that you're actually using, it's going to be the same for all of them. now i'm using narrative, but, as you can see right down here, there are some other themes that i actually i'm not using, which is debut and some other free themes. it's going to work the same on all of your themes. you have to come over to actions on your theme, so click on actions right here. then we're going to come down to edit languages at the bottom, so click on this and it will take you through to the next page. this is actually a way that we can edit the code in our shopify store, and you can see at the top that there are different types of pages that we can edit. you can edit general cart collections and so on. we actually want to find the bit of code that powers this. so powered by shopify is a bit of code, so we'll come up to filter right here and we just come to the search box and the easiest way is just to type in the word powered. what that's going to do now is search for every bit of code that contains the word powered and we just scroll down right here to checkout and system links. this is the part in the footer that contains the powered by shopify writing. what you can see right now is that powered by shopify is actually gray, and then you can click on the box and it comes up with the cursor where you can enter text. what you can do then is fill it with something else so powered with love, like this: whatever you want, and we can come up. just click on save and then, once that is saved, we can come over to our site and just refresh the page and what we'll see down at the bottom when we scroll down is that it says powered with love now instead of powered by shopify. but what happens? if you don't want anything there at all, you don't want any writing- we'll come back to the dashboard and delete everything. the problem is because there isn't any text there now. it has powered by shopify, so just enter a space in right here and you can see that that now has gone. there's a space there, so it gets rid of the powered by shopify and there's also nothing there. so i'm just going to come up and save this once more and then we'll go over to the actual site and refresh that again and we can see once we scroll down, that is now completely gone. there is no powered by writing at all whatsoever, so that's completely gone, and that is how you get rid of any powered by writing and links down at the bottom in your footer. make sure to subscribe for way more useful shopify content and check out the description for more useful videos as well, and i'll see in the next one.