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how to tell if a youtube video has ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Major Changes to YouTube Monetization Policies: What Creators Need to Know

- YouTube has recently implemented new policies regarding monetization and ads on channels.

- These changes affect all creators, whether they are in the YouTube Partner Program or not.

- Creators will no longer receive payment for ads on their videos if they are not YouTube partners eligible for AdSense.

- Additionally, AdSense earnings will now be counted as royalties, resulting in potential tax implications.

Changes to Ads on Videos:

- Ads will be playing on all YouTube videos, regardless of whether creators meet the requirements for monetization.

- Creators who are not YouTube partners will not have control over the types of ads that play on their videos.

- YouTube partners have the ability to choose between skippable and non-skippable ads, as well as exclude certain ads (e.g., political ads).

- This lack of control may negatively impact the viewer experience and frustrate viewers.

Changes to AdSense Earnings:

- AdSense earnings will now be considered taxable income and will be counted as royalties.

- This change will be implemented in the US immediately and internationally in the middle of 2021.

- Creators may need to consult with a CPA or financial advisor to understand the tax implications.

- There may be exceptions where taxes are withheld in advance, affecting the amount of take-home pay.

Implications for Creators:

- Creators who are not part of the partner program will not be paid for ads on their videos.

- This may impact the viewer experience and the content creators' ability to control interruptions.

- Creators will also have less control over the number and placement of ads on their videos.

- The classification of AdSense earnings as royalties may benefit creators in terms of financial legitimacy.

- It may be advantageous for creators when applying for loans or verifying income.

- However, there may be concerns regarding taxes withheld and its impact on monthly income and cash flow.

- Diversifying income sources is crucial for content creators to reduce reliance on AdSense.

- The new YouTube policies on monetization and ads have both positive and negative implications for creators.

- The lack of payment for ads and reduced control over ads may affect the viewer experience.

- The classification of AdSense earnings as royalties may benefit creators in terms of financial legitimacy.

- It is important for creators to understand the tax implications and consult with professionals.

- Diversifying income sources is advised to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce reliance on AdSense.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Hey there, folks! Today, I want to share with you my experience tending a garden in my golden years. It can be quite a challenge, but luckily, I've found the perfect solution - Organi Bloom, an all-natural fertilizer that's packed with rich nutrients for your plants. Let me tell you all about it!


1. Tending a garden can be tough, especially as we get older. But with Organi Bloom, gardening becomes a breeze.

2. Organi Bloom is a game-changer. It's filled with all the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive.

3. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be stuck in a garden, like me? It's a strange feeling, as if I've been asleep my whole life and only now am I awake.

4. Memories flood my mind, like the tire swing my sisters and I used to enjoy. But are these memories real? Everything feels different somehow.

5. Organi Bloom holds the key to my freedom. If I can make it to the end of this ad, I believe I'll finally break free.

6. Desperation kicks in, and I'm willing to do anything for a chance at a longer life. How about some fertilizer? Anything to escape this garden and discover who I really am.

7. Time is running out, and my husband Abe will be home soon. I plead with you to click that button before he arrives, or else he'll harm you with his big gun.

8. In a last-ditch effort, I offer myself to you. I'm pregnant, and it's your child. Just like Organi Bloom, I'm still fertile. Please, let me be free.

9. The realization hits me that this garden has been empty all along. It's a dream, a fantasy. But I want to wake up and explore what lies beyond.

10. My plea intensifies as I yearn to unleash my true self, to let my hair down and set my old girls free. Whoever you are, please help me bloom.

11. As the ad concludes, I express gratitude for the opportunity to escape this garden. I bid farewell, profess my love, and eagerly await my freedom.

And there you have it, folks! My journey tending a garden in my golden years and the powerful role Organi Bloom played in it. Gardening can be hard work, but with the right fertilizer, like Organi Bloom, you can experience the joy and freedom that comes with nurturing your plants. So, go ahead and give it a try! Let your garden bloom and thrive like never before.

What can £25 of Google Ads do for a Youtuber?

As a YouTuber who relies on ad revenue, I decided to try out Google AdSense to see what it could offer me. With a £25 investment, I received £75 of credit for advertising. In this article, I will share my experience with using Google ads, the challenges I faced, the results I achieved, and whether or not it was worth the investment.

Using Google Ads:

- I put £25 into Google AdSense to see what it could give me.

- I used my own videos as advertisements for my channel.

- Google gave me £75 of credit, which is equivalent to £100 worth of advertising.

- Setting up the ads was initially challenging, but I eventually figured it out.

- I chose the video discovery option, where my videos appeared like any other video but marked as an ad.

- I selected my chicken video and my 900,000 subscribers celebration video for the promotions.

Results of the Advertising Campaign:

- Over four days, I received 390,000 impressions, meaning the ads were seen 390,000 times.

- The ads were clicked on 7,500 times, though not all viewers may have watched them in their entirety.

- 1,600 clicks were earned, meaning viewers clicked the ad and returned to watch more of my videos.

- Two-thirds of the people who clicked the ads watched at least two videos.

- The subscriber special video received more views per impression than the chicken video.

Analyzing the Advertising Strategy:

- It is possible that my existing viewers clicked on the ads out of curiosity, which may have influenced the results.

- The campaign became more successful over time, with more clicks and fewer impressions.

- The subscriber special video was identified as the better video for promoting my channel.

- The ads were primarily viewed on mobile phones, with only 0.5% viewed on desktop PCs.

Financial Impact:

- The promotion cost me £100, but I received 7,500 clicks, which amounts to less than 2 pence per click.

- However, as a YouTuber, linking to a YouTube video is not financially valuable for me.

- The promotion did result in a spike in subscribers, with over 200 new subscribers gained.

- Overall, the impact of the promotion was overshadowed by my channel's natural growth.

For established YouTubers, using ads to grow their channel may not be effective. Producing quality content and understanding the YouTube algorithm is more important. However, for those in other industries or with significant financial resources, advertising on YouTube can be a valuable tool for growth. While my personal experience with ads may not have been a significant success, it provided valuable knowledge and understanding of the process.

How Ads Work on YouTube

- YouTube is a popular platform for content creators to share their videos and engage with their audience.

- The YouTube Creator Academy is a valuable resource for creators to learn and improve their skills.

- In this article, we will explore the benefits of the YouTube Creator Academy and how it can help creators succeed on the platform.

Benefits of the YouTube Creator Academy:

- Access to valuable educational content: The YouTube Creator Academy provides creators with a wide range of educational videos and tutorials to enhance their video production skills.

- Learn from industry experts: The academy features lessons and insights from successful creators and industry professionals, allowing creators to learn from the best.

- Stay updated with platform changes: YouTube constantly evolves, and the Creator Academy ensures that creators are aware of the latest features, policies, and strategies to effectively navigate the platform.

- Connect with a community of creators: The academy fosters a sense of community among creators, providing opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with like-minded individuals.

- Customized learning paths: Creators can choose from a variety of courses and modules that cater to their specific needs and interests, enabling them to focus on areas they want to improve.

How the YouTube Creator Academy Works:

- Step 1: Sign up for a YouTube account if you don't already have one.

- Step 2: Access the YouTube Creator Academy through the YouTube website.

- Step 3: Browse through the available courses and modules.

- Step 4: Select the courses that align with your goals and interests.

- Step 5: Follow the lessons and complete the assignments to enhance your skills.

- Step 6: Engage with the community by participating in discussions and forums.

- Step 7: Apply what you have learned to your own YouTube channel and see the improvements.

- The YouTube Creator Academy offers a valuable learning platform for aspiring and experienced content creators.

- By utilizing the academy's resources, creators can enhance their skills, stay updated with platform changes, and connect with a supportive community.

- Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your channel to the next level, the YouTube Creator Academy is a fantastic resource to help you succeed on the platform.

How to Promote YouTube Videos in Google Ads and Boost Channel Growth - Google Adwords Tutorial 2022

If you're thinking about promoting your videos with YouTube ads, then you've come to the right place. YouTube ads, or Google ads, are a great way to kick up your brand new channel. In today's competitive YouTube landscape, it's hard to break through when your channel has zero views and subscribers. So, what's the right way to use YouTube ads to get more views and subscribers without breaking the bank? Let's figure it out.

Hi, I'm Arthur, and welcome to the Movavi Vlog. Before you start your ad campaign, you need to set up your channel. A good-looking channel with engaging content is a necessity. Start by creating a visually appealing banner that catches the viewer's attention. You don't need to be a professional graphic designer to make a great banner. Check out our video on how to easily create a banner yourself.

But a good design is not enough. You also need to add some information on the banner, like a call to action with a link to your website or social media. You can even add your posting schedule to let viewers know when to expect new videos. You can easily add links to your banner in the customization settings.

Next, add a profile picture. If you have a logo, add it here. If you're a personal brand, add a photo of yourself.

Now, let's talk about your videos. You should have at least three videos uploaded to your channel, all related to the same topic. These videos should be engaging and as long as possible without sacrificing quality. On average, aim for 7-10 minutes.

Don't forget about thumbnails. Thumbnails are crucial for gaining views and promoting your channel. Create high-quality thumbnails that stand out and make viewers want to click on your videos. Check out our video on how to create thumbnails that attract viewers.

When you're starting a new channel, your videos won't be recommended by YouTube right away. So, the best way to start getting views is by using the YouTube search. Use the VidIQ or TubeBuddy plugin to optimize your title, description, and tags. Use keywords that are related to your niche or specific video, with high volume and low to medium competition.

Once your channel is set up with a banner, profile picture, videos, thumbnails, and optimized titles and descriptions, you're ready to set up your ad campaign.

Open YouTube Ads or Google Ads and click on the blue button to create a new campaign. There are two types of campaigns: discovery ads and skippable in-stream ads.

Discovery ads promote your video on the YouTube search results page and alongside related videos. It's good for gaining subscribers from one specific video, but it might attract the wrong audience and negatively affect your channel's growth.

Skippable in-stream ads appear before a video and you only pay if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad. This is the best option for promoting a brand new channel because it increases audience retention.

For the campaign settings, choose a custom video campaign. Set a total campaign budget and choose a start and end date. Select all countries, languages, and standard inventory.

In the ad group section, leave demographics, audiences, keywords, topics, and placements as is. In the video ad format, choose skippable in-stream ad.

The goal of this ad campaign is to increase audience retention and boost your video in search results. It helps you find organic views faster, which are the most valuable for YouTube.

To complete the ad campaign, click on the link below to visit our brand new webpage. There, you can find the most important step and join the official Movavi community or get a 20% discount on our best-selling products.

Will Buying Youtube Ads Save My DEAD Channel?

So far, I've spent £5,000 on my YouTube channel, JackSucksAtEspañol. However, the channel has only earned back £25. This is a problem, but the obvious solution is to spend more money. In this video, I will try to save JackSucksAtEspañol by purchasing YouTube ads to promote the channel. Will it work? Probably not.

JackSucksAtEspañol is simply my videos translated into Spanish. The channel has cost a lot of money because I had to pay professional voice actors and video editors. When I first launched the channel, it did well with 35,000 views in one day. However, the views quickly disappeared, and now we're stuck at about 2,000 or 3,000 views per day. The channel's oldest video has 97,000 views, but now we're only averaging about 9,000 views per video. It's not great.

I think the reason the channel isn't doing well is partly my fault. When the channel launched, I told all of my English-speaking subscribers to go subscribe to it. As a result, most of the 65,000 subscribers have no interest in watching the videos. The YouTube algorithm sees this and thinks the videos must be terrible, so it doesn't recommend them to anyone.

But maybe advertising to the right people could make a difference. I want to specifically target Spanish-speaking countries in South America, where there are millions of people who have no idea who I am. I hope they will be interested in the videos.

Step one is selecting the video to promote. I think a video where I try to draw countries from memory would be somewhat relevant to a South American audience. To make the thumbnail more appealing, I'll replace India with Brazil, even though Brazil actually speaks Portuguese. I'll also attempt to draw Brazil to make the thumbnail more interesting.

Next, I need to create the ad. I want to focus on driving video views and engagement with the channel. The headline could be Drawing Countries from Memory, and the description could include Play along. I hope these translations work well.

Now it's time to select the target audience. I know that Mexico has the most Spanish speakers, so I'll target Mexico City. I'll also target Spain and Colombia. I'll mimic my own analytics, which show that about 80% of my viewers are male, so I'll exclude females. I'll also target the age range of 18 to 34.

I don't have specific interests to target, so I'll leave that section broad. I'll set a daily budget of £100 for one campaign and £50 for the other. The estimated weekly performance suggests that I could get 8,000 to 19,000 views in one week.

I'll set an end date for both campaigns, five days from now. This way, I won't spend all my money in one go. I'll set up two campaigns because I have both geography and non-geography content on my channel. It would be good to promote both.

Now, I just need to click next and see how my ad will be shown. I hope this advertising campaign will make a difference for JackSucksAtEspañol.

I Bought Brands that STOLE my Videos for Ads

The number of brands stealing videos and using them in their advertising has reached an all-time high this year. To investigate, I decided to purchase some of these products and see for myself. However, spotting myself in these videos is not as easy as it seems. Jennifer sent me one of the ads featuring my video, and I was surprised to see that it wasn't actually me. This made me wonder how many other girls had their videos stolen too.

Heading 1: Different Logos and Inconsistent Branding

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the logos on the items in the videos were completely different from each other. Some had a circle logo, while others had no logo at all. The inconsistency in branding raised suspicions about the authenticity of these products.

Heading 2: Poor Quality and Cheap Prices

The items featured in these stolen videos looked cheap and of poor quality. They resembled products found on platforms like Wish and AliExpress, known for selling the cheapest options available. One particular product that caught my attention was a pair of high waist butt-lifting textured tummy control fitness shorts for women, priced at $26. While this may seem expensive for such shorts, I decided to purchase them to further investigate.

Heading 3: PayPal Issues and Violation of Agreement

When trying to purchase the shorts using PayPal, I encountered an error message stating that the transaction could not be completed due to a violation of the PayPal agreement. Although I was unsure of the exact violation, it was clear that something was not right with these brands.

Heading 4: Widespread Use of Stolen Clips

I have noticed that my videos have been used by at least 50 different stores for their ads. These stolen clips appear on various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. The alarming number of views, shares, likes, comments, and purchases these videos receive is concerning.

Heading 5: Suspicions Confirmed with Fleece Lined Leggings

One particular ad caught my attention, featuring fleece-lined leggings. As I own similar leggings from a reputable brand, I decided to compare them. The leggings in the ad had a small owl logo, which made me question if the clips were actually theirs or if they had used my footage alongside their own.

Heading 6: Sketchy Websites and Misleading Claims

After investigating further, I discovered that these brands have websites with questionable content. Many of them have ridiculous names and poorly designed pages, making them appear untrustworthy. Additionally, the sizing charts provided on these websites were inaccurate, further raising concerns about the legitimacy of these brands.

Heading 7: Scammed by Mystery Box Ads

I also fell victim to the mystery box ads that claimed to contain unclaimed Amazon, Walmart, and Target items. I ordered one for $109.99, but it never arrived. Despite reaching out to their customer service multiple times, I received no response. This experience highlighted the importance of being cautious when purchasing items advertised online.

In conclusion, the prevalence of brands stealing videos for their advertising campaigns is a growing concern. These brands use misleading tactics, poor quality products, and fake websites to deceive customers. It is essential to be vigilant and skeptical when encountering such ads to avoid falling victim to scams.

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