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how to temporarily disable shopify store

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to cancel my Shopify Trial | Beginners Guide

all, right, back at it again. edward anthony from resolutions digital here, let's get right to it. got an interesting question. uh, hi guys, i open online store at shopify this month on 14 day trials. now, right? uh, i don't want to sell product here in future. can i close it before the trial ends and, if so, how do i go about it? how do i do it? thanks, well, i understood, even though there was grammar issues, but who cares? who's counting? right, all right. so how do we close this down? so it's very simple, but i know that some of us might have some issues, and so i want to cover all the steps here. very, very simple stuff. if you guys want to take a break on shopify or anything like that, go on the bottom where it says settings, here on the corner, and go to where it says plan and so on plan. if you come across this screen right here where it's like: okay, i don't know what to do, i want to make sure that you understand that you know. however, you signed in into the account. you're not the actual owner of the account. you're probably under as a staff or something of the sort. so if you come across this screen, that's what it looks like. so sign out, make sure that you're the owner, sign back in, and then you should see a screen that shows something like this: okay, once you click on there and then go ahead right here on the bottom, where it says positive, deactivate store. and here comes shopify trying to tell you some options as towards what you could really do. so right here, uh, let's, let's just go over these real quickly. i need more time to get my store ready, so this will just bring you down to the lowest shopify payments per month. that's right, the 29 one is not the cheapest plan. uh, they have an even cheaper one, which is nine dollars a month, and so what that does is that it allows you to keep working on your store, right, um? but you know, no one would be able to buy anything, right? i guess that's what it's saying here. so, to my understanding, it's the back end. you have the back end, but i don't think the front end is accessible, in other words, anything on the customized theme. it might be- i could be wrong, because it could have changed it- but it puts your uh plan at a very low server state, right, uh? so i guess the checkout you won't be able to check out. you won't be able to do test checkouts. uh, make sure that no one could make an order. that's what the nine dollars a month is. so who is this for? well, you know, if you're trying to take it one day at a time and you don't want to spend so much money, or you're having a hard time finding a developer, you don't have budget for it and you really want to take this slow um. but if this whole thing is just not working out for you because you realize- hey, you know what, i changed my mind. i don't want to do drop shipping anymore, i want to do this other business. it's just that i purchased this theme where i got this theme installed and i got all these products in here. i don't want to erase all these products just to start all over. you could, if you want to, but that's where this second option comes in. the store isn't working out. just give me a new 14-day trial and let me just start fresh, right? so that's what the second option would be. let's tok about the third option. so the third option is basically: it's like you know what we're going through, hard times, or you know whatever concept concept we had in mind isn't just working out at this moment. maybe you're at a point in your life you're like you know what, i'm gonna concentrate on this nine to five for now, and i'm gonna rack up some more bread, i'm gonna get some more money and then i'm gonna come back. it's just that i don't wanna be paying any type of monthly fees. i don't care if it's two dollars a month, i don't to pay nothing because i want to concentrate on this other gig or i want to concentrate on getting money on the side, and then i'll come back. well, to some extent, here's the good news. you go ahead and deactivate the store right. once you deactivate the store, you know shopify will ask: well, do you want to do this? and they'll prompt you some other things, right, and then you say, no, i'm done. if, six months down the line, you still have the same email that you came and did this, right, you go in and you're like, hey, you know what? my money is a little bit different now. i think i'm ready. but wow, to go back in and to add all those products. i don't know if i want to do that. you know. if that's the case, i don't think you have to worry about that. you can go ahead and pay for shopify just as long as you have. you know, keep the myshopifycom, keep that url name, uh, and use the same email to log in and your account should be reestablished with everything there temporarily- i'm toking about like, let's say, a few months. but if you're like a year later, shopify will just wipe out the hard drive of all the um products that you had in there, probably even customers, okay, um, and you might have to start all over again. it's just that you're not gonna get the free trial, which, at that case, you might well just make a new email and get yourself a free trial. something else i might want to add here that's very important before you go ahead and deactivate your store. very important, uh: go to your domains. go to domains. this is critikal. so, domains, if you got it from godaddy or whatnot, what you need to do is unplug it from the store before you abandon it. do you know how many people have had issues trying to reclaim their domain name after they just let go of a shopify account? that's like super dormant and you know you probably sold it to somebody or you just totally forgot about it and you're like, oh, my domain is stuck there and i can't pull it out. and then you're fighting with gold daddy trying to like get things back up and running. so what i'm trying to tell you is that before you close your store down, make sure that you go to domains, press remove- okay, or change primary domain from yourcom to the myshopifycom. okay, change, change it. first. put the store on maintenance mode, then press remove, as well as any other third-party domains, press remove on all of them, okay, so what you're doing is you're unplugging the domain and then, once you unplug the domain- that's when you go ahead back to plan- you go right here where it says pause the activate and then you fully shut down. i'm only telling you this because i've worked with clients before that they had these domains and you know we're we're about to launch, and all of a sudden they're like, yeah, here's my domain, here's my go daddy, go ahead, plug it up. and i'm just like, hey, yo, this is married to another shopify. it's like, oh, that was years ago. i was like, okay, well, we need to go get it. and then it's just a hassle. now we got shopify support involved. uh, then they're trying to retrieve the old account they're trying to validate. if that was really you, it becomes a massive nightmare simply because you forgot to unplug the domain. now, if shopify is watching this, uh word of advice that i would say is that if merchants are disconnecting or deactivating completely, the pop-up, rather than trying to convince you to continue paying should be. hey, you might want to unplug the domain before you go. and then it's like: okay, yeah, let me go ahead and do that, but instead they stay quiet, you know, tell you nothing, and that's why i'm making this video. so i hope you found some value to it. i hope this was uh valuable to you. so, even though you're not disconnecting right now, if you're ever going to disconnect in the future, please don't forget about your domains, and all i ask is for that thumbs up in the video so it can help the algorithm. tok to you soon.

How To Close a Shopify Store and Cancel Your Shopify Subscription

hey, what is up guys? it's Brennan here, and today I'm going to be showing you how to close a Shopify store and cancel your Shopify subscription or account. so, first things first, you're going to want to make sure you are logged into your Shopify dashboard on the home page in the Shopify admin. next you're going to navigate over here to the bottom left hand corner and click on settings. that will take you to this page here outlining your store details. then you're going to go over to plan. now this Shopify store is on a development plan, so it's a custom plan for Shopify Affiliates, developers, but it should show your plan offering that you have, whether it be basic, Advanced or whatever Shopify plan that you currently have. that will show up here, as well as the additional add-ons or customizations will show up, you know, right there. then you'll have your next billing date and your payment method. now to actually close your store, all you have to do is go ahead and click here on this red button. here, as you can see, you also have the opportunity to change a plan. so maybe, if you wanted to downgrade a plan, you also have that opportunity here in this menu as well, under your plans, settings and plan details if you do want to go about changing it. but if you're just here to close, deactivate, we're going to click on the deactivate store button. then that will open this menu here where you can deactivate your Shopify store. you can cancel a subscription and deactivate the store. so, as you can see here, this is: you know, deactivate your store and cancel your subscription to the development plan or whatever basic plan or whatever, really whatever Shopify plan that you have. that will show up here. we're going to go ahead and click that button here. then it brings up this next menu here called, you know, cancel subscription and deactivate store. so, before you go, review these steps to take before closing your store to make sure you don't lose any important data or receive unexpected charges. so this is important to make sure that you export any customer data, any sales data or any kind of financial data from your store that you wouldn't no longer have access to. so, say, if you're migrating, maybe, to another e-commerce platform, that's something else. to make sure that you want to export that data and make sure that you save that so that you have access to that if you need it. next thing, of course, you know you can custom contact their Shopify support if you need extra help. they also ask you: you know what is the main reason you're closing this storm. so you know, please select. so they give you a few different options here to select. just to give you know Shopify an idea like: hey, I'm switching to another platform, I'm closing the business, not making enough sales, don't have time to run the Shopify store, I'm finding Shopify to be too expensive. uh, testing Shopify out, struggling to get it up and running. or you plan to still use Shopify, work on a different store, maybe a multiple stores. so there's a variety of different reasons you could select here as to why you're closing the store. but we're going to go ahead and just go with another, another reason. so if you do select that, then you can also specify maybe more specific details as to why you're canceling your store, why you no longer want to use Shopify. really just helps them out as far as getting a better idea of why customers might be leaving. so you go ahead and select any of the options here. let's just say we're not making enough sales. oh, and what's been most difficult in making those sales? uh, what platform are you switching to? uh, maybe a less expensive alternative, something like that. so you go ahead and select that here and then, once you've selected the option and the reason why you're closing the store, you just go ahead and click continue. then after that, they're going to ask you to enter in your password to deactivate the store, since you'll no longer have access to the Shopify admin. as well as that, sales data reports, product customer information. once again, you know, if you do want to give it another try, they do retain the information so that you can build your store back up. if you want to, you know, pause for a while. you can deactivate it. they will save that information. then you can go back up and running. but you know you won't have access to that while you no longer in that Shopify subscription. so it's important that if you are migrating to another platform or you know you just want to have that data for yourself, then make sure you export that before you cancel your Shopify subscription. so we're going to go ahead and enter the password here and then, after you enter your password, we're just going to go ahead and click on deactivate now and and wait for it to load, and that will currently deactivate the Shopify store and, as you can see here, your store is deactivated. so thank you for using Shopify. this is the page that you will see for your Shopify admin. if you try to go and log into your Shopify account or your previous Shopify store, it will save the data there. it's important also to note: you know, use your store information will be stored for two years. so you do have two years to go ahead and take Shopify up on that offer here to start selling again. so you have all your same store information, your store details, all that work that you put into, maybe the web design or anything with your products or anything that you have in your Shopify store. you know as far as what information of is available. they do also have, you know, the Shopify privacy policy, so you can read into that if you want to. but your store information will be safe for two years. so you do have that extra buffer time zone period if you do want to, you know, deactivate, pause for a little bit and then come back to your Shopify store and, of course, on this page as well, you can choose to reopen your Shopify store if you want to start selling again, but you will need to pick a plan, although they do have some discounts as well. so we're going to click here. so, as you can see here, if you're ready to pick up right where where you left off, then the Shopify does offer a limited time discount. of course, this is accurate as of the making of today's video. this pricing is subject to change and may not currently be an offer that they are offering you. but you know, when you go through this process you may or may not see this, but it is a good discount if it's available to take advantage of, because they do offer you quite a steep discount on their yearly, their two-year and even up to three years. you know, if you do plan to come back to Shopify, or if you want to, you know, hey you, you canceled, but hey you want to come back now, they do at least offer a good, you know, discount to keep you as a customer. much bigger discounts if you're doing like yearly, two year, three year or even the monthly is just the regular plan. so if you want to save money, then you know they have their annual plans available as well, well as like a starter plan, which is a newer plan, if you just want to go down to that five dollars a month range as well. that's another option that you have to start selling just on social media and messaging, so that's a cheaper plan. if you're, you know, looking to downgrade as well, you also have that option. maybe if you're going from one of these more expensive plans like the basic shopifier Advance, then you can go down to the starter plan, so you have that option as well to downgrade your Shopify account. and, of course, if you have any other questions, you can contact Shopify then. next as well, on this page you can view your past bill, so you can view and download all your past bills without having to reopen your store. we're going to go ahead and click on that here. as you can see, this is just a test storm, just to show you for this tutorial. there's no bills in here, but you can see if you do have them. you can filter them as well, like by the build total, the date. you can sort by paid open, failed, processing and refunded, so you know if you have any info.

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Close Shopify Store | Close, Pause, Pause & Build

today we're going to be toking about how to either pause or close your shopify store. now, if the reason why you're going to go through this is because your store isn't getting enough conversions, even though you're getting higher traffic, you might want to check out our tutorial video on how to improve your seo or search engine optimization before you go about this process. if you've decided for certain that you do want to either close or pause your store, then let's go through it. so to access this feature, click on settings at the bottom left and then click on plan and permissions. once here, scroll to the bottom of your page and you'll find that you have three different options. there's pause and build, pause and outright closing your store. now let me explain these a little bit. so pause and build allows you to go into a state where your checkout is completely disabled. now you'll only have to pay, or at least currently, you'll only have to pay nine dollars a month, which means that it's way cheaper than having a plan, and it allows the opportunity to continue to develop your store. now, one thing to be cautious about is that if you go into the state, your customers can still access your store, can still view it, can still add things to their carp when they go to checkout. it won't let them to because your checkout is completely disabled now. this might confuse your customers and and think that your site is broken or something like that. so if you do choose this option, i very highly recommend that you turn your password page back on so that people can't view your site. to do that, you go to online store, go to preferences, scroll down and, under password protection, make sure that this box here is tiked off, because this is a demo store that i'm working with. it's already checked off here, but for live store this will be disabled. going back down to our other options, so the second option we have is to pause our store, and this means that you won't have access to your store at all and you won't be charged for anything. they will make sure that they keep your information, your store information, but you have to be very cautious with this, at least currently with shopify. they'll allow you to put your store into a pause state for three months and then they will automatikally upgrade to you to the pause and build side of things and start charging you nine dollars a month again. so you have to be very cautious with this. if you really want to close your store, then you're going to have to go with last option of actually closing your store. to actually go about this operation, there are two things: you'll have to be logged in as a store owner, click the close store button, and then you'll have to enter the password that you use as the store owner to log in in order to actually complete the process. once that happens, shopify guarantees that your information will be saved for 30 days, and they don't make any guarantees past that. now, in my personal experience, unless shopify has become a lot more vigilant, they typically do hold your information longer than 30 days. so if you, at some point in the future, do decide to reopen your store, you have that option, but they only guarantee that your store will be saved for 30 days, and that's it. that's how to either pause or close your store. looking to improve your store? hire a geek. we offer individual store optimizations, one-on-one training, as well as workshops. check out the description below for more information.


How To Cancel Shopify Subscription | Close Your Shopify Store 2022 (Easy tutorial)

how to cancel your Shopify subscription or close your store. hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are doing amazing. so in today's video, I'm going to show you how you can cancel your Shopify subscription or close your store. they're almost, you know now, kind of same thing. so, first of all, what you have to do is you have to open your Shopify, your Shopify home, and you have to come here on the home, as you can see that I have a. I have an online store as well, and this is my Shopify. you know, this is what it looks like in my home. it is asking me to add a domain and pick a plan and etc. etc. so, first of all, what you have to do is- uh, you know, it's very easy. it's gonna be a step to step guide and so that you don't feel any kind of thing, you know which- I don't want to leave anything behind where. I don't want to leave anything out for you to create any confusion for you guys. so, first of all, what you have to do is, after opening up your shopifycom, so after signing in and after logging in or whatsoever, this will be the page that he will land on to, and it can be different for you depending upon the, you know, depending upon your store, or if you have a store or not. if you don't, then it will ask you to create a store. if you already have, then it will ask you to update it or something like it totally depends upon what, where you are and your progress on Shopify. so, as I have a store, but it's not very updated Etc, it's asking me to add a domain and everything. so this is the home page for me. so first of all, what you have to do is go into this app setting here, and here you can see that these are the apps that I have linked or installed to my Shopify and from here I can do some Drop, Shipping, Etc. and if you uh go into this setting app and sales channel settings, it will open up, you know, the and all other settings, Etc. and here you can see what you have to do first is you want to remove all those apps and uh, you know can be uninstalled without selecting uh selector location, shop location, and you know, just delete it. and if you want to come here to others pocket, you want to do that, do it as well. you have to select this location, like if you can delete it from here, or you know you can just transfer it to your shop locator because it's necessary. you cannot just directly delete it like that. so it's just, you know you want to delete it from this Shopify account, or you know subscription, so you want to delete it, remove this as well. and um, you know just, there's another one which is an online store, and I understand the risk of installing this sales channel. before you delete, make sure you have fulfilled all orders from online stream, processed any returns or refunds- if you have anything you know to return or to refund, or there are any orders that you haven't fulfilled, right, um yet. so you have to do that first before deleting your account or before deleting your store. so you have successfully deleted online store and this is how your app send uh, sales channels looks like now, and you're all clear. so the next step is that you here, as you can see, it is asking you to add some more apps because you don't already have one. so when you come here, these are the settings and, as you have seen that this is a, this is my store, so on by mnmyshopifycom. so this is, uh you know, showing the basic information about my store and everything, and this is the information that I have provided. so what you have to do is you have to come here in the plan section and this is your next billing date and payment method and everything. so you have to come here and deactivate your trial, because I'm a trial mode right now and this is how, uh, my subscription will be canceled. for you, it might be different if you have already subscribed to a payment plan and if you have already bought your subscription or something, then it will ask you to close your store or something like that. if you have done nothing right now, if just a simple store, you have created nothing or you haven't chose any plan right now, then it will simply give you an option of closing your store and it will ask you a reason for it. while you're closing your storage stuff, you just have to given that and you just have to, uh, you know, given your password, and that's how you will close your store and close your profile for all. if, as you can see, that I already had a store and I already choose a payment plan and I choose the free trial version of it. so this is why I am deactivating my trial version and they actually restore and cancel your subscription to the trial plan. yes, please. what is the main reason of choosing closing the store? I was just testing Shopify out. I will just, you know, add this, anything you'd like to add. no, I will just continue. and now I have to enter my password in order to actually activate my store completely and I will just simply add in my password and I will just say deactivate. now, after adding in your password, you will be able to deactivate your store completely and, as you can see here, after a deactivate your store, you will no longer have access to Shopify admin, including your sales data reports or product and customer information. if you, if you decide to give this another try, we'll retain this information so you can kick start your store with ease. so this is what it says and this is how you'll be able to deactivate your store. I don't know how to do that, so I'm not going to actually add in my password. here I was just. I was just showing you guys how you can do that very easily and I will just go back and, you know, cancel everything out and- and here is are some other options that you can use as well, if you want to- uh, you know- deactivate your account- it's just going to this manage account setting- it will give you an option to completely delete your account. as you can see, if you come here and security your password to stop amplification and devices, Etc. after you have successfully ended your subscription of your store on Shopify, then you will be given the option to close your store in this General section and from that there you can add a reason of closing the store and then you can add in your password, like you added for closing the subscription, and that's how you can close your store on Shopify and this is how you can, you know, close your Shopify account and this is how easy it was. after successfully, you know, closing your subscription and deactivating your subscription on Shopify, you can get an option here in the general section of closing your store and once you select that section, select that option, you will just, you know, asked about why are you doing this? and then you will be asked about your password and that's how you can close your your Shopify account as well. this is how easy it was and this was, uh, all for today. I hope this video helped you guys. and this is how you can close your Shopify account and if you have any queries, you can comment them down in the comment section below and I will surely respond to them. and until the next video, please like, share and subscribe my channel. take care and bye. bye.

2 Easy Ways to Temporarily Disable Your WooCommerce Store

hi, this is jonathan from barn2. in this video, i'm going to show you two ways you can temporarily hide your woocommerce store, or parts of it, from public view. now there are many reasons why you might want to temporarily hide your store- product shortages, sickness or a holiday- and instead of just deactivating the woocommerce plugin itself, which can cause problems, a better way is to use a plugin that does all the work for you to hide all the links to your shop pages and avoid having to edit any content or change any menus. now there are two really good plugins for doing this: woocommerce private store and woocommerce protected categories, both available from barn 2, and you'll find links to download them in the description below. which one to use depends on what you want to do. if you want to temporarily disable your entire woocommerce store, then the plugin you need is woocommerce private store. however, if you want to just hide specific categories on your store, then you need the woocommerce protected categories plugin. let's start by looking at the first option: using the woocommerce private store plugin to hide your entire store. so, having downloaded the plugin- and there's a link in the description below- just install the plugin in the normal way by going to plugins: add new, choose the zip you downloaded, upload it, activate and then find the new plugin in plugins and click settings and here you just need to enter your license key, activate and we're good to go now. once you activate the plugin, you'll restrict your store from public view, so the plugin will automatikally hide all links to woocommerce pages. so that means the menu links to the shop pages, products, categories, cart and checkout. anyone trying to access these pages directly because they've previously saved a url will have to enter a password, like here, but general visitors won't now see the links at all. in the plugin settings we have options to set up multiple passwords to gain access to the store, and with the logged in users option here i can show the store to specific roles, for example administrators, whilst hiding it from the general public. this can be really useful for administrators and store managers to work on the store while it is hidden from the public, and we can customize the wording of the login form. so, for example, in the message here we might want to explain why the store is unavailable and requiring a password, and after making any changes you need to save them at the bottom of the page. so that's a really neat option if you want to hide your complete store and only make it available to those with a password. the second option is when you only want to hide specific parts or categories of your woocommerce store. in this instance, it's best to use the woocommerce protected categories plugin from barn2. with this plugin, it's easy to hide one or more of your categories within your online store and therefore the products within those categories. and this can be very handy, for example, enabling you to temporarily hide seasonal products, like at christmas, and then make the category visible again in time for next christmas. and you can hide them in three ways: password protect them, make them available to specific user roles or to specific users. so that's been a look at two ways to hide your woocommerce store or parts of your store from public view. you'll find links to both the plugins in the description below, and more information can be found on the barn2.com website. thanks for watching. [Music] you.

How to Delete a Shopify Store | Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | ShopiDevs

hey everybody, this is rahat from shoppydevs. welcome back to our channel. in this tutorial you will learn how to delete a shopify store. first, i would like to tell you the things you need to consider before closing your shopify store. as you are planning to close your shopify store, first you need to collect all essential information from the store and you should collect product information, customers data, billing, history and so on. you can easily export csv file from the store and use the information later. you should also transfer your custom domain if you have purchased from shopify. before closing your store, you should also make sure that you have paid all the bills and, as shopify have so many third-party apps, so if your store have any third-party apps, make sure you have already unsubscribed to those paid apps. so if you completed all the things i have mentioned, then i think you are ready to delete your shopify store. so let me show you how to delete your shopify store very easily. first you have to log in to your shopify store, then go to settings, then go to plan. here you will see your current shopify plan here and now you have to click on pause or deactivate store. again you have to click on deactivate store and here. they will ask you the reason of closing your store. so you can choose any of the reason from here, or you can give your own reason here and then click on continue. they will ask you the password. just put your password and click on close store. so thus you will be able to delete your shopify store easily. and after closing your store you cannot access to your store anymore, but your store information will remain for two years. so if you change your mind later and you want to reopen your store, you can do it again and continue your business in shopify. so this all for today. if you find this video helpful, give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel. keep watching our videos to learn more about shopify you.