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How to trust that a virtual assistant is actually doing what you paid them to do

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

In today's world, virtual assistants have become increasingly popular for handling various tasks. However, one major concern for those who hire them is how to trust that they are doing what they were paid to do. In this article, we will discuss some ways to ensure that your virtual assistant is trustworthy and reliable.

1. Establish clear expectations

- Clearly communicate your expectations to your virtual assistant

- Ensure that they understand their duties and responsibilities

- Provide detailed instructions and guidelines

2. Regular communication

- Schedule regular check-ins with your virtual assistant

- Ask for progress reports and updates on their tasks

- Keep an open line of communication for any questions or concerns they may have

3. Use time tracking tools

- Utilize time tracking tools to monitor their work hours

- Ensure that they are logging in and out at the appropriate times

- Analyze the data to ensure that they are being productive during their work hours

4. Utilize screen sharing

- Use screen sharing software to monitor their work in real-time

- This will help you see exactly what they are working on and ensure that they are not wasting time on non-work related tasks

5. Conduct background checks

- Before hiring a virtual assistant, conduct a thorough background check

- Ensure that they have the necessary skills and experience to perform the tasks required of them

- Check for any red flags such as a history of dishonesty or fraud

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a great way to increase productivity and efficiency. However, it is important to establish trust and reliability with them. By setting clear expectations, regularly communicating, utilizing time tracking tools, screen sharing, and conducting background checks, you can ensure that your virtual assistant is doing what they were paid to do.

How to trust that a virtual assistant is actually doing what you paid them to do

In this video, the speaker talks about two ways to ensure that the virtual assistants (VAs) you hire are productive and doing the job you hired them for. He also shares his experience with hiring and using a software called Inner Guard to track the productivity of his employees.

Two Ways to Ensure Productivity:

1. Paying VAs based on productivity, such as paying them for how many listings they get up within set parameters. This is easy to track and helps ensure that they are doing the job you hired them for.

2. Paying VAs for their time, which requires trust and verification. To verify their work, the speaker recommends using a software called Inner Guard to track their productivity based on clicks, mouse movement, and other factors. This allows you to see how productive they are during the hours you are paying them for.

Benefits of Inner Guard:

- Helps verify that VAs are working the hours they say they are

- Allows you to track the productivity of multiple employees and compare their results

- Easy to use and set up, and can be remotely installed by support

- Provides a productivity score based on algorithmic tracking

If you plan on scaling your business and hiring multiple employees, using a software like Inner Guard can be revolutionary in ensuring that you are getting the results you pay for. It allows you to verify that your employees are actually working during the hours you are paying them for and can help you identify the most productive team members.

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