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how to use aliexpress dropshipping

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Aliexpress Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step-by-step tutorial to aliexpress drop shipping, what it is and how complete beginners is earning 100 a day to 700 a day with no experience. more than after the intro. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that some spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in profit in as little as 90 days. so check it out right now. so one of the reasons why i got started with alex's drop shipping was because i just wanted more freedom in my life. i wanted to find a way to, for example, make money online that didn't require a lot of time, little did, didn't require much experience. it also required as little amount of money as possible because, quite frankly, i had no money whatsoever. it just felt like all the other ways to make money online just felt extremely risky and i just was afraid to lose money and my fear of failure was like overwhelming. how many guys can relate? and that's really when i heard what like aliexpress drop shipping and drop shipping was, and it literally took one of my first businesses from zero to five thousand dollars my first month to literally over 1.5 million dollars. the first 12 months and my entire life changed. right, and, granted, this is only maybe like 30 profit margins, but like, would you complain with 30 profit margin when you pull in over 1.5 million dollars in less than 12 months? right, and that's like the biggest thing that changed with my life. and, as you can see, we literally use this to like, start traveling around the world. um, i mean, here's me, like with the ukulele. here's me in peru, here's me with a whale shark and whatnot. and here's me going over to a bunch of events and teaching this to people just like you: exactly how to do this for yourself. and, by the way, if you want to get access to one of these uh tikets for free to one of our next upcoming events, just join this week's free workshop below. but it completely changed and, um, we literally started teaching people the same thing. so you're probably wondering, well, what is drop shipping, mike? how do i get started? how can i, as a complete beginner, make my first hundred dollars a day? this is what i wish i knew when i was first getting started- and that's step number one- what actually is drop shipping. because before you understand what aliexpress dropship means, you gotta understand what drop shipping is, and it's, quite frankly, very simple. the old way of doing business is you buy products and then sell them, but this new way of drop shipping is you sell them first and then buy it after you've already made a sale, meaning there's virtually no risk because you don't have to buy products unless after you had made a sale. does it make sense? like you could see, here's a really good example of drop shipping. here's this product that's on ebay right, goes for 242 dollars and 12 have been sold right, but you can literally get the same product on walmart for 199. so all drop shipping is is taking this picture, throwing it up on another platform, waiting for a sale. when you get a sale, you can pay 242. you use the customer's money, you buy it at the suppliers site for a lower cost and then you order it and ship it directly to your customer. you keep the difference in profit. so that, overall, is what drop shipping is. now aliexpress: drop shipping is just utilizing aliexpress because of the fact that- number one, you'll get the cheapest prices because you're dealing with china, um. number two: there's literally hundreds, if not thousands, if not like tens of thousands- of products you could go and choose from and you can literally go ahead and you know, use it kind of like a gorilla warfare style testing, because you don't have to buy a bunch of products. you literally make money by literally testing and finding which products to go ahead and work, right, um, and you can really get started by the end of this video right now. the only cons with aliexpress is: you're dealing with china. you're dealing with, you know, a different country. if you don't know how to communicate with suppliers, it might be, you know, a very, very difficult and you also might have product quality issues where, if you pick a bad supplier, you could actually get a bunch of refund requests which could literally kind of take away all of your profits, and we had a huge nightmare using alex west. that way, i'm going to teach you actually how to prevent that, so you don't actually have to suffer those consequences, right? so let's actually go ahead and, for example, how to actually get started making money without express drop shipping. the first step that you need to do is focus on finding the right winning product. product selection is maybe 97 of the battle, right, because if you really think about it, you know the traditional business. you would have to go ahead and, for example, buy products and then, for example, sell them right, but here you don't actually have to buy them to after you sell them. meaning the hardest thing is finding a product and an advertisement or a way of doing marketing that actually fits and scales to go ahead and grow. like, for example, the only reason why we were able to go ahead and go from zero- 1.5 million dollars in the first year- was because we literally found a really good product and a really good market to go ahead and promote that product. does that make sense? um, but the product was literally key. so you're probably wondering: well, how can i go ahead and find winning products? well, it's very simple. one of the things that i like doing, for example, is literally just picking any niche and say: we want to go ahead and sell the cat niche. i can literally just type in the word cat and, uh, sort everything by orders. now, why do i go ahead and do that? well, number one: it literally sorts what were the most top-selling products with cats on aliexpress, in all of aliexpress, and you can see. i mean, look at this. eighteen thousand were sold, ninety thousand were sold, fifteen thousand were sold. what does that actually tell me? that means there's a lot of demand for this right and most of the times, a lot of these people are drop shippers that are running facebook ads to these campaigns, meaning they've already done all the testing for me, so i can literally go in here and start selling some of these products because i know that people want to buy, because people have already shown that they want to buy it. right, that'd be like the first step that i would go ahead and, for example, do now. if you're going to go ahead and do this method, make sure that you, for example, pull up the product and actually look at the reviews to see what it looks like. right, so you know and are aware with what your customers can actually receive when you go ahead and, for example, sell it like. if you look at customer reviews, you can see that a lot of people, for example, leave a bunch of pictures so you can see that this is literally the packaging that people will get, right, um, and you can see that what it looks like it comes with like stiky tape and whatnot. there's different colors, so the red one looks kind of like interesting and cool and you can see that this is literally what people get when they go ahead and buy, right. i mean, you can see that your price would be like, for example, like literally less than a dollar and you could ship it directly to, for example, the, the person right same. like the ebay and walmart method, you could go and get this product and sell for like i don't know ten dollars, seventeen dollars, fifteen dollars, right, 1997.. so that's one way where i go ahead and find products. another way that i use, which what i don't see a lot of people tok about, is watchcountcom, because it's the most voted, popular products on ebay. now, if you think about it, if someone buys a lot on ebay, right, and they buy this specific product, that shows that there's demand, but if no one els,

I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay - Here’s What Happened

over the weekend, I had a brilliant idea ready. hear me out: Drop Shipping from China. I know I know nobody really done this in the past. I'm gonna be the first one. very original, right? people tok about dropshipping from China to Shopify, but there's not many people toking about drop spring from China into eBay. actually, there are a few, and they say it's possible to do that. but is it really, though? I mean, let's take a look at props of dropshipping from China. okay, let's take a look at the list. so we got long shipping time, poor quality, wait, these are, these are not the pros. let's let's see what's down the line: hard returns, limited customer support. I mean, this doesn't sound too good. this sounds like cons, not a Pros. so what is an actual Pro of dropshipping from China? money. Drop Shipping from China has one big benefit. okay, big margins, big profits. that's where the true value of Drop Shipping from China is, because, let's face it, poor quality, long shipping times, no customer service. that doesn't sound too fun. it actually sounds like a disaster, if you ask me, but I'm not giving up on the idea yet. okay, I decided to do a little bit of research and I asked people in the Facebook group that I created, as well as the private Discord, and I reach out to some dropshippers that I know to see if they ever done this, and it looks like I got an answer that some of you did that and you are supposed to having success. So today we're gonna find out if it's possible to drop ship from AliExpress to eBay and how can we do that. if you watch me for a while, you know that I drop shipped mostly from Big retail websites such as walmartcom, Home Depot, sometimes Amazon. so I've done that in the past and I know it works and it's successful because that's how I make money, that's how I live right now, because that's the main source of income for me. but this whole AliExpress thing, it kind of bothers me because the profit sounds really good on there. I mean, whenever I use big retail websites, the max margins I can get are like 25- 30- that's the max I can get. with AliExpress I can get supposedly 40 to 50 margins, which is insane. that's that's. that's a lot of money, you know. so the first thing I did I try to find if there are other dropshippers that do drops from China into eBay, and I was able to find couple of accounts and even are pretty open about dropshipping from China, because when you see their location it says some city in China and it also mentions that the shipping time is quite long. so it's possible there are people doing it and eBay has nothing against it, because Drop Shipping on eBay is within their terms of services. but are these drop Spurs making money? well, there's an easy way to find out. I use Zig analytiks to spy on these people and see if they are making money and and I can see them having tons of listings but they're not making that many sales against. the long shipping time is not something that people are really into it and people just don't want to wait. the only time I've seen people actually buying products from these dropshippers is when the product is kind of unique, something that you can't really find anywhere else. that's usually when they do get sales. so that's what I'm gonna try to find. I'm gonna try to find product that are kind of unique and ideally I can shorten that shipping time. because there's one cool thing about AliExpress that a lot of people are not toking about. you see, AliExpress actually have warehouses in us too, and you can easily find that. you can simply just filter out products to show you as locations and you can find products that are being located in US. the problem is that a lot of people that use that system kind of abuse it and they lie. I mean, take a look at this. I can click on this listing that says it's shipped from us, but when I actually click on it it says ship from China, and you will find bunch of listings like that over there. so it's kind of making this whole process complicated. so I'm gonna try to do Zig analytiks one more time and see if I can use zek to find products that sell on eBay and I can drop them from China. okay, so let's see what happens. okay, so I use Zig to try to find these products right, and I spent quite a lot of time right now and I even use that Pro feature that costs extra to you know, find me good products and they do find great products. don't get me wrong. these products sell fantastik. they get a lot of sales on AliExpress, but they all ship from China and I just don't want to deal with this. I want to find a us-based warehouse that sells products from AliExpress and I can use this Warehouse to sell on eBay. that's what I want, because it's just there's always something. you know there's either a long shipment time or the page just looks weird like I don't want to drop from random places on from AliExpress, because there's a lot of scams on AliExpress and the customer service sucks, so you don't really have very much Support over there. so I trying to find someone legit, like someone that has been on AliExpress for a long time. they have a top rated ranking and you know they've been selling them for like at least four or five years years, because you can actually see this on AliExpress. it will show you how long someone has been selling on, and it's hard to find something like that. I literally spent like an hour doing this thing and I haven't find a single product. you know like I can find 20 products within that time using Walmart or Home Depot or whatever, but with AliExpress it's just fine to hunt the product. it's just so time consuming, you know. I hope those profit margins are worth it, though, so let's continue with our research. oh, okay, I decided to change my tactik a little bit. I just didn't have too much success that Zeke and Alex was giving me as a, as a suggestions. okay, I was just excited to see what are the best selling products on eBay right now- the 500 best selling products, which also's economics will show you. and I can see all these products on eBay right, I can see what they are, and a lot of them are like tikie items, like headphones, gaming headphones, keyboards- uh, those fake airpods, like that's. those are the number one sellers on eBay. so, lucky enough, there's a lot of products like that on AliExpress. but I'm kind of concerned about this type of products because these are tiky products and they kind of look like a. they are made from poor quality, okay, so that concerns me. but hey, this is an experiment. what can we lose? another eBay account? Maybe, hopefully not now what? I actually notiked that it's easier to find products using AliExpress app on your phone than when you're doing a computer. for some reason, whenever I go on my phone, the filters work just better and it's faster and smoother, you know. so I think I'm gonna do the rest of the product research on my phone, since it's just easier to do that. uh, hopefully we'll find something. all right, I think I found some products- uh, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about them. I feel like I could find way better products doing regular retail Drop Shipping thing using Walmart or something, but hey, let's try it, you know. so before we list these products, there's one more thing that we need to do. I need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay that extends kind of the the day frame. even though I found some products that are us-based, it still takes longer amount of time to ship them than if I would use a retail website as supplier. so we need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay and I'm gonna show you how to do it real quick. all you have to do is go to ebaycom and then go to your settings. next go to business policies, create policy shipping, name it whatever you want. I'm gonna put AliExpress. we're gonna set up standard shipping, you know, for free shipping- and then, when it says handling time, we're gonna put six business days. Okay, the reason being why we're gonna set up so high is because I don't know how much time it's gonna take this AliExpress supplier to fulfill the order. so six business days plus the five busi.

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Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china, without using aliexpress, that have allowed me to hit results like this. so, as you can see, i'm right around that 275 000 in sales right around in the last six months. i'm gonna go ahead and refresh my screen because we already know it's no cap. so right around 275 000 in sales, 102 000 store sessions, nine percent customer returning rate and a great conversion rate of around 2.7. so this store's been going absolutely crazy and i would not have been able to accomplish this without the supplier that i'm using today. there's many options out there to speed up the shipping process, so not only will i be showing you what i'm doing to get fast shipping times, but i'll also be giving you some viable options that you can be using today on your store. this is to make sure that your customers aren't waiting decades for their product, like most people who are drop shipping or just officially getting started. so let's get that competitive advantage without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything. who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? everyone. my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer and coach that teaches people how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure that you have your notebooks ready, because the value in this video is going to be limitless. if you're a part of my supreme family who comes back each and every week for this value, then thank you so much for tuning in and always showing love. now, before we get into exactly how you can be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on your drop shipping store today for cheaper than aliexpress. you all know that each and every week, i hand out an absolute free consulting call to one lucky winner to streamline their success with e-commerce. if you want the chance to win this giveaway and you want to get all of your questions answered, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment the word supplier and what your biggest take away from this video was. the second thing you must do is head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and go ahead and give me a follow. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform. make sure you follow and do all three instructions, as i'll be checking and make sure that they're all done to enter you in the chance to win this free consulting call. but if you are looking for more one-on-one help to help you through starting and scaling up your online brand, make sure you dm me the word mentorship on instagram at ac underscore hampton, so i can reach out to see if you'd be a good fit for the four limited spots that i have for all of january. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. as i'm sure you all know, aliexpress is not the most sustainable way to scale your online business, especially with the fact that it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to get the product to your customer. in my opinion, one of the only benefits of using aliexpress is when you're testing products. this is because there's a ton of sellers with all kinds of products that you're able to find and add to your store to quickly test and find out if it's going to be a winning product for you or not. but when it comes to finding that winning product and scaling using this platform will not be sustainable for your business at all. there is a couple other things that play into the reason of aliexpress not being the best platform to use for scaling a product outside of just the shipping times. a couple of those reasons is product and quality and communication. there are major variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality, so what that basically means is that it is a random game of product quality and how well your supplier is going to do when sourcing and shipping your product, and, as that is not enough of a hassle, it can take days to have a conversation with the suppliers, as they are likely in a different time zone as you, depending on wherever you live. so, with that being said, my one suggestion during this testing phase and using aliexpress is: make sure that you're doing supplier validation heavily. you should be looking for a 98 or a higher store rating, with a 4.7 rating or higher for the communication product as described and the shipping times along with that. you want to make sure that they have a couple hundred reviews and orders and have been in business for at least over a year to know that this is a supplier that you can at least test with and regardless of the fact that it can take days to hear a response. when you find a supplier that has what you're looking for, make sure that you still message them, start communication and make sure that it is someone that wants to help you grow. now i just want to reiterate that aliexpress is used solely for testing, and once you've found a product that is selling well for you, it's time to move on, to get those faster shipping times so that you can continue to grow and scale your business. so, with that being said, i'm going to recommend you two different sites that you can be using today to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service and you're not getting angry emails and low feedback ratings that can ultimately give you a restriction very quickly. efficiency is everything for your customers today, especially with competing with platforms like amazon and other drop shippers in the space. customers like to have their product in a hurry, and these two suppliers can help you with exactly that. now, the first site that you can be using is cj drop shipping. cj drop shipping is just one of the top picks due to the fact that they have warehouses all around the world to ship to other countries. this is the ideal situation for local and worldwide drop shipping so that you can make sure that those shipping times are competitive and something that your customers are satisfied with. so if you're someone who is currently struggling with chargebacks and refunds because customers are unhappy with the shipping times, then cj dropshipping can really help you with these issues. many of you have heard of cj dropship and you may know their fulfillment center for any products that you might want to be selling, but you may not know all the benefits that can come from using them as a supplier, so let's go ahead and jump right into it. so here we are on cj drop shipping, and you can see they have a lot of products that you can sell and a lot of products that they can fulfill as well, and, honestly, this is just great because, just like aliexpress, they have almost everything that you can think of. so you could even start off with testing products with cj drop shipping and use that same supplier to scale up the products with even faster and better shipping. now, one of my favorite parts about cj drop shipping is that you're able to get faster shipping times at a lower cost. so let me just go ahead and show you an example of this. now i'm just going to pull up a product on aliexpress and, as you guys can see, i went ahead and chose a dog harness. if you guys have been drop shipping for a while, you know that this dog harness has been going absolutely crazy year after year and it's always a product that you can sell on aliexpress. you can see that we're going to get this item for 11.95. this is for the large variant, with free shipping being estimated. delivery of march 5th. now today is january 18. so this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on this product if i go ahead and source it from aliexpress. but if we head over to cj drop shipping and we look for that exact same product, you can see that is three dollars and 81 cents for the large variant as well, with the shipping cost of six dollars and 23 cents, which gives us a total drop shipping price.

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in today's video, I'm going to go through everything you need to know when it comes to starting a Drop Shipping business and using AliExpress as your supplier. I'm going to be toking about whether you should even use them, anything you need to know and just generally how you can get started. so you need to make sure you watch this whole video from start to finish so that you don't miss anything. and if you're new to this Channel and you've never seen me before and you're thinking who's this guy and why should I listen to him, welcome. my name is Sam and so far on this channel, I've made over 500 different videos to help people when it comes to making money online. but, most importantly, I was able to start an e-commerce business, quit my full-time job, travel the world to various different locations, while still being able to make a passive source of income from my e-commerce businesses, even on holidays. so I definitely know a thing or two that's going to help you out. so, as always, I don't waste any more time. I want to get right into it. if you find any value in this video, at any point, don't forget to press the like button. I really appreciate that. thank you so much. don't forget to subscribe, hit the Bell notification. let's get right into the video. alright, so first things first. what exactly is Aliexpress for anyone that's never actually heard of it before? so AliExpress is simply a website very similar to eBay or Amazon, in the sense that normal consumers can go on to it and buy products very similar to how they can do to with eBay or Amazon. so it's not only drop shippers that use it. everyday people that are looking to buy cheap items go on there to buy things. the only difference when it comes to using eBay or Amazon and AliExpress is that the delivery time is going to take a little bit longer, because most of the items that are being shipped from AliExpress are coming from China. but, of course, there are some pros and cons that you need to be aware of, and I've broken them down right here, just so that you're fully aware of what you're getting yourself into if you are looking to use AliExpress when it comes to fulfilling all of your orders. so one of the first cons is that there's various different vendors with various different qualities, so a lot of beginners tend to make the mistake of assuming that AliExpress is one single company with one single supplier, when that's far from the truth. there's thousands of different suppliers that use AliExpress to list their products, again very similar to eBay or Amazon. the same way that Amazon doesn't just have one single seller: there's multiple different third-party sellers that use Amazon. that's the exact same way that AliExpress Works. another con is that there's not many options in regards to using local warehouses, so there's a few other options out there when it comes to finding a Drop Shipping supplier, and a lot of them actually have low warehouses within the UK and the US. however, when it comes to using a lot of the vendors on AliExpress, most of the time the orders are going to be shipped from China, and this isn't necessarily a completely bad thing, but you just need to be aware of it, because the shipping time is going to be a little bit longer, which means that when it comes to scaling whatever business you're trying to build, it might be a little bit difficult. so, again, you need to bear this in mind. and the third coin is that there's no option for customization, and what I mean by this is that you're not going to be able to customize the packaging. in some cases, you're not going to be able to customize the invoice and the receipt, and things like this, you are going to be able to request that the vendor doesn't put any of their information inside the packaging, but as you start to scale your business, you're not going to be able to have customized packaging and customize branding when it comes to the packaging of the actual item, and things like that. however, there are some pros that you need to be aware of. for example, there's a lot of products available to Dropship, so if you do come across a winning product on eBay, Amazon, even a Shopify dropshipper store, 95 of the time you're going to be able to find that exact same product on AliExpress. the second Pro is that it's very easy to use with a Drop Shipping software. so so one of the good things about using AliExpress is that you're going to be able to integrate it with so many different e-commerce dropshipping softwares, so it just makes the whole process a lot more easier when it comes to you using it to fulfill all of your orders. and the third and final Pro that I'm going to go through is that there's High stok quantities available. so not only do they have 95 of the products on the Internet available on AliExpress, but they've also got high stok quantity levels as well, which means that if you do come across a good vendor at a good price with good quality, you're going to be able to scale that Drop Shipping business and not necessarily have to worry about that partikular AliExpress supplier running out of stok anytime soon. but now that you're aware of all of that, if you are still at the point where you want to use AliExpress, the next thing you now need to figure out is how you're going to find a winning product, and there's so many different ways that you can do it. but one of the ways that I've been using recently is by using Zeke analytiks, and if you don't know what Zeke analytiks is, it's a product research tool that helps you with so many different things. it's mainly used when it comes to finding the best type of items to drop ship on eBay, and you can also use it when it comes to finding winning products that are selling well on AliExpress. so I'm going to quickly show you how you can use it. first things first, what you need to do is sign up for an account, and you can do that by signing up for a seven day trial by clicking the link in my description down below, and once you've done that, you're going to log in, click on the product research tab over here and then, from this stage, you can now type in any keyword for any item that you're thinking about selling. so let's say, for example, I was thinking about building out A Drop Shipping Store focused on selling dog products. what I'm going to initially type in into this section over here is dog, just like that, and then I'm going to click on search. it's then going to show me the top performing items that are being purchased on AliExpress right now, from the best to the least. so straight away, we can see that the adjustable dog car safety belt is the number one performing item when it comes to dog products in the last six months, with over 14 000 cells. so what I personally do from this point is click on this option over here where it says scan seller, because it's going to now take me into the actual AliExpress seller store and then from there, I can now see all of the other items that they're selling and some other things. that's going to help me know if I should use this partikular vendor. okay, so straight away, we can see that this partikular supplier on AliExpress was able to bring in over 1.2 million dollars. they sold over 17 000 units. they've got over 72 active listings and if we scroll down over here, it's going to be able to show me all of the top performing items in this partikular store, and I'm now going to be able to get an even better idea of which items I may want to drop ship from the store. so, of course, I may want to drop ship this one. if I am looking to build a dog store, I may also want to add this second one over here, because I can see that a lot of people are buying it and it's got really good reviews. a second way that you can find winning products on AliExpress using Z kinetiks is by going back over to the home page and then clicking on Ali graph scanner over here, and I'm just going to take you to a page where you're going to be able to see all of the trending products on AliExpress at the moment, and right here we can see that there's these Bluetooth.

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead. this is a phrase that I've heard countless times over the past few years. it has caught so much confusion and it's time for me to clear this out. selling things on the Internet isn't going away. what's popping YouTube? my name is Nathan Nazareth. welcome back to the channel. I've been doing e-commerce and drop spring for over three and a half years doing multiple seven figures in online sales, but, like I said, there's a whole host of problems doing things this way. the reason people have this common misconception About Drop Shipping is due to scammy looking websites, low product quality, long shipping times and all the other major hassles that you have to deal with when you're working directly through a product page on AliExpress to fulfill your orders. and one of the most important, if not the most important, things that I learned along my journey was to establish a private supplier right from the job. establishing a relationship with a private supplier has never been easier, yet people are still doing it in very, very incorrect ways, so I'm going to be clearing all that up and showing you guys exactly how to get a private supplier in this video to Jump Right In. AliExpress sucks, as a supplier. using AliExpress simply limits your growth and will not satisfy your customers. two main reasons why AliExpress fails to be good supplier is won the long shipping times and two, the poor product quality. customers just don't want to wait three to five weeks for their product to arrive at their house anymore. I don't blame them. we're in the era of Amazon Prime, where things are literally showing up the day. people order them now. not only will these long shipping times overcomplicate the process, causing you more money, since customers will constantly be emailing and you'll have to respond, taking your time or hiring somebody to respond to all these issues- but they'll refund orders along the way. they'll open chargeback requests, which will not only charge you fees, but they'll also hurt your payment processors, which means that they'll essentially start holding all the money in, which will really start to inhibit your scaling potential. another main issue about going through AliExpress is that there's pretty much no reliability. you're using this one product page and you'll be left never knowing if your orders went out on time, if the boxes were all damaged, if the products were broken, if the consumers actually received the product that they paid for. this is exactly why Drop Shipping gets a bad name. when I first started dropshipping, I ran into countless issues. on multiple occasions I found out the supplier actually shipped the product to the wrong address and when I would reach out to them about it, they would either deny it or not answer me altogether. punch you on the face- so bad right now. another common issue these suppliers will get you on is actually sending lower quality products to your consumers. they have little incentive to communicate with the people who buy from them, so, in other words, they're kind of just sending out whatever to your customers because they don't care. they've already made the money terrible business. now that I've gone over why AliExpress is just not sustainable in the long run and it's potentially holding back your business from getting to the next level, I think we should tok about some of the key benefits that come along with having a private supplier and why you literally need one right now. so, starting off with a private supplier, you can achieve shipping times much, much faster. in many cases, you can actually get two to five day shipping, which is typical for domestik suppliers, in other words, suppliers that hold your inventory in the United States, if that's where you're selling to, or in Europe or in Canada, and so on and so forth. another bonus of working with these private suppliers is usually the potential for white labeling, for custom packaging, logo, those and just creating an overall, more unique and branded customer experience. a private supplier would also be willing to negotiate with you for lower prices, for faster shipping, for cheaper shipping, depending on how many units you are actually selling. that way, the more successful that you become and the more volume you start pushing through the supplier, the more likely they are to reduce some of the costs per unit, thus increasing your profit margins over time. you're going to need it now. at this point, you're probably saying, okay, I'm sold, but how do I actually find these private suppliers to work with now? this can be a tricky task if you don't know where to look and there's lots of misinformation on it, and also many suppliers are reluctant to work with drop shippers, especially relatively inexperienced drop shippers that aren't pushing a lot of volume. however, there are a few crucial methods and things that you can do to increase your chances in working with a top tier supplier right off the bat. firstly, you can try reaching out to suppliers that specialize in a product that you're already selling. these suppliers are more likely to be familiar with the niche, the industry that you're selling my products in and you can immediately start toking with them and asking them questions, which makes you seem more experienced and makes you seem like you're already pushing units or you're ready to start selling thousands of these things. and remember they're going to get excited about that because they want to make money just as bad as you do. you can also try contacting some smaller suppliers. they might not be as reputable yet, but typically they'll be more flexible with their terms and willing to take on new partners, as they are trying to seek out as many new clients as possible because they're just getting their business going. also, if you urgently need private suppliers and you want to shortcut some of the time involved with actually going out there and finding a list yourself, you can click the first link down below, which will be an application link to my mentorship program inside of my education company. in here we have lists of vetted suppliers that I've worked with for years and built up amazing relationships with. on top of that, you'll be seeing a holistik picture into how I do Drop Shipping in 2022.. we only have a few spots left, so hurry down there and see if you can pick one. know now, when you're just starting Drop Shipping, it can be difficult to go straight into finding a private supplier. the easiest way for people just starting out is to actually go ahead and get their hands on an agent. an agent essentially works as a middleman and has experience working directly with all these different manufacturers and suppliers. this will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run, because the agent will be able to get the best quotes for you for tons of different suppliers and they'll essentially do all that work that is really time consuming on your end. oftentimes, these agents, or even third-party platforms that do this service for you, will actually try to drop ship on top of that and add more additional costs along the way. so it is vital to speak with multiple agents and making sure you're not getting drop shipped or further ripped off along the process, if that makes sense now, when trying to find one of these agents, there are a few different websites, for example Alibaba, where you can start going and just messaging every single supplier, though more often than not, that's how you're going to find the actual suppliers and manufacturers. so my preference is to use Auto DS, which will actually connect you with an agent associated with the supplier themselves, or you can go to an agent directly, who will go to their suppliers and find you the best deal for your product. now, autods actually aims to be a full service automation dropshipping platform but, like I said, one of the best things about using the platform Auto DS is that they can easily integrate and connect you with some of their top suppliers and get you the best quotes. I've.

AliExpress Dropshipping Step-By-Step Beginners Tutorial Guide

aliexpress dropshipping- a full tutorial for beginners. if you're thinking about starting to dropship and aliexpress is on your mind as one of your first suppliers, do not miss this video, because here i'm going to take you guys step by step, hand in hand, as i show you how you can start, run and manage a profitable drop shipping business when you're drop shipping from aliexpress, no matter what selling channel you are using. so quick intro and let's go. [Music]. how do we start drop shipping from aliexpress? with over 100 million products to choose from in pretty much any category that you guys can think of, and with several selling chat channels to choose from? the selling channels is our online store, where we're actually selling our products that we found from aliexpress. so how do we wrap our heads around all this information and actually create a successful drop shipping business? so let's take it from the top. what is aliexpress and drop shipping? so, for those who don't know, aliexpress is a huge online marketplace. they've been around for a while, they've got warehouses all around the world- not just in china anymore- and they've got the cheapest prices from pretty much any other supplier that you guys will check. so, with all of these advantages, plus them being a super dropshipping friendly supplier. what do we have to lose when dropshipping from aliexpress? not too much. all we need is the right information. so those are some of aliexpress's main features and benefits. now, what exactly is drop shipping and how do we combine it together? drop shipping is a business model which means that we can actually sell products without holding them in stok, which means we don't have the burden of the expenses of inventory. now we combine suppliers like aliexpress and drop shipping using any selling channel that we want. now some of the best selling channels that we have today are ebay, shopify, facebook marketplace for us citizens- and wix. now there are more marketplaces, but these are my personal favorites. so what we're actually doing is we're grabbing products that we have on aliexpress and we're listing them on our drop shipping stores on our selling channels. soon we're going to go over all of that information and what selling channels are the best and how to really drop shipping successfully when you're using suppliers like aliexpress. but right now, all that you need to know is who is aliexpress and what is the drop shipping business model, which once again means that we're listing products without holding them in stok and we only pay once we get paid. so a customer places an order on our store, we go to aliexpress and fulfill that order- and we'll tok about order fulfillment automation soon. we go to aliexpress, we fulfill that order and we ship it directly to the end customer. we keep the profit between the price that we paid aliexpress and whatever price the customer paid us on our online store. that is the drop shipping business model. it comes with a very low startup investment and that is why it is a very good choice for many people around the world, plus the fact that all that you really need is a computer, an internet connection and the right knowledge and tools, which i will be passing on to you in this video, so we understand what aliexpress drop shipping is. let's go to the next question and, by the way, guys, everything that i'm showing you guys in this video, it's all written in the blog artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below this video, but do stay tuned because i'm adding a lot of more bonus content into this video. so are we allowed to dropship from aliexpress? the answer is definitely a yes, and aliexpress is also a dropshipping friendly supplier, which means they support dropshippers and they're waiting for dropshippers like you and i to go to their platform and resell more and more of their products. now, aliexpress is not just one seller. it's actually a huge marketplace with hundreds of thousands of online sellers, from china mostly, and what they do is they're simply sourcing products from other chinese websites that are not translated to english or any other language, so we don't understand chinese, we cannot go to those websites and buy from them, and they also don't support our currencies and so forth. so what aliexpress is is simply a marketplace where you have other chinese drop shippers who are dropshipping the products that they have on their stores in aliexpress from other chinese websites. this whole world is one big drop shipping method, just so you guys know. but in any case, that's how it works on aliexpress. so you've got thousands and thousands of sellers and you need to find great sellers with trending products that you can resell on your stores. how do we go about doing that? let's continue with this video. so you're definitely allowed to drop you from aliexpress, but you do want to avoid things like selling copyrighted products or knockoffs. so if it's any company that you've heard of, avoid importing those products to your store, as well as other things like tobacco, firearms, alcohol, medicines, supplements, vitamins and things like that, but with so many categories that you can drop ship on, it's really not going to be any problem at all. if you do want to understand what other products you cannot drop ship, you can once again read the artikle below this video, and here we have a link to ebay's vero list and facebook commerce policies. so no matter what selling channel you're selling on, even on shopify, the same rules apply to there. it'll just give you a good idea of things that you can and cannot sell when running an ecommerce business. so what are the advantages and disadvantages of drop shipping from aliexpress before we dive deep into the action? so we already know that that aliexpress is going to give you access to millions and millions of products that you can resell. they also offer global shipping, which means they can ship to pretty much any other country in the world, and on top of that, they offer drop shipping oriented services, like the drop shipping center, which i will show you soon when we get to the product research phase. they also offer great buyer protection. so if there was ever any problem with one of your orders, you can open a case with your seller and if you and if you can't make it work out with the seller. you can always ask aliexpress to step in the same standards we have today on huge marketplaces like ebay- we can also see them happening on aliexpress- because it really is helping solve cases between buyers and sellers. so if you have any problem with one of your customers, you can simply pass that on to aliexpress and they'll find the solution for you. on top of that, you can also pay on aliexpress using various credit cards and also paypal, which a lot of people prefer. some of the disadvantages of drop shipping from aliexpress is that you have long shipping times from products that are being sourced from china. so we all know that any delivery from china to the us or to the uk or anywhere else around the world can take anywhere from one week to one month, and sometimes even more in extreme cases. now most buyers want to get their items in up to one week, and i'm going to show you some neat tricks on how to do that using aliexpress. but that's one of the disadvantages if you don't know how to work around that. also, you've got the language barrier. some sellers on aliexpress don't really speak english too well. they were able to get a translated store up and running in english, but that doesn't mean that if you reach out to them, they'll be able to help you with whatever you need, because some of them simply do not know english well. so we need to be communicative with our sellers on aliexpress and make sure that they are answering on time and in a professional manner and, of course, understand our language. another disadvantage that we have from aliexpress is that we cannot bundle orders together, so if on your store you have several variations in one product page, or even if you have separate va.