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how to use facebook ads manager 2019

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, Salman here with Matterless, an introduction to Facebook Ads Manager. Today, we're going to learn and understand everything about Facebook Ads Manager. Many of you may already know the basic difference between a campaign, ad set, and ad. But for those who are confused, don't worry, we'll go through each and every point of creating ads for your business. So let's quickly move on to the basic difference between a campaign, ad set, and ad.

- Ad account: This is the route that holds all the data of your campaign, ad set, and ads. Under the ad account is the campaign.

- Campaign: This is where we create our ads. After creating a business manager and clicking on ad accounts, you will be redirected to the campaigns page. Here you can create multiple campaigns, each with different objectives.

- Campaign Objectives: Facebook offers various objectives such as awareness, consideration, and conversions. If you want to avail your brand or show it to as many people as possible, you can go for brand awareness. If you have a new product and want to create a sense of virality, you can choose the engagement objective. There are also objectives like traffic, video views, lead generation, and more. Each objective optimizes your campaign based on the desired outcome.

Now let's move on to the ad set.

- Ad Set: Under the campaign, we have the ad set. Here, you can create multiple ad sets, each with different targeting options and budgets. You can specify the location, age, gender, language, and more. Placement is also an important aspect, as you can select where your ads will be shown, such as in the newsfeed, instant articles, or Instagram feed.

Finally, we have the ad level.

- Ad: Under the ad set, we have the ad level. Here, you can create your ads by selecting a format, such as a single image, single video, or carousel. You can also add text and choose the page where the ad will be shown.

In conclusion, Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your advertising campaigns. By understanding the difference between a campaign, ad set, and ad, you can effectively optimize your ads for your desired objectives. So go ahead and start creating successful ads for your business!

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 *NEW* - Become A Facebook Ads Manager Expert In 20 Minutes

Hey, this is Ryan Hildreth and in this video I'm gonna show you how to run profitable Facebook ads in 2019 and beyond. I'm gonna go through a step by step tutorial whether you're a beginner or if you're advanced and want to take a different perspective on Facebook Ads. Alright, so before we get into building out a Facebook campaign together in my Facebook Ads manager, I want to start off by giving you some key concepts that are gonna help you become super profitable with Facebook Ads, so you don't lose money and you don't make mistakes, the same mistakes that I did. Okay, so this is gonna be a Facebook Ads tutorial for 2019 and on. If you aren't running ads as we speak, you need to be. It's one of the highest paid skillsets online and you know, if you don't have your own business, businesses will pay you to run ads for them as a client or as an affiliate, and I'll show you what I mean by that. Okay, so the number one mistake and then there's three big mistakes that people make when getting into Facebook ads and watching YouTube videos just like this, and that's exactly why I'm going over these three mistakes. The first mistake is not enough market research. So, you have to identify what type of business you're in. Obviously, if you know, you sell fitness products or you sell done for you services or some type of service or product, you know, go do your market research and I'm gonna show you a tool that you can use in your Facebook Ads manager to do that research very easily and find your perfect customer, the ones you actually want that to purchase from you. Okay, number two is not enough testing. So, when you first start running Facebook Ads, you have to have at least 5 to 10 different ad sets and maybe, you know, two different campaigns. That's a minimum. Two campaigns and five to ten different ad sets, which means different variations targeting different audiences, different types of customers because you never know what's gonna work and who is gonna resonate with your ad and actually purchase your product or service. Okay, so if you're not willing to spend at least $300 minimum per month, now that's ten dollars a day, then you probably shouldn't be watching this video. But if you're someone who's ready to dive in, ready to actually make a dent in their business and move the needle forward with Facebook Ads, you know, $300 bucks is not that much money and honestly, you know, the returns that I've gotten through Facebook Ads are exponential. Like, I'll show you how I'm literally putting in $100 and turning it into $200 and getting a hundred percent ROI on my money. Okay, so I'm gonna show you exactly how I do that and how to test so that your ads are successful. And number three, most of my purchases come from retargeting. I would say that a good 60 to 70 percent of my purchases come from retargeting ads because someone has to see your face even times in order to remember you. And that's a big thing that a lot of advertisers are making a mistake on because they think they're going after the customer that is ready to buy right away. But really, the sweet spot is going after the customer that, you know, if they see you multiple times, maybe three to seven days later, they'll purchase from you and stay with your company for a long time and keep purchasing from you. So, retargeting is essential, especially because when someone wants to buy a product or service, if you're not gonna sell them on your product or service, they're gonna go to the person that they see more often and that they trust. Okay, so I want to help you start retargeting so that you can get more sales and become more profitable with your business. So, let's go ahead and jump onto my ads manager right here. As you can see, this is one campaign that I've been running for a little under two months now, or a little over two months now, okay? So just about two months, I've spent about $4,245 on this campaign alone, okay? I've gotten 122 purchases and as you can see on the front end of my business, I've made about $9,500. Okay? So, spent about $4,000 to make $9,000 on the front end. I've made an additional $6,000 on the back end of this business by selling additional products and services. Okay? So, the best thing you can do is at least break even to acquire that customer and then sell them more stuff, right? That's the best thing you can do. But Facebook is so powerful that you're able to become profitable right away. Like, I've spent $4,000 to make $9,000 back, acquire all those customers and then sell them on additional products for an additional $6,000. Okay? And if you stay until the end of this video or you want to check out the business right now, that's gonna be the first link in the description. Okay? That's an actual business that I'm running that you can grab the template and utilize Facebook Ads and start earning commissions yourself. Okay? So if you want to check that out, there's free training and private access to a mastermind group, but I will be closing that up very shortly and charging money for it. So if you do want to check that out, that's gonna be the first link in the description. But let's get back to the Facebook Ads part. So, you know, as you see, I'm getting purchases for anywhere from $11 all the way up to $100. But this customer is worth $200 to me. An average customer is worth about $200 to me. So, you know, I'm profitable from the get-go and it's because I'm utilizing a special method that I'm about to show you. Okay? So as you see, most of my purchases came from my retargeting ad. So I'm following up with people and getting purchases for $11. So let's go ahead and run a campaign together. But first, I want you to know that we have to give Facebook data. Okay? Facebook is a tool. Now, Facebook is very powerful if you give it data, if you give it some information about your customer, Facebook will find the customer for you. Okay? We don't want to be the other way around. We don't want to try to find the customer ourselves utilizing Facebook Ads. We want to utilize Facebook Ads to find our customers. Okay? And that's a key thing you need to realize. So the first off, if you don't have an email list of customers that have already purchased from you or have shown interest in your business online, then you obviously don't have much data to go off of. So we have to build an audience ourselves. So let's go into here, click on the right-hand corner, click on audience insights, alright? And we're going to actually create an audience ourselves. Okay? So we're gonna give Facebook some data about what our customer might look like and this is gonna help us become profitable. So choose an audience to start. Everyone on Facebook, right? As you can see, there's a hundred and fifty million to two hundred million people on Facebook today, as we speak, active users. Okay? I know there's over two billion or something like that in total, but as of today, there's about 200 million in the United States. Alright? So what we want to do is narrow this down to one to five million people to get it kind of narrow and to where we're not targeting a really broad demographic. So what we want to do is choose our region. We're gonna choose United States. Now, you have to decide what you're selling. Okay? If you're selling a make money online offer or a digital course, then figure out what age range are people that are interested in your digital course or your make money online offer or your weight loss offer. Right? You have to decide what the age range is and the key age range that I've seen for make money online or weight loss is gonna be anywhere from 25 to 45. Okay? So we'll stick with that, 25 to 45. And then we'll go down there, perfect. Okay, as you see, our audience got smaller, 80 to 90 million. Okay? So now we're gonna choose a gender. What gender is interested in your product? If you're selling beauty products, obviously 80 percent of your purchasers are gonna be women. You know, there might be some men in there as well, but most of your purchasers are gonna be women. Okay? But you know, if we're doing a make money online offer or digital product or some type of training or service, we could just stick with all. Alright? Then you're gonna have interest. Now, interest is basically what, you know, what are they interested in? If you're doing a weight loss offer, you know, type in weight loss. Right? As you see right here, people are interested in weight loss, 10 to 15 million people.

📣 Facebook Ads Manager [2019] - What You NEED To Know...

Hey everyone, it's Josh Kato, the moustache marketer, and today I want to talk about properly setting up your business page and understanding why you need to use the business manager. It's crucial to have these things in place when running your campaigns, so let's get started!

- Setting up your business page and business manager

- Understanding your ad account and the backend of ads manager

Setting up your Facebook business page:

- Your profile vs. your business page

- Conducting business on your business page, not your profile

- Sharing business content from your business page to your friends list

Setting up your business manager:

- Go to business.facebook.com to set it up

- Linking your business page and business manager

- Conducting business properly and looking authentic to Facebook

Understanding your ad account:

- Properly setting up your ad account

- Using your business credit card for payments

- Identifying fraud and preventing issues

Understanding ads manager:

- Using ads manager to create, launch, manage, and edit your ads

- The structure of ads manager: campaign, ad set, and ads

- Testing different ads and formats for the best results

- Think of your Facebook account as a filing cabinet

- The campaign level is your overall objective

- The ad set level targets specific audiences

- The ad level is where people see and interact with your ads

If you found value in this video, make sure to like and subscribe. Leave any comments or questions below, and I'll be sure to get back to you. Take care!

New Facebook Ads Manager Changes for 2019!!!

In this article, we will be exploring the new Facebook Ads Manager for 2019. We will take a look at the changes that have been made and discuss the features that have been updated. So let's dive right in!

The New Ads Manager:

- The layout of the Ads Manager has undergone a significant change.

- The left side of the screen now displays a cleaner interface.

- You can easily navigate through different sections such as campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

- The data is presented in a more organized and easier-to-read manner.

- The columns can be customized to display specific information like performance and clicks.

Analyzing Ads Performance:

- The new Ads Manager allows you to analyze the performance of your ads effortlessly.

- You can view the lifetime of an ad and see how many purchases it has generated.

- The data is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easier to make decisions about your ads.

Creating New Ads:

- Creating a new ad is simple and straightforward.

- The process remains similar to the previous version of the Ads Manager.

- You can customize your ad by adding primary text, headline, and description.

- There are preview options available for different platforms like Facebook and mobile news feed.

Additional Features:

- The new version of the Ads Manager offers a variety of additional features.

- You can switch to the previous version if you prefer.

- There is a business tools menu that allows you to manage events, custom conversions, and partner integrations.

- The interactive DJ feature is available for managing pixels and tracking website visits.

The new Facebook Ads Manager for 2019 brings a fresh and improved interface for managing your ads. With its cleaner layout and enhanced features, it provides a more user-friendly experience. So, if you haven't already, give it a try and see how it can help you optimize your advertising campaigns.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager (2019)

Hey everyone, it's Michael from Squeeze Marketing. Today, we're going to walk you through the setup process for Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager. This is a crucial step if you want to work with a marketing agency or run your own professional social media campaigns. It's also necessary if you want to run full ad campaigns through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Now, let's get started with the setup process for Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix's Facebook page. Please make sure you have a Facebook account and admin access to the business page you want to set this up for. Additionally, you'll need your business information such as address, website, phone number, and email address. Don't forget to have your preferred payment option ready for the ad charges.

1. Open your Facebook page and go to business.facebook.com.

2. If you haven't set up Business Manager yet, click the Create Account button.

3. Enter the business name, your name, and email.

4. Fill out the business information, including the zip code, phone number, and website.

5. Select This account primarily uses Facebook tools or data to promote its own goods and services.

6. Click Submit and confirm your email address.

7. Once your account is created, go to the Business Settings by clicking the blue button.

8. In the Accounts section, click Add Accounts and create a new ad account with the same name as your business page.

9. Set the time zone and currency to US dollars and create the ad account.

10. Take note of the ad account number and provide it to your marketing agency for access.

11. Go back to the Business Manager page and refresh it.

12. Add your page by pasting the link into the designated area and sending the request.

13. Approve the access request from your agency in the Business Manager dashboard.

14. Congratulations! You've successfully set up your page, Business Manager, and ad account.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Squeeze Marketing through our website or social media channels. We're here to help with all your digital marketing needs.

Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial 2019 - Free Facebook Ads Course

Hey guys, welcome to this Facebook Ads tutorial! In this video, I'm going to give you a super beginner overview of how Facebook Ads Manager works. So if you're new to Facebook advertising, stay tuned!

What's going on, guys? It's Gabe from JBKenzie.com, your internet marketing guy. Welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time here, feel free to subscribe. Now, this video is a continuation of my free Facebook Ads course. We're going to dive deep into Facebook Ads Manager today. So without wasting any more time, let's get started with the screen share.

To access Facebook Ads Manager, you need to log into your Facebook Business Manager account. If you don't have one yet, check out the previous videos for a link to create an account. You can log in directly from facebook.com or business.facebook.com. Most of the time, you're already on Facebook, so it's an easy transition. Just click on the icon here and select Manage Ads or Create Ads if you don't see Manage Ads. This will take you to your ad accounts.

From there, click on the main menu icon with the three lines and go to All Tools. In the main menu, you'll find Ads Manager. This is the easiest way to access Ads Manager, but keep in mind that Facebook is always changing, so the interface might look different for you. Also, certain tools may be accessible only in certain countries. Just a heads up!

Now, let's dive into Ads Manager. When you click on your name, you'll see all your ad accounts. I have multiple ad accounts because I manage them for private clients as well. Make sure you're in the right ad account before creating ads. You don't want to be in the wrong one. If you want to learn how to get multiple ad accounts, check out my other video.

Once you're in the right ad account, you'll see all your campaigns and other data. You can filter and sort the view to focus on specific campaigns or time frames. Use the filters to customize the view based on your needs. You can also change the time frame to see data from a specific period. Remember, the time frame you choose depends on what you're looking at and the information you need.

Next, let's talk about the account overview. This gives you an overview of your account's performance. It shows interactions, leads, results, and even the country where your data is coming from. Unfortunately, I don't have any data to show you right now, but I'll explain more about time frames and data analysis in this course.

That's it for the introduction to Facebook Ads Manager. In the next video, we'll dive deeper into creating ads and optimizing your campaigns. Stay tuned!

2019 FACEBOOK ADS MANAGER Tutorial - Campaigns vs. Ad Sets vs. Ads

In this week's video, our goal is to simplify the Facebook Ads manager and make it super easy for you to understand. We will go through the three levels of an ad campaign - campaigns, ad sets, and ads - and explain what each level means and what you can do within them. We will also discuss the different objectives you can choose and when to use them.

Let's start by taking a look at the Facebook Ads manager. We are using the brand new updated version, which has a different layout and font. The campaign, ad set, and ad tabs are now located on the left side of the screen.

To create an ad, click on the Create button and you will see two options: create completed campaigns or create campaign shells. We recommend using the guided creation option as it allows you to walk through the process step by step. However, it's a personal preference and you can choose whichever option you prefer.

Now, let's talk about the different levels of an ad campaign. Think of it like a Russian doll, where ads go inside ad sets and ad sets go inside campaigns. The campaign is like a folder, and you can have multiple ad sets inside a campaign, each with its own settings. Inside each ad set, you can have multiple ads, creating a tree-like structure.

At the campaign level, you choose your marketing objective. This is important because each objective has a different purpose and the algorithm optimizes differently based on the objective you choose. Some common objectives include traffic, engagement, and conversions.

The ad set level is where you set your budget, determine ad placements, schedule your ads, and set your bidding strategy. Note that in September, there will be changes to how budget optimization is done, and you will set your budget at the campaign level instead of the ad set level.

Finally, at the ad level, you design your ad by choosing images, writing text, and selecting where to send people. This is where you can be creative and make your ad stand out.

In conclusion, the Facebook Ads manager can be simplified by understanding the three levels of an ad campaign and their purposes. By choosing the right marketing objective and optimizing your ads at each level, you can create effective and successful Facebook ad campaigns.

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