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How to Write a Professional Email to a Wholesale Distributor

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Write a Professional Email to a Wholesale Distributor

How to Write a Professional Email to a Wholesale Distributor

let's cover how to write a professional
to a distributor for those of you that
don't know now there's going to be a lot
in this to cover but i want to touch on
some key points
to help you craft better emails i'm not
going to give you a template but i will
tell you exactly what to put in there
and then obviously i'll leave you to
your own device to craft it yourself
so here's some tips to come off more
professional a logo at the top of your
email believe it or not
can help you look more professional this
is not needed by any means right it's
just a tip but it can immediately help
take you more seriously okay if you
don't have a company logo you can create
one for
free using canva just go to canva.com or
you can do what i did initially in the
very beginning and hire someone on
fiverr to do it that usually costs you
anywhere from like five to like i put
fifteen dollars here maybe like five to
twenty five if you get like a really
good rated some uh person
but you can get a good one for like five
to fifteen bucks realistikally your logo
doesn't have to be anything crazy it can
look anything like these right
so this is my invert media logo it's cut
off there um from the design of the
powerpoint right here
but it's just an upside down like uh
arrow triangle right
and these are two that i created myself
for this is for my content king youtube
channel my content king brand which is
basically where i teach
people how to make money with
information products and obviously this
is one that you're probably all going to
for my main or my sorry my uh not my
main youtube channel but my secondary
clip channel
it's ecommerce mentor so very very
simple designs that i created myself on
anybody can do this i don't know that
much about graphic design
canvas free you can create one there and
it's very very easy now
if you are unsure of how to actually put
a logo
at the top of your email it really
depends on the email software that
you're using right but a lot of the
newer ones like if you're using
mailchimp or like
i use wix email um and i mean just
because i have a wix site so a lot of my
emails come from my wix domain right so
it's brianger.com
or invertmedia.net uh and so the thing
that i can do with wix is i can just
simply drag and drop like a picture logo
at the top of my email or i can also put
it anywhere
in the email a lot of website builders
excuse me not website builders but uh
email builders will allow you to do this
so it really just depends on what you're
using if you're using something simple
like gmail
or something simple like yahoo or
something simple like hotmail even like
then you probably won't be able to do
this but if you if you use like a free
trial and you go with something like
mailchimp or aweber or get response or
uh you know anything like that or wix
like i recommend obviously then you'll
be able to do it very very easily
now some things to state in the email
you want to make sure that you state
that you're the owner of the business
you also want to make sure that you
state that you have a warehouse
even if that warehouse is only your
or your garage or your house or a
storage unit that you rent out or
whatever right
and because this shows even if you don't
have a warehouse you still want to say
this because
this shows that you have the potential
to receive goods and obviously they'll
take you more seriously
immediately this is crucial make sure to
hit this home right
make sure to say that you're the owner
make sure to say that you have a
now make sure to also subtly touch on
the fact you don't want to say like hey
i know that i have to purchase a certain
you know
order quantity from you and i also know
that i have to purchase
uh quantities and adhere to map pricing
you don't want to say that right like
come out and straight up say like hey
listen i understand you have map prices
and i'll abide by them
you want to subtly touch on the fact
somehow that you understand that map
could potentially be an issue and you
know your
you also hope to get in the future from
them uh a skew list as well as their map
pricing for every product right
just touching on the fact that you know
what map pricing is and i'm going to
outline it for you here in a second
if you don't know what it is right just
subtly touching on the fact that you're
aware of it
is enough to have them take you
seriously okay so make sure that you
subtly touch on the fact that you
understand map pricing
and map pricing for those of you that
don't know is just
minimum advertised price okay so map
pricing is something that a lot of
serious distributors will have
they'll set a minimum advertised price
meaning you're not allowed if you buy
that item from them you're not allowed
to sell that specific product
any lower than that price okay minimum
advertised price or map pricing
and generally the distributors do this
to keep their brands happy so that those
brands continue
selling to them and they continue to
have those distribution rates right
because a brand sometimes this isn't
always every brand right
and it's not gonna be every single
product as well but typically brands
don't want their products being sold
super super cheap especially if they're
brand new because that kind of
it hurts the brand reputation it hurts
the way that customers perceive the
right and also it might not be
profitable for them in the long term
so this is just something that a lot of
distributors have that you need to pay
attention to
and if you don't i promise you i know
this first hand myself i've made this
mistake myself before it was a while ago
i think it was like two years ago almost
at this point
and i also know other resellers that
have done this before and if you do not
adhere to these map prices you might get
away with it you probably will get away
with it
because the brand might not necessarily
catch you on every single sales platform
but eventually when they do catch you
your account with that distributor will
be shut down
it's not worth getting your account shut
down with a distributor
instead just adhere to the map prices
map prices typically
are obviously a little bit lower than
you'd want to sell them but they're
still profitable
which is why we run every single thing
including the map pricing
through our software to make sure that
we're still profitable right
this shouldn't matter it's just
something to pay attention to okay
you're still going to run it through the
software you're still going to make sure
that the products
uh are profitable before you buy them
right so like i said generally the
distributors are gonna do this to keep
the brands happy so that the brands
continue to sell to them and they have
their distribution rights okay
and map differs from product to product
so it's not going to be like a
distributor has a map pricing that's
like a blanket across all products
it's going to differ from product to
product okay so if you don't see a map
price listed on a certain product or
product listing for that distributor
assume that there is none if you've
obviously toked to your rep and they've
you know you they've touched on map with
you okay they will let you know the map
i promise you that now this shows by
subtly touching on the map pricing as
well as telling you're telling them that
you're the owner and a warehouse
shows that you have experience buying
wholesale before
obviously right and that you understand
why companies
like them would want to keep their map
pricing at a certain price point to keep
the brands happy right you don't say any
of this
it's subtle right like i said just touch
on map pricing
and that you're aware of it and all this
will subtly be conveyed okay
obviously then you want to make sure
that you follow the map pricing
right so like for example if you buy a
product and it's you know
you want to sell it for 25 but the map
pricing states you can't
sell it below you know you can't sell it
like below 30. well you can't sell it at
25 you can't
go below that right so typically what
you'll see on wholesale listings is like
a bunch of people will stop at the map
pricing floor
and somebody will go lower than that
because they want to win the buy box on
amazon right
big no no don't do that okay so if
there's a minimum
uh like advertised price you cannot sell
it below that doesn't matter if you're
on amazon if you're on ebay if you're on
poshmark or makari
it's not worth it don't do it okay so
some more things to keep in mind
you also want to ask for information on
the minimum order quantity and this is
crucial because
it's basically the lowest amount that
you have to purchase from a supplier to
be able to buy from them okay
and this differs from from supplier to
supplier some of them don't have any
minimum order quantity right
a lot of them will have minimum order
quantities a lot of them if they're
serious distributors will have a higher
minimum order quantity meaning a couple
hundred bucks to maybe even a thousand
dollars right
and some of them like ee distribution
and the lower end ones that are still
reputable will have a lower minimum
order quantity that you have to purchase
a certain amount of units
or you have to purchase a certain case
load which could be like six or twelve
or you have to purchase like a hundred
dollars right it's gonna depend on
you know supplier to supplier and
obviously in this module i'm giving you
like i think 150 suppliers
but in the other module attached i
literally give you a
list an excel file list of 10 000 of
them how to contact them where they're
located what kind of products they sell
et cetera et cetera
so this should not be a problem you
should be able to find some
with minimum order quantities that you
know can suit you that you obviously
can afford to buy from and if you don't
have money to spend anyway like you
shouldn't be doing wholesale yet right
this is one of the most if not
the most scalable forms of reselling
so this is going to differ from supply
of supplier to supplier now
we are touching on a lot of things to
remember here okay
that said you still want to keep your
email as short and to the point as
possible these are things that you want
you know kind of add your checklist here
and i'm i'm going to attach this
to this lecture above for download if
you want to download it right and then
you can either print it out
and you know print out the specific
powerpoint slides and use them as a
checklist you can write them all down
and use them as a checklist or you can
even refer back to this powerpoint
and use it as a checklist okay so i'm
putting all these things in here because
they're all
important but that said it's also very
very important to keep your email as
and to the point as possible okay people
are not going to read long emails i know
this first hand i get emails
i used to get hundreds of them but i've
kind of moved my email and i've kind of
you know
uh what's the word put more of a barrier
to the people that can email me
right and so i still get dozens of
emails every single day
and i can promise you that i'm not a
distributor getting hundreds probably
like they are
and i still only read ones that are
shortened to the point because i just
don't have time to sit there and answer
emails all day right
i'm running my own business and so
they're not going to read a long email
take my word for it keep your email
short and to the point
now they can be as long as they need to
be to put all this information
in there well right and communicated
that said still keep it as short and to
the point as possible ideally a
paragraph or two if you need to go
longer that's fine
but keep it as short as possible make
sure that your sentences are distinct
and to the point
the biggest thing distributors want to
see is that you are not a one-man show
or a one-woman show right
even if you are that's totally fine i'm
a one-person show too
right i'm my own just i'm my own
distributor i'm my own reseller
i'm my own purchasing uh you know uh
branch and stuff like that like these
are all terms that you'll hear in the
wholesale industry like
if you're your own person that's totally
fine but you don't want to come off that
to distributors okay basically you want
to come off as a professional okay
like you have a legitimate business
setup and that you can bring another
valuable distribution chain to them okay
you do not want to come off like
somebody that's sitting in a basement
that is literally just
interested in purchasing wholesale
products from them so that you can sell
them on amazon if they're profitable
even if that's exactly who you are and
what you want to do
that's totally fine but you don't want
to come off that way
to them the reason being and we're going
to touch on this here in a second
is because they're getting so many
different emails from so many interested
parties it's actually the next yeah it's
the next lecture here or the next slide
they're getting so many different emails
from so many interested resellers that
you need to stand out and come off
professional right if they were only
getting a couple then that wouldn't
necessarily matter but they're not
so make sure that you don't come off
and you don't come off like you're a
one-person show and you don't come off
like you you're just somebody reselling
out of a basement
on amazon right you want to come off
professional and that's why i'm telling
you to go through all these checklists
and say all these important things all
right okay
so some crucial things also that will
give you
immediate credibility if you have a
business email with a business
domain use it okay it'll give you more
credibility and it'll increase the
chance that you get a response from the
supplier okay
so for example a business one with a
business no name uh business domain name
is brian at invertmedia.net now i
own the domain name i bought it through
godaddy you can go to godaddy you can go
to namecheap you can go to the google
one i forgot what that's called
um there's a bunch of them out there
right you can buy don't name soup don't
you can buy domain names super cheap
i think that one cost me maybe like 10
bucks or like 12 bucks for the year
super cheap right not expensive at all
and then you can hook
yourself up to that domain name and
create an email around it also super
super cheap
it's that's a complete other tutorial in
and of itself you can look online on
google or youtube to do that if you want
i set mine up through zoho you can also
set yours up with like a g suite or you
can directly go to g
suite and buy a business donate from
cheap domain name from g suite
that's probably a very very easy route
to go as well or if you go to godaddy or
you go to namecheap and you buy like the
domain name obviously you wouldn't use
invert media but let's use that for an
example right
you also want to probably come off like
you're a distributor so invert media
isn't necessarily one of the best right
but if you set if you purchased like for
example like um
i don't know like uh let's say
king let's say king distributors or
something like that or king distribution
and your name was mike so mike at king
distribution would be the one that you
want right for your
your business to uh emails domain name
right so you're going to go to godaddy
or namecheap or google or the google
whatever it want is and you're going to
purchase uh king distribution
and that's going to be your name name so
and then once you purchase they're going
to give you the option to set up an
email for that donate domain name you
can also do it that way
so there's a number of ways to do that
uh and i don't like i said this
is a reselling kind of uh you know
tutorial on
how to write emails so this isn't
necessary but it will give you more
if you want to go that route there's
countless tutorials i know because i set
it up myself
that way there's countless tutorials on
google and youtube that you can check
but it's not needed now an example of a
business domain name
obviously like you see that i use is
brian invertmedia.net right invert media
is my business domain
right if you go to invertmedia.net
that's an actual website okay
now versus just one that's a personal
looking one gera447
gmail.com okay very different this one
will get immediate credibility and be
taken a lot more seriously
this one will just look like i'm a
random person emailing from a personal
two very very different looks obviously
this is preferred but it's not
needed if you're just starting out but
this is something i would you know
try to do uh it's gonna help you now
also a website and you can obviously if
you're buying a domain name
you can also set up your website the
same way if you go to godaddy or
and you buy a domain name they're going
to also give you the opportunity to set
up a website right there
with that domain name right you could
also do it on wix you could also do it
on squarespace or weebly
or you know wordpress or any of the
website builders
and honestly like it used to be very
difficult to create a website
it used to be very very difficult like
10 years ago you had to understand how
to code
you had to hire somebody or a developer
you had to pay a lot of money if you
didn't know how
how to do it now it's super easy my
little sister
could set it up my little niece could
set up a website honestly
and all you need to do is go to any one
of those website builders
sign up for an account and they're all
drag and drop meaning you can literally
hit the little plus button on the left
or sometimes it's on the right or above
on which it's on the left you hit the
plus button and then it gives you an
option of like what do you want to add
and then
you can drag it over and add it
literally anywhere it's drag and drop
meaning it's super simple to add
things position them where you want and
set up a website okay it's also super
easy to set up a blog on a lot of those
like they'll give you the entire
template and then you just put the words
and the pictures into the templates
and boom you have a website or blog so a
website can also increase the response
and make distributors take you seriously
so two things that are not
needed but will crucially give you
immediate credibility and
increase your response rate is a
business donate domain name
and a business looking website obviously
now if you don't have a website and you
don't want to build one
that's okay all right and if you don't
have a website and you do want to build
one that's okay as well
you don't need it right away but you
should definitely think about creating
even if it's like a simple one that only
has a few blog posts about selling
or something similar on it okay not
having a website will hurt your
credibility and it decreases the
likelihood that companies will want to
work with you okay
but if you don't have one there are
still 9999 other companies that you can
email on that list of distributors
that i give you in the other module so
do not worry
obviously not even counting the 150 or
200 or so
that i've already included in the list
in this module okay
so it's not the end of the world but
like i said it will help you out and
like just to show you like you don't
a a like a fancy looking website like
everybody thinks you need this fancy
looking website
you don't okay look at my my website
right here
it has a couple different tabs and
obviously i have stuff in the background
going like
i have like hidden pages and like hidden
funnels on this site that you don't see
but it's super simple i have five pages
that are viewable and you don't need
that many
and i have a button and a homepage that
literally says i help people start home
with my picture there's no fancy
background there's no fanciness
at or anything honestly less is more
the reason being your website's gonna
load a lot faster and
it's not gonna a lot of times like
people get caught up and they spend
weeks and months building this fancy
looking website
and the difference in you know when
people hit the actual landing page of
your website
uh and i know this just from like online
marketing and selling and using landing
pages like
sometimes too much can be overwhelming
for the person that gets there and then
they click away because they don't know
where to go from there right
so a lot of times believe it or not
simple works better
and simple works better for landing
pages as well this simple landing page
right here convert it's so simple
so simple and it converts so well
because of its simplicity okay
same thing with this one the case study
that some of you might have come through
works very well super simple right
and so you don't need a fancy looking
website you can literally create
just your own website have a blog on it
with a couple blog posts maybe like
three to five blog posts
don't have to be long and that can be
your website right
and just using a website will increase
the response rate and make distributors
take you more seriously okay
now i do have in order how to create a
website course that you can enroll in if
you really want to
and learn this stuff very very quickly
it will take you through how to set up a
drag and drop website with wix
um now like i said that is an older
course so
you know you might have to cringe
through it a little bit i probably
created it like four to five years ago
um i just recently redid it and added
some stuff to the back end of it
but like it's still like the general
gist of how to actually drag and drop
and set stuff up
is you know the older course in there
okay so if you want this i will give it
to you free to shoot me an email or
ask in the actually shoot me an email my
email's up on the screen right now brian
invertmedia.net ask for the how to
create a website course say that you're
resale university and i'll just link you
free access
that will teach you how to do it okay
but like i said it's an older course so
bear with it
it's not the best production quality and
obviously i'm not as confident
on you know explaining things and
certain stuff like that but it will
teach you if you want it okay
so if you want it let me know shoot me
an email okay now if you already have a
website then great
all you need to do is add the url of
your footer or
of your website to the to the footer of
your email okay
instant credibility especially obviously
if you have a website and then you you
email them from a business domain name
now something that we touched on
previously and i think two slides ago a
little bit
is why you're competing and why these
things matter right because there are
million third-party resellers on amazon
currently and that number is increasing
daily okay
now obviously not all 2.5 million of
those third-party resellers are selling
but you can still imagine that a decent
amount of them are right and you can
still imagine just how
many people are emailing these
distributors okay
so the big ones and the good ones are
probably and there's a lot of them out
there and a lot of good ones right so
i'm giving you a list of ten thousand
you have another 150 to 200 in this
module specifically
and there's probably you know tens of
thousands of other ones out there if not
hundreds of thousands right
so there's a lot don't get me wrong but
the good ones and the big ones
which there are a lot of as well are
probably getting lots of emails
every single day okay and this is why
it's crucial to be able to stand out and
credible amongst all the other emailers
that are emailing these brands right
as well as appear that you have
something of value to bring them which
may be
consistent purchases easy to do business
with you um you know another potential
valuable distribution chain or all of
the above etc okay
so make sure that you hit all these
things home because
there are so many other people that are
competing with you in the emails of
these companies inbox and you need to
stand out and appear credible
that's the reason okay now do not
send the same email to every supplier i
see people create these you know email
templates and then just like email bliss
blast it out to all 10 000 of the list
please don't do that it's that's a
horrible way to go okay
so you can create an email template that
you plan to send to suppliers right
create the best looking email template
that conveys all this stuff
have the template ready to roll and then
use it for the majority of your emails
but that does not mean that you email
blessed out that same exact template to
all of them
and you don't want to email the same
exact email to everyone obviously even
if you don't email blast okay
use the template then slightly modify it
and personalize it
slightly doesn't have to be much for
each distributor each time
also don't just mass blast out the list
obviously with the same email template
and don't blast out the list to too many
suppliers at once okay
instead go for consistency aim to maybe
email five per day okay or 10 per day
stay low and stay you know with a decent
kind of you know it's it's better to go
low and consistent
than too many okay so aim maybe two
email five per day instead of a hundred
in a day and then waiting or
you know couple hundred a day and then
waiting for responses the worst thing
that you could do
is email a lot of these companies and
get too many responses
because then you're gonna burn bridges
and waste opportunities because you're
going to be
toking to too many companies at once
and there's no possible way
that you can relate and relay all the
information and
emails back to all these companies get
product catalogs from them
scan through the product catalogs to see
which prop products are profitable
and then obviously buy all those
profitable products right
and if you do this you're gonna burn
bridges and you're gonna waste
because the company's gonna think like
okay this person's not serious
i responded back to them and they didn't
respond to me or i responded back to
them and then i gave them a product
catalog or a sku list and then they
never bought anything right
and so you don't want to burn bridges
that way so start slow because you'd
rather let's say you do five emails per
day for like three days right
then you have emails out to 15 companies
maybe three of them respond back to you
or maybe more right maybe three of them
respond back to you and you get product
catalogs or sku lists from
each one of those three right or let's
say you
you three of them respond back to you
get product catalogs from two of those
and then you put two product catalogs
with thousands of of
products each into scan unlimited which
is your scanning software for wholesale
and then maybe three of the products
from one company look really profitable
and promising
and five of the other products from one
company look really profitable and
even at that point you're still looking
at thousands and thousands of dollars to
go into inventory at that point right
most likely if you're ordering minimum
quantity right and if you decide to only
go with one of those distributors then
you're probably still looking at like a
thousand or two into products right or
a couple hundred in the highs right
maybe like five six hundred something
like that or maybe eight hundred right
you get the picture it's all going to
depend what i'm saying is do not email
too many suppliers at once or you're
going to burn that bridge
because you can't possibly purchase all
those products at once and then you'll
cross those
those potential suppliers and
distributors off your list for the
do not do that okay so don't send the
same email to every supplier
don't blast out too many suppliers at
once do it slow
do it consistently then cross them off
your list and move on to the next one
if you do this you know that the right
way it will work for you and you'll
slowly move through the list and you'll
literally never run out of profitable
products opportunities okay
so go slow and go for consistency now
also remember you want to ask for
you want to call you want to have call
to action right you want to ask to sign
up at the end of your email
ask to sign up for an account ask how
you sign up for an account okay
also eventually you're probably going to
want to ask for a skew list
i call this a product catalog in the
wholesale section in a lot of the
tutorials right
there are many names for it a lot of the
people say skew list a lot of the whole
sellers say product catalog it doesn't
really matter what you say as long as
you convey the message
you can use skew list you can use
product catalog you can say list of your
products list of your current products
whatever it is people get caught up too
much on this
it doesn't matter that much as long as
you come off professional and you convey
what you're trying to say okay
and this obviously will probably happen
in the second email or the third email
after you sign up okay so ask for a
product catalog or a sku list because
obviously you want to put that skew list
into your scanning software iu scan
unlimited in the entire module
so that you can obviously identify
profitable products to resell right
then you want to purchase some of them
okay because buying from a company will
help you establish that relationship for
future buys and better prices in the
and obviously i put distant future
because you can expect to purchase one
time from a company
and then have them drop their prices
they want to see that you're going to
buy from them consistently
or that you're a good potential person
to do business with you're easy to do
business with
and then they might either lower your
minimum order quantity if you're more
reputable and they trust you
or they also might lower prices for you
in the future okay
so when you're looking at wholesale
suppliers right like you don't want to
just slowly cross
them off the list and be like okay i
purchased from this person next right
you're looking to build relationships
with these companies so that you can
potentially sell their products long
term that's the whole point of wholesale
replenishable products that you can
purchase long term listings that you can
be on
longer than just a couple days or a
couple weeks like online arbitrage right
it's more scalable it's more long-term
it's more replenishable right
and so you know all these the the
wholesale suppliers in the list
like yeah you have so many of them and
that's great opportunity
but everyone should be a potential
long-term opportunity and a long-term
business partner right you're not simply
looking at them as suppliers for
profitable products okay so always
remember that
so you want to purchase some if there's
some profitable products all right
and also at the end of the day people
get caught up with this because
they forget that distributors are
businesses too right the whole goal of a
is to make money that's the goal of a
business okay
and so they're going to try to sell you
on products and a lot of the people that
you deal with it
we deal with if they call you if they
hop on a call with you to walk you
through a demo
um if they you know email you back and
forth they're gonna try to constantly be
selling you stuff
okay which means they're gonna get a
commission of sorts if they convince you
to buy certain products
so you need to expect that right but
obviously you aren't sure
which products are profitable until you
run them through the software
so be professional be kind be
assertive i didn't put that in there you
want to be assertive and come off like
you're not just going to buy any product
that they
that they recommend you right but
obviously make sure that you get the
skew list so you can find out but be
professional and be kind okay
that said you do not want to say
something like hey i need to see which
items are profitable first before i buy
that's going to come off super
unprofessional and they're not going to
want to do business with you right
instead you could say something like i
was hoping to get a skew list of all
your current products
so i can send it over to purchasing to
our purchasing department
and you know obviously the purchasing
department in that situation would be
but that does the whole job of saying
hey you need the skew list first before
you decide anything
and it also comes off very professional
right even if the purchase department is
you right
instead obviously you could also say
something like well i was really hoping
to get a skew list of all your current
products so i can see which products fit
our brand best and which ones
would connect well with our customers
also conveys the fact that you're
looking to get a skew list first
so obviously you're not going to say
you're going to run it through your
software but it conveys the fact that
you need a product catalog or a skew
list first
and then you'll potentially buy a
product from that skew list okay
comes off very professional comes a lot
awful lot better okay
and so people get hung up on these
things they get like pushed around by
companies uh because the company's whole
point is to sell you products they're
trying to make money okay
and so let me pull up an example of this
so a perfect example of not getting
pushed around by a wholesale supplier
is you can see that i haven't purchased
from e distribution in a long time
because i only really use ee
distribution don't get me wrong you can
find profitable products on there every
once in a while if you run them through
scan unlimited
you definitely can right and it's one of
the easiest uh easiest
suppliers that's reputable whose uh
invoices work to get you on gated so
like don't get me wrong it's a
phenomenal supplier
but it definitely doesn't have as
profitable as many profitable products
because so many people
know about it right and so i only really
use ee distribution to either get
ungated for certain things and then buy
them elsewhere
or just to get ungated for certain
things in the future that i plan to sell
that brand of right and so i haven't
purchased in a while so
their rep literally sent me an email
trying to get me to purchase he's been
trying to get me to purchase for a while
and i've just kind of been like oh like
i'll look through it
and so he goes due to the lack of
activity in your wholesale account your
your account has been flagged for
deactivation blah blah blah if you could
please drop me an email letting me know
your current status and let me know if
you would like me to keep your account
open blah blah
so that you could obviously make a
purchase right that's what he's trying
to get me to do he's trying to say like
hey man like you haven't purchased in a
i'm gonna close your account and i'm and
i professionally responded like
thanks for letting me know kevin i would
like to keep my account open for future
orders but i don't plan to order right
if that doesn't work i'll unfortunately
have to close it right and so
i basically said like hey man like i i'm
not getting the whole thing i'm trying
to say here is like their whole point
is to sell you right that's that's to be
expected okay
but you want to come off professional
you want to come off kind but that does
not mean
that you have to purchase products from
them because they're just trying to sell
you on them right your whole goal is
also to be profitable but you have to
convey that
in a certain way okay and so you can see
he backed off here he's like hey all
right we're going to deactivate your
account but like
i can reactivate it immediately just let
me know when you want to proceed
okay so understand that these things are
crucial you need to remember a lot of
these things
but also main thing to remember is do
all these things but they're all
important because you are competing with
so many other people
to sell and these companies are getting
thousands if not
you know well maybe not thousands but
hundreds of emails probably a week
and maybe hundreds of emails a day so
that's how you write a professional
to a distributor so that you can
obviously get a response and potentially
more profitable products

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