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how to write facebook ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Write Facebook Ad Copy (With Examples & Notes)

Today I'm sharing my five-step framework for writing Facebook ads to get more clicks, generate more leads and stop scrollers dead in their tracks. Keep watching (upbeat music) If you wanna generate more leads, build more brand awareness and get more customers in your online business. what is the number one thing you need most? If you guessed traffic, you are right. And how does one get said traffic, you ask. Well, there are three general sources of traffic. The first is organic traffic, So this is the kind of traffic you get through SEO, word of mouth and content marketing efforts like social media. The second is referral traffic. Now, this is when someone else promotes your business through affiliate marketing or endorsements. And the third is paid traffic, So this is when brands and businesses spend money on advertising campaigns like, say, purchasing Facebook ads or banner ad placements on other high traffic sites. And that is the focus of today's video: writing ads that stand out, get more clicks and create long-term leads and customers. But the thing is, crafting a good ad is easier said than done. Did you know- this is crazy- that the average person is bombarded with 1700 ads every single month? 1700. And that is just on the internet. So, unless you're using some sort of ad blocking software. you are seeing ads constantly. But think about it for a second: in the last month, how many ads do you actually remember seeing? It definitely wasn't 1700, was it? I don't know, was it? Here's the thing: You only actually register a teeny-tiny percentage of the ads you see. The rest of them were immediately rendered as unimportant by your subconscious mind and basically ignored. I mean, how often do you see a popup ad or a banner ad or a Facebook ad, and you just scroll right on by it without giving it a second thought? Yeah, your brain has essentially been conditioned to filter out all this excess noise, and it is for good reason. Could you imagine if we actually processed every single piece of information we saw on the internet, Which begs the question if ads are one of the most important parts of a marketing funnel- which they definitely are- but only a tiny fraction of ads are actually being seen, read and engaged with. how in the world is one supposed to run a successful ad campaign? Well, let me tell you, I have seen good ads and I have seen bad ads, and knowing how to write a good ad is, of course, incredibly important, says the copywriter. So in this video, I'm gonna share the five-step framework that all good Facebook ads have in common, and make sure to stik to the end of this video to catch my next video on the "Five Cs of Great Ad Writing". Hey guys, what's up? It's Alex. Welcome to my channel. If you are new to the crew, hello welcome. I am so glad you're here. I put out a new copywriting and marketing tutorial every single week, so if you're a copywriter, marketer, freelancer or business owner looking to scale your business with words that work, you know what to do. go and hit that subscribe button below and don't forget to ring that bell to be notified when my next video goes live. But now, in today's video, I'm gonna teach you my proven five-step framework for writing ads that capture attention, stop scrolls and generate clicks, And I'll even walk you through what these components actually look like using real-life Facebook ads that I have found in my feed, because, let's be honest, most of us are visual learners and learn better by actually seeing this stuff in action. Right, Give me a thumbs up below if you love, love, love examples and let's dive right in. So we will start off with the most important part of really any copy you write, and that is number one: the hook. So your ad is often the very first touch point that a new lead has with your brand, product or service. So it really goes without saying that you want your ad to cut through that subconscious mind filter that I toked about earlier, grab attention and make a lasting first impression. And yes, you do this with a powerful hook. So the hook, or the big idea, is the single most important part of any copy you write. but, unlike most pieces of copy, where your hook is part of the headline, because it is the very first thing people read, When it comes to writing Facebook ads, the headline, or what's often called the ad title, is actually way down at the bottom of the ad, below the ad image or video, Which means by the time your prospect actually sees your ad title, they are already scrolling past it. So when writing Facebook ads, your hook needs to be the first sentence of your ad text, which is what your readers see first at the top of the ad, And you have exactly 125 characters to grab attention and pique curiosity before your text will be cut off with that "Read more" link. So in Facebook ad land, these 125 characters are everything And they're the part of your ad that you should dedicate the most amount of your creative energy to Remember. the goal here is to grab attention, generate curiosity and hook your prospect into reading more. So let's take a look at this example from Mindvalley. They immediately grab your attention with the very first line that says: "Where 90% of your distractions really come from- hint, it is not Netflix or notifications". Oh my gosh, what is it? YouTube maybe? No. This is great because it opens a loop and makes you wanna keep reading to find out what actually is causing all of your distractions. So in a sales page or a landing page, this would make for a really great headline. So now let's move on to the next very important part of your ad. Number two: the ad body copy. So this is essentially the rest of your ad text or your ad caption. Now the goal of your ad body copy is to present a solution to a problem, create empathy and connection and open another loop to make your reader want to click and learn more. Now here is a very, very important pro tip: Every single step of your ad and subsequent marketing funnel needs to open a loop to get your prospect to then take another action. So think of those first 125 characters of your ad, sort of like an email subject line, whereas your ad body copy is like the email copy itself, which should then entike someone to click the link or call to action inside. Now, in terms of the length, the section is gonna vary a lot depending on the level of your customer's awareness and the type of ad that it is. Now, if you aren't already familiar with Eugene Schwartz's "Five Levels of Customer Awareness", do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy of "Breakthrough Advertising". but let me do a quick recap for you. So the first level is the totally unaware audience, and this audience has no idea that they even have a problem worth solving. The second level is a problem-aware audience, and they are aware of the problem but they don't know of a solution that exists. And then you have a solution-aware audience, which knows the problem they have and the results they want, but they're out there actively seeking solutions. And next you have the product-aware audience, which is familiar with your product and your brand and its features, but they just aren't quite sure if it's right for them. And then, lastly, you have a very aware audience, and they know what they want and they are ready to buy. So, typically, the more aware your audience is, the shorter your ad can be, because less education and indoctrination is needed. So let's take a look at a few ad examples, one for each level of customer awareness. Alright, first up is your totally unaware audience. So at this level of customer awareness, your copy must educate first and offer a healthy amount of explanation, story and evidence. So here's a great example from Numerologistcom. You can see in their ad here. they've included a story at the beginning of their ad to hook the reader in and generate crazy interesting curiosity. They then move into a bit of education around numerology, which isn'.

Copywriting Hacks to Double Your Facebook Ad CTR (Even if You're Not a Great Copywriter)

- When it comes to Facebook ad copy, two to three sentences are responsible for about 80% of your copy's performance. On Instagram, it's even less. One to two sentences make up the bulk of the performance of your ad copy. Why? because on Facebook, when somebody sees your ad, all they can see is the headline and the first few lines of your copy, and that's it. If they wanna read the rest of your copy, they have to click a See more button. And on Instagram it's even worse: They can only see the first sentence if that before they have to click that more button. So if that first part of your copy isn't really good, then the rest doesn't matter at all, because no one's gonna see it anyway. All right, so let's tok about how to optimize that headline and the first few lines of your ad copy, also known as the know, as the hook, To quickly and easily improve the performance of your ad copy without you having to become a master copywriter. Think of this as the 80/20 of copywriting. It's the 20% that you can do. that's going to get you 80% of the result. Now let's start with the first and most important thing, which is tapping the Like button below this video. Now, obviously I'm just kidding, but if you do enjoy this video, please tap that Like button. It makes a huge difference in the channel, Helps get this video out in front of more people, And it also tells me what type of content I should be creating for you. Okay, so seriously, let's tok about your headline now, because this is a really important piece of your ad And so many advertisers use really generic, boring headlines like this, which is a total waste. So I'm gonna give you a couple of my favorite ways to craft a really effective headline for your ad. Okay, so the first one we'll tok about is the curiosity invoking headline. So it's pretty self-explanatory. The goal of this headline is to create curiosity within the reader. But the key isn't just to create curiosity, it's to also be very specific. Take a look at this example. You'll notike it speaks directly to the target audience- freelancers- But it also generates a ton of curiosity which makes the reader want to keep reading the rest of the ad so they can learn more about what this is all about. Now let's apply this to some previous examples. So if we see this one, it just says Ad World Conference. pretty generic, right. But if we apply this formula, we get something like this: Find out how Rand gets detailed behavioral data about audiences without large scale surveys. So that's something that's only going to appeal to a very specific audience, because we're toking about behavioral data, but it's also something that generates curiosity. Rand is a well-known figure in the industry and people are going to wanna know how he's doing this, because it's something that everybody wants to do and no one's really cracked. Here's another example we could use. here, Rand Fishkin shares his secrets to uncovering detailed audience behavioral data without surveys. Now, sometimes the curiosity approach doesn't work for every product or service or offer, so here's another one you can use, And that is the big promise headline. Now, again, it's pretty self-explanatory. I'm not super creative with these names, but all you do here is your offering something big that the reader really, really wants. Now there's one caveat that I have to mention here, and that is: this has to be something you can actually deliver. So you'd be surprised how often I see things that get written in Facebook ads pretty obviously can't be delivered on. There's a big promise, but it's an empty promise, So make sure you're not doing that when you create these ads. So, again, the keys are just that it's really specific. okay. You don't want something that's kind of wishy-washy and vague. It's gotta be very specific in terms of what the promise is and it has to be something they really want. So take a look at this example: 300 to 500 appointments booked on autopilot. This fits all of those criteria that I mentioned before. It's very specific and it's something that anybody who's trying to book sales appointments and calls is going to be really interested in. One, because that's a lot of appointments, And two, the autopilot part is really appealing as well. If you can create a machine that generates booked appointments for you and you're a salesperson or you're an organization that generates revenue through sales calls, then this is super appealing. Now here's another example. Now, what I like about this is one: it speaks very directly to the target audience. It actually calls them out physical therapists in the headline And it actually has a huge promise there as well. So it fits all of the criteria of this partikular headline framework. Now let's apply this same framework to the Peloton ad that we saw earlier, which just said: Try Peloton. We could take that same headline, rework it using this formula and get something like this: We'll give you a Peloton bike free for 30 days, No strings attached. You can see how that headline offers so much more than just Try Peloton. Another way we could do this is Click to get your free Peloton bike 30 day trial, no strings attached. So it's not overly complicated, but you can see how applying these simple frameworks dramatikally improves an ad headline in just a few seconds. Now let's have one more. look at an example. We'll apply this headline formula to the Ad World example that we saw earlier. We go from this to Learn how the world's best advertisers get 800% ROAS with Facebook Ads. So again, it's a big promise. They're going to teach you how these big advertisers are getting huge return on their ad spend using Facebook Ads. Okay, so once you take these formulas, you apply them, you've got a great headline, But you're not done yet. If that headline does its job, then the user's going to read it, they're going to be interested and they're going to go up and they're going to start reading the rest of your copy. And that starts with those one to two sentences that are 80 cents of your dollar. when it come to optimizing your ad copy, The first thing is this should be a continuation of your headline. They should all work together and flow together, And that includes the creative as well. So your headline, your copy and your creative should all be working together to create a great ad. In other words, they should compliment each other. You don't want 'em to feel like a mismatch. for obvious reasons, it feels disjointed. And one thing that I see really often that you wanna avoid as well, is repetition. If these things are just repeating each other, then you're just wasting space. Take a look at this example, where the image and the headline say exactly the same thing. That's a missed opportunity to actually give the reader more information in that valuable real estate that they can see upfront when they first see your ad. So you wanna make sure you're not making that mistake as well. When it comes to the first few lines of your ad copy, it's really easy to do something like this. This is an Instagram ad and, as you can see, the only thing that's visible here is two single words, And it doesn't tell you much about the product or the offer or what makes it special. Or take a look at this example on Facebook. It's Imagine this, and then we've got a little bit of a sentence, but it's cut off before it actually gets to the point or actually hooks me in Now. both of these ads can be improved in a big way pretty quickly just by changing those opening few lines in the copy, And I'm about to show you how, including my favorite formulas for doing that, And you'll be pretty surprised at the transformation in these ads with just a few little tweaks. But before I do, I just wanna take a quick moment to tell you about the sponsor of this week's video, Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for anyone who w

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How To use ChatGPT to Write Facebook Ads Copy (10 Ads copy in 5 Minutes!)

hey, welcome back to my channel. now is no news. this new AI too, created by a startup founded by Elon Musk, has been growing the minds of millions of Internet users since it was released. now, why is this so? this is because it has revolutionized the way research and assess information, because before we are used to going to Google to search and solve between different web pages. but right now you don't need to do all of that. all you need to do now is to chat GPT and it will answer all of your question, provide solution to all of your complex problem. in fact, so many people have been um speculating that this partikular tool will displace Google, because it can do a lot of things. it can solve mathematikal problem. it can also write any kind of copy: marketing copy, sales copy, website copy, ad copy, just name it. it can even write an artikle or a blog post from scratch. so this is an amazing tool. but this partikular video is not to tell you the job or who it will replace. this first Lab video is to show you how you can maximize this partikular tool to your advantage so you can be more productive and also to save more money if you have a business or you are an entrepreneur. in this same video, I'll write 10 art copy in less than five minutes. I bet you haven't seen this partikular AI 2 used this way. oh, you thought I'm joking. they play. okay guys, so without further Ado, let's go foreign. [Music]. okay guys, so welcome back now. here is what I would do. I will explain what an AI is and what chat GPT is for those that don't know. so I don't want to make any assumption here. so here is the thing I will ask this partikular tool: what is a i, what is an AI, whatever? so let's see the results. can you see? AI stands for artificial intelligence, so you can just read what you have here. but basically, an AI is just like a robot that I can use to replace human efforts. right, they help you perform tags on their own. they learn from previous experiences. that's just what it is basically. chargibility is an artificial, intelligent chatbot that you can use to solve your problem and also get answers to what you are looking for. now, what makes this difference from all that probably have used some other AI tool? what makes it different is that the way it's I respond and the way you can interact with it. it feels like you are. you are chatting with a normal human being, you understand. so that's what makes it very, very different from other two and, at the moment, is actually a free tool that you can use. but I would like to say this before we'll continue: this first love to is currently on beta or testing a stage, so there are still kind of gathering data for the AI to keep learning. so, in case you are watching this video some months later, it might not be free after them, but for now, it's currently free. so the reason I'm saying this is that, whatever response is giving you, make sure you verify, don't just copy and paste. do you get it now? very, very important? don't just copy and paste. and one more thing is: if you visit the website and they are telling you, um, you need to visit again, this is because so many people are assessing the platform, so their server could just like lock you out or log you out at any time. so just come back and you can access it again. Okay, so enough said, let's get started now. to access this tool, all you need to do is go to. okay, guys, so before I show you how to write 10 art copy in less than five minutes using this partikular tool. please do well to like this video so that YouTube can show it to more people looking for similar video content, similar video tutorial learner, come and learn from the same Source you are learning from, for free. and in case you stubborn on this video somehow- I say welcome to my channel- do well to subscribe to this Channel and also turn on the Bell notification, because I publish valuable content just like this one you are currently watching. and one more thing, guys: I would love to have meaningful conversation as regards this chat GPT. so if you want to contribute, if you want to ask question or just need Clarity on anything regarding, uh, this partikular tool, this partikular AI, to drop them in the comment section, I'll be willing to answer all of your questions. okay, guys. so let's continue with our video. um, chatopenaicom. you can see it here: chatopenaicom, so you'll be able to register with your email address. I'll not be doing that, but it is very easy. so I'll be up doing all of that again because I already have an account. so go there and you'll be able to create your account. you can also sign in with your Yahoo. I think Yahoo mail or Gmail can also sign it directly. so those are the ways in which you can access the platform. I hope that's very clear. so this partikular program or AI tool can do a lot of thing. okay, let me just show you something before we continue. um, write a code to create login form. yeah, let me use that in PHP language. don't worry, I used to be a programmer before before, not anymore, can you see? so you can use this same tool to even write a programming uh code and you can also debug your code. so this is actually an amazing tool, like very, very amazing. you can use for so many things. the reason I'm saying this is because I'll not be covering all of that. you can see it's, wrote the code and even explain, give some explanation regarding to what it has generated. so it can do a lot of things. it can solve a mathematikal problem. we can write an essay. you can even use it to write your cover letter. so, guys, the uh, the opportunity here is kind of endless. that's just the truth. so I'm saying this to tell you I'll not be covering all of that because this video will just be too long. so focus on writing ad copy. but my advice for you is, once you are done watching this video. go to, uh, the platform, just try out, play around with the two, just try to have conversation, learn how it works. because the issue people are saying, hey, I will take my job here, I will take this job- the truth is there will still be a woman. no, the truth is, human beings are still needed to operate this AI. that is just the truth. so, instead of you focusing on AI taking your job, what you focus on is how you can uh be able to effectively and efficiently use these AI tools. trust me, there are millions of people that still don't know about these two or how to use it. so, play around with it, just ask it anything. it can make research for you. you can, in fact, you can, even ask it to write some pickup lines to pick up. so, guys, I'm just trying to tell you, like, the extent of how great this platform is. that's just it, guys. okay, so back to what we are doing here, okay, guys. so I know most of it. I'll be watching this video on my channel. you are into Drop Shipping or e-commerce business, so I've decided to use this product as a case study, although there are other products I wanted to use, like um, Anti-aging products, acne products- those will actually work very fine, but I'm looking for a product that everybody can relate to it. so this is a fruit juicer, and what it does is that it helps people to squeeze out juice from fruit. so if you want to enjoy natural fruits, you can just use the, the what's it called the fruit juicer, right? I'm very sure most of you are not new. I just have to show this picture for those that don't know what the product is. all right, so let me just write this copy now I would create. I'll click on nutrient just to start afresh. so I will come to these two now. one more thing, guys. I know I said the copy will be written in five minutes. yes, this is very possible, but it's not impossible because I need to explain some things to you guys. so, because I know some people watch this video and they'll be like: ah, but you said it is five minutes. I've had the experiences like that. so what I'm saying here is: of course, you will not even spend up to five minutes, but I need to make explanation, you understand. so let's jump right into the video. so I'll I'll write um right, and add copy for a fruit juicer. so let's see what it can do. okay, now our boat is writing for us, can you se?


Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write Wildly Powerful Facebook Ad Copy (Crazy)

founder sabri serbi, joins me now in the studio. i really look at business as an incredible vehicle to really like make good and make change in the world. [Music], for instance, this one. the clients come to us: hey, this is what we're doing- skeletal bone understanding and injuring people. like people that are injured, and teaching them pilates. first of all, that is like the vehicle. what is the opportunity? right, what is it? why would someone do a diploma in this stuff? where are they right now in their journey as a pilates instructor and where is it that they want to go? and why would they want to go and spend 8 000 on a diploma and all the time and energy and being away from their family and studying and all this stuff. like, what's that end thing that they want, right? so that's the like. the client will always tell you the thing, the widget, how it's so great and all of that stuff. like we want to know what the opportunity is that we're selling here. we want to know exactly what it is that these people want. yeah, why do they do it? the fact that they want to understand, like the skeleton is not, is that's not enough, right? um, and then what are their pain points of where they are right now? yeah, right. is it that they're getting multiple complaints? is it that they're injuring their students? is it their business is stuck and they haven't been able to get ahead? whatever it might be, yeah, right. and then positioning the, the diploma, as the bridge to take them from where they are right now to where they want to go, right. so you've got something called a unique mechanism and that has two different parts to it. there's a unique mechanism to the problem, right? what is this unique mechanism to the problem that they're in? right, they don't have a good understanding of anatomy and the skeletal system and, as a result of that, like, they're unable to to help people in the best ability that they can, and it basically results in people, um, you know, dropping off, and that is a unique problem that we're bringing attention to. that is created by people only having a certificate in in pilates training and not a diploma. then, once we've positioned the unique mechanism of the problem, then we want to position the unique mechanism to solve that problem, right? so we agitate the problem and then we say, like all of these things exist and you need to say them in a way that's visceral, where they actually understand it like it's real, not just like in broad brush strokes. so these are the problems. yeah, right, it needs to be like really, really detailed. um, an example of that is some copy that i recently wrote, which i shall read to you. look, you're young, maybe you're old, and a little birdie told me that you've spent countless of hours online scouring the darkest corners of the internet, reading the works of dozens of so-called gurus, reading blogs, the latest ebooks, watching webinars, youtube videos, doing courses, learning about seo, meta tags, keywords, google analytiks, facebook ads, pixels, backlinks, opt-in pages, double opt-in lists, email sequences, remarketing and copywriting, tools for this, tools for that, files for this and pixels for that. and then, oh my gosh, i discovered another marketing guy who says: and so on and so on: sigh, after all this education, the hours of effort, self-sacrifice, money, invested dedication and tenacity, not to mention the never-ending employee issues and never-ending challenges of lice, this causes you, this is causes your head to be so full of mush that you feel like there are only a few options: to give up, throw up, cry, chuck your macbook out the window and scream, right, so that, like that, very vividly explains that i understand all the challenges that this market is facing, and that's me agitating. the problem they're like: and then the next line of copy is: but what if there is a better way? right? and then i go in to the unique like mechanism of the solution to that nightmare. yeah, so it's the same thing with this. we need to understand what is it that they are doing like. is it the never-ending injuries and complaints? and whatever it might be? we need to really say that. so they're like: ah, damn, like he's kicking my bruise knee, like they really understand what it is. and then we present the solution, which is to do the diploma right. so it's like it's about the opportunity. it's not about the actual six weeks program with 35 modules and no one cares about that. and and then, once you've got those things, then it becomes quite simple: yeah, you just weave that in through the copy. yeah, that's what i call the raw materials. like, you need to go and get those raw materials. and what most marketers do right, and most copywriters do, they think it's about the finessing of the words that makes people buy, right, it's not how you say it, it's what you say. i could just say all of this stuff in a very simple way, but as long as i'm saying the right thing, it will be way more effective than somebody that's saying the wrong thing in a really good way. yeah, yeah, but everyone just obsesses over the words and the hypey headlines and this and like that doesn't matter if you don't know what to say, so the biggest part of your job is finding out what to say. if you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe. we're dropping a video like this almost every single day on youtube, and if you've got any questions, leave them in the comments box below with hey sudbury, and i'll do my best to get in there and get that answered. [Music] you.

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

On-screen right now, I'll teach you how to step-by-step set up a solid Facebook ads from scratch, and, when we do this correctly, it'll mean a new ongoing stream of revenue for you and your business. Buthow am I so sure that Facebook Ads still works? If you just take a look right now on-screen, if I go to the Facebook Report- Third Quarter 2021 Results and yearly financial results, they're still seeing year on year growth on their active user base and advertising revenue. so, taking a quick look at the ad revenue right here, you can see that there is tremendous year-on-year growth and there's no sign of slowing down yet. and there are almost 2 billion active users every day that we can still reach- and, let's not forget, this also includes instagram. so this is the reason why myself and the team are spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on facebook and instagram ads across our businesses, with a pretty decent return to this day, although lots has changed with the facebook ads since my days working as a digital marketing manager in the corporate world. so let's go ahead and get stuck into the tutorial, see what's different and see how we can still set up great facebook ads. and, by the way, drop a like and subscribe if you find today's video useful, it's always appreciated. so the absolute very first thing you want to do, if you don't already have an account, is head onto the url businessfacebookcom, and then you want to create a new business account. first you need to log into your facebook account and then create a new business account. so once you have that done, you're going to head on to facebook business manager. this is a fresh account so we can follow along here, and this is your ads manager account and we want to familiarize ourselves with how to navigate this interface. so firstly, we have the campaign section. so the campaign section and the campaign view is where we get an overview of everything that's happening, all the ads that we're going to set up. then the ad sets is the ads, the ads underneath the campaign, and then finally, you have the ads itself underneath ad sets. so it sort of trickles down and we have a flow on effect from campaigns to ad sets to ads. the campaign structure is very important and i'll mention more about that in a moment. we also have the column section and this is very important in analyzing our ads, our performance and getting more detail from all our campaigns. then we also have the breakdown effect. so this breakdown column is essentially giving you again more detail about the ads and more efficiently viewing our data. so data is very important when it comes to facebook ads. and then, finally, you have reports, where you can generate reports and customer reports, and then, in this section here, once we create ads, you'll start to familiarize yourself with the data fields, and this is where you're going to see all the ad names, the delivery types, the bid strategy, the budget and all the other statistiks that we need to know when it comes to facebook ads. now, just before we create an ad together. the second thing you want to do is competitor research, and we want to run some competitor research because we want to understand what a good ad looks like in your business and find out some competitors and what they're doing in with their ads. so one of my favorite tools is the facebook ad library, and it's literally that it's a library of ads that we can see. you can reach this page on facebookcom: forward slash ads, forward slash library. but taking a look here, you can set- let's set- this to all so it's a global, and then we can start to find and click all ads and then we can start to find examples of great ads. let's just say we're running ads for phone cases, an iphone case, so all we need to do here is type in iphone cases and then click enter and then we can start to see different ads for phone cases, iphone cases specifically. and now the best way to do this is to find competitor brands, brainstorm competitor brands within your niche and find them directly in the facebook ad library. so this is a great way, initially just to use generic terms like iphone cases to find very generic ads. they may or may not be performing well, but it gives you a few ideas of what is and maybe isn't working well and some ideas for creative and and ad copy and all of that good stuff. but the best way to do this is, again, to find your competitors. so in this case, let's type in pure cases. i think it was the first- yep, it's this one here, i believe. so i know this is a great iphone case brand and so we can directly look at their ads and see what they're doing well, and a great way to find out the ads that are working for them. even though we can't exactly see all the data and all the performance data we i usually like to scroll all the way down, uh, to their oldest ads, because if their oldest ads are still running, it's usually a good indicator that those ads are performing well for them. so their oldest ads are in august 2021, and so i like to take a look and click, see our details and just take a overall look at what they're doing. you know where, where the ad directs to and what the landing page looks like. so, again, this is a great way, uh, looking at competitor competitors and getting a good idea of your ads. i think this is one of the best ways to start, especially if you're new to facebook ads or you're still a beginner. it's to do competitor research and just get some ideas from there. the second tool i want to mention, before we jump in, actually create some ads, is a new tool actually called um: campaign ideas generator. now, this is a tool that you can reach at facebookcom: forward slash business, forward slash campaign ideas generator. by the way, i'll leave all the links down below just so it's easier for you all to access, but with this tool- this is a relatively new tool- to get campaign ideas, you know. if you don't know what type of campaigns to run, this is a great way to start. it is very generic, though. just be wary of that. so all you need to do is say: i have a pick, your niche. let's say you're in consumer goods. let's just say: and then i would like like campaign suggestions for you know a specific event or a specific time in the year- let's just say easter in this case- and get campaign ideas, and what facebook will do is it'll troll through all its campaign data and give you suggestions for some campaign ideas. it will even give you ready to go ads so you can start to see, hey, what might work. well, you can also download the jpegs and images and start using them as creative. don't recommend that, though. you want to create your own creative and images, so just be wary of that. but again, it's just a good place to start, because i know a lot of people they're unsure of where to start when it comes to facebook ads and can be pretty overwhelming. so those are the two tools that i recommend that are directly from facebook themselves. now, moving on to actually creating the ad itself, let's jump back into our ads manager- so this is a brand new ads manager- and let's create an ad together. the very first thing you want to do is click on the big green button, click create and, depending on if you have a new ad account, you may get this warning message as well. nothing to be worried about. you can go complete your account setup later on. but now first thing you want to do is create a campaign objective, depending on your goal. you may want to go with any one of these, really depending on what you're selling and what your objective is, but in any case, probably the most two common objectives right here is, of course, conversions, traffic and engagement. i'm going to go set up a conversions ad just so we can push sales, but this is very broad. it really does depend on what type of business you are running and if you have,

How to Write PROFITABLE Facebook Ad Copy (Everyone Makes This Mistake)

i was recently brought in to advise a company who were getting really cheap leads with their facebook and instagram ads, but very few sales, and they just couldn't figure out why. now, the problem wasn't any of the things you would usually go to. they were targeting the us and canada, where buyers usually convert really well. what they were selling was a digital product which already had proven demand. they've got lots of sales, lots of happy customers. they were using conversion ads, which generally have a better sales conversion rate than something like lead ads, because the lead quality is higher with conversion ads. and at a surface level, everything looked good. and then i started reading through their ads and that's when it hit me. the main thing they were toking about in their ad copy and the lead magnet they were sending people to- in other words, the freebie they were driving people to- was toking about seven critikal mistakes that 90 of new entrepreneurs make that kill their revenue. now, of course, i'm paraphrasing there, but it was along those lines. i mean that sounds okay. right, they sell business coaching, so it makes sense. it's closely related. but digging just a little deeper and looking at what they're actually selling, their main product is a five thousand dollar high level business coaching program. and right, there is the problem. there's a big disconnect between the people who are actually buying their program and the people that those ads using that copy and that lead magnet are actually attracting. now that current message that's toking to new entrepreneurs is going to bring in cheap leads, because the audience pool is huge. there are naturally more newer entrepreneurs than those who are already successful or somewhat successful, and so you've got this large audience hungry for information. naturally, you bring in those low-cost leads, but then, as you can see, they don't lead to sales if they're not a great fit for what you're actually selling. on the back end- and that's where so many new advertisers fall into this trap- they test lots of new messages, they see which one works the best, and their only measure on which is working best is cost per lead, and so they hone in on that. then it doesn't lead to sales and they start asking the question: why aren't i generating a good roast from my ads even though my lead cost is really low? and that's the first lesson here. when you're coming up with hooks and angles for your ad copy and when you're coming up with ideas for freebies and lead magnets, you need to make sure that you're coming up with ideas that will attract the people who are ready to buy from you now, and not people who may fit your audience in one, two or three years. you see the new entrepreneurs. they tiknically fit this person's audience, but they're not going to be in a position to buy right now. it's probably going to be two or three years until they are in a buying position. so they're not the people that this partikular company wants to go after now if they want to make sales in the next week or two. what you should do is instead think about who is actually in the position right now to make that purchase. if we were to take this same example and think of different messaging for our copy and a different lead magnet, something like this would work a lot better. the three core pillars every business needs before they can go from six figures a year to seven. now you can see, with that headline, we're speaking to people who are already making six figures a year at least in their business. therefore, when you pitch them on a five thousand dollar coaching program that's specifically designed to help them scale to seven figures one, they can actually afford that level of coaching and two, it's very specifically tailored to them. it speaks to where they are now and it's focused on getting them to where they want to be, which again increases the likelihood of them buying. and the other important thing to note here is that naturally, when you do this, leads are going to cost more. why? because there are far fewer businesses who are making six figures a year. then there are new entrepreneurs out there and that's because of natural attrition. only so many new businesses will succeed. so naturally, there will be lots of new businesses out there, but there will be far fewer businesses that are actually already at that six figure level, looking to scale to seven. so lead costs are going to be higher. you need to be aware of that. but you need to shift your focus to which leads are going to generate the best return on ad spend versus which leads are the cheapest. i would much rather pay fifty dollars per lead and have those leads generate a three hundred percent return on ad spend. then pay five dollars per lead and have them generate a 50 return on ad spend. and you need to start thinking that way as well with your own ads. there's no point writing copy that's going to get you cheap leads if those leads aren't going to turn into customers. so that's the first piece of this puzzle. there's a second piece as well that you need to keep at the front of your mind when you're writing copy if you want to make sure that your ad campaigns are actually profitable, and i'm about to walk you through exactly what that is. but before we do that, i'd like to take a quick second to thank the sponsor of this week's video skillshare. if you have a specific skill you're trying to learn- from copywriting to video editing, to marketing, to entrepreneurship and much, much more- you can find classes on skillshare that will match your goals and interests. one that i recently took was called advanced video editing, with premiere pro by jordy vanderpoot. i wanted to really hone my skills when it comes to video editing, and jordy hosts one of the biggest youtube channels when it comes to video editing and cinematography, with over 2 million subscribers, so he is literally one of the best people on the planet to learn this skill from, and skillshare is the place where you can get access to world-class information from people like geordie and more. i joined skillshare with the goal of learning more about entrepreneurship, productivity and video editing, and every class that i've taken has exceeded my expectations by far and helped me grow in so many ways, and the great news for you is you can get one month free access to skillshare if you use the link down in the description. the first 1000 people to use that link will get a month free access to skillshare and every class available on the platform. all you have to do is click that link, sign up today and enjoy your free month- all right. so the other thing you need to keep top of mind when you're writing your copy is the stage of awareness that you're writing for. now. this is a concept from a book called breakthrough advertising, where they outline the five different stages of awareness someone goes through before they buy, and the stage of awareness that somebody is at is directly related to how long the buying cycle will be and how easy it's going to be for you to sell to them. it also dictates how you actually need to speak to them and how you need to sell to them. so if you're attracting people who are at the wrong stage of awareness relative to how your sales funnel works and the messaging within your sales funnel, then they're not going to convert either. so let's first take a look at the five different stages of awareness, understand them and then tok about which one is best to go after and how to do that. when you write your copy, the first stage is completely unaware. now these are people who don't even know they've got a problem or a desire, so they have no idea that they're experiencing a problem or that they really want a partikular thing. these people are literally as far away from becoming a customer as possible in order to get a sale. you're going to have to make them aware of their problem. you're going to have to teach them about that problem and why it's something they need to solve. you're going to have to teach