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How We Made $92,000 in February on Shopify... Complete Strategy Breakdown

Published on: December 17 2022 by BitBranding

- Starting an online business on Shopify

- The potential for success

- Our experience and results

Section 1: Finding the Right Products

- Researching trends and demand

- Evaluating competition

- Testing products with Facebook Ads

Section 2: Optimizing Your Store

- Choosing a visually appealing theme

- Customizing your store's layout and design

- Creating high-quality product photos and descriptions

Section 3: Marketing Your Products

- Building a social media presence

- Running Facebook Ads

- Influencer marketing

Section 4: Managing Your Finances

- Setting pricing strategies

- Tracking expenses and profits

- Scaling up or down based on performance

- Success is possible with the right strategy and effort

- Continuously analyze and adapt to improve performance

- Take calculated risks and learn from mistakes.

In this article, we will be discussing how one of our clients made $91,000 in February and how you can do it too. We will be sharing the strategies and tactics that helped our client achieve this success.


1. Focusing on new traffic: Our strategy was to expand our client's brand all over the United States and get it in front of as many people as possible.

2. Email segmentation: We segmented our client's email list by interests and actions on the site to create personalized content.

3. Live selling: Live selling is a game changer for brands, and we highly recommend it to boost sales.


1. Email campaigns: We sent out two to three emails per week to a segmented audience and saw a great ROI.

2. Shopify store: We showed the inside of the Shopify store and refreshed the page to show real-time numbers.

3. Automated emails: We set up automated emails for people who added to cart, initiated checkout, or made a purchase.

4. Active Campaign: We used Active Campaign software to manage our client's email campaigns.

5. Facebook Live: We shared our experience with live selling and how it helped our client increase sales.

Implementing these strategies and tactics takes time, but they are absolutely possible for any business. By focusing on new traffic, email segmentation, and live selling, our client was able to achieve great success. We highly recommend using email campaigns, Shopify stores, automated emails, Active Campaign, and Facebook Live to boost your sales.

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