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How will the iOS 14 Update affect Facebook and Google Ads?

Published on: November 17 2023 by Darren Taylor

How will the iOS 14 Update affect Facebook and Google Ads?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Impact of iOS 14 Update on Digital Marketers 2.1 Overview of Apple's App Tracking Transparency Policy 2.2 Google Ads and the iOS 14 Update 2.3 Facebook Ads and the iOS 14 Update
  3. How the iOS 14 Update Affects Google Ads 3.1 Impact on Google Chrome and YouTube 3.2 Implications for Cross-Device Targeting 3.3 Google's Alternative Tracking Technology - SK Ad Network
  4. How the iOS 14 Update Affects Facebook Ads 4.1 Majority iOS Users on Facebook Mobile App 4.2 Limitations on Data Sharing with Facebook Pixel 4.3 Challenges for App Marketing on Facebook
  5. Facebook's Workarounds for iOS 14 Update 5.1 Aggregated Event Measurement Protocol 5.2 Upgrading to Facebook SDK for iOS 14 5.3 Potential Legal Challenge by Facebook
  6. Conclusion

The Impact of iOS 14 Update on Digital Marketers

Apple's recent iOS 14 update, particularly the App Tracking Transparency policy, is poised to have a significant impact on digital marketers. In this article, we will delve into the details of this update and explore its effects on the two major advertising platforms, namely Google Ads and Facebook Ads. By understanding the implications of this change, marketers can strategize and adapt their campaigns accordingly.

How the iOS 14 Update Affects Google Ads

Although the iOS 14 update will have less impact on the search campaigns of Google Ads, it will predominantly affect app usage on iOS devices. Specifically, applications such as Google Chrome, YouTube, and Maps will be affected. Users will have the option to opt out of sharing their data with these apps, thereby making it harder for Google to target ads effectively. The update will particularly hinder cross-device targeting and cause a decline in data points for better understanding user behavior. However, Google is striving to combat these limitations by adopting a different tracking technology called SK Ad Network, albeit with some compromises in data quality and attribution.

How the iOS 14 Update Affects Facebook Ads

On the other hand, Facebook Ads are expected to be heavily impacted by the iOS 14 update. As the majority of Facebook users access the platform through the mobile app on iOS devices, the repercussions of the update are significant. Users will be prompted to choose whether they want to share data with Facebook, and it is highly likely that many will decline. Consequently, the Facebook pixel will no longer be able to gather valuable user data, resulting in a decline in the quality of targeted ads. Conversion tracking events and ad personalization will also be negatively affected. This poses a challenge for Facebook advertisers, especially those marketing apps on the platform.

Facebook's Workarounds for the iOS 14 Update

Despite the limitations imposed by the iOS 14 update, Facebook is actively working on finding solutions. They have developed an SDK specifically for iOS 14, which app advertisers and developers are advised to upgrade to in order to optimize data sharing. Facebook is also focusing on aggregating conversion data through their aggregated event measurement protocol. This allows advertisers to choose up to eight conversion events per domain, ensuring more effective ad targeting. However, there are still restrictions on data sharing, and advertisers will need to adjust their conversion settings accordingly to mitigate the impact of the update. Additionally, Facebook may consider taking legal action against Apple based on arguments of unequal treatment between third-party apps and Apple's own apps.

In conclusion, the iOS 14 update has both pros and cons for digital marketers. While Google Ads will experience some limitations, Facebook Ads will face greater challenges in data sharing and ad personalization. However, with Facebook's workarounds and potential legal action, advertisers can still navigate the changing landscape. It is important to stay informed and adapt strategies accordingly to mitigate the impact of the iOS 14 update.


  • The iOS 14 update introduces Apple's App Tracking Transparency policy, impacting digital marketers on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Google Ads will see limitations in data targeting and cross-device attribution due to users opting out of data sharing on apps like YouTube and Google Chrome.
  • Google is adopting the SK Ad Network as an alternative tracking technology to mitigate data restrictions.
  • Facebook Ads, predominantly used on the Facebook mobile app, will face challenges in data sharing, conversion tracking, and ad personalization.
  • Facebook offers workarounds such as aggregated event measurement and upgrading to the iOS 14 SDK to enhance data sharing options.
  • Facebook is considering legal action against Apple for potential antitrust concerns.
  • Advertisers must adapt their strategies to navigate the impact of the iOS 14 update and stay informed about further developments in the future.

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