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Published on: June 30 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, Tanisha here. Today, I'm going to review Citron Research and Andrew Left's accusations against Shopify. According to Left, Shopify is a scam and doesn't have a viable product. He also targets Shopify affiliates and claims that they are not making real money. However, I disagree with his claims and believe that Shopify is a legitimate ecommerce platform just like Amazon, Walmart, and others.


1. Shopify is not a scam

2. Andrew Left is not credible

3. Shopify affiliates are making money

4. The new way to make money

5. Bitcoin is not a fraud

6. Do your own research

Shopify is not a scam:

Left claims that Shopify is a scam and doesn't have a viable product, but this is not true. Shopify is a platform that allows people to sell their products and services online. It is similar to other ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and WooCommerce. Shopify also has an affiliate program that allows people to earn up to 200 percent commission.

Andrew Left is not credible:

Left has a history of calling things fraud without any evidence. He has even called Bitcoin a fraud, which is not true. Left is not credible and has been accused of being racist. He only targeted two black people in his accusations against Shopify.

Shopify affiliates are making money:

Left claims that Shopify affiliates are not making real money, but this is not true. People are quitting their six-figure jobs to do Shopify full time. Shopify is a legitimate way to make money online and has been around for a long time.

The new way to make money:

The way to make money has completely changed. People can now sit at home and make a boatload of money on their computer. This is possible through platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart. People can also use Bitcoin to make money.

Bitcoin is not a fraud:

Left claims that Bitcoin is a fraud, but this is not true. People all over the world are using Bitcoin to live their lives. It is a legitimate way to make transactions and is not a scam.

Do your own research:

It's important to do your own research before believing anything you see on the internet. Left is not credible and has a history of making false accusations. People should not believe everything he says and should instead do their own research.

In conclusion, Left's accusations against Shopify are false. Shopify is a legitimate ecommerce platform that allows people to sell their products and services online. People are making money through Shopify affiliates and are even quitting their six-figure jobs to do Shopify full time. The way to make money has completely changed, and platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart are making it possible for people to make money from home. People should not believe everything they see on the internet and should instead do their own research.

Shopify is DEAD? Citron Research Scandal with my Name

Shopify and its affiliates promoting a get-rich-quick scheme or a scam?

In this video, Gator addresses an article by Andrew Left from Citrus Research that accuses Shopify of being a scam and promoting a get-rich-quick scheme. Gator refutes these claims and offers his own perspective on the matter.

Main points:

- The article is based on false information, such as Gator's alleged promotion of Herbalife, which he never did.

- Shopify does not promote an opportunity or MLM scheme, but rather a platform for building online stores.

- The success stories of Shopify users are evidence that the platform works as intended.

- The article also criticizes Shopify's use of affiliate marketing and the value of the Oberlo app, which Gator argues are legitimate and beneficial tools for business owners.

- The article's conclusion warns of a potential stock market crash, but Gator believes that the shift towards online businesses is a growing trend that will continue.

Gator dismisses the accusations against Shopify as unfounded and explains why the platform is a viable option for anyone looking to start an online business. He also cautions against taking articles like Left's at face value and encourages viewers to do their own research before making any decisions.

Shopify EXPOSED (Get Rich Quick Scheme?)

Is Shopify a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Many people wonder if Shopify is a get rich quick scheme. In this article, we will discuss the controversy around this question and whether Shopify is a viable way to make money.

Is Shopify a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

The answer is no. While it is true that anyone can launch a store on Shopify, it takes more than just launching a store to make money. It requires building automation tools, providing excellent customer support, and having a competitive advantage. Simply launching a store will not guarantee success.

The Problem with Shopify’s Marketing:

Shopify markets itself as an easy way for anyone to launch a store, which is great for entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, this has led to gurus and scammers hyping up the platform and claiming that it is easy to make millions of dollars. This false marketing is what has led to the belief that Shopify is a get rich quick scheme.

Testing Products on Shopify:

To be successful on Shopify, you must test products. It may take testing up to 100 products before finding a winner. Testing one or two products will not yield great results. Ad Show is an excellent tool for testing products and launching ads quickly.

Shopify is not a get rich quick scheme. While it is easy to launch a store on the platform, it takes hard work, dedication, and testing to be successful. Don’t believe the hype and false marketing, but rather put in the work to build a successful business on Shopify.

What Happened to Shopify!?

Yesterday, Andrew Left from Citron Research released a report comparing Shopify to Herbalife and claimed that Shopify has not shown scalability or unit economics over the past three years. This report caused Shopify's stock to drop by 10-13% in one day, and as low as $93 a share. In this article, we will examine the validity of Andrew Left's claims and Shopify's current situation.

Shopify's Business Model:

- Shopify offers eCommerce solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, with packages ranging from $30 to $300 a month.

- Shopify claims to have 2500 Shopify plus merchants out of their universe of 500,000 and another 20,000 Shopify advanced merchants.

- Left questions who the other 450,000 merchants are and claims that Shopify is selling business opportunities to make money quickly.

- However, Shopify is just a platform to help build an online store with payment processing and can be done in two hours.

Andrew Left's Track Record:

- Andrew Left has a history of targeting stocks and coming out with short recommendations.

- He has made short recommendations for Nvidia and Tesla, which have not been accurate, and his average one-year return is negative 1.6%.

Andrew Left's claims that Shopify is a scam are unfounded, and his track record raises doubts about his credibility. Shopify offers a platform to help small businesses build online stores, and its packages are affordable and accessible. The recent drop in Shopify's stock provides an opportunity for investors to buy low and potentially benefit from future growth.


Title: Beware of Short Sellers: A Look into Citron Research Group and Andrew Left

- Andrew Left and Citron Research Group are well-known short sellers in the stock market.

- They have gained popularity for their successful short positions on companies.

- However, it is important to investigate their past and methods before blindly following their advice.

Short Sellers and the Market:

- Short sellers rely on persuading others to sell or short a stock in order to profit.

- They often release negative outlooks on companies to achieve this.

- Andrew Left's success rate is around 58%, similar to flipping a coin.

- It is crucial to do your own research and not rely solely on their advice.

The Problem with Short Selling:

- Short selling can be profitable, but it also carries risks.

- Companies that are accused by short sellers often suffer damage to their reputation.

- Employees can lose their jobs if the company goes under.

- Short sellers often have an agenda and end goal, which can lead to biased opinions.

Citron Research Group and Andrew Left:

- Citron Research Group has been banned in Hong Kong for false accusations.

- Andrew Left has been wrong about companies, such as Tesla and Shopify.

- He has also been right about certain companies and has exposed shady practices.

- It is important to be cautious when shorting stocks and to thoroughly research before making any decisions.

- Short selling can be tempting, but it is important to understand the risks.

- Always do your own research and be wary of biased opinions.

- Beware of short sellers like Citron Research Group and Andrew Left, who may have an agenda in their advice.

Let's Talk Nio SHORTED, Citron Research Report, Andrew Left and why Nio is down

Why is NEO stock going down?

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons behind the recent drop in NEO's stock price. We will look at who has been shorting the stock, the history behind these people, and their agendas.

Neo's Stock Performance:

Neo is an electric vehicle company that has become popular in recent months. Its stock price has seen a steady climb since May, reaching its peak in November. However, a short seller report published by Citron Research caused the stock to lose 24% of its value in less than five hours.

Short Seller Report:

Citron Research, run by Andrew Left, is a famous short seller known for shorting stocks to make profits for his fund. Left predicts a downfall for the Tesla of China due to increased competition from Tesla's Model Y, which could undercut Neo's ES6 and EC6 models. Left also stated that Neo is trading at 17-18 times its value compared to Tesla's nine times.

Andrew Left's History:

Andrew Left is an activist, author, and editor of Citron Research. He has been sanctioned by the National Futures Association and banned from Hong Kong's market misconduct tribunal for disclosing false or misleading information. Citron Research has published short reports on companies like Valiant and Wayfair, predicting their stock to drop significantly, but they have both seen a massive run-up in their stock price since then. Left predicted Peloton's stock to drop to $5 within the year, but it has since boomed during the pandemic, sitting at $100 per share.

Investors are advised to do their own research before investing in Neo. Left's short seller report on Neo should not be taken lightly, as he is known for shorting stocks to make profits. It is important to consider both sides of the argument before making a decision.

[WEBCAST REPLAY] Long or Short Netflix? A Bull and Bear Debate

Music: A Bull-Bear Debate on Netflix

Darryl Jones, Director of Research at Head Zhai, welcomes Andrew Left, from Citrone Research, and Andrew Friedman, who's on the bull side of Netflix. They discuss the recent tweet by Citrone Research that suggests new data shows the international traction might be the mechanism to take the stock back to 350.


- Andrew Left has always been short on Netflix but now he is going long due to the sentiment built-in.

- Andrew Friedman thinks that the markets are being overly unenthusiastic because of the Disney launch, which he thinks will be a bit anticlimactic.

- Andrew Left thinks that Netflix has a place in the portfolio and that it has a deep moat because of its content library.

- Andrew Friedman disagrees on the international side, stating that Netflix is too expensive for developing economies like India.

- Andrew Left thinks that Netflix is going there with some of their reality shows, making it episodic, and that it's the maturing process of Netflix.

- Andrew Friedman believes that Netflix is widely over-owned and that the stock could go lower if US subscribers are flat sequentially in Q4.

The debate highlights the different opinions on Netflix's future, with Andrew Left and Andrew Friedman having different views. The sentiment on Netflix has become more bearish, and the stock could go lower if Q4 US subscribers are flat sequentially. However, Netflix still has a place in the portfolio, and its content library could give it a deep moat. The maturing process of Netflix is ongoing, and making their content episodic could be the way forward.

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