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hulu skip ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to skip adds on Hulu with a normal plan

[Music]. [Music]. okay, so I'm gonna put on dragon ball. okay. so in ads playing you can't skip the first dad, sadly, but not that big of a deal, cuz it's like 30 seconds long, so it's okay. so, as you see, it's just starting and so when I skip, like let's see if there's it's just an intro. okay, it's just gonna be the intro. so this, this is the begin, it's the beginning of the show, and in the beginning you can actually just skip, you can just skip ads. so you see, there's like that gray spot. it means there's an ad there. all you've got to do is just what, like that white cursor, go over it and it'll skip it, and then you just gotta rewind, okay. so once you rewind and you see them right there, let's see, just watched all of it. you should just check by, like pressing like the up and back, just see where you're at, and okay. so let's just say I'm just watched all this part, see, like it's about to show an ad, like right here, it's an ad mark right there, and so I'm just gonna skip all the way past the second ad, like right here, and I'll just skip it. and then all you gotta do is rewind back and it will show like that bumper if you're watching Dragon Ball or any other show. okay, so once you get to the- let's say I watched all of this part. so once you watch- reach the final ad, you've gotta- I guess you see there's no ads- to skip past here. so what you gotta do there's like two methods. you've gotta get back here and try to get it like the cursor to go back into that like the middle of that part [Applause], which is honestly kind of hard to do. but the next method is a lot easier. all you're going to do you just gotta skip back to the beginning and, don't worry, you'll only show like a small part of it, and then you'll get your back and you just skip all the way past the final ad, right there, and you just, oh yeah, on this one you won't late, don't like skip to another ad, since it's like the last dad. so you just skip back here and if it's in there, then I'll just like jump forward and then back to the beginning. so then you'll just be there and this works with pretty much any show. so hope you found that helpful. it makes you a lot better. [Music].

How to Get Free Hulu Plus Live TV 🔥 Free Hulu Accounts SKIP ADS and WATCH OFFLINE

yo guys, stop what you're doing. watch this entire video, because I'm gonna show you all how to get Hulu for absolutely free without having to pay a single dime, guys. so I'm gonna go ahead and open it and show you guys. then I got Hulu for absolutely free without paying, so check it out. this is my account. as you can see. they have all the TV's and movies all to your access for absolutely free. you know this is a working method working on Android and iOS. I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys my account right here on my computer. as you can see, I'm signed in and subscription. I got the Hulu base plan for absolutely free. I'm gonna go ahead and refresh it just to show you guys. check it out: Hulu base plan completely for free. guys, I'm gonna go ahead and show you all exactly how I did this without having to pay a single dime. so just follow all my instructions and it will be really easy. so what you guys gonna want to do is go into your browser on your phone. so app. what you're gonna want to do is go to the website: app mokou. once again, that's app mod Co. now, once you guys are on the website, go ahead and refresh it or whatever, and load it up. you're gonna see all these apps so you can go ahead and install. now, basically, what you're gonna want to do is go ahead and install Hulu, obviously. so, basically, what this is is like a moderate version of Hulu and it comes with a free Hulu account on it, because it is like a mod and it's a apk for Android and the IPA for iOS. so you're gonna see Hulu status, no addiction detected. welcome to Hulu. to get started, we first inject the content into this app. so it's really simple: go ahead and click, get started right here, and what that's gonna do is take you to the final step. so just follow along. as you can see, you guys, it's going to say to continue the hole injection. please follow and complete the instructions of two offers below. some apps might be buggy. try some others. so now I'm gonna go ahead and do that to show you guys, um, how you would do this yourself. so let's go ahead and do one offer, and the reason they do this is just to make sure that you're like a real human and not like a robot, because they had an issue with that and the app actually winded up crashing and no one was able to use it because there was too many broke. there are so many BOTS and and none of them were like real humans, so now they just implement just that. we'll keep it safe from any mmm, any butts. so, yeah, guys, let's go ahead and let this download all right, boom. so we're gonna go ahead and open it and we're almost done. you just got to do two offers, so right now I'm on the first one: continue. so I'm just following the instructions, just as it said. it told me I'm, you know, run the app. that's exactly what I'm doing right now. let it run for like 15 more seconds and then I'll go ahead and do the other offer. and, by the way, guys, um, the account- I mean the Hulu app- that it comes with has is the exact same Hulu. you know. you're just gonna get your own free account and even, for some reason, does run out. you can go ahead and do this process again and get more, get another Hulu account for free. so I'm not gonna do the second offer because I don't wanna make this video too long, but basically you guys would come here and do another one. as you can see, they all, they all tell you what to do so you won't get confused. they tell you the instructions right there. so it's really sweet and, yeah, once you guys have done that, the Hulu app will appear on your phone and it looks exactly like the real, real Hulu app. you just go ahead and open it and you're gonna see that you have access to everything and it's gonna have your own account. you can go ahead and start watching all your favorite shows and everything. and yeah, guys, that's all you guys got to do. hope you all enjoyed this free way to watch Hulu and yeah, now you can stop paying for it. peace out, guys.

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Hulu Ads Overview and Campaign Creation

a few weeks ago, we released a video covering all of the targeting options for the hulu self-service ad platform. in that video i mentioned it's important to know the targeting options first, because if you can't reach your target audience on a platform, there's really no reason to use it. so i encourage you to watch that video first. if anything, pause this video, go watch the hulu targeting options video first and then come back. i'll wait for you. okay, welcome back. now that you know that hulu is a channel that you want to use to reach your audience, i want to give you a rundown of how the whole thing works. so in this video, we're going to start off toking about the requirements and minimums to get a hulu account set up. we're then going to be in the interface for a little bit just to get familiar with all the different aspects of it, and then i'll walk you through our campaign setup from start to finish. the first thing i want to cover are the two requirements for running ads on hulu. they're pretty simple, but they're very important. the first is that there is a spend minimum of five hundred dollars. so if you are trying to run ads on hulu and you're not going to commit to spending up to five hundred dollars, you'll not be able to do that. overall. i think five hundred dollars is probably a relatively low bar and most of you can meet that, but just in case that would be beyond your level of comfort, make sure that you do have 500 to allocate to a test for hulu ads before you get started. second is that, as of the recording of this video, which is in early 2022, right between april and may, you need to register as a brand, not an agency. hulu is not currently taking agencies on the platform. it's focusing mostly on brands. so what that means is that when you go to the url below, which is homeaddmanagerhulucom, and you look to sign up for the hulu ad manager, when you get to the section that says, tell us more about your business that you can see an image of here, you need to choose. i am an advertiser representing my own brand. currently, the advertising account i have access to is a client who registered on their own, and then i'm just simply going to run the campaigns. so if you're an agency looking to get access to hulu sooner rather than later for some of your clients, it's in your best interest to have them set up the account and then grant you access to it by sharing the logins, so you can get campaigns running that way. with those quick things out of the way, let's hop into the platform and start to give an overview of what all is even in there. now for an overview of the hulu ads manager interface itself. if you're familiar with running campaigns in self-service accounts- which i'm guessing most of you are- if you're watching a paid media pros video, this platform should be pretty easy to pick up for you, because it follows most of the same things that most of the other platforms have as well. it might be a little bit limited at the moment, but again, this is still relatively new. it's still even got beta in the logo name up in the top left. one caveat for this entire video is that currently this account has not been running. the client is currently working on creative, so we don't actually have any stats in here to show you, but i do think we'll be able to give you a good overview of what you can expect once you hop into the platform. so the first thing is that the main page of the hulu ad manager is going to be the campaigns page, and there are relatively minimal pages within the account itself. you'll see here, the information we get when we're on this page is the name of the campaign, which right now i have a sample audience. it then has the ad status, the start and end date, the budget, the target impressions expected for the budget allocated, the campaign status, and then there are a handful of actions which we'll tok about once we go through the campaign setup. at the end of the video you can filter for different campaign status and make sure that you're only looking at the ones you want to on this current page. but you'll also notike that there are no performance metrics here. there's not even any columns for them and there's no area where you can then adjust the columns. so i'm assuming that even once we run campaigns, this page will only show this information and it likely won't show anything else. again, i don't know that for a fact, but that's my guess. the only other thing you can do from this page is create a campaign, which again we'll do at the end of it. so let's go through the other two main pages. as i mentioned, there are no performance metrics on this page. those are likely going to live in this report section. so let's head over to this page now. you can see there's an entire reports interface, which should be relatively easy to adapt to. once we actually have some stats in here, you can search for your report and then you'll be able to filter using these different pieces. the run date, as well as the status will help you figure out which reports you're looking at. based on this table down below. this will likely have all of the reports that you've created for the account and, as you can see here, we haven't created any for this account just yet. i could either use the button that is now off the screen that says create your first report, or we can go over here and create a new report. i'm hoping that a little later on down the line, once we have some performance metrics in here, we'll have enough to put together another video on these reports to show you what they look like, but for now i just wanted to give a quick overview and give you an idea of what to expect from the platform. so, over off to the right, we now have the report builder. you can see there are two options at the top. you can get a campaign summary, which is a zip file containing delivery summaries across available targeting options, or you can get a detailed data report, which is detailed performance metrics for one or more campaigns based on one or more target audience data selections, including audiences, locations, genres and platforms. so at this level, if you're trying to see high level stats for your different targeting options, the campaign summary is going to be the right choice, but if you're looking for more detailed data, we might want to come down here and click this button next to it. for the rest of this section, i'm going to leave the option on detailed data report because, if you notiked, the adjustments down below in the rest of this builder changed a little bit and this has more options, but it also retains the scheduling options that the campaign summary report did. you'll then be able to give your report a name, which hopefully you put something clever in there, so you'll be able to tell what you're looking at. later on. you can then select which campaigns you want to be a part of this report. again, i don't have any campaigns, so there's nothing there, but based on the description above, you can choose one or more campaigns, so likely a handful of campaigns, only a couple or just one, depending on what you're looking at and then the advanced control you get with this new data segment piece is going to be around these dimensions, so you get to select what targeting data you want included. you will get daily impression counts broken out across your chosen targeting options for locations, audience segments, platforms or genres. if you want each of these targeting options, all you need to do is check the box next to each of them and they'll all be added to your report. from what i can tell here, there's no limitation on the number of dimensions, so just select the box next to the ones that you're looking for and then report delivery. you'll see for both of the different report types, whether it's the summary or this detailed option. for the detailed version, this language is going to be a little bit different. it's going to say email now, which means it's going to take a little bit for the data to be populated and then it will be emailed to you for you to review later. for the c,

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How to remove Ads from Hulu’s/YouTube?

hey guys. so today I'm gonna show you how you can remove the ads for the Hulu / YouTube. so let's get started here, and I'm sorry for the bad camera or the voice quality, cuz I'm recording from my phone right now, so but I hope it helps for you guys and I hope you can see it. so this is the whole website I have here and right now I don't have any adblock installed, so it should give me ad if I click the TV. so right now, let's say, if I click now going to write it, so if I click this and I look for this season 1, episode 1, and it sort of give me an ad, so there's ad right now. it's going go back now. so now let's go back and let's go here and what search for you? block or e-zine store. so this is an extension you can have in your Chrome. this only works if you have chrome. ok, it doesn't work in ps4 or it doesn't work anyway. you need to have a chrome and then it. it only works for home website if you go YouTube through the cone home website. so this is that you block or easin. so you can see 10 million users have used this. so now it's just click on add to Chrome and click on add extension. you want to add that, and just give it some time. just give it some time. so see, now you can see that this has been added to the Chrome, right? so, Knights on the chrome, let's close this, and you can see that you block all wheels in here and it's on. so we want it to be on. so now let's go back. we get into the new website. now let's type pool. so this is the. let's say we have this whole website right. and let's say we want to watch the TV soles here, and let's say I want us to look at the hand mist. this is the TV. so let's see, let's click that and start watching that. the following is intended only for mature audiences. you were discretion, if I see there is no hand right now, but let me take it to here. this is where this small space where there's the ad that's that's gonna display. take it back. so you see it was supposed to. you did not describe why, so let me take you. we saw you again here. here's this is the bar where it displays the ad, and these have a small gap here a little bit. so now it should give me an ad. give it some time. let's give it some time. okay, it's almost there. sorry for the see, it did not give me an ad here. it did not give me an ad, so let's close that. let's try this. and if I open the YouTube now, let's say if I want to look at this, the Alan's. oh right, so there's no ad. you can try it with anything. let's a lover that's to tell us with news home. see, there's no ad. alright, I hope it helped you and please subscribe, comment if you want to know some more tricks, some more cool trick, so I'll upload the videos. I hope that helps. so enjoy your who are YouTube without any add. peace out, thank you.

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

one second. what's up guys? my name is adam. this is my new channel. I will be toking about tiknology, gadgets and etc. english language is my second language and this is my first video, so don't be too harsh. today I'm gonna tok about this, about television and ads and the most annoying things these days. every time when you try to watch something using your smart television, you are filled with ads all over the place. you cannot watch single thing without watching at least few ads. you cannot rewind, you cannot do anything these days, you just have to watch ads. but there is a way how to stop this madness and I'm gonna show you. it's not complicated, so you don't need any partikular skills, just you just need your TV, remote internet access. so I'm gonna show you how to do that. okay, so what I'm trying to do here is I'm just opening my television, my smart TV, and I'm trying to watch anything, so it's like TV on demand. I'm trying at the moment itv hub and let's see what we have here. I think I will go with american dad. let's try to watch this. just just press play and let's see what is happening. okay, ITV logo, which is normally okay, but first commercial and I put the stopwatch just to let you know how much time we are wasting on this. okay, second ad: I'm already bored, let me have my coffee. third one: it's a good coffee, I should sell some more. okay, so you can see already. one minute, boom, just, we waste that. four ads and still going: yeah, what's next? fifth: oh, this is actually good, the cyberpunk i can watch. this is the only other I can watch. that's still boring. what do you think about this game? anyway, you can leave the comment below. and is it finished? no, one more time again the same ad. okay, so we have six ads. that took almost two minutes. so you can just imagine that you try to watch something. you choose your favorite show, you start the play and you have six ads. and this is not, this is just the beginning, because in the middle of watching this, you will have even more ads, I think after 10 minutes or so. okay, now I'm trying to just for to show you another example. and trying to watch real housewives. and the same situation: ITV logo and boom, the same commercial. no mercy. okay, I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna watch this, so I'm going somewhere else. okay, so now I will show you what to do? it's quite easy. first go to your settings, press settings or on your remote, go to all settings and look for the network. Doesn't matter what TV you have- You could have sony, LG, doesn't matter, every TV these days have this. go to the network settings. in my case I'm using wi-fi, maybe use the same. so now depends: if you use a wi-fi connection, go straight to wi-fi. if you use the LAN connection, go go over there. you go to advanced settings and you want to edit this. and we are looking for DNS server. WARNING: new DNS address >check description under the video- and we want to change that. so my proposition is this: put this: DNS server: if you don't know, DNS is like a phone book. computers are using digits, not like humans. so if you want to go to, for example, googlecom, for you it's wwwgooglecom, but in it the world it's not that. in it world. I will show you. if you try to go to googlecom, you actually go to so DNS is like a phone book, is designed for us to get easy access to the internet, because no one will. no one will remember this. 216, 58, 205, 46, no, i will remember this. but googlecom is easy. the same facebook the same, amazon the same, whatever you want. let's have a look, for example, Facebook. so Facebook is using so what we are doing here? this DNS server has a blacklist so it's blocking all those ads. so every time when your tally wants to play at, this DNS server will say, uh, uh, you want to play at and we, we know it, so I'm blocking it. like in this case, I'm changing DNS server, pressing connect, okay, double check if everything is okay. so I'm going again to the settings just to have a look if everything is fine. so again, advanced settings, and we see it's, it is 176, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. now I'm doing exactly the same, going again to ITV hub. but you can use whatever app you want and I will do exactly the same. I will try to play exactly the same videos. so in this case, American Dad, that the same episode. look at that, no ads. okay, let's try something else. let's try family guy. you see, I just press play, I'm boom already. family guy episodes, whatever. so not only you don't see ads at the beginning, but also you will not see the ads in the middle. so I believe it's every 10 minutes they will try to show you some more ads. that's gone- no ads. there's one downside of this, I'm afraid: if you do that, you will lose the ability to rewind, to pause your video. so this is a little bit hiccup. let's say, and this is your choice, you want to watch ads and have the ability to rewind? okay, if you hate ads, like me, you will do the same, because when I'm watching something, I'm just watching. I want to watch 25 minutes interrupted, an episode of family guy. then having the ability to pause or rewind, I don't care about that. another thing is you don't need to use that specific DNS server. you can use whatever you want. so I'm just showing you. if you just put on googlecom famous DNS servers for ad-blocking, you will have a bunch of it. so in this case, I am just showing you something else so you can try many. you can try whatever you want. just spend five minutes on google and there's a lot of people toking about. this is a lot of projects, and you can use raspberry pi. you can change DNS server in your router, but this is the easiest way you can do it just. you see, that took me two minutes. you don't need any kind of specific knowledge. easy, anybody can do that. just, you just need to remote, that's it. okay, guys, I hope you like my video. if you found it interesting, consider subscribing. I will be posting video weekly, so you have one video per a week and I will be toking about tiknology, how to do stuff, how to make your life easier, things like gadgets, computers stuff, laptops, cell phones, tiknology in general. so yeah, if you enjoyed it, you can press like or dislike, whatever you want. just subscribe and I will see you in the next episode, see ya.


if you access streaming sites on your fire stik or your android tv device, probably the biggest issue you're going to have is adverts because, as you can imagine, for these websites to offer free streaming content, the way they make their money back is through advertisements and, as you can just see, on this hockey website, we have a video based advert over here. we have another advert on the left. there's a big advert on the top. scrolling down, you have another big advert here, another advert there, another advert from the bottom. it literally is just plagued with adverts. so wouldn't it be great if we could apply a simple tweak to your browser on your amazon device and with this simple trick, you'll now block all of these adverts, these pop-up adverts, these video based adverts, but also trackers, so you'll end up with a much faster, safer and more private browsing experience. so please do take a moment to hit that like button. make sure you hit that subscribe button. so, with all of that being said, let's get. if you're new to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tik tutorials, the latest voice take android and android tv tips and tricks, then please do subscribe. hit the notification bell. it's a small click from you, but it makes a big difference to me, thank you. so i'm doing my demonstration on the new 4k firestik max, but you can follow this process on any other amazon device where you can install the silk browser. now, the reason i'm mentioning the silk browser is it's a very, very popular browser and many people do use this browser to access streaming sites or streaming websites. okay, so to start the process, open up your silk browser. if you now press the context key, which is one of the three lines, go to the top, move over to the menu option. let's click on that. inside the mini, let's now scroll down and we're looking for the settings option. let's click on that. inside, settings are scroll down and where it says privacy and security, let's click on that scroll down. we have an option for use- secure dns. let's click on that. now. essentially, what's happening here is: just move my face out. the way we want to turn this option on, which says: i want to use secure dns. let's click on that. but the key thing here is: by default, it's still going to use my isps dns servers, but what we're looking for is to use some custom dns servers which basically block all adverts, all trackers by default. now the way we do that: we click on choose another provider. let's click on that. we can now click on customize and it does have some other dns servers you could use, but we want to use the best ad blocking dns server, which, in my opinion, is ad guard. so let's go to the top and click on where it says customized. i can now scroll down and where it says provider url, let's click on that and it now wants me to enter in a url to use for that custom dns server and the address for that is just https. let's type that in and then let's do a colon. then we're going to do two fold slashes and then we type in the word dns dot, then the word add god, add godcom- and guys, if i'm going too fast, please just pause the video so you can get this address down- so add godcom. and then one final thing: we're gonna do a forward slash and then type in the word dns hyphen query, so dns, and then do a hyphen, which is just this one here, and then the word query. here we are, so just one more time. so https colon. forward slash. forward slash- dns- add. forward slash: dns- hyphen query. once you've done that. let's now click on next. that's fine. now if you do have a typo in here, it will actually come up in red if it doesn't recognize the address. but, as we can see, i have no errors, nothing written in red. i can now press the back button and we can see the skill dns is now on. and one last thing: we just changed the option here to where it says do not track. let's also turn that on, just to be extra secure. no website should now be able to track what we're doing, especially with these free streaming sites. i mean, if you look at some of the the data they're trying to collect or some of the trackers they use, you'll be shocked. so let's leave that to on. let's press back, press back again. back one more time. let's now try that same hockey site again. click on that. and what do we see? now, guys, the page loads. i can scroll down- zero adverts. so do give a thumbs up for that. in fact, if i scroll down just to confirm that, going through this entire page now, which was literally plagued with adverts, i can now access this page, access all of the content on the page with xero adverts and listen to one more site, just to confirm that it's working across any of these websites, any of these streaming sites or free sites. let's try another one which definitely had loads of adverts before this one. here again, the website loads, scroll down and what do we see? zero adverts, no interruptions, no pop-ups, none of those video based adverts. i can now enjoy all of these streaming sites across all of my devices absolutely free, and now ad free. and just before you go, guys, just a quick word from one of our channel partners. ipvanish are now doing a special offer where you can get complete protection for all of your devices: your firestiks, your phones, your tablets, your android tv devices can get complete protection with really fast speeds, with confirmed zero data logging, at just 3.99 a month. so at that price to get maximum protection with complete privacy. i definitely think it's worthwhile checking out. so really appreciate your support. do like and share this video and i'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon. thanks,