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Humanizing Digital Sales

Published on: December 13 2022 by Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

- The rise of digital sales

- The need for humanization

- The benefits of humanizing digital sales


I. Understanding the Importance of Humanization

- Digital sales can feel impersonal

- Customers crave human interaction

- Humanization builds trust and loyalty

II. Ways to Humanize Digital Sales

- Personalized communication

- Authentic and relatable language

- Utilizing video and virtual reality

- Offering exceptional customer service

III. Overcoming Digital Sales Challenges with Humanization

- Competing with online giants

- Addressing customer concerns and objections

- Building a connection with potential customers

- Encouraging repeat business and referrals

IV. Incorporating Humanization into Your Sales Strategy

- Training sales teams on humanization techniques

- Using customer feedback to improve interactions

- Incorporating humanization into marketing campaigns

- Measuring the success of humanization efforts

- Humanizing digital sales is crucial for success

- Customers want and need human interaction in their shopping experiences

- By incorporating humanization techniques, businesses can build trust, loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.

In this article, we will summarize a webinar presented by Anton from Dropship Lifestyle for a company called Smart Assistant. The webinar covered the topic of humanizing digital sales and transferring offline selling strategies to e-commerce stores. We will discuss the top five imperatives for having customers choose your store and share tips on how to implement them.

Top Five Imperatives:

1. Trust - 72% of consumers said that being trustworthy should be a company's highest priority. To build trust, focus on multimedia reviews, such as images and videos of customers using your products. Incentivize customers to send in these reviews and make it an ongoing process.

2. Frictionless Experience - 54% of shoppers said they stopped purchasing from a website because it was too difficult to find the right product. To make things easy for customers, eliminate crazy shipping options and offer free shipping whenever possible. Don't have too many add-ons or variations of products. Use live chat and interactions to guide customers to what they want.

3. Assistance and Support - 71% of website visitors said they switched to a competitor that provided assistance in finding products. Use recommended products and ways to guide customers to what they want. Use live chat and interactions to build a relationship with customers.

4. Self-Service - 88% of survey respondents said that stores should integrate digital sales assistance to help them choose. Provide things like FAQ pages, product filters, and searchable knowledge bases to answer

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