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hunting ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Targeted Ads

how have you not seen dramatik cancer? that's like OG YouTube. you can pull it up on the TV. the remote's not working. oh, here, I got it on my phone. it's so funny, dude. what the hell is that? that is what funny. loving your new flashlight there, Mike, here, dude, Numa Numa, that's even more of a classic. you know these ads are targeted to you, right? can't believe you haven't seen them. what the heck? that is a weird ad s. this is what the. get this crap off my screen. no, thank you. what the hell, Mike? oh my God, I am not interested. are you [ __ ] everything in this apartment? you know what I? I know what happened. I was watching a movie last night illegally and, and I must have clicked on, I didn't buy any of those products. dude, what the [ __ ] man? that's not me, that's not. keep this in your room. oh, oh. so what are these? send it to you for doing the ad. Phil, for your own good, please just drop it. [Music], [Music]. over 15 years. I can explain everything. oh, my God, I can't do it. I need to go to my room. you don't have a room. oh, come on [ __ ] this [ __ ] you. I'm getting my [ __ ] and getting the [ __ ] out of here. how did you know? I was gonna say that? because we've done this hundreds of times. open the door. every time you see the ad, you come over here, and every time you try to escape, dude, do I ever make it out? [Music]. but I have memories. I. I learned how to ride a bike. I, I got my heart broken, aren't your memories, Phil? even the stuff is my uncle. why would someone put that there? because it made it better for me. wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, I, I, uh, you, you still [ __ ] me. yeah, I'm down, I'm down for whatever. anything you want to do, I won't stop you come, please. okay, buddy. yeah, bend over Phil, your shirt. oh my God, I'm so sorry. yeah, they got my shirt. it won't happen again. it won't happen again. it's okay, buddy, relaxed, I'm having so much fun I can get, I can get used to this. [Music]. it's great to hear, buddy, you were my favorite. wait, wait, hi, can I help you? hey, I'm Phil. I called about the open room. oh, yeah, here. um, let me show you to your Chambers. awesome, yeah, wow, there's like 10 Vacuums in here. yeah, it gets pretty messy in here. [Music].


[Music]- foreign [Music]. we're headed up here and we're changing gears. I'm going to chase milk instead of me on there. so we're gonna work our way up and we've actually already spotted just a few elk, but oh yeah, well, we got about a mile ish to go till we get to them. as you can tell my hard breathing, we got a little bit of a pull, but we're pretty light and we got Mark and Eli with us. they've got their llamas. which is nice is that a pack and a 70 pound pack. I'm packing a 30, 35 pound pack. so we're gonna get up here and a little closer to these elk, foreign. there you go just walking right through that opening. right there, with the wind in the trees, there's a bunch of elk in front of us working through this, through this. they went into the Timber and I can't see them. so this is kind of the intersection of where two of those hurts kind of came together. you know the one hurts to the left and that that hurt this morning kind of rolled over here somewhere. I got a feeling we're pretty close to smoke right now. I just can't see him. I think what we saw. there might be some stragglers off the edge. they're either the back of the front of the hurt. I just can't believe they're not right here below us, foreign, spotted up here. we're about a thousand yards away. they're kind of working away from us just into the timber. we're gonna hold up here, we got, but we're kind of like on a center Knoll and we've got like like running into it to have some Aspens and some some Timber. so I think the best thing is just gonna wait. see what the elk dot members don't you wish you? Brian, when you went on entire boat, put your Gators on the price because he did get you good enough boots. these are up pers. we'll just hook it right here now. oh, those are gonna be fun right there, buddy. sometimes Desperate Measures call for desperate action. I wish I could put mine on my mind. here's the thing: if you're upper body chills, everything else chills, I don't know. all right, so we're just hanging out in the sun right now trying to wait on these Oak. we got elk just about 180 degrees all. we're in a pretty good spot here, as long as the wind holds, but we've got well. you never know. but it seems like they can either. they can go one of two ways. we're at a y intersection here, kind of on a point or two trains, just I. I think we're in the right spot. we have classed up at least one legal ball, lots of cows, but we have one legal pool, maybe two, okay. so well, that's I mean. look at me, you guys are all. I'm sitting here. I got this and a t-shirt on it's all I got. oh, I got a festival. [Music] hey, there's a, there's a benefit, two or three built in. I do wish I had some fat feet, though Eli's over here augmented with 55.. dude, he's not bad. he's probably gonna get foot cancer by the time it's over, though, eating Carbon on his feet. he just got no fat. the dude's got no fat. I moved those toe holders right to the skin. was that better? oh, yeah, maybe we should do that. buddy. it says on the back it's not to do that. screw that. you know what? um, the audience like a gritty tip on how to stay warm and what. what's your tactik? what's working for you? [Music] how many hands? what do you recommend per hand? he's got Mallory on your hands. [Music] two, three on each foot, nice, oh. [Music] father, like son, it's tiring. he can sleep anywhere. man, I can't see Vegas boy gets bored. easy, we're gonna. we're gonna try to get our feet warmed up here and then we're going to- uh, we're gonna drop down this ditch, lip up a little closer. right now we're sending about eight 900 yards. we're gonna close it. we're gonna have and we're gonna get on this Ridge. we've deducted that. we know how they're gonna come out and you know how well they always do what you think they're trying to do. so I'm pretty confident they'll be just like tons of bulls rolling out of here. oh, we got the bags loaded up and we're gonna slip down this draw and work our way up. there's kind of like a little bench, but it's about four to five hundred yards from these elk. hopefully there's a couple pools. if not, Eli is gonna smoke a cow, so he has a bull deck and a cow tag, but if we can't, might as well get one filled. so hopefully we can just slip in, get about 400 yards and then wait for them to kind of come out tonight feeding. so we'll see. [Music]- foreign- foreign. [Music]. [Applause]: foreign. that's right. that's when you know things are getting sick. I got some good video. I am foreign. go to the tree on the right because we want to be on today on the desk. let's just take her. let's go slow, we're behind you here. you're like I need this every day. when you get Brian and Mark together. some of you- I would say older generation, mutton, Jeff- I'm pretty young but I remember seeing them like I'm older, ads or whatever. but that's what you get. with Mark and Brian together as Mutt and Jeff. it's always a good time. they always argue and they always push each other's buttons. it's quite enjoyable. I'm not saying we're hoping he's coming out. yeah, let's just get closer and decide if we go left or right, don't we don't be jacking it out or tight. we've been on them all day. we're like ninjas- okay, more like ninjas wearing oranges, sub 500 on everything up there, just about. okay, there's a legal Bull on the hill over here, legal over here somewhere, I don't know. we only have a couple days to do this on. then we gotta get. so it's kind of a Hail Mary weekend kind of trip. then we got to get after some mule deer in another unit. you notike that they were all looking like about something else. got him up, or well. we were set up overlooking this Meadow, but it doesn't seem like the elk are gonna be coming right down to us. so the Earth that Brian mentioned, Obamas, they're about 900 to a thousand yards. we're gonna drop down and come around the Hillside and see if we can we can close the distance on them. so at about 45 minutes to an hour before dark. so we're gonna work our way over there and, uh, see if we can make it happen. I think there's one small legal ball in there and then a bunch of cows, you like and shoot a cow. so it's like we're gonna work our way over there and then and see if we can make it happen and close the distance to about 400 or so. we'll see foreign. [Applause], [Music]. foreign, foreign. a little too far right there, right about in there. are they in there? can you see her? oh, I see her, dear. yeah, do you have a good shot or no? no, I can only see your head. okay, don't shoot. if you don't see her, maybe she'll come out. don't make a bad shot. all right, now I can see it, but she's not. she's moving. okay, she's gonna walk right out in the open here. get on her same distance. okay, there she is foreign. [Applause] [Music]. that was a good job, buddy, for tough, tough position. good job, bud. oh man, finally, I'm glad we gave it one last. oh Jesus, you're like getting ready to bag and go back. yeah, so that. so that Ridge was 250, 260 shot chicken. you look cool. what you look cold. my hands are cold. better go get your clothes. oh, that was sweet. finally we broke the curse, Brad. the uh dry streak is over. you couldn't have waited much, dude. good eyes, Brad, that was a good spot. or just look at those other ones, dark under those trees and Brad's like there's one stairs now. Eli didn't seem. didn't seem nervous, it's nervous. I was way more nervous than him. no, he's a stone cold killer, killer. he gets tunnel vision. when he gets it, he's just gone. he acquired the target. sometimes your reaction is: put it on the cross here and go. yeah, what and when? when he told me he was on it, but he did, he didn't pull for a long time. it was crazy. I was like, all right, we have a kid who can shoot foreign. that's nice, it's really nice, probably two year old. back straps for days, tender loins. I think we ought to shish kebab, these tenderloins and eat them in the tent like in celebration, like manly celebration. you gotta pack it all out, because I'm not. yeah, you're on your own, dude, like he who kills it, packs it by himself for you down. how greedy are you? five fingers, you'll never know. these three hot hands, gritty dude. all right, you know, if we skirt this hill, we'l.

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If Jobs Were Honest | Honest Ads

hi, I'm Roger and welcome to my latest creation, life. the only way to experience my beautiful experiment is while huddled in a fragile meat suit that requires constant food and protection. you can either scavenge and hunt in the wilderness, or you can scavenge and hunt in society, which is a nicer way of saying. you can Rob and murder. but don't worry, I've created a third option: pages with faces drawn on them. if you have enough of these, you can exchange them for anything. don't have any of these Pages already, because your parents were too lazy to inherit and pass along generational wealth. don't worry, you can still get them just by doing stuff. I call it a job, and you'll need to have one pretty much every single day of your life until your fragile meat suit finally gives up. first there's table jobs- jobs where you sit at a table, you'll look in front of you and you'll push down at squares for anywhere from one to two-thirds of your entire day. it may sound repetitive, but the exact order in which you push these squares can make somebody- not you- an embarrassment of pages with faces. when I finish pushing squares, I drive home and relax by sitting at a different table and pushing the same squares, but in a different order, a well-earned rest. you might think it'd make more sense for you to press those work squares from your house and save a few hours driving from one table to another and save your crotch from tightening uncomfortable cloth around it every morning. but the people who distribute pages with faces already committed their face pages to paying for a building full of tables, so they're damn well going to make sure you're sitting in it. it's all right. the office is where I socialize and maybe even find love. it's true, you'll sit so close to other meat suits it'll feel like a butcher's fridge or a prison. you'll love toking with other table workers, simply because, though we plop you in the table room for eight hours a day, we can never think of enough stuff to fill those hours. but it's somehow worse than working, it sure is, friend. [Applause]. so maybe you'll instead become a blue collar worker, member of the working class. what do people like you like to be called? I don't want you to be offended. why would I be offended? because we all look down on anthropomorphic labor donkeys for some reason? hey, what I'm saying is you can specialize in what I call hand job. hey, jobs where you work with your hands. these jobs involve selling your body, but not in the fun, lucrative way, just in the low, paying, physically demanding way. at least my job keeps me fit. muscles grow when you strain them. all other parts of my body will deteriorate though: my neck, my back, my elbows, damn it if I don't look good doing it, and that's if you don't take a type of hand job that damages you extra well. can you offer me any kind of protection from all that? that's with us protecting you. everyone thought robots would do all the exhausting, dangerous stuff by now, but aren't you relieved that didn't turn out to be the case and you still have your hand job. if there's any job we'll replace with robots. it's actually oh [Music] people jobs, the kind where you deal with people. maybe you take things from one side of the room and deliver them to the other side, like in a food place. maybe you touch things with a machine so another machine can add up prices. it's a job so pointless we increasingly just let customers do it themselves. hey, I am not that replaceable. even if the machines and apps we build to replace you aren't as good at the jobs as you are, people will still prefer them to you because they're cheaper- no, it's hard to get much cheaper than seven dollars an hour. it's because they don't like you. they forget anything good you do. I'm not the bad guy here. it's the customers who are all, of course. they're stressed out, trying to ring the most out of what little time they have not working, all the while knowing, within just a few you Sleepless hours, they'll be back at their table or swinging a sledgehammer or dealing with horrific customers of their own in an aura borosian cycle of entitled sadness. there's got to be more to life than that there is. maybe you'll find something creative, something that gets your blood pumping, something that truly leaves your mark on this world. like me, I love what I do for now, but the only way you can keep doing what you love is by commodifying it and turning it back into a job like everyone else's. you'll no longer choose to do it. you must do it. you no longer decide how to do it. you'll do it the way we tell you. we could hire you to sing songs to kittens while eating peanut butter cups, but give us two months and we'll have you loathing every delightful minute. we'll get Fusion. I will do my ACT my way on this side until it finds. you know that's a great idea. all you'll need is some simple job, just temporarily, to pay the bills for a little while, until your passion becomes a career. that's what I did 20 years ago. hey, speaking of paying the bills, just how many face Pages do you get for facilitating what we do? Wow, way more than we give you. it's fair, though, because you're making as much as we let you think you're worth. otherwise, you never agree to work and, like I said before, there are other ways of getting food. I've been Roger, by the way, and while you're out here job hunting, I'm hunting too for the most dangerous game.

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Missouri Republican Drops DERANGED 'RINO Hunting' Ad | The Kyle Kulinski Show

all right. so this guy, eric greeton's, is a total psychopath and i'm about to prove it to you. so, uh, this is twitter bio. here it says proud dad navy seal, 56th governor of missouri, america, first candidate for us senate. so he's from the state of missouri and he's running for us senate. um, he's the most trumpy of the candidates here. now look at this ad. twitter actually put one of these uh banners here for the ad that you're about to see. this tweet violated the twitter rules about abusive behavior. however, twitter has determined that it may be in the public's interest for the tweet to remain accessible. learn more. it's an interesting banner. i'm not sure i've ever seen this partikular one before. so eric greitens says we are sick and tired of the republicans in name only surrendering to joe biden and the radical left, by the way, lol- as if any republican, any republican, is surrendering to joe biden. they've done nothing but obstruct the entire time [ __ ]. joe manchin and kirsten cinema have done nothing but obstruct him the whole time. he can't do anything and he's not doing anything. the idea that republicans are cowtowing to joe biden, or that joe biden is even trying to do anything, is [ __ ] hilarious at this point. but he says: order your rhino hunting permit today, rhino hunting. okay, let's see that i'm eric greitens navy seal and today we're going rhino hunting. the rhino feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice. [Music]: join the maggot crew, get a rhino hunting permit. there's no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn't expire until we save our country. wow, wow. now look, i don't want to live out, i don't want to get overly sensitive, i don't want to come across like a snowflake. um, and i know the a reasonable interpretation of this is: no, i'm just toking about like defeating the rhinos, you know, like defeating them at the ballot box and stuff. um, okay, but at the same time, we live in a country where there's 39 000 gun deaths a year. we barely go a week without a mass shooting, and we have had a history in the us of politikians being targeted by psychopaths, psychopaths with guns, whether it's gabby giffords, whether it's steve scalise on the republican side. and so now this jackass wants to do an ad where he's holding a gun and and shooting it, or i don't know if he shot it, but he's breaking down the door and toking about rhino hunting. and get your rhino hunting permit. do you really think that's a good idea in the climate in 2022, united states of america? look, i, i mean he can fire back and say, look, yeah, i do think it's a good idea because i mean it, in which case it's like: okay, then it is reasonable to interpret this as a threat. you know, it is reasonable to interpret it as a threat. i just i don't know like you have to be a psycho, you have to be a sociopath in order to make this ad. you have to because, like, at no point in the room full of staffers who had to green light this ad, at no point did anybody say: hey, maybe this is like a little bit too risky, a little too dangerous, a little too extreme. maybe you're putting a target on our opponent's backs, and i don't. is he actually this crazy, or is he just pretending to be this crazy? honestly, for this ad to get run, that makes me lean heavily on the side of he really is this crazy. i mean, he's got to be right up there with the marjorie taylor greens and the lauren boberts. you know the people who are the true kool-aid drinkers, who are just absolutely too far gone. it's gotta be right, because if you're pretending to be this crazy, like you couldn't be this shameless, you couldn't be this shameless with an ad like this. i mean, just show this ad. it's almost, in a sense, i feel like sometimes our skin is too thick, being in the us, like we see so much crazy [ __ ] on a regular basis that you almost you get too numb to it. but show this ad to somebody from another country and watch their reaction. show this ad to somebody from i don't know australia and watch their reaction. you know, if you're, if you're, from another country and you're watching this video right now, comment below like: what's your initial takeaway from this? because i mean, look, it's a fair thing to say this is just evidence, if not proof, of a totally decaying society where all, all standards and norms are just melting away. and you guys know me, i am, by nobody's standards, uh, civility humper. but for the love of god, let's not destroy the fabric of society to the point where it becomes a casual thing for gun violence to be threatened, jokingly or not, from one politikian against another or from one citizen against another. i mean, that's just. that clearly goes too far, man, jesus. i mean i struggle with stuff like this, because you guys know i'm like, uh, i'm a free speech absolutist. um, i try to interpret things at face value as opposed to like reading into it. you know, um, but this is one of those things where the face value reading of it is this guy's a psychopath and he's sort of vaguely threatening whoever he considers a quote-unquote rhino- which, by the way, in his eyes is probably every single non-trump ball licker in the republican party. you know what i mean. so i mean, that's a decent number of people, dog, that's a decent number of people. so i mean, what, what do you want to do? do you want to are? do you think it's cool to like threaten half of the party that you belong to? and also, i love the concept of a rhino too. it's like you know, it's possible that there are republicans who just disagree with you. it's not like, oh, you're a republican in name only and i'm a true republican. no, somebody could be a republican and not agree with you because you're [ __ ] psychotik. somebody could be a republican. i mean it's possible to be, say, a pro-choice republican, for example. would he just? would he say like, oh, you're a rhino? i thought, well, you know what i'm actually. i take it back because republicans do like to, uh, they're against the quote-unquote big tent idea and they're kind of open about it. so it's like they're almost more authoritarian by nature than on on the democratik side, if anything on the democratik side, i think they create too big of a tent. the tent is so big you allow in the people with the exact opposite ideology and then none of the right things get implemented. so, anyway, i'm just babbling at this point. but holy [ __ ], [ __ ]. this guy is a total psychopath man. imagine, in 2022, united states of america running an ad like this and not thinking anything of it. i don't think he's just pretending to be this crazy. i think he really is this crazy. i think he's- uh, you can't even say it's like a triggering the libs type thing. right, it's not like he's trying to trigger the libs, because the target is not the libs. the target is what? quote-unquote rhinos, in other words, republicans who don't you know, give trump a reach around every morning. so god damn, hey, uh, cherry on top, at the end of the segment, this guy's up in the polls. he's leading in the polls. dawg, he's leading, he's leading. uh, god, god bless our country. i hope we [ __ ] pull through ever since adpocalypse, when youtube defunded all independent news and politiks overnight. we haven't trusted them. we know they can pull the rug out from underneath us at any time. if you enjoy this content, please consider tipping a dollar two per month on the secular tok patreon link in the video description box below. thanks for your support.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Implies Democrats Are Feral Hogs in Hunting Video

Democrats aren't the only one destroying Farmers ability to put food on the table. we've got wild hogs destroying Farmers field, so we decided to go hog hunting. is hardly the only Republican who's filmed the campaign ad of her. I guess, pretending to be an action star or something slash, shooting things and killing things. we're gonna get to some other examples, but she's actually running a little promotion. if you'd like to kill some Hogs, you could ride around that helicopter with her. take a look at this. [Music]. we've got skyrocketing inflation, High diesel fuel and Democrats- America lost policies. Democrats aren't the only one destroying Farmers ability to put food on the table. we've got wild hogs destroying Farmers field, so we decided to go hog hunting. [Music]. Let's Help American farmers out- sign hunting. [Music]. by the way, if anyone knows any of the staffers working in larger Green's office, I would love to tok to the young Republican who thought they'd be joining up with someone who's going to write legislation but instead they found their days filling, filled with having to edit in the sound of a hog dying to have campaign ad. that's a fun little twist on your career right there. anyway, this is the most minor part of this. we're going to turn to the more important part, but she makes a claim about how much damage Biden is doing at the farmers. I will remind you about a topic that she definitely didn't care about at the time, which was When Donald Trump started a trade war with China with these new tariffs. that devastated Farmers so much so that they had to cut massive stimulus checks directly to different Farmers. we'll put up a graphic. you'll see the details there. it's a little bit inside baseball, but I have a feeling she wasn't doing a whole bunch of Vlogs at that point about how mad she was. more importantly, of course, she transitions there from toking about how Democrats are harming Farmers, so the Hogs are harming farmers, so let's shoot the Hogs. and it doesn't take a massive leap of logic. it takes only about as much as you might expect. marjor green have the capacity for uh to say that she is linking those two things and then fantasizing about murdering one of those. but she very much doesn't like if you point out what she's doing there, as we'll show you. but first, Emma, what do you think about this? um, I mean, yeah, she's not uh, trained in the art of subtlety. uh, that one, Marjorie Taylor green, just uh, take a look at some of the pull-ups that she tries to engage in during her her CrossFit Endeavors. they're not necessarily the. they don't really scream tiknique, nor do they scream uh, subtlety as well. those will never fail to to make me laugh, but like I mean one. yes, of course she's. she's clearly making that connection. um, and that's she. I believe she came into the house with a bunch of ads, shooting things as well, um, and I forget exactly what that entailed. but what is with Republicans and their obsessions with Hogs and killing Hogs? if you remember back, uh, in the last major mass shooting- and there have been a few, but the one that captured most of the of the country's attention, Uvaldi Bill Cassidy Senator, Bill Cassidy Republican said that people really need AR-15s to go gunned down feral Hogs because they're going to be destroying their crops. like I, was unaware that the feral hog problem is one of the largest issues facing our country right now, so much so that we need weapons of war on our streets on a regular basis and for everyone to be holding on to them in order to just maintain a low feral hog population. I was unaware that this is a kitchen table issue. but apparently, Marjorie Taylor green, they'll cast. the other Republicans seem to think this is what we need to be worried about right now we'll see. this is where it's important to have, uh, diversity of perspective on the panel, because Emma, you might know, is a coastal Elite and she doesn't understand that up until maybe 30 years ago, there was an entire band of the country where humans could only exist in Walled compounds surrounded by an ever-moving, stinking mass of feral Hogs, because we didn't have the Firepower to strike back. now, yes, amen, Napalm helped, artillery helped, but it was the AR-15 that really allowed us to finally push out and begin to farm on our own. it's the dawn of men, anyway. I mean, honestly, I think I'm in the liberal media bottles and Bubbles, so I was unaware of that, but I'm glad that the AR-15 was able to democratize the mowing down hog process. I appreciate that information and, by the way, the Hogs are an actual problem. but no, you don't need, you don't need to get an M16 to take it out. that's ridiculous. anyway. HuffPost had an artikle titled Marjorie Taylor- green lichens Dems to Hogs- wants help shooting them dead, and she didn't like that. she tweeted: she doesn't like their, their freedom of speech. I guess she wants to cancel them. so she tweeted. I demand you change this headline in your lies about me immediately. your freedom of press is not freedom to lie about me. I never said anything like this and did not call for violence on Democrats. well, they didn't claim that you directly called for violence on Democrats. they said you likened Democrats to Hogs. now, I don't expect you to know that word right off the bat, but you can look it up. you have access to the internet. I know it because you tweeted and so, just to be clear, I'm going to read what she actually said. she said: Democrats aren't the only ones destroying Farmers ability to put food on the table. we've got wild hogs destroying Farmers Fields, so we decided to go hog hunting. what does any of that naturally have to do with each other? nothing. you chose to connect those things. you likened one to the other. that's a choice that you made, and you know that it's a choice that you made. We're not gonna play games with you. this is the same Marjorie green, by the way, that back when we blessedly didn't need to know who she was and she existed mainly online, as a weird person on Facebook, somebody on a page that she went to, posted about wanting to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi's head and she gave it the old thumbs up because she thought that was a cool idea. can HuffPost do headlines about that, Marjorie green? Are You Gonna Cancel them for that too, now, really fast again. as I said, she's not the only one who does this. you had Eric greitens with an ad that even Republicans denounce, this one, where he was going around shooting rhinos. now, of course, maybe they were only against it, because in this he's literally murdering other Republicans. but you had Dr Oz. I've literally never seen a person look more uncomfortable holding a gun than he doesn't? that left like right outside he, he looks like he went to Disney World and went to like the old old Wild Wild West exhibit and is is is doing some sort of photo op with his family, but with the rifle. honestly, any other? could I hold a tray of crudite instead, something I'm used to, please. but then there's there's the. we have another ad. this was a guy who I think was in this ad. I think he was shooting like, uh, KKK members or something. and then, uh, Blake Masters too. Blake Masters there is pretending that he's ready to shoot someone with a gun. everybody knows he kills people with knives and then cuts off their skin. allegedly he likes to collect skin allegedly. it's like not making a specific claim, so you can't sue me, Blake Masters, but this is a guy that allegedly definitely would have skin in his basement anyway. none of these people actually care about the guns, but they do know that their prospective voters do, and so they have to pretend to be badasses and action stars and all that, although Marjorie Taylor green, I think she might actually uh be be a True Believer in the the gun Lifestyle. the thing about what she is good at, um and and good is maybe not the right word, but what she uh deploys, I should say, is a, a tried and true Trope of the extreme right wing, and Rush Limbaugh had been training his audience to do this for for decades, which is see hidden meaning and hide b.

Targeted Advertising (drone spambots are hunting you. RUN!)

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