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I Apologize...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

I Apologize...

I Apologize...

people King human here and this is an
open apology ah as some of you may know
I went completely mental went on a rant
as I'm known to do sometimes because you
know I mental I got issues but what can
I say anyway I did a big drama fest and
I got to thinking you know I toked a
lot about accountability responsibility
Manning up and owning your own
and it got me thinking you know what I
need to clear my own accounts I need to
be responsible man up and you know own
some of the issues that I have to
account for and I need to apologize for
so this is my apology video first of all
I want to apologize to all my
subscribers anybody that watches my
videos I mean it's ramping and raging
and going off can be really distasteful
I don't like it any more than you know
you guys do but I can I just when I see
stupid sometimes I just go mental and I
can't help myself you know i'm no mother
teresa you know I react I go nuts it's
not an act what you see me do is really
big so I got to apologize to everybody
that found that distasteful and you know
again I'm sorry open apology to you but
more importantly I have to apologize to
you TJ Peggy and salt I am so sorry I
was so unthinking you know if if what I
did fanned the flames and caused you
guys any undue stress or any undue
trauma or drama by way of a bike
directly or indirectly I am so sorry
last thing I want to do is cause you
guys more stress I you know I wish I
would have thought about it more before
I open my big mouth but being the
reactionary idiot that I am I just
jumped in with both feet and started
spewing guilty as charged I again am so
sorry I am sorry I'm going to try and
make it up for to you guys I have
something really cool coming up that I
hope will help you guys out and I'm
really trying to think it through right
now and get it all dialed in but I hope
I can make up for my stupidity in some
small way to you TJ salt Peggy for you
people watching their channel is
wackadoodle free zone please go check
them out they're great people and they
could use your support that's all I'll
say on that you go check them out you're
gonna you're gonna fall in love with
these people now having said that i have
another huge apology to make and that's
to joe's rambles brett joe and tando I I
haven't been a great friend to you guys
the past several weeks I am so sorry
about that I I need to get ahold of you
guys and find out how things are going
and find out how I can help you guys um
all i can say is I kind of had to step
back a little bit from everything
because I had a lot of my own personal
issues that hit me and everything's kind
of hit me all at once and a lot of my
YouTube friends have a lot of tragedy
going on on top of that and I'm barely
hanging on emotionally as a person as it
is all this stuff hitting me kind of I
just for my own sanity had to kind of
I know it sounds like a lame excuse but
that's that's the only thing I can say
in my defense I'll try and make it up to
you guys Brett I hope you're doing well
Joe and tando I know you you must be
going through absolute hell and let me
know what I can do to help you guys
contact me privately and uh another
apology io is 2x aves I owe you a video
I am so sorry but everything is
happening I got so much stuff on my desk
and I get so many requests for personal
videos and help me with this and help me
with that and help me with the ebook
thing help me with Vegas help me with a
video and on top of that I got a lot of
personal issues going on and my business
is driving me mental things are getting
heated up there I'm sorry I am really
sorry I really wanted to make that video
for you so I'll say it right here now
xav congratulations on your hundredth
video brother you rock us qualities we
got to stik together dude and as a
final apology I want to apologize to
anyone that emailed me in that or tried
to contact me or ask a favor whatever in
that span of time where I wasn't really
available I'm not really a big dick I
really do try and answer all my emails
but I had a personal issue and I just
like I say I just stepped back from
everything for a while once in a while
I'd post a video just to try and you
know keep a handle in some kind of
sanity but my heart wasn't in it and it
really wasn't uh really connected so if
you tried to contact me if I was aloof
to anybody I'm sorry anyway I think that
covers all my apologies open apology
TJ's all and Peggy I I I can't say
enough how sorry I am Joe tando and
Brett i I'm just ashamed I'm just
totally ashamed anyway take it for what
it's worth cheers

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