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I Call Bullshit on George Carlin!!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

I Call Bullshit on George Carlin!!!!

I Call Bullshit on George Carlin!!!!

hey Paul king human here and this is a
new segment I call I call [ __ ] on
and it's where I'm gonna rant about [ __ ]
that I see that I just can't stay quiet
about so if you don't want to hear me
rant go on go live your happy life look
at flowers smell them I hope rainbows
and butterflies follow you wherever you
go but it's time for me to get a little
pissed off now ah and my first segment
is gonna be I call [ __ ] on George
for king carlin the comedian yeah George
[ __ ] Carlin ah piss me off would
[ __ ] turn turn ball oh [ __ ] okay I'm
driving to my car and a George for
Carlin bit comes on the radio and he's
doing his stupid [ __ ] jokes I hate
his jokes anyway but then he decides
which always does with in his inner
sparse is this in his comedy he tries to
get pseudo politikal and he comes out
with this bid on war on yeah we don't
solve any problems in the United States
we just declare war on them and you know
with that war on crime and war on drugs
but you know what you never hear anybody
declaring war on the homeless and you
know why that is because corporate
America can't make any money with it I
guarantee you of Corporate America
figured out a way to make money on
declare war on homeless we have no
[ __ ] homeless in the United States
and of course the audience is going nuts
yeah yeah corporate America's [ __ ]
evil and George Carlin's our new Messiah
he's a genius oh my God he's so true
ah oh [ __ ] me in the heart first of all
corporate America basically what this
guy is saying is we live in a
capitalistik nation no [ __ ] duh and
basically what he's saying is court is
corporate America's job to cure all of
society's ills well no corporate America
is in business it's charities job to fix
the ills of society and that would be
churches and whatever charities there
are out there there's a million [ __ ]
charities out there but yet it's easier
to divert your attention away from the
people whose job it is to cure those
dysfunctions and it's a lot easier to be
blamed corporate America because
everybody hates corporate America and so
i'll just fan the flames a little bit
because it's an easy way to get [ __ ]
popular you know i can get people behind
me i can manipulate this audience
they're a bunch of [ __ ] idiots i'll
just tok about how bad corporate
america is and tell them its corporate
America's fault for the homeless and
they'll believe it because they're
[ __ ] idiots and I find this so
[ __ ] insulting on so many [ __ ]
levels you can't believe it here's the
other level that pisses me off about
this he's decrying capitalism he's
blaming corporate America and he's
decrying capitalism fur for being
capitalistik but he's standing on stage
making millions of dollars doing it
he's a huge [ __ ] capitalist himself
but yet he's not he has no
self-awareness and he doesn't see the
hypocrisy of that and neither does any
[ __ ] idiot and the whole [ __ ]
audience nobody calls [ __ ] on that
lamb here's a guy making millions of
[ __ ] dollars toking about the
homeless and how nobody does anything
about it but yet what the [ __ ] did he do
about it [ __ ] all he made money from it
and he did bucco about it that's even
worse than corporate America because
corporate America didn't make any money
off of it they didn't do anything but
they didn't make any money off of it he
got on stage made money off of it by
toking about it and how much that did
he donate to homeless [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh
people but oh and he could have easily
just said you know what people uh I tok
about the homeless and and all that [ __ ]
and you know what i'm gonna donate
tonight's entire proceeds from this
concert to the homeless he wouldn't have
felt it did he do that no [ __ ] he
profited from it and he pointed the
finger at corporate america and called
them the bad guy now before I started on
this [ __ ] rant about George Carlin I
got on the computer and i typed in
George Carlin plus charity to see if I
can find him donating anything any
amount to any [ __ ] charity because
I've heard him lamp before about I mean
I in fact there was one time before he
made fun of the whole new orleans
disaster and he used that in his comedy
bit and i found it really [ __ ]
distasteful because he was really
[ __ ] distasteful he was it was
basically calling them a bunch of snivel
[ __ ] for a little bit of water and
he's going so what so your carpets lush
is a little bit when you walk around and
so what you sit on your couch and it's
cushy zoo and you want money foot you
know I mean he was such a [ __ ] about
again did he donate a nickel no lease I
haven't been able to find any evidence
of it because I typed it in George
Carlin press charity found [ __ ] didn't
find a nickel this guy donated and I you
know I would I would expect to see at
least a few blurbs George Carlin donates
$300,000 to whatever charity no so the
guy is a [ __ ] huge [ __ ] hypocrite
who has 0 self awareness of what he's
saying so I call [ __ ] on George
[ __ ] Carlin the [ __ ] [ __ ]
monkey comedian agree/disagree put your
comments down there I'll read them all
sayonara people George Carlin [ __ ] you

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