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Published on: December 8 2022 by Financial Wolf


The above is a brief introduction to I Did DoorDash ON BIKE For 12 HOURS STRAIGHT.

Let's move on to the first section of I Did DoorDash ON BIKE For 12 HOURS STRAIGHT!


for the next 12 hours straight i am
going to do doordash deliveries on my
bike now i know that sounds crazy but
i'm so sick and tired of people
commenting saying they can't do doordash
because they don't have a car those are
excuses right there because there's a
spot outside my apartment where you can
rent bikes and anyone above the age of
like 7 can ride those
i thought that transition would be cool
but it definitely wasn't lastly for all
of you guys who are gonna say that you
can't do doordash under 18 you can do a
lot of things under 18 if you steal your
parents identity identity theft is not a
joke jim not suggesting it i'm just
saying it's an option now that you've
got your bike for doordash try to get to
a bigger city it doesn't need to be a
huge area in my case like 250 000 people
live around me so that should do just
fine for getting orders as you guys can
see i just opened the doordash app on my
phone and the only button coming up is
the schedule button which means that
there's not enough demand for people
doing doordash on a bike so what i'm
gonna do is change my dash type to car
even though i'm gonna stay on a bike and
we're only going to accept orders that
are less than five miles of driving
hi i have a doordash pickup for leah b
as you guys can see i just picked up our
first doordash order of the day and now
i've got to take it to the customer's
house i've got a 1.6 mile drive the last
few rules for this challenge are no
taking breaks longer than 30 minutes and
spend as little as possible whatever i
spend money on for food water or
survival necessities gets taken out of
the budget for this challenge failing to
take breaks less than 30 minutes will
result in me giving all of my earnings
for this challenge away to a random
delivery driver i just successfully
completed the first doordash delivery
completely on my bike as you guys can
see i just pulled up to mcdonald's for
the second doordash order you already
know parked my bike in its own spot now
let's head inside because i'm probably
running late running late quickly became
a common theme in this challenge since i
told doordash i was doing deliveries by
car and obviously a car is a lot faster
than a bike despite this issue i kept
pushing forward over the next hour with
doordash delivery after doordash
delivery after doordash delivery did you
order doordash perfect well uh go ahead
and grab that thank you so much have a
good day bye tips remain low for obvious
reasons i just finished the second
doordash delivery of the day and we got
another zero dollar tip the customer did
message me thank you though but i'd
rather get some money it wasn't until
about two hours into this challenge when
i encountered my first major issue all
right guys so i'm in a little bit of a
predicament with doordash right now i
just got a delivery for this panera
bread and i don't know where i'm
supposed to deliver it to it's said to
call the customer i tried calling her
like four times
and now i don't know where to deliver
the food so i'm still holding on to it
since i gotta save time whoever's house
it is right there it's gonna be their
lucky day
even though i just delivered that food
to the wrong house i'm glad it's out of
my hands now just like that i got back
on the road with another delivery from
cadoba but it wasn't long until i had
another issue my electric bike is
officially dead
and i'm pedaling up the hill it's time
for a new one soon seriously oh man
because of this issue i decided to stop
back at my apartment to take a quick
water break then grab another fully
charged electric bike all i have left is
13 minutes left in this break before i
gotta get back on the road i'm honestly
gonna take full advantage of this break
i'm gonna drink up with some water and
then we're gonna get back on the road
and hopefully i don't need to take
another break until like 5 30 or 6
o'clock when i hit the road again on my
bike order volume was relatively low so
it took me a while between each delivery
to find another one that wouldn't make
me drive super far nonetheless within
about an hour order volume picked up
massively and i was non-stop delivering
chipotle panera bread and noodles and
company to customers one thing i
absolutely hate about delivering for
doordash is delivering to apartment
complexes for example with the last
order i did i had to deliver to this
huge apartment complex and i was stuck
in an elevator with some really annoying
girls this kid broke out into a
foreign session in my class and i had to
listen to them tok for 10 floors as it
stopped at each and every single floor
another thing i didn't enjoy doing for
doordash is shopping this is where you
go to a store like cvs and get paid to
buy whatever items a customer wants from
that store the reason i didn't really
enjoy doing this is since i don't go
grocery shopping very often items take
forever to find it is currently 5 43 p.m
we are now six hours into this doordash
challenge and as you can probably tell i
pulled up back to my apartment because
the only thing i've consumed today is
water a can of red bull and some
cinnamon toast crunch so i'm trying to
eat something since i knew i was going
to take this break i went to pause my
doordash app and guys i have some very
sad news doordash hit me with a
notification saying you've been logged
out because you paused your dash for
more than 35 minutes i guess it goes by
35 minutes in total and not 35 minutes
at a time so unfortunately we
tiknically failed this challenge
i'm honestly so mad we ended up failing
this challenge but at the end of the day
the money's still going to go to a good
cause and i'm going to keep on doing
doordash deliveries so far we're up to
63.32 cents in doordash income and
hopefully once we go for another five
and a half hours after i take this break
we'll get up to like 120 bucks
as i got back to work doing doordash i
started cranking out orders at the
fastest rate yet and within a couple
hours the sun set turning the sky to
darkness and this is where the true
struggle began it is currently almost 8
p.m at night and as you guys can see it
is pretty much completely dark outside
the city keeps it lit pretty well but
guys we're on hour eight of this
challenge we still have four hours left
to go since getting off that last break
we've made another 33
hopefully we can make another 30 more in
the next couple hours this next order is
where i encountered the biggest issue of
the night someone ordered chipotle from
the well-known location i had been to
many times that day but they asked me to
deliver it to an address i absolutely
couldn't find hey adam i'm i'm with your
doordash order i literally cannot find
one two four
i'm trying to explain to you it turns
out the house was hidden behind another
one but for some reason at the time
google maps wasn't pulling that up so i
walked around lost for literally 45
minutes this made the customer very
unhappy hey man i'm right by the huge
house like i'm walking down here okay
you're not cute you're not even here
dude i'm literally here
124 on the house after this conversation
the same frat boy idiot kept calling and
texting me until i finally answered and
chewed him out bro i will literally pay
you the money back right now i do not
give a okay i will pay you the
money back you get the food i'm leaving
it at the at the house what's your
paypal literally just text me the nine
hours and 25 miles of delivering
doordash on an electric bike was finally
getting to me on the bright side though
i was able to find the customer after
communicating with them and we ended up
making up i'm coming i'm coming i found
it i think i i think i'm sorry i'm sorry
just for future reference that's the
house i was all the i was over there
okay and dude let me let me send you the
money for the food because to be honest
i'm doing this for like a challenge
dude i'm i'm so sorry no no you're fine
thank you so much i'm sorry dude have a
good day oh my gosh guys i'm literally
the worst doordass driver in history i
spent an entire hour trying to deliver
one order the dude was cussing me out on
the phone i got mad so i started cussing
back at him in the end we made up i
delivered the food we're all good and i
made six dollars for that entire hour of
effort the last two hours of this
doordash challenge finished off slowly
but surely as i continuously got orders
from nearby restaurants the only issue i
can say i faced as it got later is
stores were getting closer to closing
and when i came late to pick up orders
due to me being on a bike some employees
weren't very happy i have a doordash
pickup for airy
so sometimes we are gone by then at the
end of the day i pushed through and
continued to do my best in this
challenge all the way up until 10 30 pm
when my phone died midway through an
order right now i'm in a little bit of a
predicament i still have the doordash
delivery and the reason i'm not moving
on my bike is because my phone died the
portable charger died so uh i can't find
directions to the customer's house the
only possible solution to this issue i
can think of is i need to go to the
nearest gas station buy some sort of
wall outlet for my phone charger plug my
phone in at the gas station so it turns
back on definitely not the most ideal
situation this is going to be my last
order of the night so i'll probably tok
to you guys in the morning
good morning everyone it is currently
the next day after that brutal doordash
challenge and i have to say i'm proud of
myself for actually completing it
successfully on the surface it may seem
easy to do doordash but trust me guys
doing it on a bike especially makes
things 10 times harder in the end though
i ended up earning a grand total of
in 12 hours doing doordash on my bike
before expenses of course in terms of
costs i spent a dollar and fifty cents
on water from a gas station and i also
rent those electric bikes on a monthly
basis and the costs work out to about 67
cents per day finally the rest of what i
ate or drank yesterday was free since i
got it from my apartment and i also
didn't ever pay for that guy's chipotle
since he didn't want me to the total
profit for this challenge after all of
the things i just mentioned is
135.49 so i'm gonna go ahead and order
doordash on my phone right now and tip
15.49 on the app plus 120 bucks cash i
don't always give away the money i make
for my challenges since i definitely
work hard for it but i want to encourage
these doordash drivers to keep hustling
and making that money and it's also good
future will here guys i ended up getting
my doordash order but i want to warn you
that the doordash driver came and i was
kind of shocked that he was there so i
didn't start recording until right when
i handed him the money so let's roll
that clip right now oh here you go
here's a tip for the order so basically
i did a challenge where i uh do doordash
for 12 hours straight on a bike so enjoy
yeah thank you so much yeah you're
welcome have a good day
i appreciate the food at the end of the
day making money is all about helping
other people i'd much rather help a
bunch of people in my life than buy some
sort of lamborghini i hope you guys
enjoyed this video please be sure to
drop a like if you did and peace out

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