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i hate ads on internet

Published on: August 20 2023 by pipiads

Hello, my name is Sascha, and let's talk about online advertising and adblockers. The next two minutes may be quite obvious for most of you, but I want to make sure we're on the same page. If you're watching this video, you most likely use social networks. But just because you didn't pay for them doesn't mean they're free. As Andrew Lewis said, If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer, you are the product being sold. Most free websites have to show ads to generate revenue. Just like most of my friends, I use adblock or adblock plus browser extensions to block ads on any website. I even installed it on my mom's browser and recommend it to almost anyone I know. But you might ask, isn't it hypocritical to use services for free and at the same time block ads? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. First of all, you're not obligated to watch the ads, not morally or legally. You can arrive 15 minutes late to movies to skip the commercials or use your hands to cover the ad. There are many options, and that's what adblockers do. Sometimes websites ask you to turn off adblock, and sometimes they put restrictions if you don't. I don't like that, but I think it's reasonable and I understand why they do it. Occasionally, I use public computers, someone else's laptop, or even my phone. When I see ads on those devices, I get incredibly angry. I hate advertisements as a concept and feel obligated to ignore any ad I see. I thought I was advertisement-proof, but advertisement companies are not amateurs. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos on my phone via the YouTube app because apps are better, right? But I think it's just the monetization that is better, not the functionality. Websites and apps work differently. When you use a website, your browser downloads the content and shows it to you. You can adjust how and what you see. But in an app, both the content and environment are processed by the app itself. The company can track your behavior and show you ads anytime they want, and you can't block it. In my life, YouTube app ads have sort of worked on me twice. The first time was a video of a fancy dating app. I watched it, but I didn't want Google to know they got me. So I installed the app later, but it was horrible, and I already deleted it. The second time was when I saw a VidCon Europe ad, but I had already bought my ticket a month ago. So I realized I am definitely not advertisement-proof. I'm glad most of the commercials in the Netherlands are in Dutch. I don't understand them, so they don't have much influence on me. When I was writing the script for this video, I watched several YouTubers speaking about adblock to understand the general opinion about it. Most of them say that men use adblock only on bad sites, but not on good sites like YouTube. They say you can whitelist their channel. If everyone uses adblock, free internet will be ruined. But I think these YouTubers are not being completely honest. Ads themselves are not paying for the internet. Sales increase is what adds up for ads. When a YouTuber says, Please don't block the ads, what they really mean is, Please buy stuff that you see in ads so I can have income. If people just watch ads but don't buy anything, it would be useless. Viewers watching ads and buying stuff is what makes creators and platforms survive. Dear YouTube, if you ask me for a fee for all the videos I watch for free or hosting the videos I upload myself, I will pay. But I don't want any kind of dating app or another Dutch cereal to be involved in this. I don't want those who watch my videos to be brainwashed by it. Yes, I think any kind of advertisement is brainwashing, even this video to some extent. But at least nobody forced you to watch it. In content consuming, there should only be three parties involved: viewers, platform, and creators. Advertisement should not be involved. Of course, it's not possible now and maybe never. That's why I will never stop using adblock plus, and I will never encourage anyone to stop using it either. I'm happy that technological evolution happened in a way that the internet became beneficial for regular users, not corporations. Well, at least for the desktop web because mobile web obviously lost. So, thank you for watching, please interact with this video in any way you want. You can like it, dislike it, make a comment, subscribe, or ignore it. Everything is fine. Thank you for watching again. See you sometime.

I HATE Internet Ads

Online advertisements are everywhere, from social media to videos, bombarding us with various products and services. While some ads are harmless and even charming, there are certain types of ads that I absolutely despise. In this article, I will discuss a few breeds of ads that frustrate me to no end.

1. Meal Hacks:

- Meal hacks, especially those related to fast food, are utterly stupid.

- People who come up with these hacks think they're culinary geniuses, but in reality, they're just combining random things.

- They seek validation on platforms like TikTok, hoping for praise that they don't deserve.

- An example is a hack that involves putting a cup over the straw with a hole in the center to prevent spills in the car.

- This hack is not only impractical but also defeats the purpose of enjoying food on the go.

2. Menu Hacks:

- Menu hacks, popularized by corporate brands like McDonald's, are ridiculous.

- These hacks require customers to order and build their own custom meals.

- McDonald's is known for providing convenient fast food, so why make customers go through the hassle of constructing their meals?

- An example is the crunchy double hack, which involves combining multiple items to create a new menu item.

- These hacks are unnecessary and make the dining experience more complicated.

3. Delivery Service Ads:

- Ads from delivery services like DoorDash often try to appeal to gamers.

- These ads claim that their food is easy to eat while playing games, but it's just a marketing ploy.

- They use terms like mission to try and connect with the gaming community, but they miss the mark.

- The ads fail to mention popular gaming terms like battle pass and V-bucks, showing their lack of understanding.

4. Men's Grooming and Hygiene Ads:

- Ads for men's grooming and hygiene products like Dr. Squatch and The Beard Club are cringeworthy.

- These ads often exaggerate the benefits of having a beard and suggest that it will attract women.

- They fail to acknowledge that a beard does not magically solve social awkwardness or make someone more desirable.

- The emphasis on growing a beard to attract attention from women is shallow and misleading.

While online advertisements are a part of our daily lives, some types of ads can be incredibly annoying and frustrating. Meal hacks, menu hacks, delivery service ads, and men's grooming and hygiene ads are just a few examples of ads that miss the mark or try too hard to appeal to their target audience. It's important to approach these ads with a critical eye and not let them influence our choices or perceptions.


Whoa, hey Chris, come look at this ad! Right here, see that? It says I want a free iPad, dude. Don't click this, it's a scam. Come on, it's too good to be true. I'm just gonna click it. Oh, did you hear that? What the heck could that be? I thought these ads were real. Awesome, no way!

Wow, a free iPad! This is unreal, and it works! What the heck, this is crazy! Wait, win a free monitor? Why not, that was fast!

Whoa, dude, a new monitor! It's not even 4k, it's a piece of crap. But you are the 100th visitor to this site, you won $1,000! Alright!

Oh, I only get it once a day. Inches! Applause! There are singles in my area, and why not? What the frick? Oh my god, you're beautiful! Applause! What? Win a free place? Yeah, why not?

PlayStation, sir! Whoa, okay, hey, let's see this. Whoa, I don't give a crap about that. Oh, hi, came a blackout street. No one loves that game, I didn't want that.

Wait, what? Download and your PC will be a hundred percent faster? Do it, of course! Whoa, that's amazing, awesome!

Oh no, nevermind, it's not. It beautifies. So funny, man, I love you!

Whoa, if you can see this, guys, you are so lucky!

Well, dude, PewDiePie left a comment saying surprise for subs. See that link right there? It's not the real PewDiePie. He says he has six subscribers right there. But why would YouTube allow you to comment with another famous YouTuber's username and leave links? That doesn't make sense.

Because YouTube, ah, just like this skit. And you need new memes, you need new...

So back when Jimmy had around like 8k subscribers, we did a little skit. And it became a meme. So now we're gonna reenact it with this. Here, I'll show you the old one. With new computer because I don't care about that monitor. Pretty satisfied crap. So the video was about ads, but I smashed the monitor. And now I have rage. So I want to take it out on this laptop. So for it, even break, I'm gonna zoom in on feet all over my driveway. Music

Internet Ads Rant (They're Cancer)

Internet ads have become increasingly prevalent in today's digital world. While the internet itself serves a practical purpose, the ads that come with it can be intrusive and frustrating. In this article, we will explore the reasons why internet ads are disliked and the negative impact they can have on users' experience.

Reasons to dislike internet ads:

1. In-your-face: Internet ads have a tendency to pop up unexpectedly and disrupt the browsing experience. They can slow down computers and hinder the smooth running of websites.

2. Intrusive: Some ads go beyond being in-your-face and become excessively intrusive. They may obstruct the entire screen, making it difficult to access the desired content. These ads often pressure users to take specific actions or make unnecessary commitments.

3. Negative impact on advertisers: By being overly intrusive, internet ads encourage users to download ad-blocking software, resulting in the ads being blocked altogether. This defeats the purpose of advertising and prevents companies from effectively reaching their target audience.

4. Lack of creativity: Many internet ads fail to engage users due to their lack of creativity. Instead of creating appealing and non-intrusive ads, advertisers often resort to placing ads in inconvenient locations, leading to a negative perception of their brand.

5. Negative user experience: Excessive internet ads ruin the overall user experience. They distract users from their intended activities and can even lead to frustration, ultimately driving users away from the websites or platforms where these ads are displayed.

It is crucial for advertisers to rethink their strategies and create non-intrusive and creative internet ads. By doing so, they can improve the user experience and ensure that their ads are seen by the intended audience. It is time to make the internet great again by eliminating intrusive ads and prioritizing user satisfaction.

How to Tackle the Trolls in Your Online Ads

Hey, this is Terrance from Radical Marketing. Today, I'd like to talk about a topic that's rather annoying to most people who advertise on social media, but I think it's very important we address it. That is the topic of trolls and how to tackle them. So today, I want to basically explain to you the types of trolls and how we normally tackle them.

Okay, first of all, you have what I call haters. Man, these guys are just haters. Maybe they're not very happy with their lives, maybe they have daddy issues, who knows? But all they want to do is spread some hate onto your Facebook Ads or your Instagram ads or wherever you're advertising. Now, the fact is, with these trolls, you can't really change their minds. So don't try to argue with them and try to change their minds because that's just not gonna happen. Don't waste your time.

Now, I would generally deal with these types of trolls by replying in a tongue-in-cheek kind of manner, like a joke. Send a joking manner but that actually brings them back to the point you're trying to make. In general, they will come back with a more hateful remark at that point in time. I suggest you just hide their comment and then just ban them from your page. It's done and dusted. Move on. You've got better things to do with your life. You want to serve those audiences of yours that actually matter to you, that actually you can make an impact in their lives and that actually want your service. Don't waste your time feeding trolls. That's a very important principle. Just hide them and move on.

Now, this is the second type of trolls. These types of trolls are liars. How do I put it? Like the mother hen type of trolls. Now, this especially applies to you if you're an expert in any field, especially in the whole money-making, wealth creation space. You get all these mother hen type trolls who try to protect everyone from the evil you that's trying to take and scam their money. So, with these trolls, what I usually do is just explain to them and clarify any misunderstandings. Sometimes, that brings up a logical, gentlemanly type discussion, which is fine. You might want to reply once or twice just to clarify any questions they may have.

The proper way to respond to them is to say, Hey, thank you for your comment and your concern. Then basically explain to them that their understanding might be slightly misguided. That will sometimes bring some of these around, maybe twenty or thirty percent of them. They'll say, Okay, yeah, I kind of understand your point of view, but I disagree. That's generally what they would kind of say. At that point, you might want to engage with them once more and then just agree to disagree on this particular topic.

Because if these people are thinking that way, some other people might be thinking that way too. So, you want to address those objections in the comments as well. Now, some of them might actually start responding hatefully. In that case, go back to hiding the comments and banning them from your page. It's a sad fact we have to live with trolls, but in many cases, it's also an opportunity for some of these comments to be a way of feedback.

That helps us to look at what we're offering and what we're writing in our message. Are we promising too much? Are we sounding a bit too sell-sy? You know, advertising. Some of that stuff can actually be beneficial. So make sure you take those comments, not just ban them straight away, but actually take some of those comments because some of them can actually be valuable feedback as well.

If you enjoyed this video, please do share, like, or comment. Thanks and have a great day! Thanks for watching this video.

Internet Video Advertising | Why I'm Hated By Internet Marketers!

Hello everyone! This is Advil from Online Media Group US. Today, I wanted to make a short video on the topic of video marketing. I receive a lot of emails regarding this topic, and the question is: Is video marketing as easy as it sounds? Well, quite frankly, yes! There are a number of factors that go into video marketing. Let's dive in!

- Video marketing is a popular topic, and many people wonder if it's as easy as it sounds.

- In this video, I will discuss the factors that make video marketing easy and why you should consider it for your business.

Factors that make video marketing easy:

1. Low competition: Unlike other forms of marketing, video marketing has relatively low competition. This means that your videos have a higher chance of getting noticed by your target audience.

2. No need to buy relevant domain names: Unlike traditional website marketing, video marketing doesn't require you to purchase domain names. You can simply upload your videos on platforms like YouTube and reach a wide audience.

3. No need to host a website: With video marketing, you don't have to worry about hosting a website. You can focus on creating engaging videos and reaching your audience directly through platforms like YouTube.

4. No need to build a website: Building a website can be time-consuming and expensive. With video marketing, you can skip this step and focus on creating high-quality videos that resonate with your audience.

5. Easier keyword research: One of the advantages of video marketing is that your content comes from a higher PR website like YouTube. This makes it more likely for your videos to get ranked higher on search engines compared to blog posts or regular websites.

Statistics on video marketing:

- Online video marketing is the fastest-growing ad format in 2012, with nearly 55% growth.

- 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchases.

- 66% of consumers will watch a video two or more times if it is information-intensive.

- Videos appear in about 70% of the top 100 listings on search engine results pages.

- 60% of consumers are willing to watch videos when they are found in search results.

The ease of creating videos:

- Creating a video is easier than you think. All you need is a computer and some free tools.

- You don't even need to be in front of the camera to make a video. There are various ways to create engaging videos without showing your face.

The power of YouTube:

- YouTube is owned by Google, making it a highly authoritative website.

- Any relevant content coming from YouTube is more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Promoting your videos:

- While creating a video is easy, there is a science to promoting it and getting it on the first page of Google.

- However, it's not as difficult as you might think. I have had videos ranked on the second page of Google within the first day of promotion and on the first page within three days.

- Video marketing is an effective and easy-to-implement online marketing technique.

- Anyone can do it, and it is by far the easiest way to make money online.

- If you're interested in learning more about video marketing and how to make money with it, click on the link below this video. It will take you to a system that will guide you through the process.

- The time for video marketing is now, and the window of opportunity is small. Don't miss out on this powerful marketing technique.

- Thank you for watching this video, and good luck with your online business!

Internet Advertising

Hey YouTube, what's up? I've been bothered by something for quite some time now. It's the advertising on the internet. I understand that websites get paid to advertise, and it's a fair business. It's a great way to make money. But there are so many times when it's just downright irritating. Every time I click on something, I'm bombarded by giant pop-ups for cars or Old Spice. It's just popping up and it doesn't go away. I have to find the tiny little close button at the top right or left corner of the screen, or sometimes even refresh the page to make it disappear. It's really, really annoying. I wish there was an application to download that would just get rid of all the advertising forever.

It's not just on random websites either. Sometimes, when I click on Yahoo just to check my email, I'm suddenly faced with an ad for a Hyundai that takes up the whole screen. I can't even see the Yahoo web page because the ad won't go away. The close button is all the way at the top, and I couldn't even see it at first. I had to refresh the page multiple times to finally find it. Even on YouTube, I have to wait for the 15-second ad to play before I can watch a video. And on sites like Hulu and Fox, when I try to watch episodes online, I have to sit through at least 30 seconds of ads before the show starts, and then 45 seconds at every commercial break. I understand that these sites make money from ads, but it's really frustrating.

The whole point of watching a TV show online is to avoid sitting through long commercials. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You still have to sit through ads, sometimes even more than you would on TV. And sometimes, the ads play so fast that they don't buffer in time, and you're stuck watching three minutes of commercials even though you're not even watching it on TV. It's really, really irritating.

I can't stand it. I'm not saying internet sites should get rid of advertising. I'm just voicing my opinion. I don't mind the little pop-ups on the side or at the top or bottom of the screen, but I hate it when it takes up the whole page or interrupts a video clip. Even a 10-second clip turns into a 15-minute ad for Febreze or some other commercial.

The average person sees about 3,000 ads a day, including billboards, magazines, newspapers, and TV commercials. And that doesn't even include the internet. It's a real pain in the ass, especially when you're just trying to watch something on YouTube and there's a big sidebar ad for a movie that's coming out on DVD. I remember it happening for Clash of the Titans, and that movie sucked major ass. It's very annoying.

If there was a way to get rid of it, some application or software to download, I would do it in a heartbeat. Internet advertising just really bugs me. The most irritating thing is those ads that you can't get out of.

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