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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



we've got 3 i'll use the columns here as
you can see we got one column here the
first column second column and third
column and each one will represent the
one page of comments so this will be
page one this will be page two this will
be page three let me just grab a chip
here and put one on each column and I'll
spin the wheel and whichever one comes
up that'll be that so let's go good luck
hope you're on the right page and it's
page number two okay so I'll go to page
number two and I will scroll down a
certain number of Scrolls to pick a
winner so I'll use this same roulette
system so page 2 and make note of that
right now page two and let's roll it
again to see how many Scrolls down of
the mouse oh you know what let's let's
go red and black for up and down so
let's go red and black red will be up
meaning i'll scroll down from the top of
the page black will be up from the
bottom of the page so let's see how
that's good and it's red meaning i'll
start at the top of the second page and
scroll down so that's two from the top
and now let's just spin for a number and
I think we go from 1 to 15 i think is
the maximum number of scrolls i can get
on one page so i'll just spin the wheel
until we get a number from 1 to 15 ah
look at that ever came up right away so
force second page for scrolls from the
top and we'll have a winner so let me go
do that right now good luck guys okay
guys here we go I've on my video giving
Vegas away free video page
and it's got 1,400 and 12 comments
viewed 3020 times and I got to pick a
winner from all of these comments as you
can see this page is really short so I
have to click on View all 1412 comments
and that gives me these big long ass
pages of comments and as you saw from
the roulette wheel when we get down to
the bottom here I have to go to page 2
to pick a winner and while it's taking a
long time to load the page because it's
a lot of comments i guess i don't know
maybe it's just slow on maybe it's just
hard oh there we go now let me come to
the top and as you can see here is
giving sony vegas away free let me cue
it right to the top here so that it gets
right right at the first comment which
is x miss Eileen LMAO is her comment
okay not sure what that has to do with
helping humanity but you know laughing
is good too so okay I'm supposed to
according to the magic roulette wheel
scroll down for Scrolls of my mouse to
find my winner so let me before I even
start let me get my mouse right there
where that cursor is whoever's closest
to that cursor when i'm done scrolling
four times they'll win and i can do this
without screwing up one two three
foreign lands right on load breath which
is a huge surprise to me because he only
made about 9,000 comments out of 10
possible so you know yeah God por ti he
made his made his fingers bleed doing
this so you know I guess he deserves to
win what was his comment you can have a
contest and give stuff away that would
be good for you manatee alright well let
me mark this comment with a thumbs up
just to show that that's the winning
comment load brick congratulations let's
see who else was close you were close
wir n14 kenton t20 for you right in
there Karen you were close let's go the
other direction see who is on top a
little break here wow he's got that
section pretty well covered boy anyway
there's your winner congrats well Brett
use Sony Vegas to make some cool videos
and hopefully even do something good for
Humanity I'll get that out to the mail
and on Monday to you if you
and me your shipping address all right
people pay pension new contests coming
up good for Humanity
ha ha ha ha crazy right

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