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I Lost My Instagram Theme Pages

Published on: December 22 2022 by Nick Barner

Have you ever experienced losing your Instagram theme pages? It can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you've invested a lot of time and effort into building your page. In this article, we'll discuss some tips and tricks to help you recover your lost Instagram theme pages.

Tips to recover your lost Instagram theme pages:

1. Check your email: If you've received any notifications or emails from Instagram about your page being disabled or deleted, this could be a reason for your page being lost. Contact Instagram support to see if they can help you recover it.

2. Use a backup: If you have a backup of your Instagram theme page, you can easily restore it. Make sure to regularly back up your page to avoid any potential loss.

3. Search for your page: Try searching for your page on Instagram to see if it's still active. If you can find it, reach out to the owner and explain your situation.

4. Create a new page: If all else fails, you can always create a new Instagram theme page. Use your previous page as a reference to make your new page even better.

Losing your Instagram theme pages can be a frustrating experience, but there are ways to recover it. By following these tips and tricks, you can hopefully regain access to your lost pages or create even better ones. Remember to always back up your page to avoid any potential loss in the future.

I Lost My Instagram Theme Pages

Yes, you read that right – I lost more than $8,500 on Instagram. I’m going to dive deeper into this whole situation to let you all know what exactly happened, so let’s go ahead and roll this sad intro.

Nick, what is going on? What happened to your Instagram accounts? Where are the Instagram videos, bro? Why am I not subscribed? I know, I know, and I just wish I knew a lot of the answers to your questions, but I just simply don’t.

A few months ago, I was absolutely killing it in the Instagram theme page game. My empire was expanding. I was averaging around $1,000 a month, and I was even starting to get into dropshipping a little bit on a lot of my pages. Life was good.

But shortly after I had posted my first-time dropshipping a few months ago, something bad happened. And I mean really bad. At that time, it was just another day for me. I was on my way over to the gym when all of a sudden, I got an email from Instagram stating that one of my pages had been permanently deactivated.

I immediately went to check the email and noticed that it was for my smallest account, Survival Sphere, due to copyright violations. Honestly, I was really shocked after seeing this email because I always made sure to give credit to the original owners and even removed any content that they requested. So obviously, I was pretty disappointed when I saw this because that page was making me an extra $150 a month. It had grown to 70,000 followers, and it had an estimated value of a thousand dollars.

Sure, it was really awful, but I was just thankful that it was my smallest page rather than any of my other accounts. But here is where things get even worse. Shortly after I'd lost that page, I received an additional email from Instagram stating that another one of my pages had been permanently deactivated. I checked Instagram, and it happened to be my Rustik Wilderness theme page, which was my second biggest account.

Now, this really bothered me because it had 120,000 followers, was making me a cool $230 a month, and someone had even offered to buy it for $2,250. Your trust, believe it or not, this story gets even more depressing.

At this point, I had stopped posting and began trying to sell my remaining pages because I was too scared of losing another one from this huge copyright wave. However, I seriously think Instagram had a bounty on my head. Only four days had gone by, and I received my third email from Instagram.

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man? This time, they took my baby, my page Outdoors Survival Kingdom. For those of you who have kept up with my channel, this page should look pretty familiar because I made a video about it a few months ago about me purchasing it for more than $3,500.

This stung the most and still stings to this day because this page had upwards of 320,000 followers, was making me a cool $400 a month, and I was literally in the midst of selling it for $5,250 when this all happened. That is $8,500 and just a lot of my time over the past year gone within an instant.

And an annoying piece in this whole thing is that Instagram never notified me of anyone who was reporting me or even showing me the content that was copyrighted. They just sent you an email stating that your account has been permanently deactivated, and that's it, which can be pretty frustrating.

Now, you may be wondering if I have any pages left and why haven’t I just tried contacting Instagram. To answer the first part of that question, I actually do happen to have two theme pages left, Forever Prepared and Sweet Parks, but I have basically stopped posting for both accounts, and I’m really just trying to sell them due to this major setback.

At this point, I figured I need to reconfigure my whole Instagram strategy. So, I believe it's best for me to try and sell my remaining pages and use that money to help me purchase a page in the financial niche. If I can then begin to make my own content to post on that account, that way, I can save myself from any copyright violations in the future.

But at the moment, I still have not found a single person to purchase them, and to answer the second question about contacting Instagram, the thing is, Instagram purposely makes it difficult for you to get into communication with them.

The only way you can contact them is by submitting appeals, and I've been submitting appeals every week for all of my pages ever since I lost my very first one. But the majority of the time, you will not get a reply back from them, and even if you do, it will just be them stating the exact same thing they said in the first email.

I’ve looked for solutions all around the internet, and I've watched multiple videos, but I’ve just found nothing so far. At this point, it has been really tough and aggravating trying to get these pages back, and I think by this point, I just need to come to terms with it and accept it as a valuable lesson.

But this opens up some new opportunities for me to start some new theme pages and begin actually making some content for them myself. So, it would make me feel so much better if you guys hit that like and subscribe button right below me if you have not done so already, especially after everything that has happened.

If you have made it this far into the video, thank you so much for watching and supporting this channel. My name is Nick Varner, and I will see you guys next time. Peace out!

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