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I Made $15m Doing This For 5 Years

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

I Made $15m Doing This For 5 Years

I Made $15m Doing This For 5 Years

we spent a million dollars this month
but we also spent a million dollars last
month and that was like kind of a newer
level of expense
now i'm just whipping up some breakfast
on this lovely day but it is the perfect
moment to tok about this topic
because it's very important but first
we've got to let some air flow in here
oh my god it never it's like a 30 mile
an hour winds
and boom now we've got some stuff to
tok about
all right and as i work on my plate of
fresh bacon maple sausage and salmon
plus the apple of course
we got a topic to tok about now i'm not
one who personally likes to tok
specific numbers about income last time
i did that was i think november or
december of 2017
which sounds like forever ago and that
was just because i was really showcasing
like getting things off the ground i was
like completely transparent with
everything again i don't want to say it
was a mistake i liked doing that
but it's not something that's relevant
and i think that you know whenever i
like to show examples here on the
just like this video is going to be i
don't want anything to ever come off as
douchebag bragging or whatever because
like i always say i'm a minnow in a big
inside of a big ocean like e-commerce is
such a big thing and so
in this video we're going to tok about
my biggest business and what grosses the
most money and what i've been doing for
almost five years
which has been phenomenal and it's
something that you know i've made a lot
of money with
i've lost a lot of money trying to start
new companies inside of the same
and it's something that has a huge
market cap over nine trillion dollars so
we're going to tok about some things i
want to go through some stuff after i
finish eating
inside my computer breaking down a
little bit more about what i've done
inside of this industry
things that just helped me get started
things that are doing really really well
right now
and how about just out of that number i
don't even know the exact number of what
i've done in gross revenue 15
20 million dollars that's just off my
stuff if you were to factor in like
client work or things where i'm getting
paid to run ads for someone else
i have no idea that'd be between 50 to
100 million dollars at least
but that's not my company i don't count
that that's just you know cash flow
extra this or that and then you know
getting a percentage of someone's stuff
this is from my own things where i've
done at least 10 million dollars my main
and then having a couple of other stores
here and there throughout the different
years easily
easily and that's just like my head
every single time i say like easily make
extra millions of dollars in revenue
doing that just over the years oh let me
throw up this store let's try this
product you know
okay this one this dog water bottle does
2.1 million over six months like
it blows my mind because i used to like
have to make a real decision when i
wanted to go get food
and now like you know i cook my own food
i make really good food but like
you know this pack of bacon is 17 bucks
for five pieces of bacon so that means
this piece of bacon right here is four
and i'll gladly pay it because it's the
best food for my favorite farm made
same with this alaskan sockeye salmon
like i well i ate good food because i
care about my health because it
affects my work but that used to be a
real decision because i didn't have a
lot of money so anyways
i'm going to eat this then we're going
to jump inside of my computer right over
my little office setup here in puerto
rico and uh we're going to tok about so
i want to break this down if you guys
have any questions of course leave it in
the comment section down below
and i think as of when this video is
coming out you guys
um if for anybody asking about our
e-commerce program we're doing something
really cool over on the e-com season
you guys can get our brand new ecommerce
program the performance drop shipping
that's been open for like a month or two
um you can get that for 400 bucks off
plus we're going to include our facebook
ad high level but from scratch
focused program which shows you
everything to do with facebook ads and
that's how
98 of all this traffic and all these
sales that we're going to tok about
has been driven you know that's kind of
where i geek out that's where i have a
lot of fun
and the courses are something i've been
doing for a couple years it's been
really cool we've driven a lot a lot of
results for a lot of students inside of
but it's self-guided so you can do it at
your own pace you can check that out
basically you can save half off on one
of the programs and get the advertising
program for free we've never done that
we're not going to do it again but check
it out it's linked down below and with
that being said i'm gonna eat and then
let's jump inside of my computer
so i don't know about you but i use
snapchat pretty much every day it's kind
of how i keep in touch with
friends and more personal connections
because pretty much every platform for
me is like
you know more so like showcasing and
teaching and answering questions
and it's really cool every single day i
do this without failure i always look
back at like the one year ago to today
the two year ago
and it shows all that it's like i have
all these really cool things and i'll
throw some stuff up here on the screen
like owing 85 000 to amex and i just
paid the bill yesterday already because
we're spending so much on ads
uh you know like listening to cool music
spending 30 000
a day and getting disabled from no
reason on facebook 25 000 a day on this
ad account
or 27 000 basically being spent one year
ago to today as i'm filming this
it's really cool like funny stuff with
my friend's dog and like one of my cool
and it's just so cool to be able to see
that and reflect back on it because for
it puts it into perspective and like i'm
so grateful for all those experiences
and everything that's happened so
like two years ago to today this fun
little picture that i had made is
the car coming off the car carrier that
i gifted to my grandfather
for his 80th birthday it was his dream
car i went and got a bunch of balloons
and then surprised
it for uh surprised him with it he
didn't even know that i was in town
beautiful beautiful car his dream spec
and that was like
for me it was one of the most impactful
personal purchases that i've ever made
it meant ten times more to me than being
able to buy my dream car
or being able to do anything is a couple
of things that i've been able to do to
help out certain family members so
that was really awesome the car is
absolutely beast
can you believe that pop but then also
three years ago to today
exploring bali and getting to check out
indonesia and just southeast asia
um well before the pandemic started just
being able to travel and check that
stuff out so
it's really fun and uh you know it's
cool to be able to see that progression
so like from a year ago to today
you know spending like twenty six
thousand twenty seven thousand a day on
ads just on my one main brand that's
when i
started having my first couple months
consistently aware okay
we spent a million dollars this month
but we also spent a million dollars last
month and that was like kind of a newer
level of expense
because keep in mind you know 27 000 a
day on just one brand that's almost a
million a month that's before product
cost which is usually like 35 to 40
so there's a lot of stuff that goes into
it and uh money is moving very quick so
like staying on top of that
bringing on a full-time in-house
bookkeeper all of that stuff was a super
new experience so
anyways let me kind of run you through
some of this stuff here
i just want to tok about the e-commerce
industry in general um it'll really just
paint a good picture the ecommerce
industry grew by
44 just in 2020 now obviously a little
bit of unique situation it got a jump
pulling that lawnmower right because
obviously a lot of stores were closed so
it was almost an artificial boost
but nonetheless helped us out a lot next
point headless commerce a lot of you uh
or for anybody who doesn't know what
that means headless commerce is a word
and a phrase it's kind of a fancy name
for tik it's something that's commonly
used inside the ecommerce industry
where it's like point a to point b
consumer to the business like the
customer like
if i'm running a company and you're the
customer for it
basically artificially creating any
interaction without a person being
necessary so i'll give you some examples
you have an automated chat bot that pops
up like facebook messenger type
type deal on the store so a customer
surfing on the store it's a little thing
pops up hey do you need any help send us
a message
and it's an automated ai bot in there
that has pre-recorded responses based on
what they say and it can kind of detect
that's headless commerce so there's
different things like that it's
basically getting a fancy name for like
automated tik
but that is becoming more and more
common in the marketplace i've had
experiences with this
i've you know tried to start different
things inside of the space i've been a
part of companies and i use them as well
so there's certain softwares that i pay
that i use inside of my own companies
and it's just a really cool thing that's
also 10 of total retail sales and
basically anything that gets sold
is made online and that's huge i mean
you're toking about an industry that's
been around for thousands of years
people always trading stuff
for 10 of that to now be shifted online
i mean my gosh that's a huge huge thing
it's a big big
shift that we've never seen before in
the world so that's really cool and
again this global market cap for you can
google this
legitimate statistiks here verifiable
but uh
over nine trillion dollars i think it's
actually growing consistently like it's
like multiple trillion a year
because e-commerce is just exploding
especially with that 44 growth nearly
50 percent in a year so it's really
crazy um and then again that like
compounded annual growth rate
14.7 so i'm excited to see the industry
growing i love being a part of that you
know versus something that that might be
slowing down because you're just putting
yourself in a business model that's
already being accelerated i think that's
really cool so
here's a couple things that i've
personally done this is just stuff from
my own perspective stuff that might set
me apart a little bit again
i'm not some big shot i'm not some hot
shot from out of town i'm not no jeff
bezos i'm not a billionaire
i i've done okay in my perspective
inside of my companies i've made so many
silly stupid mistakes
a lot of those my fault a lot they just
kind of happen naturally with the
but i love learning and i like what i do
i like that i can kind of set my own
schedule i'm very consistent with what i
do on a day-to-day basis
there hasn't been more than probably one
maybe a one and a half days
in the last four years that i haven't
worked so it's just you know been kind
of an everyday grind but
for me i keep investing time and money
into getting better at advertising and
this is my perspective on this
at the end of the day it's not and this
kind of sucks but it's not the best
product it sells
and a lot of people get this backwards
it's who can market it the right way
and get it in front of potential
customers who's going to buy the product
identify that audience do that research
find the marketplace
let me put it in front of it so i
realized this early on and then i just
decided to become a badass when it comes
to marketing again
not the best at all but inside of my
advertising agency now we have 14
different media buyers we manage about
30 plus million dollars a year in ad
spend for clients
that number's growing very rapidly and
i'm excited for the spend to be 100
million like i just
i love seeing those processes and being
able to teach other people those
and like you know keep that inside of
the companies as well as like helping
students and other stuff like inside of
our programs but
managing that spend for my own stuff and
for clients and now building a system to
automate that
which isn't quite headless commerce but
headless commerce for me i can have less
involvement which is really cool and i'm
sorry if you guys hear any of this noise
it is pouring rain outside right now in
puerto rico
reminds me a lot of thailand i'll put up
a quick video of this right now
just all the flash rain out of nowhere
but anyways kind of my purpose of
bringing at this point is i just got
really good at the marketing
specifically facebook ads for me
google ads doesn't really tikle my
fancy it's not something that i super
super largely enjoy uh it's something
i've tried to learn but i really decided
to more so
try to automate that to remove my time
from it so i have two people on the team
who do google ads in a pretty decent way
um definitely nowhere near the scale or
level or skill or comfortability as
however that was one of the things for
sure and the number two this is
something i've done on and off it
constantly i feel like nobody does this
but i also didn't let to a degree a
strong income flow
stop me from trying new things so a lot
of people get really successful with one
or a couple things or whatever it is for
them and they really like stik to it
and what happens is they stop doing the
stuff that got them there in the first
and this has happened to me in multiple
periods so before i was making money i
would go to the gym every day
dude i was a scrawny little kid back
home in minnesota i wasn't
gaining any muscle i had no idea what i
was doing in the gym literally just
shoot hoops for 30 minutes and lift like
one weight
but it was more so the act of going
there even though i didn't really want
to every single day
some days i'd randomly wake up at 5am
i'm gonna go to the gym you know like
it was just the act of doing that and
like i'd go reading the hot tub at the
gym for 30 minutes and like stuff like
that it was more so
consistent every single day without
failure and it was like developing the
person that i was becoming so
that was more so it and there were
periods of time in my life while making
a ton of money you know a lot of money
at a young age 17 18 19 years old
where i stopped for certain periods of
time and uh it was something where
you know i just notiked that and i
didn't notike it in the meantime but it
kind of hit me like what am i doing i'm
not doing the stuff back in the day i
used to buy a ton of courses
i used to learn so i've tried really
just making sure that i have a good
structure i keep everything in
perspective because some things you have
to stop doing in order to grow
but you know i still spend about fifteen
thousand to thirty thousand dollars a
year just on education i think i could
definitely bump that number up
but you know buying courses whenever i
want to figure stuff out pretty much all
of my friends i bought their courses
both to show love and support
but also to learn because you know like
some newer friends that i've made inside
the real estate space and some people
who are now starting youtube channels
and whatnot
they have a little 200 real estate
course and i know that they're better
than me at that and they have you know
however many more units and like they're
clearly more experienced they've made so
much more money than i have in that
why would i not spend a couple hundred
bucks to buy that could i send him a
text and say hey can you send me a login
sure but like what's the point you got
zero skin in the game i guarantee you
then i wouldn't go through it very much
but it's like just you know it's not a
big deal just just do it you have a
little bit of investment
you have an incentive to do it so that's
something for me that's been big
um and now one thing that's kind of
funny sometimes the things that i buy i
have like close friends of mine they're
really about that person's course and
here's my perspective on it i try to
ignore what most people say
and even though some people might
classify me as knowing more or
being better than some of these people
that i'm learning from i don't i don't
care if someone
or if i know more than someone it's not
about knowing more it's about what do
they know because they might know
different things
and especially when it comes to an
industry like e-commerce
there's a lot of different ways to do
things and that's what's really
interesting because
i've notiked i don't go into a course or
a program or a one-on-one coaching thing
that i fly out for
i don't i don't go into it looking for
like a whole system it's a revolutionary
entire new company it's like no
one little tweak inside an audience
structure inside of my ads
because that one little thing or
whatever the one component is like
you know when i first learned how to
properly structure upsells you're
toking about extra 15
in profit back in the day i was only
doing like 100 000 revenue that's 15
000 a month that's 180 000 a year just
up one little thing
would you pay 500 bucks for that but
it's like sometimes you don't get
anything sometimes you get two or three
so just you know it depends on what
you're learning how you implement it
but i always like to know more and i
like to know different strategies i
think that's super valuable so
that's something that i've done that's
really helped me focus on that and again
do whatever the actual number the
numbers arbitrary it doesn't really
there's people on youtube who've made
you know a hundred thousand dollars with
e-commerce literally i know this in
revenue made no profit
and they have bigger youtube channels or
whatever get more views and they sell
more courses they knew this and that
it's like that's super cool and that's
where they make their money but
it's like some of those people know good
stuff okay and sometimes i know good
stuff sometimes other people know good
there's also people who do you know i
actually know someone who's tried to
start a youtube channel got no views
they do about 150 million dollars a year
in e-commerce sales
a dang good amount more than i do you
know if you factor in advertising agency
and stuff like
we're you're we're getting there but
nonetheless like for their own specific
brand it's a badass company and that's
where they make their money
youtube just didn't work for them or
they didn't put the attention on they
didn't focus on it they didn't care
about it and it's like
nobody listens to them they're like oh
who's this guy forget about this guy
because it's all marketing it's all
positioning how do you put yourself in
front of others
and i get people telling me oh why you
still make e-commerce videos you still
do this or that like when are you gonna
adapt or change i'm like
uh well that's the business that i sit
down and run every day that's where i
make my money that's where i have fun
that's again
what funds everything and then there's
the opposite side of the spectrum let's
say i tok about my real estate
investments or
my dogecoin purchases or anything people
like oh look i like your ecommerce
videos but it's always like two-sided
there's both sides of the fence so
that's my perspective on youtube i don't
really care i'mma post what i want i
don't mind the views i don't mind if i
make a hundred dollars off these are ten
thousand it's not going to change
anything the needle's not going to move
and that's not to sound like an
that's just what the truth the situation
is you know you have people i have a ton
of friends who kill it on youtube
good friends of mine distant friends of
mine people from graham stefan to
whoever who make
a lot of money even actual youtubers i
do have some
planned collaboration soon with people
with 10 million subscribers we're gonna
do some fun car races
whenever i get around to shipping the
car to the state that they live in and
doing fun stuff like that but
they make half a million dollars a month
just off ad revenue eight hundred
thousand dollars a month
they have their personal brand merch
sales doing six million like
crazy stuff like that and it's like you
know for them it's a different case so
it just
just depends on the person and you know
that's that's for me that's why i focus
so much on e-commerce i see the
marketplace it's where i have fun
i don't have to interact with many
people i'm an introvert i like to just
kind of sit in my house
do my thing travel a little bit and
dabble here and there so
the youtube channel has been really fun
if you haven't notiked we've scaled back
on here
to just two videos a week i'm gonna
start to introduce kind of a little bit
more of a vlog style like you're seeing
in this video a little bit in the
dabbling around you saw my breakfast but
some more videos just kind of traveling
putting a little bit more time into them
and just showing more stuff i don't want
it to always be sit down content so
we'll vary it up and uh yeah have some
fun here so let me know if there's
anything you want to see on the channel
or if there's any questions you have
that i can just help you with real
quick and easy leave it in the comment
section down below i'd be more than
happy to do that also
after almost five months now wow it's
been a refreshing five months
after my instagram got hacked then i
flew to my friend's office who works at
instagram walked in there seven minutes
later got my account reactivated
then two days later the hackers had it
taken down again my account has been
officially gone the one with like 60 000
followers dope username all that stuff
um and all my old memories that's really
what i care about which sucks with all
the posts
but anyways and all the hot girls in the
dms that too honestly
but i made a new instagram after like
five months which cool because a lot of
people kept asking for stuff so
it's just at real hidden bulls you can
follow i'll link it down below or
but you can just check it out on there
it's private page you can dm me
questions i'm gonna post a little bit
here and there and just show some more
behind the scenes so that's a good spot
for it again
um also from the bundle deal for the
ecommerce program if you want our entire
ecommerce program plus the facebook
advertising program added on there for
free save a whole bunch of money
you can check that out referenced in the
description down below as well so
yeah hope you enjoyed this video hope it
came off well and again that is like a
part of it because again there's people
make so much more money there's just
levels too and that's what's crazy you
know you got people buying a car you got
people buying planes
you got people buying a 17 billion real
estate portfolio you get people buying
like it's just
it's nuts so anyways hope you enjoyed
the video
hope you earned a quick thumbs up let me
know if you need help with anything and
i'll see you in the next video

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