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I Made $4400 with this Method - Facebook ads manager Tutorial to Make Sales Teespring / Shopify

Published on: December 21 2022 by Golden Rules - Money Motivation & Ideas

Are you struggling to make sales on Teespring or Shopify? Have you considered using Facebook ads manager to boost your sales? In this tutorial, I will share with you my method that helped me make $4400 using Facebook ads manager.

Step 1: Research your target audience

- Use Facebook Audience Insights to find out who your ideal customer is

- Look at demographics, interests, behaviors, and location

- Use this information to create a customer avatar

Step 2: Create your ad campaign

- Choose your objective (e.g. conversions, traffic, engagement)

- Set your budget and schedule

- Create your ad copy and choose an eye-catching image or video

- Use A/B testing to see which ads perform best

Step 3: Monitor and optimize your campaign

- Check your ad performance regularly

- Adjust your targeting, ad copy, and images as needed

- Use retargeting to reach people who have shown interest in your product

- Keep track of your ROI and adjust your budget accordingly

Facebook ads manager can be a powerful tool for driving sales on Teespring or Shopify. By researching your target audience, creating effective ad campaigns, and monitoring your performance, you can see great results. Try out these tips and see how much you can make using Facebook ads manager!

Creating a Highly Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign for Teespring

In this article, we will go through the steps of creating a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign for Teespring. We will cover topics such as selecting the latest post, creating a new page post, removing right column ads, setting up targeting, and creating the ad set.


1. Select the latest post:

- Go to the ad page and hit the button again so the page reloads and gets the latest post.

- Select page post engagement and choose the latest post.

2. Remove right column ads:

- Right column ads are not effective for t-shirts as the images are not easily visible.

- Concentrate on newsfeed ads and ones that pop up in the middle.

3. Set up targeting:

- Select the pixel created earlier.

- Verify the pixel by making a sale.

- Set up targeting for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

- Select 18 to 264 as the age range, including pilot in training.

- Go to demographics and select job titles, search for pilot, and select the relevant options.

- Keep the audience size small and highly targeted.

4. Create an ad set:

- Create an ad set with a daily budget of $25 and keep it at bid for post page post engagement.

- Optimize the bid as CPM.

- Run the ad continuously.

Creating a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign for Teespring requires selecting the latest post, removing right column ads, setting up targeting, and creating an ad set. The key is to keep the audience size small and highly targeted to maximize the chances of making a sale. With these steps, creating a successful Facebook ad campaign for Teespring can be made simple and effective.

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