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I Tested "GET RICH QUICK" Side Hustles

Published on: December 20 2022 by tropic

In today's world, the desire to make quick money has led to the popularity of various side hustles. From selling products online to participating in paid surveys, people are trying everything they can to make some extra cash. But are these get rich quick side hustles really worth it? In this article, I tested out a few of these side hustles to find out.


1. Selling Products Online

2. Participating in Paid Surveys

3. Investing in Cryptocurrency

4. Freelance Writing

5. Dropshipping

Selling Products Online:

- Tried selling handmade crafts on Etsy

- Had to spend a lot of time creating products and promoting them

- Only made a few sales and didn't earn much money

- Conclusion: Selling products online is not a quick or easy way to make money.

Participating in Paid Surveys:

- Signed up for various survey websites

- Spent hours taking surveys but only earned a few cents each

- Had to reach a high payout threshold to cash out earnings

- Conclusion: Participating in paid surveys is not a viable way to make significant money.

Investing in Cryptocurrency:

- Researched and invested in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

- Experienced both gains and losses in the market

- Required knowledge and careful consideration to make successful investments

- Conclusion: Investing in cryptocurrency can be profitable, but it is not a guaranteed way to get rich quick.

Freelance Writing:

- Tried to find freelance writing gigs on various websites

- Had to spend time crafting pitches and writing samples

- Found it difficult to secure well-paying jobs

- Conclusion: Freelance writing can be a good side hustle, but it requires effort and time to make significant money.


- Created a dropshipping store using Shopify

- Had to find reliable suppliers and market the products effectively

- Only made a few sales and had trouble with order fulfillment

- Conclusion: Dropshipping can be profitable, but it requires significant effort and knowledge to be successful.

After testing out these side hustles, it became clear that there is no easy way to get rich quick. While some side hustles may be profitable, they require time, effort, and knowledge to be successful. Instead of relying on quick fixes, it's important to focus on building sustainable income streams and investing in long-term financial goals.

I Tested "GET RICH QUICK" Side Hustles

Can You Get Rich Quick Online in 50 Hours?

The writer spends the next 50 hours trying to get rich quick online by watching and testing out different methods suggested by YouTube gurus.

Methods tried:

1. Shortening popular YouTube video links and posting them on forums, but got banned.

2. eBay dropshipping, with three products listed.

3. High ticket affiliate marketing, which promotes scams.

4. Audio transcription, but failed to qualify for jobs.

5. Freelance website, but only found scams or required verification.

6. Selling products for a loss on eBay, which didn't work out.

7. Business/domain drop flipping, but it was too expensive.

8. Listening to radio websites, which only earned $3 an hour.

9. Text on images, but it was a saturated market.

10. Walking with the LifeCoin app, which only earned a little bit.


The writer didn't get rich quick, but learned that building wealth takes time and effort.

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