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I Tried Dropshipping A Google Ads Winning Product On Facebook Ads With Shopify (INSANE RESULTS)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

I Tried Dropshipping A Google Ads Winning Product On Facebook Ads With Shopify (INSANE RESULTS)

The above is a brief introduction to I Tried Dropshipping A Google Ads Winning Product On Facebook Ads With Shopify (INSANE RESULTS).

Let's move on to the first section of I Tried Dropshipping A Google Ads Winning Product On Facebook Ads With Shopify (INSANE RESULTS)!

I Tried Dropshipping A Google Ads Winning Product On Facebook Ads With Shopify (INSANE RESULTS)

what is going on everybody shri kanasa
here so i tried
selling a winning product that was a
winner for me on google ads which
brought me roughly 30
000 in sales within a period of a month
on facebook ads and here
are the exact results so as you guys see
on my screen we're going to start off by
looking at the shopify dashboard because
this is where you can see the actual
winning product and what that winning
product did to my sales
on the shopify store now keep in mind
that this shopify store
is actually run 99 on google ads the one
percent does come from retargeting
i often do on facebook so that's why
it's only 99
via google but overall a very consistent
last year i did a case study on the
store and this store had actually
over 1 million dollars for the year of
2020. if you don't even know what i'm
toking about i'll leave the link for
that video
in the description but here i just want
to show you guys the overall chart and
the winning product when i did actually
sell it so
i sold that winning product on this drop
shipping store
from march 1st all the way up to june
6th and after june 6th
it did sort of die down so that's why
the chart is only looking at about
march 1st to june 6. but even before
right here which is a big upward tik in
the sales i was actually still selling
this winning product
which i'll be showing you guys very
shortly in this time period right here
but as you guys can see the sales
weren't that great compared to this time
in that time there were a lot of ups and
downs even though these were still
pretty good
and we still did about 338 thousand
dollars in sales but in total we did 407
000 with about 70 000
refunds but this is the time period when
i began advertising this product on
i just thought of trying something new
and as you guys can see it worked out
really well
in my favor because i was able to reach
about five thousand all the way up to
about nine thousand dollars in sales
during this time period which is
absolutely insane so
now that you did look at this chart what
i'm going to do is refresh this really
quick so you guys know this is 100 real
and not something i just cooked up for
this video so as you guys can see
it is currently getting refreshed and
once it does get fully refreshed you'll
see that today
it has done this amount in sales and if
you go back
to about march 1st all the way up to
6th we can see that the results stay the
absolute same so right here
but now that we covered this let's look
at the google ads dashboard
for this product because this was again
a winning product on google
before i decided to switch it off into
facebook ads but before we look into
this make sure to destroy that like
button if you haven't already because
this video
is going to be one that you're not going
to want to leave on and be sure to
subscribe if this is the first time
you're watching this video but
here are the two exact products these
products actually are the same thing
just with a different size so basically
a variation of each other so far looking
at all-time results and of course these
results are only from about
march first onwards we have spent about
five thousand dollars for the first
variation about three thousand in the
second variation
just within one general testing campaign
as of right now both are excluded
because i am running
one of these winning variations in a
smart shopping campaign it sort of died
down within this general testing
campaign but
what i want to show you guys is the
overall return on ad spend so i got
about a 3.39 row s for the first
variation with the 3.96 row s
for the second one and in case you guys
haven't seen these are
basically high tiket products this one
sold for 150 this one sold for
200 but i did lower the price recently
to 189
and overall the first one got me 17 274
the second one got me 11 207 but if we
take into account the smart shopping
campaigns and their data
this does equal to about 30 000 in sales
just from google ads within a period of
one month or so so absolutely amazing
results that i got with this
product but about the time period when
you guys saw that upwards tik on my
sales dashboard
i thought that it would be really
interesting to give this product a try
on facebook ads simply because at that
point i had not really been using
facebook ads much if at all besides
and this product was sort of a product
related to the events going around in
march april and may
with the increase of certain materials
out there and this product is very
useful in
making that specific material which was
going up in price so that is exactly why
more and more people were already
looking to buy this product
but considering that i had done this
much amount in sales profitably i was
very interested in trying this out on
facebook so here's what i did exactly
i went on facebook ads and i have my
facebook guys for right here with all of
the campaigns
and we're gonna rank by the most amount
spent but what i did is basically
start a purchase conversion optimized
campaign for that product
and there was only that specific product
within this campaign no other products
with both the variations
and as you guys can see i had many
different interests already
and i was also using some look likes
because there was enough data
for this product on my shopify store
already due to google ad so this is why
it is absolutely amazing if you find a
winning product on google
and then go on facebook and give that a
try but as you guys can see a lot of
specific campaigns we're running at
different kinds of budgets and
overall we did have very good cost per
purchases because again the profit
margin was
for this product was around 100 because
it was a high tiket product
i was only getting it for around 80 or
so and selling it for 200 so that is
basically over a 100 profit margin and
this kept me
alive simply because i was able to spend
much more money than the normal
competitor on the same exact product and
ranking by the robots we can see that i
had a lot of campaigns with different
kinds of robots going up to about five
during the peak time these were all the
way up to 10 but of course
any product does die down the same thing
happened with this and over time it did
start to take down which is why i ended
up killing it but
looking at the cost per purchase it was
around 20
for a product which the average profit
margin was 100
for me which is again absolutely insane
very successful with this product and i
was able to get a lot of sales but let's
kind of consider
exactly what i did with this product
because a lot of people might be in a
similar situation or they may want to be
getting in a similar situation
where they want to basically find a
winning product via google ads
and then transfer that winning product
from google onto facebook ads because
with facebook
it is much much easier to scale quickly
at a much faster pace
than you can with google ads and we
already saw that with the chart that i
up on my screen on my shopify store but
what i did is i came onto facebook ads
and this is
exactly the first campaign that i
launched so i launched this campaign
around seven interest because i normally
like to put up about five to ten
interest so
around seven to eight adsense is what i
launched and if we go back into april
so basically going back to about april
1st all the way up to
april 15th or so we can see exactly what
those ad sets were so right here as you
guys can see it was
basically the second day of running
these ad sets i had spent about 154
dollars and over on the right side
we can see that i was getting sales at
six dollars per purchase
for a row s of 19 17 10 and
7. so a lot of people ask me what is a
winning product how do you know if you
have a winning product
this is when it's a winning product i
spent basically around just
about 20 dollars on this ad set to get
back 403 dollars and this is on facebook
during a time period when a lot of
people are struggling to even get a
three times return on ad spend so
this is exactly when i knew i was on to
a winning product
and this is how you should also know if
you have a winning product or not you
really have to force a product to be a
winner literally on the second day i had
three sales at six dollars a purchase
for a product with a profit margin at
100 that is
absolutely insane so this is when i knew
i had a winning product
and if i wanted to make good sales from
this product i had to act fast so what i
during the rest of the month was
basically start launching access
as fast as i could so as you guys can
see within that time period i got 85
sales for a total
conversion value of about 13 000 of
course this is not fully right because
during this time periods when those ios
updates started to come into play
tracking got all messed up but that was
simply fine to me because
i was getting a good amount of robots i
knew i was getting a lot of sales based
on my shopify dashboard
so i decided to keep it running and this
is when i started to duplicate
a lot of the ad sets as you guys can see
i had this attire running at about 100
a day so basically what i did is i
followed the same exact strategy i teach
on my youtube channel i went for a
winning product on google ads
following my exact criteria which i laid
out when and if you're not really sure
be sure to watch those videos but just
to give a recap on
what criteria this product matched it
had a very very good search volume
much higher than the 25 000 monthly
searches that i always say a product
should have
in addition there weren't really any
competitors during the time period when
i actually found this product and i had
no idea that whatever was happening
during that time period
was actually going to favor my product
because this product
was something again that created a
specific material
which went up in price tremendously
during the last few months so because of
this product was something people were
already starting to search and i just
happened to find this product while
my product research methods on ebay and
amazon because again
on those websites a lot of customers had
already started to purchase this product
as well
but it was still fairly new not really
on google ads yet because drop shippers
had not found it so
i knew right away from that point that
this was a winning product so i added it
to my store
within a few days i was getting
salesforce on google ads and on my
shopping campaign
so that's when i started to basically
get the idea of running it on facebook
ads which is what i did
after getting these few winning ad sets
however i decided that instead of
scaling it slowly like i normally would
with my vertikal scaling method
of increasing the budget and duplicating
four times to 25
a day i changed that to about a hundred
dollars a day because again
i knew this was time sensitive it was a
product with a very high profit margin
and this is also another reason
why you need to find products with
higher profit margins because it gave me
the ability to create a hundred dollar
per day assets
with ease and these ads has actually got
me sales at five dollars per se
but if it had not gotten me a sale at
five dollars per sale
even if it was at 90 dollars per sale i
would still be in a profit this is why
it is so important
you go in and find those high tiket
items instead of focusing on the low
tiket to the mid tiket because with
this experience
i've come to realize that it takes the
same amount of effort
might even be less to sell a high tiket
product than a low tiket product
and one thing you're going to be
surprised to know about this winning
product however
is that if we look at all of the ads for
this specific campaign
all of them are image ads all right now
that you're back to normal after being
completely shocked with what i just said
i always have believed from the
beginning that image ads have just
the same amount of ability to sell a
product as do
video ads and a lot of dropshippers out
there believe that video ads is the way
to go
and if you don't have a video ad you're
basically destined to fail i can show
you right here that
this product right here was working on
image as completely fine so actually
what i did is i tested a video ad
variation with the image add variation
and the first ad copy right here is
actually the video ad which is
performing the best
for one of the ad sets however before
you think i was just lying a few seconds
look at the next few ad copies all of
these ad copies right here are image ad
copies so
only one of the ad sets had the video ad
as a winning ad copy while the rest all
of them had the image ad as that copy as
you guys can see
even though the cost per purchase was
much more than what it was for the first
ad copy right here facebook found it
much better to be advertising the image
ad copies
rather than the video ad copies and this
is and this is exactly what i've seen
time and time again so next time you
think that
image ads are not going to work just
come back to this video and watch it
again because
the amount of robust that i got from
these image ad copies
is absolutely insane compared to the
video and of course there were a few
more videos which did get me sales
but overall image ad copy is what
facebook found much more relevant to
the audience and the audience actually
interacted more with this ad copy than
the video ads so you just want to keep
an open mind when you're advertising on
facebook or just any other advertising
don't just always listen to what those
so-called youtube gurus say
regarding ads because right here is what
you need to prove all of them around
and this product actually would require
a demonstration to even sell and i have
a lot of potential customers say on the
ad copy itself on the comment section
that they would have preferred a video
showcasing how the product is working
but that did not stop them from buying
this product that did not stop me from
five thousand to seven thousand dollars
in sales every single day just with this
product so
that should let you know exactly what
you want to be looking out for but that
is basically how i was able to take a
winning product on google ads and
transferred it to become a winning
product on facebook
and do this amount in sales but i do
currently offer one-on-one google as
mentoring if you are surprised by these
results just know that these are very
normal results with google ads you can
achieve the same kind
i do offer one-on-one google as
mentoring if that does interest you
be sure to send me a message on
instagram at dedicatedyoung i currently
do take on a few students every single
for my special one-on-one google ads
mentoring so again at dedicated young
just send me a dm
but if you find any type of value in
this video like always smash that like
button and smash that subscribe button
and i'll see you guys next time

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