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I Tried J Rich's Dropshipping Course

Published on: December 20 2022 by tropic

I recently decided to try out J Rich's Dropshipping Course to see if it was worth the investment. Here's what I found:

Section 1: What is Dropshipping?

- Explanation of dropshipping

- Benefits of dropshipping

- Comparison to traditional retail

Section 2: J Rich's Course

- Overview of the course

- Course structure and content

- Price and value for money

Section 3: My Experience with the Course

- Initial thoughts and expectations

- My progress through the course

- Challenges faced and how I overcame them

- Results achieved so far

Section 4: Pros and Cons of J Rich's Course

- Pros: Comprehensive content, easy to follow, great support

- Cons: Expensive, not suitable for beginners

Overall, J Rich's Dropshipping Course is a great investment for those with some prior knowledge and experience in the field. However, it may not be suitable for beginners due to its high price tag.

I Tried J Rich's Dropshipping Course

Jay Ridge, a 25-year-old drop shipping multi-millionaire, recently gave away his Shopify drop shipping course for free. In this article, we follow his entire course and attempt to make at least five sales in the next seven days using his strategies. The challenge is done with a zero-dollar budget.

- Follow Jay Ridge's Shopify drop shipping course to make at least five sales in seven days with a zero-dollar budget.

Day One:

- Start by watching everything in Jay Ridge's Shopify drop shipping course.

- Not all strategies will work, such as influencer marketing due to time limits and budget constraints.

- The focus shifts to marketing strategies like Facebook ads, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

- TikTok organic drop shipping is the perfect fit for a zero-dollar budget, but the video in Jay Ridge's course was not helpful.

Day Two:

- Hunt for winning products using Jay Ridge's library of supposed winning products.

- Many products are old winners from Facebook and not current trending products on TikTok.

- Finally, decide on two products to drop ship from Aliexpress on Amazon and prime them for two-day delivery.

Day Three:

- Build a Shopify drop shipping store from scratch using a website called Name Licks to generate a brand name.

- Create a domain name, branding for the store, and build the website.

Day Four:

- Film TikTok videos with the products and edit them in Final Cut Pro to post them on the new TikTok accounts.

- Try to be as sus as possible to go viral on TikTok organic.

- Post two TikTok videos an hour apart for each product.

Day Five:

- Still struggling to go viral on TikTok with minimal views and zero sales.

- Consider making a new TikTok account for the Wavy Desert product and giving up on the Glowy Ring.

Day Six:

- Use an Instagram theme page in the luxury mansion niche with 215,000 followers to post the best TikTok of the Wavy Desert as a real on the page.

- Post the Glowy Ring TikTok on the page's story as a last resort.

Day Seven:

- The TikTok organic final numbers are not good, and the Instagram theme page attempt failed miserably.

- Jay Ridge's course has good resources and is the best free Shopify drop shipping course for beginners.

- Jay Ridge's Shopify drop shipping course is a good resource for beginners but may not work for everyone.

- TikTok organic drop shipping is a perfect fit for a zero-dollar budget, but going viral is challenging.

- It is essential to keep trying and finding new strategies to succeed in drop shipping.

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