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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)

Published on: December 2 2022 by Sara Finance

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)

so in this video i'm gonna start a brand
new shopify drop shipping business and
attempt to take it from zero dollars to
over two thousand dollars in just one
week and i'll be doing this live with
you and revealing every single step and
at the end of the video i'll show you
exactly how much money the business
makes hopefully over two thousand
and i thought i'd mention that basically
i'm going to be showing you my exact
drop shipping strategy right now and i
use this strategy for one of my drop
shipping stores that made over six
hundred thousand dollars so you're
definitely going to be learning a lot
and so basically how this works is first
thing i'm gonna do is find a good
product to sell then i'm gonna find a
supplier and create the online store and
then i'm gonna create advertisements for
the product and what i'm gonna be doing
is literally just advertising the
product for free on tiktok so just
posting videos to my account and yes
this method does work really well so
what i want to do right now is actually
find a good product to sell and this
product has to be in high demand and it
also has to be a product that i can
create viral videos with that way all
the videos i post on tiktok have the
potential to go viral and overall it
just has to be a really cool product
that a lot of people would want and
honestly all i do to find viral products
is go on tiktok and just search up
tiktok made me buy it and then i look
through all those videos and i might
come across something that could be a
good product to sell i also search up
amazon fines and drop shippers exposed
so once i do that i look through all the
videos and potentially find something
and honestly i find most of my products
doing this and it's completely free i
also do occasionally post viral products
on my instagram story so you can follow
me on there if you want to keep up with
that so anyways i'm gonna go search on
tiktok now and try to find something
and once i do i'll come back and update
you okay so only took me about five
minutes to find this product and it's
basically a sunset lamp i've actually
seen this product before a lot of times
but i never actually thought about
selling it but i definitely do think
it's a winning product especially
because there's a lot of other stores
selling this product right now there's
this one drop shipping store on tik
tok called the soul sunset and i just
notiked them now and they're doing
really well and since they're able to
sell their products successfully i'm
sure that i can do the same okay so now
that i have my product i actually have
to find a supplier that i can get the
product from and i use a ton of
different suppliers but this time i'm
going to be using spock's since they are
one of my favorites and the main reason
i'm going to use them is because you can
actually get a pretty decent price you
get high quality products and you're
going to get fast shipping times which
is really really important and they also
have tons of different winning products
to pick from okay so anyways i did find
the sunset lamp on sprocket it's gonna
be 13 and it ships between seven to ten
days which is ideal and i decided i'm
gonna sell a product on my store for
39.99 since a lot of other stores are
selling it for that price so now i just
have to add the product to my import
list then click on push to store and
that basically sends the product to my
store so that i can start selling it and
if you also do need a good supplier for
your drop shipping store i'll leave a
link for spock it in the description of
this video alright so now that i have
the product next thing i'm going to do
is actually start building the shopify
store and i'm not going to go through
how to do this but i do have a separate
tutorial on youtube that you can check
out if you want to build your own store
now the store has to look like an actual
real brand because if it doesn't then no
one's going to buy it and so it usually
takes me about one to two days to build
the shopify store so what i'm gonna do
is go ahead and build it now and i'll
update you guys once i come back and
it's done okay so it's the second day
now and i finally finished the store and
honestly i think it looks pretty good so
i just want to go through what i did
with you so here i have the name of the
product which is a sunset lamp and then
here i have the option to pick a lamp
color and i put sunset but there are
some other colors as well so i didn't
want to include those and i put the
guaranteed safe and secure checkout
since it does make my store look more
legit and i also did pick a couple of
good high quality photos and i think it
does fit the aesthetik of the product
and here i have a section that says get
to know the sunset lamp and this just
basically explains exactly what the
sunset lamp is and here i have the 30
day customer guarantee which means that
if the customer buys the product and
they don't like it they can return it
within 30 days this is really important
because a lot of customers won't buy
their product if they can't do this then
here i have what's in the box so i
basically just explained what's going to
come in the package and next we have the
customer reviews which is really
important and basically having any kind
of social proof on your store is so
important if you don't have social proof
it's very likely that your product won't
sell as much and obviously these reviews
aren't actually from customers who
bought my product it's just from other
stores that are also selling the same
product and if you scroll down here you
can see i have a text that says capture
stunning photos and then i have another
text that says relieves anxiety and
stress and one thing i will say is
having this little bar here at the
bottom where they can actually add the
product to their cart is really
important so basically instead of
scrolling back up all the way to the top
and click add to cart they can just do
it at the bottom of the page but yeah
that's basically it that's my entire
store it didn't take me too long to make
and i like how simple it is and i always
say simple is so much better you don't
want to make it too crowded and if i was
a customer and i saw the store i would
say it looks pretty good and it even
looks better when you're seeing it on
your phone which is where most of my
customers are going to see it alright so
now that we're done with the store i do
want to mention that i have a shopify
drop shipping course basically the
course goes over my exact strategy to
make over 30 000 in profits every single
month and the course is updated for 2022
so if you want to check that out i'll
leave a link in the description of the
video but anyways now the store is done
the next step is advertising and like i
said before i'm going to be using tik
tok to advertise and all i have to do
is post videos on my tiktok account
and that is completely free and usually
what i do with all my drop shipping
stores is i order the product to my
house and then i actually make my own
videos with it but this time because i
only have one week i'm not actually
gonna order the product to my house
instead i'm gonna use videos from tiktok
and just repost them on my account so
what i'm gonna do is search up sunset
lamp on tiktok and go through all
those videos and so once i do find a
couple good videos what i'll do is just
repost them on my tiktok and of course
i will credit the owner of the video now
do i recommend you do this with your own
drop shipping business honestly you can
try it out but i do think it's a lot
better to actually make your own videos
this way your brand is going to look a
lot more legit so anyways after
scrolling through tiktok for a bit i
found a couple good videos that i saved
and so my plan now is to actually post
three videos every single day and i'm
hoping that at least one video goes
viral and pretty much my entire take
tok account is updated so i have a
profile picture i put the store link in
my bio and i also did update the bio so
now i just have to wait and see what
happens honestly i am kind of nervous
because this could go either way it
could either make me a lot of money or
it's going to completely flop and i'm
gonna make no money but anyways that's
it for now so what i'm gonna do is wait
one week and then i'm gonna update you
after and show you how much money the
business made and kind of show you what
happened to the tiktok account and if
i actually got any views
okay so i started this challenge on
december 28th and today it is january 6.
so it has been a little bit longer than
a week but i am very happy with the
results and the reason i kept the store
running for a little bit longer than a
week was because the store was doing so
well and so i didn't want to miss out on
any sales but anyways the first thing i
want to do is actually show you the tik
tok account and show you how the video
is performed and then at the end of the
video i'll go over how much money the
business made okay so here's my account
it gained over 200 followers which is
pretty good and i posted in total 14
videos and some of the videos completely
flopped and other ones did really well
and honestly that's pretty normal for
tiktok now i didn't get a crazy
amount of views but i did get a decent
amount of views to make a decent amount
of money so kind of what happened is i
tried to post at least three videos
every single day and what i notiked in
the beginning is the videos weren't
getting any views but then one of the
videos popped off which was the third
one and then after that all my videos
started getting more views and the
strategy i used to make sure the videos
would actually get a good amount of
views was use trending sounds and i also
made sure that i used relevant hashtags
so for example some hashtags i used was
amazon finds and tiktok made me buy
it and i'll show you an example of a
good video that i posted so this video
got the most amount of views and i think
the reason for that is because it didn't
really look like an ad and in the
caption of the video i put link in bio
to purchase and all i did was use a
trending sound and hashtags and you can
actually search up my account later and
check it out for yourself because i am
going to keep it up and i know if you're
watching this video you might think it's
actually really easy to start a brand on
tiktok and it can be but sometimes it
can actually be very difficult and all
your videos will flop so i guess it
really just depends because sometimes i
have accounts where all my videos do
really well in the beginning and other
times none of my videos get any views
for like the first month so i guess the
lesson here is you have to be patient
and consistent because honestly it takes
time with tiktok but anyways now
let's move on to the exciting part which
is how much money did my business make
so all together the business made 439.89
and i'll be completely honest this is
actually a little bit more than what i
usually make my first week so i either
got really lucky or this product is
actually a really good product but for
the first couple days the business made
no money so i was actually scared that
this video was going to be a flop but
then after on january 1st my business
started making more money since my tik
tok video started getting views but
anyways the 439 dollars is just revenue
and so i actually want to calculate the
profit since there is a lot of expenses
so the first expense is a shopify domain
that costs 16 the next expense is a
shopify and paypal fees which was about
13 and because i did have a 14 day free
trial with shopify i saved 30 dollars
and the last expense is a product cost
which was 143 so if you actually
subtract all the expenses from the
revenue we end up with a profit of about
and that is actually a 50 profit margin
which is really good and i guess what
you can learn from my experiment is that
drop shipping with tiktok is honestly
very effective and everyone should be
doing it for my current drop shipping
business right now which i started about
three months ago i've already made over
a hundred thousand dollars and i am
using tiktok and if you did want to
learn from me my exact strategy to start
multiple successful drop shipping
businesses i do have my shopify drop
shipping course linked in the
description of this video but anyway
that's all for this video i hope it
helped you out and i'll see you in my
next video

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