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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



people King human here and it's time for
a king human giveaway I know it's been a
long time but I've been busy so get off
my ass am I giving away you guessed it
so the crack of video editors everybody
wants it everybody needs it it's brand
new in the box ready to go 125 bucks and
you can get a free here free who else is
giving you this nobody just king human
just king human so this is gonna be
another sweepstakes type giveaway on the
king human channel and I'll tell you how
it works so it's not very simple anybody
can do this to enter make a comment in
the comment box down here good make a
million comments the more times you
comment the better your chances of
winning and here's you here's why I'm
gonna pick a winner at random from all
the comments and usually what I do is I
get all the comments on one page and I
just scroll down the comment section at
random wherever my finger lands is who
wins it I usually close my eyes misc a
point so obviously the more comments you
make the better your chances of winning
also it gets this video into the most
commented section on YouTube and that
helps more gets more partikipants and
makes it a real thing instead of just a
well you know when I want a lot of
people to play sure no problem the other
thing is your comment has to be
something positive for the planet or
humanity it's got to be those two things
gotta meet those two qualifiers it's got
to be something cool something you're
gonna do for the planet or humanity or
both or something you think people
should be doing something you did
something positive so you know and and
it can't be the same comment over and
over just cut and paste every comment
has to be original they have to be more
than one word comments they happen to
you know you can't make a sentence out
of a million different comments he's got
it everyone's got to be completely so
that should be pretty obvious and and
you should be able to understand that
pick it up when I'm putting down I'll
give you two weeks this will run for two
weeks this contest and at the end of two
weeks i'll pick a winner and they're
gonna get this i'll send it to 33 wow so
enter enter many times and win once also
you can make a video reply and attach it
and that's cool too and i'll tell you
why because video reply people are gonna
win a bonus gift that's right bonus i'll
send the video people uh something from
the pile of King humans swag either a
king human t-shirt or bling from the
king or something I don't know pick
something out of the pile and you'll get
it a couple of rules on the video
submissions they have to be original
videos don't submit old crap that you've
had posted on YouTube it's got to be
original and it's got to say something
about King human then you'll get the
bling from the king now video replies
aren't entry
into winning this you gotta do both if
you wanna if you want to get this the
the biggest crack you got to make
comments and you can do that and submit
a video reply video reply as an extra
added prize for people that do that so
it's actually two contests in one see
how that goes boo boo two contests and
one to give away this morning okay I'm
rambling this is this is I'm sick of
hearing myself now this is really sucks
that's what happens when you don't make
a video for a while people i saw i know
it i suck i know it i admit it get off
my ass all right there you have it win
the software I'm getting out of here go
away go on get out of here goodbye leave
me alone get off my ass win the software
and sayonara any questions any answers
all right goodbye

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