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import aliexpress reviews to shopify

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How to import reviews from aliexpress to shopify 2022

hello friends, in today's video i'm gonna be walking through how to import reviews from aliexpress to shopify. but before getting started this video, don't forget to subscribe how to admin it. so first of all, open your shopify admin panel and go to apps and from here, open app store and search here aliexpress review importer and hit enter and select this app and click on add app, install app and click on import aliexpress reviews. and now here you have to enter aliexpress product url and import your shopify product type to start searching for a product name. i'm going to type in here the product name from my shopify store where i want to add the review and number of reviews to import. you can select the numbers. i'm going to selecting a 50 minimum rating. click here and select minimum rating. i'm going to selecting your five stars only and now country filters: select those country you want to get reviews from, and content filters: reviews must have content. you can select reviews must have pictures. i'm going to selecting two options and enter here the minimum amount of words i'm going to select in your 10 words and you can turn on translate to english by aliexpress option and click on input reviews, and this might take a while if there are many review, so please refresh the dashboard after one or two minutes if they don't show up instantly. so click on, go to home page and click on reviews. so here you can see the reviews has been added. here to edit review, click on edit and now you can edit your review. here you can add a picture. or if you want to delete that, if you click on delete and now click on products, so here you can see i have added aliexpress review to my shopify product. think to see more shopify videos. please check the links and descriptions. if this video helped you, give a thumbs up and please consider subscribe how to one minute. thank you for watching.

Import PHOTO AliExpress Reviews to Shopify

true story. someone i know spent a thousand dollars on paid ads and made zero sales. when they confronted the company who ran the paid ads, do you know what they said? they said the reason their product likely didn't get any sales was because they didn't have any reviews. [Music]. don't make this costly mistake. if your products aren't converting, this could be why- and in today's video, i'm going to show you how to fix it. before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. reviews hold a lot of weight in the customer's buying decision. think of yourself. when you buy a product, do you check the reviews? i know i do. it's one of the first things i check. if your products aren't converting, this could be why. let's fix that now. all right, first things first, let's install the app we are going to use. from your shopify dashboard, click apps, customize your store, then search for viva reviews. why this app specifically? first, it's from the makers of sell the trend, and if you watched my last video on how we find winning products, you'll know that sell the trend is an all-in-one drop shipping platform. i'm a fan of their platform, so when i saw they have a review importing app, i wanted to give it a try. the other two reasons are: one, the ease of use: when you're importing reviews, you don't have to paste the aliexpress link. you can send their ai bots to find your product for you. and the second reason is because they have google rich snippets, which means when you show up in search results, your review rating will automatikally display as well, which is going to make your listing stand out from your competition. alright, let's get this installed. when you get here, the first thing you want to do is click import settings. here you can choose to show reviews from a certain date range, such as the last 30 days last year or lifetime, under quantity. by default, it's at 250 reviews. this isn't necessarily how many reviews you will end up publishing, because, as you will see in a minute, you can manually go through the reviews if you want, but here's where you can change that number if you wish. next, we have rating options. you can choose to only import a certain star review, if you wish, or a combination of any of these. i personally don't recommend importing only five star reviews. doing this will come off as inauthentik, but just for the purposes of this video, i wanted to show you the options that are available. reviewer locations: you might want to limit this if you are targeting a specific country, but otherwise you can leave this. as is photo options. you can choose to only import reviews that contain a photo. i feel that these type of reviews hold the most social proof, so i'm going to adjust my settings to photo reviews only. content options, reviews without content or reviews where they only give a star rating with no written text. you can choose to translate your reviews here if you wish, and right here where you can generate a dummy name. this replaces those aliexpress reviews where the name of the reviewer is start out and instead replaces it with an auto-generated name. and last, we have the option to manually review the reviews before publishing or, if you want to, you can allow every imported review to automatikally publish. when you're finished, click update settings. now it's time to import our reviews. so click import reviews, find the product you want to import reviews for, and click import review. now, when you get here, you can either paste the aliexpress product link here or you can have their ai bots find the product for you. here you can see they found a list of matches for my listing, but if it's ever unclear that they've identified the correct product, you can always click the aliexpress icon to view the product on the aliexpress website. to be sure, this top listing has the most orders and i expect, the most reviews as well, so i'm going to click import on this one. my 25 reviews have been imported. now let's take a look. here are all the reviews that were imported. you can see that they all have photos, just like i selected. they all have names and they all have a five-star rating. with the imported reviews, you can choose to edit them if you'd like to. so if there's a spelling error or something like that, you can edit the text. you can also choose not to show certain reviews by flipping the switch on its status or, for a more permanent fix, you can also delete the review once you're happy, click publish all. now, when you click on your product, you should see your store reviews. the only issue- and this may depend on which theme you're using- is that they are too far down on the page. this is what we're going to change. next. to do this, go to online store and click customize on your theme from the drop down, click products- default product. now if we look back at our product page, we can see that the reviews are appearing underneath our email newsletter. so if we look under that section here, we can see it. it's labeled sarm reviews. you want to drag that up right underneath our product information section. you'll see. i have the shopify review app here, so i'm just going to switch that off. unfortunately, i didn't see this review app as a block option underneath product information, so that's why i've placed it directly below. alright, save your work and now let's take a look. if you like this video, do me a favor and give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment down below, and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time sensitive content, such as winning products, on this channel, so make sure you have notifications turn on so that you can be one of the first to market when we post those videos.

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How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress / Amazon To Your Shopify Store (Best FREE App 2022)

today i'm going to show you how to import reviews directly from amazon or aliexpress to your shopify store. there are a ton of apps that allow you to import reviews for free, and i also make sure to do this on my own stores as well. in my name's alex, i cover all things ecom on this channel. so if this video helps you out in any way, remember to leave a like and subscribe for more and, with that being said, let's get started. okay, so to get started, we're gonna head over to the shopify app store and then, under search apps, we're just gonna type in ali reviews. so, like i said, there's a ton of free apps available that allow you to do this. like right here, all of these. they let you import reviews directly from aliexpress or amazon or any other similar websites where people are leaving reviews. you can just get those directly imported to your own store under those product pages, and we'll show you how. so this is the one that i use on most of my stores personally: ali reviews. it's a. it has a really good interface, it's very easy to set up, it's very easy to use and, like i said, there's a free plan available. but since i have so many products and so many reviews imported on all of my own stores. and then i want the better customer service, um, for the developers of this app as well. i actually do pay the full price plan, so they have the free plan right here. this is all that you get. you get 30 reviews for pro per product, and then you get five products that you guys can actually import reviews for. so, since i'm not limited to just five products and 30 reviews in my own store, i pay the 9.99 a month and get all of this as well. it's very worth it, in my opinion. but just to get started, this is really all that you need. so we're gonna add that app to the app store and we're gonna go into shopify and i'll show you guys how to get all this set up in just a moment, okay. so, like i said, depending on where you guys are at with this right now, you guys should just be able to choose the free plan, so click the basic sign up for free and then, right here, there's a quick tutorial if you guys want to learn more about this app, but i'll just show you guys the basics and how to get this set up really quick, okay, so we're just going to move over here to aliexpress and, like i mentioned, this app actually works for amazon listings as well. so if you guys can find your product on amazon, just import the reviews directly from there. but i know most of these apps allow you to import reviews from aliexpress and that's like the most versatile thing right now in the drop shipping space. so i'll just show you guys an example with that really quick. so say, you guys are selling phone cases in this example. uh, you want to go on orders, you want to find your exact product and then you'll import the reviews directly from there. so i'll click this phone case listing right here and, as you guys can see, it has over 23 000 reviews, 74 000 orders. so you'll go to the top and you just want to copy the url at the very top of your page and we're going to go over and import that in the shopify app right now. okay, so we're on the dashboard of ali reviews and from here you'll just click manage reviews- and i already imported a sample item on the store to get started. so you'll click import reviews right here on the right hand side and then you click if you're choosing from aliexpress imports or amazon imports, and then right here is where you'll paste the actual link. so you paste that link in there from the actual product listing itself. you guys can choose some options on the side right here. do you want it to have images? do you want it to translate any reviews that are in another language? don't import reviews that you already deleted should have feedback text, so like actual comments and the reviews, and then the number of reviews that you're going to import, the minimum amount, amount of stars. so we'll choose, like we only want five star reviews right now. we want images in the reviews so the customers can see what they're getting, and it should have feedback text for the purpose of this example. so we'll click import and it's going to find any reviews. well, actually we chose for it to find 10 reviews, so it's going to find 10 reviews with that exact criteria. and then you just click manage reviews over here on the right hand side as well, and here's all your reviews that were imported for this product. so let's go take a look at this quick sample product page and i'll show you guys where the reviews actually are and how to actually edit them. okay, so we're here on the sample product page that i created for the purpose of this video and, as you guys can see, right here, underneath the title, there's the five stars, based on 10 reviews, of the 10 reviews that we imported. so if you guys will just scroll down, you guys can see this section right here where it shows the amount of review, of reviews, the amount of stars, uh, gives the customers options to write a review and you guys can actually go through and approve all of those first. so if you guys have like a spammer that's importing a bunch of reviews on your store that just are not legit, you guys can actually delete that and block them from leaving reviews in the future. but here's all the reviews that we already imported. it looks pretty good on this product page, so i would say that we're good to go. but if you guys want to edit any of these reviews, i can actually show you how. or if you want to delete like one of the pictures that is on the review, so if you guys don't like one for some reason, i'll show you guys how to do all of that in just a moment. okay, so we are back in this app and so you guys just want to edit this review right here. so you'll go over to the right hand side and right where the little trash button is to delete the review is a little pencil to edit the review. so you guys can just click edit. you can edit the description. you guys can actually edit the rating, which is new to me. i didn't know you could do that. you can remove any photos that you want on here. actually you need to upgrade to remove the photos. you can edit the date that was posted, the country that it was posted, from the name of the person and actually pin that review to the top. so these are some pretty cool features that will get you guys started with importing reviews on your shopify stores. importing reviews is a great strategy to get started, but it's not a great long-term strategy, as you're thinking long-term growth for your brand. so i just made an entire video toking about the importance of real reviews and how to actually get more customers to leave real five star reviews on your store. i'll link that video in the description if you guys are interested in checking that out. i highly recommend to do so. but this is just how to get a setup and started with importing reviews from aliexpress to your store. so i hope this video made importing reviews on your store much easier. if this video helped you out in any way, consider leaving a like, sharing or subscribing for more. i have two ecom resources in the description below for you guys to check out. feel free to do so and, as always, thank you guys. so much for watching and i'll see you guys in the next one.


How To Import Photo Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify Using A Free App || Full Step-By-Step Process

hi, I'm Anthony and in this video I am going to teach you how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify using TD Reviews free app, which is an amazing app and easy to use. so let's start. so let's go to apps and sales channels. Shopify App Store. let's search for treaty reviews. their name might not be good, but their app is. I haven't ever seen- and I have to import reviews- which is as easy as this app. really quick and easy setup. so let's start. make this grid. you can also keep list, but I prefer this version. so next, show review the home page. you can disable this function if you don't want to show reviews on those products that don't have any reviews, so I will disable this now. next, let's skip this one. you can also choose after purchase, but this is a pair feature, so I don't often use it, so let's skip it. let's skip this one as well. okay, now let's go to import. as you can see, these are the products that I have in store, so let's select for one priority board products. let's open aliexpresscom foreign ER [Music]. now let's enable reviews receiver suitable products to import previous form. so for some products, we can find identikal products on AliExpress as well, but for some we can't find. so in that case we can use a similar product which has little differences, and add products that are only text and avoid pictures. so I will show you examples of both foreign. let me show you from the products. so this is a knife sharpener we have, but the one we are finding here are different [Music]. so what I will do is I will select a similar product, so let's find for that one. we have to find products with as many reviews as possible, so I will either select this one or this one, or this one. so this one has a bit different design, so I will write this if I have another choice. and this one is good to use with 93 reviews and design is not similar. so let's copy this text from here. let's show this app now. let's click on import, probably Express [Music]. paste your. now what we have to do is select the option for text reviews only, so this 4 star and up is fine. uh, if you want to import more or less reviews, you can do that as well. so I will import 40 reviews from all countries and import and reviews are imported successfully. it was as easy as this. now let's find for another product. let's search for pocket umbrella. so now let's see what kind of pocket umbrella we have: foreign, identikal. [Music]. we have this product here. now let's import using this one: [Music]. just copy the URL. go to app. import reviews- paste. now we can select all reviews or we can also select photo reviews only, but use Photo reviews only on that time when you have too many reviews on this product. we have very few reviews, so I will use all reviews- that's important reviews- and import now let's see them on our store. so preview: you can see that 50 reviews are imported here. here we have text we have in foreign languages, but we want to keep only English evil, so let's translate them. [Music]. let's open. translate. [Music]. edit copy reviews. [Music]- transfer from Russian: copy, paste. now you can edit any text here as well. like you can see that this text was definitely wrongly translated, so let's change foreign. let's translate this one as well: [Music]. [Music]- now paste. you can also disable any reviews. so let's see on the front end once again reload. now we have 30 reviews because I saved some [Music] and text has been translated successfully. you can also make these names Anonymous. let me show you. go to widgets- show Anonymous. you can also change some of the settings, like four stars and up, only foreign. we also have language translator. with that you won't have to translate our reviews, but still you should, because if Auto translator is used, many text will be translated wrongly. so I don't suggest that. save and just. with this, all process is complete. we have reviews imported to our store successfully.

How to Add Reviews from AliExpress into Your Shopify Store⭐️ Ali Inspector 2.0

next, I'm going to show you how to import the product reviews from Aliexpress into your Shopify store. so let's go ahead and show you how to do that and basically what we want to do here. when you go to a product that you want to import reviews into, I just want to show you what I'm toking about. so let's say, for example, this partikular product, we're going to import the reviews into our Shopify store and I've already imported the product. so now I want to import the reviews. so if you scroll down, you can see feedback here and you'll have a lot of feedback of people that have bought it with with pictures in it. so I'm going to show you how to import not only the comments but also the images. so before we do anything, you have to do a couple things inside of your Shopify store in order to get this to work. so inside of your Shopify store, you log in and you want to go to apps and you have to install an app called product reviews, which is a product. this app is actually designed by Shopify and it's free, so you'll never have to pay any money for it. it's always going to be free. so you have to go and install this app. so if you go and click visit a Shopify store app- sorry, the button visit Shopify store app store and you want to click search and type in product reviews, it should come up so what it's called, yeah, product reviews, and you'll see it right here free. it was kind of hidden down a little bit. I know it's because it has the big star in it. now, if you can't find it that way, another way to do it is you can just head right on over to Google and just type in product reviews, app, Shopify, and usually the first link that will come up. that's not an ad. you see a little ad there. this is not an ad. it will be that partikular one. so all you have to do is click ad app and it will add it to your account. now I've already have it. I already have it added to mine, so I'm not going to do it again. now we have the ability to have product reviews within our pay or our site. now the next thing I want to do is show you another thing in order to show images within your product reviews. as the way it is right now, the way that this app was designed, it does not allow you to show images within reviews, which isn't very good, because images really help increase your sales. so I've actually personally created some special code that you could implement into your page. now. I did forget one last thing here. when you click on view details here and you go to view Shopify app store, you will see developer website. you click there and it'll give you instructions on how to actually implement this into your Shopify store. so I did say you install the app, but you actually have to do one more thing here. according to Shopify, using the app, you have to. in order to see the actual review reviews come up on your product pages, you have to add this piece of code right here into your your theme editor. so let me quickly show you how to do that. like this: informations already provided by Shopify here. but what you do is inside of your account here, go click on online store and then select actions, code editor, and in the code editor you can see here it says you want to go to product - lik template, liquid in the sections directory. so in the sections. I guess it's in the template here. they're saying in the sections, but mine is right here. anyways, if you click here and you scroll down. you can see I put it right here now. to be honest, everyone's theme is going to be a little bit different. so what I did I just basically took this code and just started pasting it at different places after a closing div tag. closing div tag means is a forward slash right before the letters div, so that's a closing div tag. so I'll go to the end of a closing div tag and I'll start placing it in there underneath some product information stuff here, and I just keep putting it in there until it looks good on my page. that's kind of how I did it. anyhow, that's what they explained here. so you want to place it after the product description is usually the nice place to put it, and that's what I did. and then you do have another option here to add the score badges to your collections page, so you can do that by just following the same instructions. you go into snippets and you find product - grid item, dot, liquid. so under Sections, sort the snippets and then you'll see it right here. and then I stuck mine near the bottom here and I put a center tag around it. I put the center here in another Center, there, the closing Center tag, just to center the content on the page. so that's what you have to do to basically get the reviews app to work. so once you've done that, the next thing we have to do is add that special extra code that I created in order to show images within reviews. now I've also created a second video that shows how to do this as well. I will be providing a link down below this video. you're looking at somewhere and you can go ahead and look at this here, but on this page I have to come here in order to actually get the code again. I explain it all again here on this video. so if you want to see a more in-depth explanation, you can come here. but what we need to do is I need to get the codes in step two. so click this. it'll open up in a page like this and there web browsers, just that text file. just right-click or- sorry, you can go ctrl a on your keyboard to select all and then right click and copy. so now I got all that copied. now you want to go into the online store again and you want to edit your theme like last time: go to actions, edit code, and you want to go back to that same place where we put the under product liquid, where you had to put that first little piece of code to show your product reviews on your product pages. you recall Shopify told us to put this there. well, just go to the very bottom of this page and paste in that script. now I've already done it on my page, you can see here. so let's pretend that it's not here, for example. so it's not there. this is what its gonna look like for my partikular theme: just right-click and select, paste and now click Save and everything will be saved in here, like so. and now that script is in here and it's going to handle the images that will be imported into the reviews. so everything's done here now. all we have to do now is go get some reviews using all the inspector. so let's go back to apps here and put it there for now and let's go ahead and import. you can import as many products as you want, but I'm just gonna do two for now and take this one and this one here now. when I said import products, I meant to say import reviews for these products. so you can import as many product reviews as you want for different products. so we can go ahead and right click. then you can select export and you want to select create Shopify products reviews, import file. select that and then this window will pop up here. this is the the window where you can create the import file. so let me just explain this real quickly. at the very top you're going to see that little warning- not warning about information, about. you have to go in and download that Shopify app and then down here you can see the products that we want to get the reviews for have been automatikally filled in here from the ones we selected, and what we have to do here is we actually have to enter in the Shopify product link of where we want the reviews to be shown. this is the same page where your customers are going to buy your product from you, so you have to put those inside of there. so we need to go get those links, and these links are very specific. they should have your website domain and then you're gonna see the word products in there and then you're gonna see your title of your product separated by just dashes, and that's the link you want to get. on occasion you may put the wrong link in there and I'll show you which link is wrong and which link is correct for these partikular ones. so let's go ahead and find these products in our store now. if you've forgotten what products these were, you can actually this right-c.

How To Add Reviews to Shopify From AliExpress

hey, what is up guys? it's Brennan here, and today I'm going to be showing you how to add reviews to Shopify from AliExpress, exactly step by step, how to go about doing that so that you can show more social proof on your online store when it comes to doing, say, Shopify Drop Shipping. importing AliExpress reviews is a great way to do that. now, if you don't already have a Shopify store, I do want to mention that. first, link down in the description box below, brambleeskicom Shopify. we'll take you right over to a Shopify free trial if you are a brand new beginner. you don't already have a Shopify store. now, without further Ado, let's go ahead and dive into the tutorial. so first things first, you're going to want to make sure you are logged into your Shopify dashboard on your Shopify home. next, you're going to come over here to apps and you're going to want to search for judge dot me. now I will include a link down in the description box below as well for this specific app. they do have a free plan as well to add those AliExpress reviews. now you're going to want to make sure that you install both the product reviews app for judgeme as well as the AliExpress reviews app from judgeme so that it works for importing those AliExpress reviews. so first we're going to go ahead and add judgeme, we're going to go ahead and add that app here and then it will continue to bring up this page once it loads, as you can see here, judgeme product reviews and you can easily add this to your store. just click install app and then it will bring up this page here on your Shopify dashboard. as you can see, you have judgeme installed for product reviews. you can see you can manage your views, uh, send review status, as well as different templates. now, depending on what you want. of course, they do have a free plan. so for now, on the live theme, we're just gonna go with that. we're going to click next and, as you can see here, we're going to set that up on all the widgets and make sure that those are all added automatikally, and judgeme walks you through this step by step as well here, as you can see, to set up the review so that they look properly on your website. so we're going to go ahead and click here to just make sure that it was installed properly and, as you can see here, it shows up with the reviews. so there's currently no reviews on this product. of course, customers can easily click writer review as well. this is super easy if you just want product reviews. but we're going to be going through as well how to import those AliExpress reviews, of course, into your store. so, as you can see, we have judgeme and I have reviews to import and boom, bring your reviews. so if you're an AliExpress drop shipper, so we're going to import from AliExpress, we're going to go ahead and then click input, add the AliExpress importer. then we're going to click add app. so this is great if you- even just if you wanted regular reviews on your Shopify store as well, of course- if you want those AliExpress reviews, then you just click install app and then that will add the AliExpress part. I'm just going to re-log in, make sure that we're all good to go and boom, then you have the AliExpress review importer. now you're going to want to make sure, of course, that you have already imported your Drop Shipping products from AliExpress before you go about trying to add the reviews. so if you haven't already added your products, then I do have a link below in the description as well on how to import the AliExpress product themselves. but before you add the reviews you're going to want to make sure you already have those products imported. so, as you can see here, you can also customize, like Star colors, logos, and add views, review videos. but we're just going to skip that for now, uh, since we don't really need that. so, Alex, first review of hoarder. you know, helps you import reviews. so we've already got judgeme, so we're good there, and then we're gonna go ahead and click Start importing, so ready to begin importing. then all you have to do is click this button here: import reviews from AliExpress. so, like I said, you do need to make sure you already have your Shopify product imported from AliExpress. now you do have a few different options here as well. as far as do you want certain countries imported, if you, maybe, if you just want reviews from the US- that's another key thing here- especially as well as English, English translation, uh, you can also have set up as well as: hey, maybe they need to have uh pictures or making sure they at least have some written content. you don't just want necessarily just a star rating, you know. you want actual written information to show. uh, you know, additional social proof. so those are the settings and filters that you can edit here as well. so next, we're going to go ahead and get that URL. so, first things. first, you're going to want to make sure you go to Shopify again, make sure that your products are already imported. so this is the product that we're going to be importing those reviews to. so I'm just going to go ahead and click on copy to copy the URL from Shopify. then we're just going to go here, or actually you can just type search for the product name. so this one would be the cat brush, so cat brush and boom, so you can actually search through your products as well, but it's good to test and make sure that the the product is actually live on your site as well. and then to get the AliExpress URL, we're going to go ahead and copy the URL from AliExpress so that we can import the reviews that you see here now. some of them are just text, some of them have photos. so that's what we want, of course, those nice customer photos to make sure to show off the product. um, you know, this one I really like, just because that's more like a natural pose, just, you know, in someone's room, just nice and cool. so then we're going to go back over to here and we're going to paste in the AliExpress URL. so make sure you have those both selected and then you just go ahead and click import reviews. now, this can take a couple of minutes, of course, to import those reviews. you can do multiples of them now. so we're going to go back to the home page and it does take a minute. so we're gonna go ahead and go over to the product on our Shopify store, go ahead and refresh it and, as you can see, 15 reviews- that one was pretty quick to import and boom, as you can see here, we have our reviews imported and I I like this image. this is nice, you know, showing you the size of the product, which is cool. uh, you know very clean UI. you know you can go in and edit these colors in the settings for judgeme if you want to. but boom, as you can see here, you have your AliExpress reviews imported. I really like these images. you know they do a generally a good job of filtering things if you just use the default settings with judgeme to get your product reviews imported. so yeah, guys, that is really the gist of how you go about doing this as well on your Shopify store, you know, if you do want to import multiple reviews, you can do that as well, and, once again, they do have their free plan, uh. so you know, if you just want things basic, like I showed you in the tutorial today, then that is forever free, which is super nice because I know a lot of the other AliExpress review importers are paid plans, so it's nice that judgeme does have a free option for people just looking for something basic to import some reviews to their store for social proof. they do, of course, have a paid plan as well. if you want more custom settings, q a, uh, coupons or sending out you know no branding as well, maybe. if you want more, you know custom features, then the paid plan is still pretty reasonable, especially compared to a lot of the other more expensive options out there when it comes to adding product reviews to your Shopify store. so, guys, you know that is really the gist of how you do it. I think it looks pretty nice, you know you have your reviews, people can take a look at it, get some images. it's good social proof as well, uh, and, and you also have the ability to have