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Important Update! ...You Need To Hear This!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

Important Update! ...You Need To Hear This!

Important Update! ...You Need To Hear This!

well well well
don't you think it's about time for an
i do
coming at you today it's what march 14th
that i'm recording this got the cat
behind me nervously pacing around with
my crystals and
i got a few key ideas to share first and
i want to be sure you know how to and
where to find the exclusive content that
i'm publishing very regularly because
it's not happening here on youtube and
that's for several specific reasons and
i'm probably going to touch on those
reasons okay so you get a bit of the
in addition to the what
so let's start with the what right
um i've been really enjoying taking some
time with this microphone
to create and broadcast audio
the miles beckler podcast feed is
getting all of my newest
best content and ideas
you're either a podcast person already
or you're about to be and i'm here to
help you
tune in effortlessly and i'll tell you
i do truly believe that podcasting is a
superior platform for you
to learn on because it's a
distraction-free listening zone
so first and foremost what phone do you
if you are on an iphone
your phone came pre-populated with an
app called podcasts
it's purple or the button is purple
click that button if you don't see it on
your home screen just go search in your
phone for podcasts you'll find the app
click the app and then from there search
my name miles beckler
and you'll find the miles beckler
marketing entrepreneurship show
click subscribe and you'll get all of
the updates as i'm releasing them
and last week i hit every day i didn't
do the weekend but there were five new
in five days and i can hear you already
well miles why aren't you publishing
them here on youtube we will get there
let me help our android friends for
folks like me who prefer the android
you do need to go actually download an
app your phone probably didn't come
pre-installed with a podcasting app i
personally use one called pocketcast i
don't know if i like it i just know how
to use it so i
am not going to go learn a new app
spotify all of my tunes all of my
podcasts are on spotify so if you're an
iphone person or an android person just
on spotify search milespectler you can
connect up there
google podcasts stitcher
all of them i'ma show up everywhere
right i've got it connected up through
the rss feeds any podcast app you want
to use you'll be able to find me on so
that's where to get my
newest best content uh i've released new
strategies already that are on there
like the 24-hour cash flow machine um
and then i broke a bunch of in my
business this weekend and i shared that
whole story with you as well so all
that's on there ready for you now
why would i not
publish that content here on youtube
okay that's a really good and brutally
important question to ask today
our world
has changed
right from when i started this
little adventure in broadcasting
the world we live in today is
very different than it was
i just wanted to get like
and i wanted to break down a belief in
my head about i'm not a content creator
right i had to like
break through some limiting mental stuff
i had a cell phone in my pocket i put it
on a tripod recorded video number one
and bingo five years later built
something pretty freaking special
a lot of those videos required
screen share i teach you how to do
keyword research how to build a funnel
on wordpress how to do
youtube mark all kinds of stuff right i
like nuts and bolts in the trenches
but that's all out there now
okay today
we live in a world where
is becoming
so me continuing to publish here on
as my primary place to go
is riskier today for me my brand my
business than it's ever been before so
that's part one okay now i have students
me amigo ruben who teaches uh people how
to carve
literally like how to carve eyeballs out
of stone how to car like he's he's a
carver he's an artist he's incredible
what he does and he was teaching
everything he knows the miles backer
method and youtube shut him down
hundreds of videos
like this wasn't controversial
he's not spreading disinformation
there's no one he can reach out to
there's no one he's been able to get
help from
years of work
because a faceless corporation decided
you made a mistake
didn't have strikes before that either
not to mention i do
students in the financial world
in the global macro world who tok a lot
about global macro things
um they tok about
the shared human experiences we all have
on this planet
right dealing with the lockdowns and all
this stuff that's happened in the last
couple years not to mention what's going
on right now that's horrific in another
part of the country i ain't even say
those words
because it's risky and those guys have
been shut down
and youtube
is just
acts and folks
and i'm not going to subject myself to
now there's another side of it
and that's you
and it's your attention
because there's a few other things that
youtube's been doing number one
the spam comments we creators have to
deal with here are atrocious and
i could have my developer
code out i could i could think up ways
to code this out to block that from ever
being youtube gives zero about us
creators period
and that hurts to realize
also if youtube had youtube's way do you
know what you would do today
nothing but watch videos
their ultimate outcome
through their algorithm
is to turn you into a zombie
that just sits there and binge watches
all day
every day
because that's how they'll be able to
show ads
in front of you and that's how they make
and who shows up in those ads
those damn greedy gurus right it's all
the fake gurus
totally cool
with scammers
selling scams
through youtube
ads straight up they're cool with it as
long as they pay perfect which means you
when you watch my videos
there's a lot going on around this video
i don't care if you're on mobile desktop
laptop up top down top
it's a distraction mechanism youtube is
a distraction mechanism
because youtube's goals
are actually
counter to your goals
if you are serious about building a
business online
so let's say you're like i gotta learn
keyword research we go to youtube
miles back their keyword research
you start watching my videos
no ads on my videos consciously none of
them i have zero ads on all my videos
because i am not willing to give your
attention over to the greedy gurus the
fake gurus and the scammers who are
proliferating whoa that didn't roll off
the tongue proliferating the advertising
side of this
but when you watch my video the youtube
algorithm the youtube user experience
all their
testing that they're doing is how do
they suck you in so you spend hours on
the platform
instead of get in get the update you
need get out get back to doing what you
need to do to grow your business
so is youtube the enemy
there's a weird thing for me to say
right like
i built this brand on youtube
but i'm notiking the toxicity of this
and i believe that so many viewers
are getting
sucked down the proverbial rabbit holes
here on youtube
when ultimately
y'all should be publishing content you
should be doing keyword research
outlining that next post writing and
publishing post your wordpress blog
writing a sales letter creating new
creating a new lead magnet
setting up a pop-up on your blog
creating a lead page creating a lead on
opt-in page
emailing your list
making new offers
that's what you should be doing
in youtube
if you're spending an hour a day on
youtube that's an hour a day that could
be going in your business
one hour per day every day 365 hours in
a year that's like nine weeks of 40 hour
work weeks that's over two months of
full-time work
one hour a day
and my concern is that way too many
people are wasting way more than an hour
a day here on youtube
i'm making some changes
plus be honest with you
it's different doing the video thing
right i keep my lights up i kind of got
a shave i got cleaned up and it's good
to do every once in a while but man on
the podcast i can get an idea
and come in here turn it on blank screen
just just get it out get it in your head
through the earbuds through my podcast
feed bingo efficient for me efficient
for you i'm going to encourage you i'm
going to keep you moving forward right
what i believe has happened
miles beckler brown 1.0 on youtube here
was like tactikal here's how to do it
click here
click here you want to write a search
engine optimized post great search
youtube for how to write seo
keyword posts fast by miles beckler
you'll find my video i walk you through
how to
research it how to build the outline how
to fill out the outline
it's here for you right and i've got
hundreds of videos and they're all going
gonna be here i'm gonna leave them here
to make sure
this library of free how-to information
to help you build your business is
always here
but the truth about success that i
understand deeply that every other
successful entrepreneur really
is your success is more dependent on the
conversations you're having with
yourself in your head than it is on
strategies and tactiks
your mindset
is either
supporting you
or it's killing you
and i've been a personal development
geek for a very long time
and i now know that is one of the
reasons why i'm so successful
that's why i've been able to build a
business that will indeed persevere and
sustain my family forever
this ain't no hustle
as times get tough my income continues
to rise
and i want you to get to this point also
but it requires
reorganizing some stuff up here because
mainstream media
public school education
tv shows movies netflix
the news
is all clogging up everybody's head with
some that isn't serving
it's serving
their agendas
youtube is here to serve youtube's
agenda which is to make the most profit
it can to return as high of a multiple
as possible to investors
the corporations
are not
set up in your best interest
in fact
one could argue
that having a
heard of sheeple oh god that's a
horrible way to put it but i think you
get what i'm saying
that's their goal they don't want you to
they don't want you to
try to climb out of the crab pot
they don't want you to fire your boss
and build something for your family that
will give you the freedom to go live
anywhere in the world that you want to
go work the hours that you want to work
they want you to be trapped as a cog in
their system
right a gear in their system building
profit for their shareholders paying
exorbitant amounts of money to their
that's their goal for you
what's your goal
for you
and how much of your time and energy is
on your
goal for you
see we're on we're in a new world we're
in uncharted territory
and i think you can tell
that some shit's changed on this end
like my style my delivery my thought
processes what's most important it's
different today
than it ever has been before
and i'm gonna tell you honestly there is
an urgency being thrust upon you by the
world at large
you gotta get together quick
it's a little bit more urgent i've been
saying for a very long time
dig your well before you're thirsty
right well
the world's getting thirsty as right now
if you ain't feeling it yet
it's gonna start hitting
showing up at the grocery store
showing up at the gas pump
showing up everywhere
exclusive content
me i'm here to mentor you and that's
this next phase
people ask me all the time
miles would you mentor me i'm like
the you think all these videos are
it's mentorship on demand so i started
thinking about it and my my mentors
i have never met
or really i've never met in person
anybody i consider to be a mentor
ever mentors
flow through my headphones
right that's my secret
i listen to 60 to 70 books
per year
every year
heard a statistik
that the average successful ceo reads
five books a month
oh cool there's the bar check it i'm one
of those people
right like that's their culture great
i'll do that too
so what i learned over the years and
interestingly i believe this actually
stemmed from
earlier forays into network marketing is
where i think this actually came from
for me
because a lot of network marketing
companies they've got this whole like
you know it's it's not a
it's not a essential oil business it's a
personal development business right and
and when you get into
network marketing it's all about mindset
it's all about really understanding um
this conversation getting this going in
the right direction everything starts to
follow that
i realized that the big differentiator
of what i've been able to
do is the fact that i habituated many
years ago
listening to books on cds originally
the first one i actually remember the
first audiobook it was uh
in college community college when i was
studying radio and television
broadcasting it was an interpersonal
communication class i had to read a book
i didn't really want to read the book i
found the cds on ebay for like five
bucks or eight bucks i used to have to
commute over the bridge from hayward to
foster city for work i would drive over
that bridge literally six times a day so
i go to work at foster city in the
morning back to school for mid morning
back to work for lunch back to school
back for an evening shift and home this
is when i was studying broadcasting
we're toking like 2003 ish had a cd
player and i was able to get through
that book in like a week and i was like
i did it i usually i used to just not
read the books and i would the
paper and i would get c's right c's get
so that clicked and then from there
that's when i started to learn about
personal development books
napoleon hills think and grow rich those
types of things that really started to
open my mind wallace waddles the science
of getting rich you too can be
prosperous um
if you're in audible just search for
nightingale conan pretty much everything
under the nightingale kind of brand that
has really good star ratings is is worth
listening to the the tony robbins of the
world i've never been to a tony robbins
event i get his bit
i've installed a lot of his ideas into
my mindset on like 10 audiobooks right
one credit on audible at a time so
what i want to do now is help you go
through audio university
because that's what i put myself through
and i went through real university
i didn't go to college right after high
school i went straight into the
took me six to eight years and it took
me eight years and six colleges to
actually get a degree that's in
university studies that made me truly
realize that college is a
joke there's a few
if you want to be a lawyer got to go got
to do it but if you go get an mba today
good luck with that you'd be better off
plugging into audio university filling
your brain with a mindset to understand
how business works how humans work how
psychology works how persuasion works
and go flip stuff go sell stuff go
create things that other people value go
learn how to sell things that you create
go learn how to create content that
helps other people that the algorithms
you unlock that little world
all the money you need
can even automate it ain't passive
but it's possible
so that's why
podcasting feels right to me right now a
it's easy i can pop into here lights off
beard all scraggly i can record
something that's super important for you
i can follow my inspiration and my
intuition and i can get these ideas out
doing one a day
weekdays on the podcast feed and i think
that's going to stik around
we're also entering camping season i
don't know if you saw on instagram my
fancy ass little camper van but i'm
pretty damn excited to go roam around
the country in my fancy ass camper van i
don't give what diesel prices are
sorry for the f-bombs
but it's just one of those days
i don't have to care 10 bucks a gallon
like okay whatever i'm still gonna drive
cross-country why
because i print money for my job because
i figured all this stuff out
and while on that road trip
i intend to continue to share the most
important and most valuable ideas for
you as they pop up
off my little cell phone just going to
click record make an mp3 file
upload it it's done
easy for me
then here's the kicker so you will get a
notification on your phone if you have
notifications on turn them off i don't
care you can just open the app and look
and you'll see there's new stuff from
miles back there bill pop in your
listen to it while you're doing
something else this is the magic of
audio university
you're driving to take the kids to
something you're driving to your job
you're sitting on a train commuting to
somewhere you're at the gym
you're doing laundry so yesterday i did
a bunch of laundry clean the house deep
clean the whole time i had headphones on
consuming positive uplifting helpful
information that gets my mindset focused
on a better life that i'm creating for
myself and for my subscribers bingo i
turned these mundane things that had to
get done in my life
positive learning time
that's the audio university
and i am going to be dropping as many
knowledge bombs as humanly possible onto
the podcast feed
it's really easy for me
i'm blessed that i have this youtube
channel okay so youtube is a wonderful
discovery platform because i know
there's some of you out there they're
like damn miles like i'm doing youtube
don't don't throw me under the bus like
that i'm not
i'm reminding you
that your business
will require you to do different things
at different phases of your growth and
your development of your business
you see starting with youtube
going after hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of specific keyword phrases
that i know people are searching was
really smart
because the youtube algorithm brought
people into my ecosystem
i leveraged it i played their game
and i leveraged the algorithm
to grow my audience
but now
i'm inviting my audience to come into a
learning experience with less
because i realize that if i keep
publishing videos here on youtube for
the distraction machine is on and when
you click on one of those other videos
around this because that's what they're
designed to do with their thumbnails
that are designed to get click-through
rates right everyone is optimizing to
suck your attention away from what's
important for you to do to help your
family so they can make more money
so if i keep putting daily videos up
here i'm gonna get you to come back here
daily and then every day i'm gonna have
to expect you to have the willpower and
the strength to not get sucked down that
rabbit hole to not get sucked into that
greedy gurus ass pitch to not
go on to their webinar so how can i
create a sacred environment how can i
create an environment for you and i to
go deeper
that's the podcast feed
starting to get it
is this making sense
and i'm sure
some of those
will end up here
but not all of them
i'm busier right out there
in my permaculture garden
i got 50 fruit trees in the ground
30 40 50 bushes fruit brush fruit bushes
i'm growing a food forest
three years ago it was just an intuitive
i should probably go get some land with
water and build me a
permaculture garden what's permaculture
it's permanent agriculture
systems-based approach to growing food
so my ass can go on a six-month trip
come home and i got food in my yard
feeling like that was a pretty good idea
now more so now than ever before seeing
food prices change
seeing the potential of fertilizers
getting cut off in our world
it's coming world is changing we are we
are amidst the fourth turning we are
a point in time that humanity will look
back at we'll tok about history books
we'll review and future generations are
going to look back and be like what the
or are they
thinking and doing
we maybe overextended ourselves as a
society we've maybe be living we've
maybe been living pretty damn large
so that's what i want to be doing
more systems for my permaculture forest
growing i'm actually taking a full
permaculture certification courses in
like 70 plus hours of study and whatnot
right i'm serious about this stuff
i don't really want to keep doing the
videos which is why i've been on pause
for such a long time you've been
notiking we in rerun season i'm just
re-running old stuff i've made one video
new other than this one since my end of
an era video everything else has been
downloadable video publish it up new
just to say mildly relevant
but now
i'm on to that next thing
and i studied radio television
broadcasting when i was younger when i
got into radio television broadcasting
at chabot college in hayward california
89.9 kcrh the east bay's best variety
station where i had my own radio show
back in 2002 2003 2004
i wanted to be a shock jock
right howard stern opie and anthony
these guys are riling people up oh it's
a dream
so here i am
with a microphone
some time i'm living my dream
i'm just gonna become a radio
broadcaster through the podcasting
medium and i'm inviting you to come
along because my intention is not shock
my intention is to help you understand
how your brain works
how the world works
how success works
how the law of attraction works how
manifestation works
how consciously creating your reality
and i want to do so
in an environment
where i can confidently trust that you
aren't going to get distracted and
sucked down the rabbit hole and end up
on some webinar from some greedy guru
who's just trying to get from you
because as the economy continues
to change
inflation going up man those oil changes
on those lamborghinis ooh they're
getting more expensive by the day
lamborghinis are getting more expensive
by the day have you seen the porsche
market good lord it takes a lot more
money today to flex on instagram to look
like you're successful than it did two
years ago guess what they're gonna do
they're going to try to extract more
money from you with more predatory
tactiks and advertising and scammy
offers that youtube is 100 cool with
running and letting you get
you're the sucker in that scenario
and i've been contributing to that in my
own way
but now
i've got a better plan
it's already in execution
exclusive podcast episodes with some of
my best ideas
already there waiting for you
when the timing's right for you
when you're doing other stuff
right get double time with your time i'm
out turning the compost making me some
soil learning how to build up the soil
so i don't need to pay the overpriced
rates for
fertilizers right just take my food
gotta turn it all the time gotta work
with it all time so i'm listening to
positive things i'm getting my vision
for my life my insights for my life
going in the right direction that's
going to help me create more of what i
want in this world
more thoughts of abundance
more thoughts of i am the creator here
made in the image and the likeness of
the creator i am here to be of service
at scale
bingo cool so i ain't just turning the
compost i'm not just out there with a
lawnmower good lord i wish i could run
the lawnmower we're covered in snow not
not covered but there's still a lot of
snow around
i'm filling my head
got them 3m workmate headphones they're
like they're like earmuffs they're
they're noise canceling so i'm going to
run a chainsaw riding about splitting
wood and i can still hear it i got all
kinds of headphones everywhere right on
filling my head with positivity
filling my head with
empowerment filling my head with the
truths of the universe about how this
works how this universe works
karma is real
and if you're cool
karma is cool if you're a
that's when karma's a
i'm gonna call it
i enjoy these moments with you i want
you to know that like i really do and
i'm really i've been thinking a lot
about like god i want to keep helping
you i want to keep showing up for you
but i can't do so in a toxic environment
as regularly and as often as i
i would get dopamine and serotonin and
all kind of great brain chemicals as i
crossed 200 000 subscribers here on
youtube i don't care about that
i got enough automated income and
recurring income coming in to take care
of me for the rest of my life i'm
growing my food i'm taking care of my
family i'm working on helping take care
of my damn community
i got to keep taking care of you so if
you want to get my best stuff it's on
the podcast feed find a podcast app that
you like
spotify if you're already used to it
just use spotify if you're on an iphone
you ain't never used one use the native
apple iphone
podcast app it's really easy
if you're on android i don't know try
pocket cast pod bean stitcher whatever
it's easy
and then
we can keep moving things forward
because i am still taking action all the
time in my business it's just quiet i'm
an hour a day two hours a day i can keep
my million dollar business running
right get up publish a piece of content
send an email to my list put out
something helpful somewhere online done
let's get in the garden let's go grow
food that's what i want to do with my
time you know oh i'm building my shop
insulating my shop about to give me a
couple of cars up in there do a little
wrenchy ranch maybe build a hot rod
maybe build a bike i'm not sure i'm just
about to have some fun but the shop's
not insulated so it got down to 16
degrees is the coldest temperature
measured in my shop this winter
not working on a car in that kind of
temperature and those are freedom units
those are not the the centigrade or
celsius or whatever the other units are
16 freedom units that's tough
guess what i'll be doing when i'm out
there working on a hot rod
listening to empowering
content that reinforces
the important ideas that i am prosperity
i am
made in the image in the likeness of the
creator i am a creator i am a divine
being here on this planet having a human
experience i'm a spiritual being have a
human experience
and i'm here to enjoy it
and i'm here to help other people
and when i keep my mindset full in these
crazy ass times i stay in a positive
vibration and i enjoy my life i'm
walking around having a good old time
with smiles on my face i attract more
things into my life that make me smile
when i express my gratitude for the
reach and the value that my content
makes and the income that it makes turns
out that i make more
and that's the kind of stuff that i want
to teach you
mixed in
with all the other marketing stuff
because i am a marketing geek true and
that's the other thing that i listen to
non-stop just always listening to the
old marketing geeks to the old marketing
stuff and i'll be sharing all those
little truths that i get from there
and that's it for the video today went a
bit longer look at that 33 minutes and
33 seconds as i'm saying this right now
i'll call that sign ladies and gentlemen
so if you know you know and if you don't
know you don't know in either way i
invite you to join me on this new
on the podcast feed tune in connect up
let's take this somewhere let's do some
cool together i will keep popping
in here on youtube from time to time but
if you want the
most exclusive and most helpful content
it will be coming out on the podcast
from this point on that's that's media i
nobody can turn off my podcast feed
nobody nobody can turn off my blog it's
the other place i'm putting content
right now youtube
they got their finger over the button
then could turn me off in a
someone trust them
they're after your money they're after
your attention they're after the most
valuable resource you have in the life
the one thing you can't get any more of
they want your time
they want you to be a docile sheep in a
zombie-like trance hypnotized to just
binge watch youtube and let ad after ad
after ad roll
that's their best outcome then those
advertisers of those advertisers they
also have an outcome that they desire
and that's for you to get on their
webinar so they can pitch their high
tiket bs
so they can afford another lambo or
whatever it is and you buy their high
tiket bs and it doesn't work bingo your
mindset just went to your vibration
just went down in the dumps you start
beating yourself up because you made
this stupid mistake of buying into
another stupid scammy guru
course again and that toxic mindset
nothing positive you go right back to
the bender of watching more things
numbing yourself drinking alcohol
smoking weed mood altering yourself what
the that's not why you're on this
not at all
you're here to help people
you're here to help yourself
you're here to provide for your family
for yourself
for your community
and we need that more now than ever
it's time to step up it's time to get
really really serious because all the
chaos around is really really serious
that youtube algorithm is really
psychologically scary and serious about
sucking your time before you know what
happens as is netflix and hulu and all
of them
and those greedy gurus selling you their
fake tiket stuff high
tiket stuff
they're really good at what they do
right they can lie through their teeth
with a smile they can look like good
people they look like clean cut little
kids they're lying through their teeth
about passive income and they get praise
they get walked across the stage because
there is a cesspool of greedy people in
this industry who celebrate taking
advantage of you
i'm sick of it
and the truth is you can change
you have what you need to change
you can create a better life for
it's up here
the conversation that you're having with
yourself in your head
and if you've got a shitty conversation
going on with yourself in your head put
on my podcast
go clean something right like clean up
yo look around
do you need to clean up as bad as i do
because i got everywhere if y'all
could see my desk oh lord it is messy go
clean something go wash the windows put
on the headphones
do something that's gonna make your
environment make your world a little bit
better right clean something laundry
pick up after yourself do just get into
any sort of motion while listening to
positivity and then you're gonna have an
inspired idea
follow it
take that action publish that blog post
launch that blog go after that niche go
after the birding niche or whatever
niche you choose
and then when you start to freak out
like oh god what am i doing
don't go down that youtube rabbit hole
pop in the headphones go clean something
else time to go work in the garden time
to go do something out go get your
fitness got a six-pack i'm the fittest
i've ever been at this point in my life
and you should probably be considering
that too
especially if you want to be on this
planet for a long time which is my plan
got one chance at this life
make a bunch of money check easy done
automate it good health
gotta get that in order if that ain't in
order not enough money could buy it got
a friend who died last year dude's been
making millions for a very long time
on his deathbed
he couldn't buy his way out of that
so that's the best
lesson he ever taught
you can do it
you can transform your life you can
create automated income
you can build something you'll be proud
that helps other people
it takes a lot of work
ultimately it takes keeping this
on straight that's what i'm here to help
you with catch me on the podcast i'm
gonna call it for today i appreciate you
if you made it to the end i want to know
in the comments one percenters i know
you're out there that's who i'm toking
to i don't care about the hundreds of
thousands of people who watch one or two
videos and then they jump to some
passive income but that's not who i'm
toking to right now i'm toking to you
you can do this i'm here for you
get this going in the right direction
everything else starts to fall in place
it's the truth
take care of health catch you on the
next one i'll see you today today
tomorrow on the podcast feed i do
appreciate you and i look forward to
connecting again in the future cheers

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