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impressions on facebook ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

FACEBOOK AD IMPRESSIONS - What do they mean and how do they influence your Facebook ads performance?

[Music]. hey everyone, welcome back to another video. today I want to tok to you about Facebook Ads. now there's one metric within Facebook ads that I've realized recently a lot of people do not understand correctly, and that's the word impressions. I was having a conversation the other day with one of my colleagues who was running Facebook ads and they tried to tell me that their ad was really successful because it got 20,000 impressions. it didn't really matter that a lot of people hadn't engaged with the ad, because ultimately, 20,000 people saw the ad and therefore are now aware of our brand. however, when you actually look deeper into what an impression actually is on Facebook, you realize that this couldn't be further from the truth. so right now, let's dive into Facebook and look at this in more detail. so a great place to start is understanding what Facebook defines as an impression. so all I've done here is I've literally googled what is the definition of an impression on Facebook ads, and then it took me to this page, so you can see here. it gives you a nice summary and it's as simple as an impression is the number of times that your adverts were on-screen. so a lot of people think that an impression is actually the amount of times your advert was seen by people, but in reality it couldn't be further from the truth. an impression is the number of times your adverts were on-screen. so just because your advert appeared on-screen when somebody was using Facebook, it doesn't necessarily mean that they actually saw your ad. so now I just want to put this into practike for you so you can truly see the difference between what you may think an impression is but what it actually is. so, as you can see, Facebook is really busy place and ultimately you have to remember that people are on here for personal reasons. most likely, they're here because they want to see content from their friends and family. they're not here in the mindset to consume one of your. so an ad has to be really well designed to do well on Facebook. but this is just the way that most people scroll through Facebook. you're on your newsfeed looking at maybe some memories, some content from some key pages you follow. you may also be thinking about messaging your friends over here. so there's a lot going on and instantly you would think that scrolling through like this here's an ad. you'd think that me just notiking it like that would count as an impression, but, as we've just learned that doesn't count as an impression if I just scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed like this, didn't even see that ad properly, I hadn't even stopped to tell you what the company is. that company, within their Facebook ad manager, is going to be told that I count as an impression, but the reality is I don't know who they are or what they do. because it was that quick, I didn't even notike them. and, taking this a step further, we know that we can put Facebook ads in many different places across Facebook. you can do ads within stories, within news feeds and also over here on the right-hand side of the page. now, if you notike, there's two ads here and this whole time I've been interacting with Facebook, I've not even mentioned these ads to you. I didn't even look at them personally just now. I was focused on the newsfeed and also potentially toking to a few of my friends over here. but again, Facebook is gonna class these two ads as receiving an impression because they're displayed on my screen. so remember, just because a Facebook ad receives an impression, it doesn't necessarily mean that the user has consumed that content and paid attention in any way, shape or form to who you are as a business and what it is you're trying to advertise. so there you have it. an impression on Facebook is not just a matter of people actually seeing the ad. it's just as simple as the amount of times that that ad was displayed on screen. it could have been on screen and people wouldn't have even notiked it. so please don't get hung up on impressions. whilst they're still important, they're not everything and it doesn't mean that the amount of impressions you've got is the amount of people that recognized your ad and took notike. if you've liked the video and you want to be one of the first people to know every time I release a new video, please don't forget to hit that subscribe button. then hit the little bell. that means you'll get alerted every time a new video is released and honestly, guys, it means so much to me- or the support I get on this channel- I'm still in the early stages- that I can't wait to continue this journey with you. [Music].

Getting 0 Impressions On Your FB Ads? Do This...(3 Minute Tutorial)

so your facebook ads are not receiving any impressions. here is a video for youtube: but exactly why is that and how you can fix this in just three minutes. it's a new series. i'm gonna go with different troubleshooting facebook to help you out. just two or three minutes: no love. no big, huge videos. so let's go. so in order for facebook to start receiving impressions, first you have to understand that you have to leave it for from 10 minutes to 24 hours, even before the facebook- you know algorithm- starts providing questions and starts showing your ads in the target audience. i really want to say that. note this: this time frame varies through a lot of reasons: for your country, your age of your account, days of the week, time of the day. even if this to load it, facebook will try to push it later. your budget. everything really plays into it. so there's not just some people just wait two hours and it's all nice and good. start getting impressions. some people might have to wait a bit longer. so this is the first thing that i that you need to start now. if you haven't- no, if you haven't- waited 24 hours, i would say really, really, just try and keep it patient and wait 24 hours for facebook to actually uh get all the things that it wants and they'll go start is working. so you must do that first. now, if you're waiting 24 hours and you still have no impressions, then you're to check all of your settings and i'm going to list them right now here, which, uh, i actually go through when my ad does not get any impressions. now, of course, is of my heart and i just know it. but for you, if you just starting out on facebook or you might have, you know, you might not think about some things that might affect this. here it is. so this is the list if you're waiting 24 hours and you get non-profits too. so there's a list that i will check the settings first. you had said daily budget is at least in dollars. i would say that of course you can do five dollars, but- and again i'm toking about a conversion campaign, i'm not toking about, you know, some engagement. i would say at least put ten dollars in, because of course, if you want to get confirmations, i don't know what you're doing and you try to get conversations with five dollars. but anyway, it's for another topic, another video. just have the minimum 10, because it gives facebook you know enough to actually go out there and get some data, because if this solo data, it won't get in. secondly, check that your ads are approved. facebook might have just rejected them and if, in that occasion, there's a whole other process, facebook to actually recheck them and you can start the process again. now, targeting is correct. you might have missed the targeting, you might have put some strange number and you really guys, i i cannot tell you how i'm often when i double check before i publish, because i always do that, because i have made a lot of mistakes- you have no idea what mistakes you are actually going to make. so please reject that targeting. your plans are correct, your fan page is connected, might have different farm pages, your conversation objective is correct and your bidding is set to auto. now, if 24 hours have passed and you have set all those settings, if something is wrong and you need to delete all the assets within your campaign and launch the campaign again, following the following: you know your process of actually going there. so, if you have a 24 hours, you are haven't get any impressions. you have checked all the settings. if you have done something wrong, you have do some crazy targeting or i don't know something, something is wrong here and nothing happens. no impressions. i would say: delete all the assets and start from again. might you know some back on the system that didn't allow the campaign to go through and actually start some impressions. so that was the quick three minute, you know troubleshooting one more. please subscribe a like and if you want someone to actually run your ads and scale your business, we could go with me down below and we'll get to see if you actually grow food. so see you next time. you


Ads on Reels Facebook

hello everyone and welcome back again to my channel. I decided to make another video for you because I saw a lot- or some of you are still confused- about- ads on reels, so if you want to know more about it, there are many speculations about us on reels like this and that, but this video I am going to um tell you the real deal about ads on reels, and I've been on this program since April uh this year, so I will share you everything I know about it. so if you want to learn more, then watch this video Until the End. number one question: some of you are asking if they still put ads on older reels or videos. yes, they definitely Place ads on older grills. I waited till I see uh ads on my reels before I make this video, that way I can share it to you guys. when I posted my previous video, I didn't actually tackle this question because I still didn't know yet, but when I went into my profile, my wheels from my business page was recommended and when I click on it, I saw that there's a banner ad under it or at the bottom of my rules, and I posted that Wheels three months ago. so definitely, they put the ads on older videos. as long as your reels are getting new views or new shares or new comments, they will definitely uh put ads on it, even though if it's an older reel. and number two questions: why is it my reels is being demonetized after I add a music? okay, so this is the main reason why your reels are being demonetized. when you got the notifications on ads on reels, make sure to read the terms and conditions, because all the things, all the answers that you want to know, are all in there. put everything on it. that way you can read it and understand what you are accepting or what you are signing off. before I accepted, the terms and conditions pops up, but it doesn't pops up on you. you can see it here under the uh get started and you can see that terms and condition. you can just click that one and read every single thing, because you can learn more about ads on reels- other things that you need to do or not to do. regarding the music, if you own that music, if you have the rights into that music, you don't have any problem on getting demonetized. but if you use someone's music or the artist, the music from the uh reels Library, they will definitely uh flag your video because that's not your own music unless you have the rights or permission to use it. example: if you uh ask or contacted the original owner or the original artist and made a an agreement in writing that you will use their music, then that's definitely fine. that's how I understand why your reels are being demonetized. if you use the music or Sound Recording from the real Library, so to be safe, then make your own music. if you're a musician, then use your own music. or uh, don't use music at all. I know that's not possible for some content creators, but that's how you earn from ads on real. so make sure that the music that you are using, you have the permission from the original artist or the original owners before you use that music. that way, the demonetization or the flagging of your wheels will be avoided. and number three: why is it my earnings is not showing when I already accepted the program? uh, yesterday or the day before yesterday, or I just accepted it this morning, morning or last night, and is still not showing? the estimated earnings are still zero. you should wait and it will definitely show and pop up. so it always show the estimated earnings daily and it always changes daily. so the earnings that you are seeing each day are estimated earnings and all of the uh estimated earnings are accumulated and they will send you on your email they invoice or the statement of the total earnings on the 10th of which month. so the email that you put on your payouts, that's where they will send you the total um earnings statement. so if you have the real bonus, it comes with it, though if you don't have the reals bonus, you will only get the total earnings statement or the invoice of your ads on reels. I will just show you some of the realistik uh estimated earnings that I've earned um this week. so this is some Monday, this is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today. if you see that your impressions and earnings are not moving or they are stuck in the same number, don't worry about that, because it will definitely move or it will definitely update, and sometimes it takes four days to update. so don't stress about it. if you see that it is not moving, you just wait four days to five days and they will definitely update it. also, some of you are thinking if you're going to turn on the ads on reels or not, because it might interfere your wheels. so don't worry about that, because there are more discreet about it. they actually put it at the bottom or under your wheels so it won't interfere with your videos. also, you cannot see your ads on the uh Pages or the profiles that you uh got the ads on reels. only your viewers and your followers can see the ads, though it will be recommended to your other profiles if you are following your page age. that's how I saw it, because the real from my business page, where I got the ads, was recommended to my profile and that's where I saw that my older reels uh is getting ads on it. and if you got it, make sure to read the terms and conditions all of it. I know it's long, but it's very, very, very helpful and all the questions that you are asking here, the answers are all in there, so be certain to read it from the top to bottom, since it's very, very beneficial. okay, guys, so that's it for today and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to put it down below and I'll try my best to answer you all. I think I already uh answered all or some of your questions. I also posted two videos about ads on Rails. make sure to check them out as well. so that's it, guys. if you like this video, kindly click that red button below right to my channel, and don't forget to put your thumbs up as well if you found this video helpful, and make sure to follow me on my personal profile as well. I will put the link on the description box below. that way you can go ahead and check me out. and that's all for today, and thank you so much for watching once again and see you in my next video.

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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to know if you want to create effective, high converting and profitable facebook ads. first, you need to nail message market match. get this wrong and it doesn't matter how smart or funny or creative your ads are, they're not gonna work. next is something called the 40- 40- 20 rule. every great direct response marketer and advertising legend lives and dies by this rule. but don't worry if you've never heard of it before, most people haven't, and i'm going to walk you through exactly how to use this with your facebook ads. and third, you need to use something called the marketing rule of seven, and not just with your facebook ads either, but with all of your advertising and marketing and everything you do from this day forward. use it and profit. don't use it and don't profit. that is a terrible catchphrase. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the ever important message market match. want to know the single biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work. i can't see it right now, but i'm going to assume you're nodding your head, yes, well, my friend, the biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work is not because they chose the wrong campaign objective or wrong placement or wrong budget or anything related to the actual setup of the facebook ad campaign. nope, the reason that most ads don't work is because they're saying the wrong things to the wrong people, or in other words, the offer that they're making is either unrelated or unappealing. an unrelated message means that they're making an offer that people just don't really care about, trying to sell something in a way that just doesn't resonate with the pains and problems and fears and frustrations of the market. this is often the result of spending too much time on the features and the actual tangible things that they're going to be getting, rather than on the benefits and the outcomes and all of the results and how their life's going to be better after they make a purchase. an unappealing message is simply a message that's packaged wrong, or in other words, it's boring. it doesn't do anything to try to catch someone's attention, and so they don't stop to read it, and if they do stop, well, they just don't care. what's that sound? oh, that's the sound of your ad dollars getting flushed down the toilet, and so money is wasted. putting these boring and uninteresting and irrelevant messages in front of people and then wondering why nobody's buying sounds harsh. i know, i don't like to be the bad guy here, but fortunately there is a solution that comes in the form of message market match, and message market match is exactly what it sounds like. it means matching your message to your market, but obviously there's a little more to it than that. essentially, message market match, also commonly known as message to market match, is really just a way of making sure that you've done your homework and you've researched your target audience. you've figured out what their pains and their problems and their fears and their frustrations are and how. whatever it is that you're selling is well positioned to help solve that for them. get it right and people buy. get it wrong and they don't buy. and this is one of my favorite things about marketing and about advertising, in that it's a literal case study of human behavior. after all, people can say all of the things about how they think they are or how they would like to be, but at the end of the day, money, toks and what people choose to buy and how they spend their time are two of the most powerful indicators that really show what someone values. so if your ads aren't working and people aren't clicking on them or signing up or buying or anything like that, well, it's simply because they don't see the value in what you're offering. so it's your job as the marketer, as the advertiser, to try to show them that value, and the best way to do this isn't by shoving it down their throats, but rather to show them that you understand where they're coming from, you understand their problems and you possibly have a solution they may be interested in. i wish i could remember who told me this quote so i could give them due credit. but one of my favorite sayings is that customers don't buy when they understand. they buy when they feel understood. okay, next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce and those special ingredients that really separates the amateurs from the pros when it comes to creating high converting and profitable facebook ads. but first a real quick message from this video's sponsor, metrocool. over the years, i've had the chance to work with a lot of different companies and software, but metricool has quickly become my number one secret weapon when it comes to creating better and more effective social media marketing campaigns, and i use it every single day. not only does it allow you to take care of everything all in one place, it also integrates seamlessly with facebook and instagram and twitter and tiktok and linkedin and google business and pinterest and youtube and twitch, as well as facebook ads and google ads and tiktok ads and data center. it's also incredibly easy to use and gives you a ton of powerful features for both organic social media and paid media like facebook ads. one of my favorite things about it is how i can watch and monitor my ads performance and get a side-by-side comparison of my ad campaigns on google and facebook, which are two of my biggest ad platforms right now, and i can see how they're doing and compare different metrics against each other, like how many impressions they got, what's my cpm, which is how much it cost me to show these to a thousand people, what's my cpc, or cost per click, my ctr, which is my click-through rate, and even the number of conversions each campaign is delivering. because, again remember, it's not just about getting likes and shares, it's about making money from your social media and your ads. so make sure to check out metricool by clicking the link in the description below this video and when you use the code atom, you can try out any paid plan for 30 days for free, okay, next, the 40 40- 20 rule. the 40 40- 20 rule shows the breakdown of the three main elements that are responsible for your ad success: 40 to your market, 40 to your offer and 20 to your copy. so let me unpack those for you now. 40 of the success of your advertising campaign is going to come down to your market, your understanding of them and your ability to identify and locate them and make sure that you're putting the right message directly in front of them. fortunately, facebook's targeting options are pretty amazing, so the ability to find them and get right in front of them is well easier than ever. as for coming up with the right message, the right hook, the right angle and the right irresistible offer, and how those all fit together, well, that's where you're gonna need to do a little bit of heavy lifting. the next 40 of this equation comes down to your offer. so what are you offering and is it irresistible enough to get them to pay attention? is it relevant enough that they're going to be interested and want to click, want to read more, ultimately want to buy? and the last 20 is your copy and your creative. this is essentially the words that you use, the images, the video- if you're running a video ad, all of the design and the way that you structure things as well as the words that you say. as a general rule, the more competitive your market is, the more persuasive and influential and more heavy-hitting your copy's going to need to be. the 40-40-20 rule is incredibly powerful because, like all things in marketing, it gets to the root of what's really important, which is your customers, their problems and your solutions to those problems. and way too many advertisers get this completely backwards, spending way too much time on fancy words and pretty pictures rather than getting to the core of their audience's pains and how they're able to best serve them. there's even some situations, and with certain target markets, where an ove

Facebook: How Are Impressions Counted?

my name is emil, i'm a digital strategist, i answer marketing questions. this is episode 40- the big 4-0, and i want to tok about facebook attribution windows. this question is from reddit and it's from anderson r keegan. does facebook record the reach of an ad if it's been shown to the same person twice? i'm curious if, when running an ad and it is passed through your instagram feed once in a week and then you see it again on your second week, is it that recorded as a view reach times two or just once? i love this question because this really is at the heart of phenomenal funnel building: being able to, uh, properly track this. so in this video i'm going to tok about how facebook attribution works in the real world, my experience with it, even post ios 15.. facebook ads reporting trick that i use when i'm looking at this for the final stages, and then how is use impression data in my funnels. but first, every sunday, i send out one email that recaps all the marketing questions i answered that week. if you want to stay up to date on best practikes, strategies and become an overall stronger marketer, i think you would really enjoy. this recap would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to the newsletter and my youtube channel. now back to the answer. most people that look at this problem of when is an impression uh being double counted start with their view through window. this is uh. this is a great place to understand how this functions, actually, but this is where we solve for that problem. so your view through windows, an attribution setting within facebook. every platform has it: facebook, google, bing- they all have a view through window. a view through uh attribution window is when the person, your target audience, sees your ad for the first time until they take an action, and some will track a view through window for one day, some will track it for seven. every platform has its own different tracking model, but view through window doesn't mean when they'll start counting. it's just how likely they think that somebody is going to take an action after x period. let me break down what that means, because this does get a little confusing. within facebook, there is a setting under every ad: set um. under optimization delivery, we go to show more options and then it's going to give us the option for an attribution setting for seven day click or one day view um. what this means and what's so important about this is the seven day uh window is how likely they are to think, how likely facebook thinks that somebody will convert within seven days of clicking your ad or one day after viewing it. so google's optimizing for people who see a video ad and then by the next day, will click on your- your ad to take them off of facebook or whatever. so seven days after somebody clicks they're monitoring for a conversion, or one day after they see your ad. so in this case, some people- i hear this all the time- brought to the table that an impression means that it resets every uh 24 hours in this case. so if you set your view through at seven days, it would uh refresh it seven days. all this means is that google's optimizing for people- or, i'm sorry, facebook is optimizing for people- who fall in a seven day click window and a one day view window. that's not how they report. let me show you how they report. so within facebook, all we have to do is jump into um, our campaigns. this is one of my test campaigns i run and they actually have a pre-built model for this. you just go up to your drop down here and we want delivery. delivery is going to tell us all the information we need to know about this campaign. so reach is how many unique users were reached with our ad. this is how many different people got to see our ad. this is a unique user metric. reach frequency means how often they saw the ad, so, in this case, 1.38 times per person. so, uh, point 38 percent of people saw my ad more than once, and then you get your impressions. this is how many impressions were seen. so you could see here that facebook is double counting impressions, or, in this case, how many times. it'll tell you. 1.38 times was the amount of time a single user got to see it. so they are counting multiple impressions and an impression is really straightforward: it just means how many times that user saw your ad in instagram or facebook. so if they see your ad, they keep scrolling um and then they go back up and look at your ad again. that's still one impression, because that's a single ad. but if two hours go by and they see another ad from you or they're being retargeted, that's a secondary impression. so the impression gets set up by every time they see a unique ad being served to them, whereas your view through window. again, this is where i see a lot of people commenting your view through window. your attribution window just tells facebook what to optimize for: people within a seven day period or a one day view window, or people within a seven day click period and a seven day view window. so, depending on your campaign and your funnel system, that's where it matters. and speaking of funnels, um, what i like to do is, in this delivery phase, you'll see, i have this digital circular, meaning i track um per platform. uh, certain metrics, not off platform, but we'll get to that in another day, we'll go here. and one thing i like to add to all of this is um unique link clicks apply. i don't care what they cost, i'm just interested in unique link clicks and we'll see here that, even though we're paying more for this thousand to be reached, we're actually getting more action on the overall clicks: less people, way more clicks. so in this situation, just understanding what my impression count is, how often these ads are being served to people and how they interact with them, i can start really developing my funnel. and here's just some basic metrics i go for for um brand recall, which is going to be impression based. uh, i would use this for top of funnel and that top of funnel. brand recall just means i'm going for a lot of impressions. so i want somebody to see my variation of ads, dcas with impression based uh. uh, betting is the best, in my opinion, for top of brand because if you're targeting especially for service businesses in local areas, people get to know your name, get to see who you are multiple times. when people understand my offer multiple times over at a really low cost, you know, get a 10 to 15 brand lift. then i move to frequency capping in middle of funnel and that may be, um, instant canvas experience. i'm going to leave people on facebook or on instagram. that might be instagram tv or reels or, uh, really cool instagram videos, but i want them to understand furthering the offer. so people who have seen my ad multiple times might have clicked on it, expanded it, anything, um, i'm gonna retarget them. so i'm gonna in the impressions. i'm not frequency cap, i'm trying to get as many people as possible and constantly rotating ads using dcas. then i hit frequency cap for middle of funnel for people who have showed some interest and now are interested. and then i'm really worried about my ctr for bottom of funnel because these are people who've seen me and interact with me within facebook and instagram um multiple times. so my ctr better be at the three, four, five percent at bottom of funnel, which is super high for facebook, as you know. so that's how uh i go. again to recap, impressions uh are double counted the way you're asking, meaning that a multiple- the same person- have seen your ad multiple times in a given seven day window. your attribution settings just tells facebook what you're optimizing for and how likely somebody is to convert over seven days rather than just the day of. and then if you really really want to get down to how often people are seeing your ads, you want to pull that frequency report and the uh total impression share report. i hope this was helpful, uh, and i hope uh added some value to how to use that to build some funnels. if you found this helpful, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe below or like comment uh on th.

Facebook Ads Placement Optimization - Tips To Increase Your Reach And Impressions

did you know that the placements you select for your facebook ads will determine how much reach and impressions you get? in today's video, i'm going to show you the facebook ads optimization to get the best results. so that you get the greatest reach and the greatest results. take a look. [Music]. hey everyone, kevin, small with 2q lead generation strategies. if you are new to our channel, welcome. we're so glad you're here. what we're all about is helping real estate agents just like you generate more leads, set more appointments and close more deals. so if that's what you're after, this is absolutely the place to be. please consider subscribing. we'd love to have you here as part of our community. before we get going on today's video, one quick note. i just recently released a brand new class called the four pillars of facebook marketing success. the four pillars is a free course. feel free to go check it out. it's toking about the four key things that are important for any real estate agent to grow their business. so down in the description below you'll find the information on that. go take a look. now. in today's video, what we're going to be toking about is placements. placements is the section of the facebook ads where we're telling facebook where, on different platforms. we want the ads to show up and, depending on what you do, it does impact the results that you get, as far as both reach and impressions. so let's go through this and we'll start toking about, uh, what all of this means. so this is, uh, the ad set and this is the section when it gets to placements. now, when you're going through and you're creating your ad and you get to this section on placements, most people leave it here with the recommended placements. so the problem that with recommended, with using that option, is basically facebook is going to use every placement possible, both instagram, um, facebook, other websites, etc. so it's going to use anything and everything, and while that sounds great, the reason, the truth of the matter is it's not as great as you think, because some of the placements where they want to put your ad are just low visibility areas, and so i'm going to go through and i'm going to share with you some of the ones that i prefer and which ones i use and why, and we'll just kind of go through this now. you've also got to realize one thing that's important is when you are determining what your campaign is. so, whether it's awareness, or whether it's traffic or leads or whatever. whatever option you're selecting as your objective, it will change the placements, because not all placements are available for all ad objectives. so just realize, if you select a different objective than what i've selected, you will notike. some options are or are not available, and the reason why that is is it's because of the it's because of the ad objective that you selected. so with that, when we get to placements, i always do manual placements because i want to pick the areas that i feel are going to be the best bang for my buck, where i'm going to get the greatest amount of visibility. that's what i'm after. so with this, you can pick specific platforms so i can say all of facebook placements, all of instagram placements. i think those two are self-explanatory, so i'm not going to spend a ton of time on either of those audience network. so facebook does pay for advertising on third party websites and other places, and so that's what the audience network is is it's those third-party places. in most cases i personally and with my clients, i do not use that option, simply because i don't like not knowing where my ads are right. the only time i ever really use it is if we're running some kind of a campaign where there's tremendous value in them seeing the ad on facebook and they move over to instagram, the ads there and they go to another website and the ads there, like that kind of. if i'm doing marketing in that style, then that's about the only time i will use the audience network. otherwise i don't. and then most people just don't like ads showing up in messenger. um, so, frankly, i i never, ever, use the messenger option. so in most cases when i'm running an ad, i would have facebook and instagram. um, you know, if i was running the ad on both platforms, but then you'll notike down here in these sections, right, a lot of times. if you come in, it's going to look like this: all of these will be collapsed and you just have these options. but- and a lot of people don't realize that- if you click on that little button, it gives you a lot more choices in the feeds. now, this first section in the feeds, this is the news feed area. this is the prime spot where people are going to see it. so the facebook feed is what people are going to see as they're scrolling through on facebook. same is true with instagram. so i never run an ad without using those two options, because those are the prime visibility spots. i can't imagine you ever running an ad on facebook or instagram and not using the fee, the main feed option. so 100 times out of 100 you're going to have those two options selected. the marketplace is the classified section. so if you're unfamiliar with facebook, facebook has a marketplace where people can buy and sell items- and i've, because it's a decent um traffic place. i have had some pretty good results with marketplace and so i like my ads showing up there. the video feeds: so if you've ever watched a video on facebook and then it cuts away from the video and starts showing an ad, that's what this placement is. i do not like it. sometimes if i'm running an ad that is a video, that makes sense, but if it's an ad that's just an image, i will uncheck that option. so sometimes i'll check it if it's a video and it's a shorter video. otherwise i don't. so instagram explorer: so this is that section on instagram where people can go and search and find out about things that they, um, you know brands and posts and things they were unfamiliar with. i've also had good results with that one. i would leave that one selected. and then facebook groups: um, i've never really tested much with this one. i don't use it a whole lot. if you're using an other um, another campaign objective, that gives you the right column option. so the right column would be these ads right here. they are some of the lowest visibility ads on facebook. i never, ever, ever, use that right column because it's just such a low visibility area and it only shows up on desktop. it doesn't show up on mobile devices. so if that, if it gives you that option, i unselect it every single time. instagram shop in the real estate industry: this is probably not something you're going to use a whole lot. and then like messenger- i already mentioned, i don't really use that one. and facebook business explorer: if i'm being brutally honest, i don't even know what that is, so i don't use it. facebook basically wants you to use at least six ad placements to get the best results. so you'll notike if you run less or fewer than six placements, you'll get a little message that will pop up where facebook will say: you're going to have limited visibility and reach because you're not maximizing the placements. so that's one of the reasons why it's critikal that you have a certain number of placements is because facebook is basically saying: we've got these other spots for advertising that we need to fill and so if you're going to help us and fill some of those spots, then we're going to give you greater reach, greater visibility for the money that you're spending. so you'll notike: with some ads you'll spend a little bit and get great results, and other ones where you spend a lot of money but the results are very limited. it's because it's an ad that wasn't performing well and it's likely also has something to do with the placement. so this is why optimizing placements is critikal for what you're doing. the next section: stories and reels. again, i've had some good re, uh, some good options with the. are good results with these ones. if you're using stories or reels, the shorter content tends to work better for these, and