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inclusive ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

This New Heineken Ad is Briliant #OpenYourWorld

I would describe my politikal views as the new right. I say that I met so many of them today is man-hating. I'll describe myself a feminist. I understand. I don't believe that climate change a dick. we're not taking enough action on climate change. I leave that tiny people down off the hangers and start looking for credible problems. but actually dick, it's actually crystal that can't evolve there anymore. that's not why you can't. you know you are your main gear, man. all your things obviously look. women do need to remember that. we need you to have our children. could I be center someone for the woman facing the hoenn? oh right, okay, well, I'm an expert at flat-pack. to give any trouble, just watch me. it's that I've got your instructions here, I think so. New York, I just love it there. describe what is like to be you in five adjectives: okay, frustrating, dedicated, opinionated, lucky, ambitious, offensive, solemn. I have ups and downs, strong, I can take attack, misunderstood. name. three things you and I have in common: both male, were both confident and we're both loudly spoken. we know each other better than people who've known each other for 10 minutes. should you seem quite ambitious and positive and you what? is really got a glow J or is pretty cool. I'm sensing you for minute, for some people set that, but there isn't really. there is no history. how are you then X, X menacing? yeah, if you're ex-military, I'm very proud of you already. well, I grew up in a bit of a rough state. I've experienced homelessness. I've known what is like absolutely nothing, yeah. so, yeah, I'm definitely most grateful, justjust for life. we've only just met, but I think the other sort of person that would listen to me and we'd have a discussion rather than our- yeah, you could hang out with Matt. it's going my tank right now. we're telling a walk, perfect, oh, yes, thank you. yes, we thought laughs. yes, okay, yeah, each take a bottle and place it on its corresponding markings in the bottle. attention, please now stand watch a short film. feminism today is definitely an excuse for missing jury man-hating. if somebody said to me that climate change is destroying the world, then I'd say that a total people, so transgender. it is very odd. we're not set up to understand or see things all that. I am a daughter, a wife. I am transgender. I thought a battle-ax. feminism definitely isn't done, though by it is never gonna be over. if I wanted to use you now have a choice. you may go or you can stay in the special differences over there I'm. I need joking, everything like: okay, well, I'm having a drink, I'm having a trainer. I will discuss there- yes, they are discuss Cheers, a tenured, a mate, are there doing anything with me? and you know, even if you wanted to convince people about your point- that productive thing to do- we'd sit engage in age. I've been brought up in a way where everything's black and white, but life isn't black and white. yeah, I'm just me. yes, match the patriarchy. I'll give you my, my phone number. you can me yours and we'll keep in touch. I'd have to tell my girlfriend that I'll be texting another girl. don't have to get banned- and I said, oh, my god.

#CannesInColour: How Brands & Agencies are Creating a More Inclusive Ad Industry

fearless girl swept. the canline films like Wonder Woman and the Black Panther are redefining what a Hollywood hero or heroine can be. business leaders and celebrities are facing real consequences for their sexist and racist behavior and, of course, you've notiked this- the number of commercials featuring female protagonists, gay couples, people with disabilities, even when their identity is not directly related to how they use the product or the brand. it may seem to be the natural reaction against the politiks of Trump and brexit, or an unsurprising outcome, considering that Millennials are the most diverse generation in history, but it's impossible to deny we are in the midst of a cultural shift. and yet less than 6% of workers in the ad industry are black. one recent survey of nearly 9,000 advertising and PR executives in the United States revealed that only 93 of them are black women. of all the commercials you see on television, one in 10 is actually directed by a woman. those are sobering statistiks for the marketing world, which seems to finally be coming to terms with a lack of representation for minority groups, both on-screen and within their own companies. at this year's can lions festival campaign, investigated the concrete strategies both brands and agencies are employing to create a more inclusive advertising industry, one that more authentikally reflects the population at large. there's a huge discussion here this year on diversity, as it should be. you know where to place. we're good, we're good, but we're not great. and how can we actually get to great? we have to put a sink in the ground, a reality of where we are, and then moons that lobbies, oil is quickly accumulate, possible. there are challenges for people of color in the profession arena because for the most part, we don't see them. these are not only and nice to have things, but it's a depressing a business matter. I think we have a responsibility to take every recruitment opportunity at the diversity opportunity on every project. we also try to a good mix, a different background. we are already a mix of cultures. the more diverse the group is, you know, the more diverse the ideas are. you're not tok already get this upstream? in some cases it seems that brands are the ones leading away towards a more diverse future and putting pressure on their agencies to follow suit. science are writing memos publicly about what brands should be doing, what agency should be doing, to be more diverse. many of our outside stakeholders know NGOs actually putting pressure on us and raising that. that issue one of the conversations that I've been part of is how much the client should demand from the agency. I think we need to co-create targets so that in a year's time- and I've said we'll meet in a year's time and see if we've delivered those targets- I think we need to agree them together and I heard actually Airbnb clearly worked really actively in this space and they were really inspiring. you know, when clients start to demand industry change, it happens because ultimately we're writing the checks. Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall made diversity a flashpoint for this year's festival after he took to social media to call out the can Lions for a lack of brown faces among jurors. I use my social media following to create awareness on this issue and so there have been a number of fleets that I put out. that challenge can line up some of the decisions that they might make about the ethnicity and mix of the speaker liner, the president's or the juries. so I've been coming to Ken for 20 years. I was always just grateful to be here. it was just last year when I started to feel that actually I'm in a leadership position and I look very different to a lot of the leaders. there's not a lot of CMOS in the world that look like me, and I realized that I've got to stop feeling grateful and I've got to start feeling responsible. we all have a responsibility to make the on-ramps into our industry as broadly available as possible, and my leadership team and I sat down and said: well, let's stop toking and now let's start doing. and so we decided that we would turn this year's can lion into a recruiting event for us and we're going to share the results- the number of books, the number of interviews and the number of jobs we offer, in the hope that other global marketing organizations like Airbnb will see ken line as an ongoing opportunity to recruit underrepresented creators. we are hosting people from all over the world and we are toking about what it means to be part of a community that's underrepresented in the marketing industry. out of the gate, someone- just immediately the first audience member was, like you know, speaking out can get, you can lose a client. so these are very real things for creatives of color women, because, I mean, I've been in this business for 20 years and I've often been afraid to express my voice. in my opinion, it's not the first time Airbnb has taken on issues surrounding diversity. earlier this year, research revealed that users on the Airbnb platform were less likely to rent to African Americans than they were to white it was. it was really shocking for us, because it's antithetikal to our very mission one one of wanting to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. since then, Airbnb has instituted a new anti D termination policy requiring unconscious bias training for some of their hosts. although air B&B has built its brand around diversity, the company is currently facing its own deficit. the brand posts the gender and ethnic makeup of its employees online, and in 2016, about 43 percent of employees were female, a number that shrunk to 30 percent among the company's leadership. when it comes to multiple ethnicities, representation is even worse. Jonathan mildenhall and Airbnb are not alone. on the agency side for african-american creative directors believe that they can affect change with the power of creativity. I think it is one of the tragedies of our nation, one of the shameful tragedies. at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours of not being most segregated hours in Christian America. after encounters with police in Minnesota and Louisiana to Baton Rouge, Police outraged over the seal and shop: buy bananas, please. this is an example of a real unjust justike system. [Music] Saturday morning is an initiative that began as a letter and its creators hope will have the power to spur a cultural movement. on its website, the initiative invites creatives to submit ideas for a piece brief. this year's piece brief asks how society can reduce the amount of police violence in black communities. we're asking people to submit ideas to that website. we take those ideas and we curate them and those things are put up as a showcase on the site. so we have a few pieces up now. we're just kind of getting our engine going and we're asking universities or asking individuals and we're asking businesses to contribute. I believe that the creative community, across all forms of creative it's a, it's a gift. helping people with that creative gift is becoming a thing which is great. we hope it continues to grow, but it is, without a doubt, our responsibility and these conversations are hard, but nothing in this world without without struggle, there's absolutely no progress and you have to have this struggle in order to find your way to the end of it all. this year was also the premiere of the vows, a Film Festival recognizing the work of female directors. the vows are a screening of the very best work made by women in the last 12 months. so a short film and advertising and branded content. there's a lot of stuff happening here. I think what we need to do to kind of really change things is to give more visibility to the work. you know this is a creative festival and it's great to have the conversations around the structures, but what really inspires people and will inspire change of seeing amazing work free? the bid addresses the triple bid system, so basically we go to agencies and brands and we, as


The importance of inclusive marketing

hi everyone, my name is liam mcassy. i'm a senior solutions specialist on the native advertising team in microsoft advertising and i'm really excited to be here today to tok to you about some native advertising fundamentals and the importance of inclusive marketing. as marketers, you're in a really unique situation to reimagine your brand experience based on purpose. we're inviting you to try a new mindset and to go from being product-centric to people-centric. when you focus on value, you find purpose and you build trust and much, much more. these strategies will also help you to improve advertising performance. we've launched a new playbook on marketing with purpose that goes into depth on these strategies and i'm going to touch on them at a high level today and at the end of this session. i'll provide you with a link so that you can download the playbook and read it in your own time. so let's get straight into it. what we know is that our research has shown that trust is essential to driving business results and it's essential to beginning a relationship with any customer. 85 of people that we surveyed say they will only consider a brand if they trust it. and yes, there are varying degrees of trust and people can still do business with companies that they may not trust 100 percent think companies that dominate a market or provide convenience or savings and from where there is limited or direct competition. people will sometimes make that trade off, but once they're given an alternative, they flee, and marketers that we spoke to as we embarked on our consumer research defined trust as table stakes. it's critikal to doing business and ensuring things like protecting people's privacy, securing their data, providing reliable products. they're so important. but what we didn't quite understand was the link between increased trust and brand performance, and we found that link. brands that are inclusive in their advertising are viewed more authentik and trustworthy. you might assume that only minorities or or women might feel this way, but over half in them in the majority segments also feel this way and that's a really, really powerful number. 63 of the entire population survey say brands representing diversity in ads are more authentik: 69 women, 59 men, 72 ethnic minorities and 57 percent caucasians. and here are the supporting stats for inclusive ads as driving trust in a brand. we also uncovered something interesting: that when someone sees an inclusive ad, it also signals that the brand is a market leader and increases their likelihood to recommend that brand to somebody else. further to our research, we showed the increase in purchase intent for inclusive advertising is really, really significant. for this research, we studied tommy hilfiger, because they do a great job of displaying various elements of diversity, but they also have many ads that would not be considered inclusive. we displayed a variety of their ads and asked people to tell us which were the most appealing and which were the most inclusive, and we then mapped that to purchase intent. when we broke down the performance, the inclusive ad shown here blew the non-inclusive ads out of the water with a 23 top box lift, as opposed to the second highest performing ad that was not inclusive at a 10 lift. people said that it made them feel more genuine and authentik. so let's tok about putting that into practike. how can you make your advertising more inclusive? firstly, you need to ensure that whatever you're running on native truly represents your brand's values accurately. this is something that's so important in advertising and could be the reason why a consumer chooses your brand over another. your brand purpose and values create trust and authentik connections with people, and there are not only great ideas in the brand value section of our playbook, but also like the pillar of responsibility and privacy and accessibility. so think about how you can make your ads more inclusive through language that you use. make sure whatever ad copy that you're using is not accidentally excluding anybody. and there are lots of different ways that you can ensure your message is tailored to the right users, and we'll go into detail in this in the next section. thirdly, when you're planning your campaigns and deciding on your strategy, don't just assume that, because you think something is inclusive, that it actually is. make sure that you seek out perspectives from peers and colleagues to make sure that the message also lands with them. it's also important that when we tok about inclusivity and marketing, that we're not just leading with stereotypes. make sure that when you're executing on your marketing campaigns, that you're showcasing realistik diversity and not just conforming to stereotypes. to go deeper on this and to understand some of the data behind these recommendations, all of this can be found in our playbook, but now let's look at putting it into practike. so let's look at the microsoft audience network. the microsoft audience network is comprised of high quality native placements curated through human and ai reviews and brand safe environments on microsoft owned and operated sites like msn and outlookcom and microsoft edge, and on our select premium site, public partner sites like cbs, sports, everyday health, fox business and so on. through our network, you can access the microsoft audience and meaningfully engage with your idle customers by leveraging microsoft's unique data about its users and their intent and their intent signals. and we also do this by respecting customers privacy and data security, and we do not share our data and we do not buy any external third-party signals. at microsoft, we really pride ourselves on following strict processes to create a privacy safe environment for our customers which, in turn, complies with all gdpr and ccpa privacy laws. plus, we've been doing this for a while at microsoft and we know that our industry-leading artificial intelligence drives personalization and increased ad relevancy to help you achieve your marketing goals. so, when we look at the microsoft audience network in more detail, how can you make your campaigns more inclusive? so let's move on to targeting. now that we've given you an overview of what the microsoft audience network is, targeting is really key to making sure that your ads are showing to the right users and that you're tailoring your ads to the users that you're targeting. on the microsoft audience network, we have a full suite of audience targeting solutions that you can take advantage of. those include gender, age, device location, audience and linkedin profile targeting. these tools will help you to ensure that your represent, that you're presenting the right message to the right user at the right time. so let's say you're an automotive advertiser who learns that, um, women value different car features when deciding to purchase a car. this would be a great opportunity for you to choose images for your ad by gender, so you can craft the marketing message to highlight the specific automotive features women value and in this way, the ad is optimized for creating a more trusted customer experience where the audience feels that your brand is. for someone like me. another example, a simple one, could be that your business is located in an area or a country where you're using geo-targeting and a majority of your customers are specific ethnicity. it will be better to represent your potential customers in the images that you choose so that everyone can relate to your ads. after targeting, let's tok about images. ensure that your images are fully inclusive of all of the audience that you're targeting, and remember that it's best to have multiple creatives per ad group on the microsoft audience network. so this gives you the opportunity to test out different creatives and to see what works best. you can even make things super targeted and could target different ages or genders with different images if you'd like. we know that finding the right i.

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How diverse and inclusive is the advertising we see?

discussions around inclusion have moved way beyond just gender. but how inclusive is the advertising we see? both kantar and the gina davis institute have been tracking inclusion in thousands of adverts around the world. we looked at 2 000 some odd ads over about a 12 year period and we were just astonished, and the results from the first study was that men appeared four times more. they spoke seven times more. uh, female characters were in the kitchen, they were cooking. men were outdoors driving around. uh, you know, no people really. no people of color. no, no, lgbtq plus disabilities, etc. it was just. we were gobsmacked. if you ask people, uh, whether men and women should be paid the same for doing the same work, half of people in india and about a quarter of people in japan will tell you that a man should be paid more than a woman for doing exactly the same work. um, 10 of colombians think that it's wrong for a woman to earn more than her husband, whereas 30 of people in the uae think the same thing. so obviously, if you're worried about men and women having equal opportunities in the workplace and really leveraging women's economic contribution, giving them those opportunities, that's the kind of thing you really need to tackle, aside from the statistik you know of, you know, 38 um of the ads had people of color, um, and it did improve from 2006. but when you look at, you know what are the characters doing? where are they being placed? it's, you know, caucasian characters- white characters- are more often shown, um, as working. they're more often shown as being, you know, smart, um, you know this gets down to the messaging and the copy and the words and the language. uh, so, um, so there's huge disparities there. more inclusive approaches to advertising in terms of who's in the ads, uh, what they're doing, the perspective of the, of the, the protagonist in the ads, and so on, uh, those have big impacts on, on who buys what. so it's a business imperative too. we found that, you know, just over 70 of of men and women you know said they didn't see themselves represented in in ads. well, hold on, you know, if you're going to engage people, then you know, show people like me, um, and so we started doing that and we found that the more progressive ads had 25 percent more impact and indeed, had 25 more uh purchase interest, which, of course, is what advertising uh is trying to achieve. so, uh, the, the business case is very clear. you know, if you create ads that uh, engage people more by by showing more representative um samples of life, um, you will get more effective advertising. at a top line level, i don't think there's an issue with racial representation in advertising. so if we think about people from a different ethnic background, they're represented in about a quarter of ads globally, and if we think of people from different, different ethnic minorities, they're in about a fifth of ads globally. though we do see differences from country to country. race is it depends on where you are, right. so when you look at people of color in the uk being 18, and then you know, you look at a place like, you know, south africa, where it's 91 percent, in the us is 38, you know in advertising it's about 43. so it's hard to say: well, is that good or is that bad? it depends on where you are. in kenya, well, it's probably not more about white and black people, but in kenya we have about 42 different tribes, right. so you'll find in african countries, or even in african politiks, it's more about the tribe that you come from, right, rather color skin you are. so for us, we have to be very sensitive and conscious to are we representing the face of kenya in all our communications. the countries that are doing well are typically countries that have got histories of immigration. so if you think about north america, you think about western europe, and we also see high levels of representation in brazil, which has got, you know, really diverse um societal makeup. we've got a lot better at representation in the actual ads over the last year or two, last few years, um, and there's all sorts of partners and people that you can work with to help make sure uh that that that you hold yourself accountable to that um, and in a way that's quicker. it's not necessarily easy, but it's quicker to be able to um adjust casting than it is to be able to fundamentally change the way that you go out and make yourselves attractive to people that you want to recruit. that's, by definition, going to take longer. typically, we see an uplift in advertising performance if you have better representation, the. the one country that stiks out is france, and there you get lower advertising performance scores when you've got better racial representation. and i think what's happening there is that you know france has a long history of um immigration, um, but it also has a long history of um racial problems, uh racial tensions and, you know, has a strong far right, uh, so i think that's probably what's being reflected in our data. advertising is comprised of some of the oldest and greatest storytelling. when you think about storytelling, advertising is telling stories. and when you think about women and girls being 51, you know, of the population, uh, to ignore that which they have been, you know, ignored. and when you think about women, are 85 of all consumer product purchases. there's a big, you know, disparity there. where this may be room for improvement, it's in terms of the portrayal of disabled and lgbt people. uh, we're not necessarily seeing as much as that, um, as would represent society as it actually is. there's just a lot of work, uh, that needs needs to be done. we do see progress, but we're nowhere near at parity in any of these dimensions that we study. [Music] you.

Caviar Spotlight: How to Make More Inclusive Ads

welcome back to creative caviar. i am thrilled to welcome my friend and colleague, kat gates. before kat worked on creative at google, cat was actually a creative director in the agency world fact when only three percent of cds were women. inclusivity can mean so many things. what does it mean to us when we tok about inclusivity and ads? well, first, inclusivity is not just about race. we've actually made some good progress when it comes to featuring different ethnicities and ads, but there's still a lot of opportunity. inclusion includes age ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, military status. the late great virgil abloh said inclusivity is about giving a voice to those that were previously hidden. brands really need to think about everybody that could encompass their audience and think about that intersectionality, how all of those things you mentioned relate to one another. to do that authentikally, it's important to do your research, to really truly understand the experiences of both your audience and the people on screen. it's the nuance that real stories offer that help them bring true with the audience beyond just who we ask. what are the things, from a creative perspective, that brands can do to help get that authentikity? well, the way to do that is with intention and thoughtfulness. we should think about all of those creative choices when developing the ad, like the setting, the wardrobe, food, music, even the way a product is positioned. it's all of those details that are really important to build on the authentikity. you have an example for us of an ad that does this really well. yes, that's right, we have a great example from bobby brown. hey y'all, today i'm putting bobby brown's new skin longwear fluid powder foundation to the test. look how it's dark, has a liquid and since it's a powder, i need makeup that doesn't oxidize, and look it doesn't. the color is so perfect. i love how this foundation goes on as a liquid than tries as a powder. this mat feels great, so fresh. i'm super into it. it goes on as liquid, then sets into powder. i'm going non-stop all day and i need makeup that stands up to sweat. i'm not shiny or sweaty at all, so bobby brown is a great example of really nuancing the creative levers and subtle ways to drive impact. they cast three young women in three different ads and then they wrote the script for the human being they cast so the language matched her. they positioned the product benefits differently for each woman because, of course, they would each have a different needs based on their skin tone. we're positioning the person on screen to be as authentik and sincere as possible. what about if brands are a little afraid, um, of getting it wrong and and seeing blowback from that? yeah, i mean, we're all still learning. inclusivity is definitely an ongoing commitment to the audience and- and you can start or continue exploring how to communicate authentikally with video experiments- it's also important to do your research and get different perspectives. and, lastly, what's also super important is to just not show up for 10 pole events like pride month. you really want to be inclusive 12 months out of the year, both in your advertising and in your actions. i don't think i could have said it better myself. cat gates, thank you for joining the show. [Music] you.


okay, guys, the next promotional website I want to tok to you about a great way to get monthly traffic to your website is all-inclusive ads. what you're gonna see is, when you go to the website, you can click on the link below to join. this is not a free service, a dis cost. it's around twenty nine, ninety-five a month. but what we're seeing right now from from our membership website and some other income opportunity websites that we're using right now, that all-inclusive ads is generating about, you know, four to six signups every month. for us, okay, it's 29.95 a month. but if you look at, if you're making fifty dollars a sign up and let's say you get a minimum of five, that's $200 and you spent twenty nine, ninety five, so you're making one hundred seventy dollars in profit a month by having this program. and if you get five a month, obviously that adds up after a year. that's sixty new members at fifty dollars a month. that's an extra three thousand dollars a month for you. so you know this is something that you might add to your arsenal a little later on if you don't have the funds right now. but what this company does is is they spend about forty thousand dollars a month on advertising, whether it be Google, pay-per-click email marketing, banner ads and things like that. you know, go through and listen to some of the testimonials and stuff also, but what they do is is they drive traffic to your website for you. all you have to do to set it and forget it. basically, put in your your the link that you want to promote, and you're done so. you know, once you join this website, I'm just going to go to Add to Cart and do it. you're gonna come up here and you're gonna log in. I'm going to show you what the back-office looks like right now. you can see this is a brand new account. I have one share, so I can do one link if I want to. so I click here to add my links- up to ten unique URLs per account, so I can add up to ten, you know, up to ten URLs for my, for this one account. so if I go here and I add an link, I can add my secret wealth Network website, okay, and all you do is save here and you can edit it here or you can delete it. so I can delete it or edit, however I want to do it. okay, so you can add and you can just keep adding new links. you can add up to ten links to each account. so if you want to have multiple accounts, obviously you'd have to pay 29.95 on on several accounts. but with ten- ten unique URLs, you can drive traffic to your membership website or whatever website you might want to do. so if you do, you know, if you set up a website for one of your resale products, you can even drive traffic to that and sell your ebooks and software and stuff. so this is a great site to use to promote. you got your questions and answers in here after you join also. but go through the link below, get signed up, start driving traffic to your website. they do it for you. like I said, all you do is put in your link and the traffic starts coming. so you know. you can even go to like tinyurl or bud URL to track how much- how many leads or how much traffic they're sending to your website on a monthly basis. so all inclusive ads. click on the link below to get signed up. this is a great way to get you know three to five to six new members joining your membership site every month. and what's your residual income increase throughout the year. alright guys, this video here is just going to take you through like a general advertising video. it's going to show you a lot of different resources that are in the marketing and resources area, kind of show you. you know what some of them do, how they work and you know a little explanation for for each one. the one-day marketing is really good with Chris Roar. I've used him for a long, long time and you can see a lot of the results that he gets with his packages. that he does is advertising. you can see 1546 hits and one day a 2800 732 585. you know the list goes on and on. you know you go down here. total hits was 41 81. you know 7,000, 6,000. I mean, like I said the least, the list goes on and on. what you want to do is come in here and sign up, put your name and email, sign up. what he'll do is he'll put you on a list and whenever he has an available spot for advertising he will email you and let you know. as you can see, right now he sold out but, yes, packages that come available all the time. his packages start as low as seventy seven dollars and they do go up to nine hundred ninety seven dollars. but you know he's got a 77 and 127, a four hundred and a 997 package. the 77 in 127 are very good. you'll get a lot of results off those. you'll get a lot of leads. you'll build your list really well and obviously the higher the package, the more, the more traffic are going to get. in one month he actually sent over 68 thousand visitors to my website in one month. so you know, obviously I got a lot of signups and built my list extremely well off that. okay, that's, that's one resource. another one is digital, a gear. like I said, the link is in the members area under resources and marketing. you can see there's a lot of different things here. you can go to the- is this the ultimate, you know, advertising package. you can click on each one and get more information about exactly what they do. you can purchase just leads. you can have them set up email campaigns for you do VIP solomid. you know e mailings, where they'll mail out a bunch of emails for you. shows you how many clicks you're getting, how many people are going to your website, things like that. you can see the pricing here. one campaign to and and for, the the better the pricing is, so you can go up here and just kind of see you. if you go to home and products, you're gonna see all the different things that you can do. so there's a lot of different resources and choices that you can do with digital a gear. another one is web traffic vault. you can see here they've got targeted traffic. you can do guaranteed signups, email campaigns. you know they also have posting services. so if you go here they'll post on Craigslist, I believe, and also on Backpage for you for a certain amount of money, the guaranteed signups. basically what that is is if you click on that it's gonna take you to a site or to a page where you can check out. you know signups. basically what the guaranteed sign-up is is they're gonna send somebody to your lead capture page and you know, let's say you buy a hundred signups, hundred guaranteed signups, they're gonna send enough traffic to your lead capture page until you get a hundred people that have opted into your lead capture page. basically what that means is that's gonna build your list. so 7995, you can get like a hundred people that are gonna sign up at your lead capture page and then your Aweber account is going to cap, capture their email and start singing them follow-up emails. well, you know, if you do a hundred here, hundred there, you know that you're gonna get signups. do this: okay. so you might spend seventy, nine, ninety five to get a hundred opt-ins, but maybe five of those people sign up at your membership site that you make money off of. okay, so you're gonna make a lot more money. those people are gonna stay a part of your membership site. you're gonna earn residual income that way. so this is also a great resource. here's another guaranteed signup place. they always have huge, huge discounts. so you can see this: five hundred free signups with your purchase. so you're gonna save one hundred ninety-nine dollars. so if you scroll down or if you click on that, it's going to take you down here to premium signups. you're gonna see a lot of different signups that you can do. you can target it to just US and Canada or you can target it worldwide. however you want to do it, you can set it up that way. so you know, take a look at this page also. it's in the members resources and marketing area also. she can check those out. another one is rent the list. this is a great place. you can sign up, you know, become a member here, rent the list and you can see under services I've clicked on, you can do targeted list advertising. you can do a.