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Increase Amazon Sales With VIDEO

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

Increase Amazon Sales With VIDEO

Increase Amazon Sales With VIDEO

hey guys it's tatiana today i want to
chat with you about why it's so
important that you have a product video
on your amazon listing it's imperative
we're going to chat all about it today
and how to go about
making that happen
now stik with me all the way through to
the end of this video because
one lucky winner and it could be you is
going to win a professional starter
video for their amazon listing and this
is going to include product shots
background music editing infographics
and more and it's gonna be really easy
to enter so somewhere throughout this
video i'm gonna share with you how you
can enter to win so stik with me from
start to finish
so having a product video on your amazon
listing is a game changer and will give
you a competitive edge and it's a great
way for amazon sellers to communicate
their value proposition in 60 seconds or
now you may or may not know but you have
a bit of a disadvantage as an e-commerce
meaning that you know traditional retail
someone walks into a store they have a
very different experience
as a shopper and in fact they are able
to use all five senses to experience the
product and formulate a buying decision
so they might pick up a product inspect
it see it from different angles
sometimes smell it
and in some cases taste it you know
maybe if you're at a costco and that
helps them to make a confident buying
but when it comes to online shopping
they're very limited they're limited to
just the visual and so you want to try
and help them as much as possible and to
help them to gain a better experience of
your product and that's where video
comes in people choose video over text
that's why you're watching a youtube
video right now they prefer to just
watch video instead of reading text and
so when it comes to your amazon listing
you've got your description bullet
points you've got your images and then
you've got your video and so i would say
your images and your video are the most
important elements that you really got
to focus on and make sure that they look
professional and that they're doing
their job to really not just mark your
product but educate your product about
your product to people and share with
them what it is that they need to know
and allow them to have that experience
you know if you look on youtube there's
a lot of videos of influencers who are
doing unboxing reviews where they
receive a product for the very first
time they open it they tok about the
packaging they tok about the experience
of opening it up and they have their
first impression and it's all caught on
camera and people love that stuff people
love watching those videos because they
see themselves in that person because
they're not experiencing the product but
they're experiencing the product through
the person who's in the video and so
they get to now have that social proof
and that experience and that helps them
to make their buying decision so video
is really important and
you know
there's a few different types of styles
of videos that you might want to
consider when it comes to the video that
you put on your amazon listing which of
these styles you choose depends on your
specific product you'll have to
determine which is going to be most
suitable so let me name them for you the
first one is a lifestyle video so i
would say lifestyle is one of the most
popular but it depends again on the
product that you're selling
this is when the person is actually
there's actually someone in the video
a person or maybe even an animal a dog
if you're selling dog products and
they're actually using the product so if
i'm selling this headband i'd be wearing
the headband maybe there's different
types of people whoever is your target
audience you want to represent them in
the video because you want
the customer to see themselves in your
product in your video and so lifestyle
videos can be really powerful to show
the product in action
now another video is a benefits
highlights video so if you've got a
product that has
really great
that are really you know helps it stand
out really like this is what the
products about it's about all these
unique features then you really want to
make sure that those are highlighted and
you can illustrate that through video
and so you might have something more
tiknical a more tiknical product that
might be a more suitable video
another one is an instructional video so
maybe you have a product that
it's a little bit complicated the
instructions are a little bit
complicating and they're hard to
understand through text or through
photos and that's where video comes in
because it's possible that you have a
prospective customer on your amazon
listing who wants to buy this product
but they just they can't understand how
it works and so they may not buy the
product because of that but here you are
if you can create an instructional video
that shows them this is these are the
steps this is how easy it is to use then
that can answer and address their
concerns and actually lead to a purchase
so instructional videos would be good
products that are a little bit more
complex and that need more
another one is a testimonial
so maybe you have a product that would
work really well if someone shared their
own opinion their own experience using
the product
sometimes if you're selling a product
maybe a supplement or
a remedy or
you know something with health and
fitness those types of products maybe
can do better with testimonials if
you're selling a simple iphone case
yeah the testimonials will always be
beneficial but for certain products
they'll be more beneficial because for
certain products you know just put
yourself in the buyer's perspective you
know if i'm buying a diet pill which i'm
not buying diet pills but i want to hear
about other people's experience did this
actually work for you or did it not work
for you or if i'm buying
you know some sort of
waist trimmer type of thing i want to
know if it worked for you
so testimonials can be beneficial for
partikular products the last one is a
product comparison video so this works
really well if your product is evidently
superior to your competitors so what you
would do is you would have your product
versus your competitors product put them
side by side and do a video comparing
the two and this way it just you're
showing your prospective customer that
there's just no competition here that's
there's just no argument on which
product is superior you can see it for
yourself by comparing the two side by
side so these are a few of the different
video styles that you may want to
now you absolutely can create the video
but i would say if you don't have any
professional videography experience
then it may not be the best idea because
you may be trying to save some money in
the short term but it may cost you in
the long term
maybe the video ends up poor quality and
it can actually lead to low conversion
rates and so my opinion you know videos
photos on your amazon listings those are
so important
they're so important and you really
don't want to cheap out on those these
are investments you know the good thing
is that you can leave those photos and
videos on your listing for years to come
so i do see them as investments
and my recommendation is just to leave
the video to the professionals and use
your time to work on other elements of
your business now my recommendation and
the sponsor of today's video is amz one
they offer an amazing videography
service for all videos you may need for
your amazon listing including your
sponsored ad videos
and they can make videos for your
products using real life models so if
you do want to create a lifestyle video
and you need someone to model your
product they can absolutely do that
they can add voiceovers they can create
animations and and so much more and so
they can make really high quality
professional videos and they don't just
do videos they do a plus content
they do photos they do 3d rendering they
do package design
they even do listing optimization so
they offer a whole suite of services and
that may be beneficial for you as an
amazon seller they have over 144 reviews
on trustpilot and they're rated 4.8 out
of 5 stars
and they have studios in canada
in the us in china and the uk
so they can serve you from all over the
now you can go to tatianajames.com
amz one step and use the coupon code
tatiana10 to get 10
off your purchase for whichever service
you choose they have different services
different packages just go to the
you can click the link in the
description box below and browse to see
which would be most suitable for you
now i'm going to tell you how you can
a video a product video for your amazon
listing by amz one step
so all you have to do is like this video
give it a thumbs up and then comment
down below i want you to comment i am an
amazon seller and i want to win a
product video by amz one step
so comment that down below and you can
also add to that if you want to share a
little bit about your business if you
want to share a little bit about why you
want to add video
you can feel free to do that you don't
have to
one week from the date of this video's
release i will select a winner i'll
reach out to you and i'll connect you
with amz one step and you're going to
receive a free starter
product video for your amazon listing so
good luck to you all
and go ahead and comment down below now
and even if you don't win then you can
still get 10 off their services
so definitely check out their website uh
link will be in the description box
below so hopefully you understand the
importance of amazon
listing videos um it's really gonna help
with your conversion rate and just
enhancing the customer's experience and
there are many different types of videos
so it's going to be a service to all
types of products different videos for
different products so consider it and
and definitely do it if you are an
amazon seller alright guys thank you so
much for watching and have a fantastik

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