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indeed targeted ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

💻The Most Effective Way to Create an Ad Campaign on Indeed!

what's up? business builders? um, our last video in this series on, indeed, and this one's all going to be about how do you create a sponsored job campaign. a lot of people: they just go to the dashboard and then they see the little thing over to the right. it says sponsor and they click that and you can do it that way. but there is a little bit more advanced way. a lot of people don't know this, so you've gotta follow with me my advice: watch this on your phone, open, indeed, up on your laptop or desktop and then follow along. so when i open up my account, i want to go over to analytiks. okay, that's, you've got dashboard, find candidates and then analytiks on that blacktop bar. so go to analytiks. when you do that- and, by the way, you have to have admin access to do what i'm showing you, okay, so if you're like a manager and you don't have admin access, then you're not going to be able to see what i'm toking about. okay, so you want to go on that sub bar? okay, you've got overview, jobs, campaigns, reports and hiring insights. go to campaigns. there's a drop down. there'll be four different options. you want to go to create a campaign, so i'm gonna go into that and you can do it like the simple way, right? you know, like i was saying before, your job ad on dashboard. they have sponsor over there. it's usually like lit up in blue and they make it flashy. so that way you click it and spend money, but it doesn't allow you to do any type of specifications and there's not any editing. it's just like, hey, how much do you want to spend per day, or how much you want to spend per month, and then i think it allows you to set an end date. but that's it, right. this gives you a little bit more options. so now you're you're on like create a campaign, okay, so you're going to have is going to be a lot of stuff on this, so you need to really just play around on it. to be honest, you can do this on your own. it's a little cumbersome, but you can figure it out. it's not rocket science. so you've got job source indeed, and then there's a little box under there that says keyword and advanced. what that does is basically you're picking out what job ads you want to sponsor for the campaign. really easy way to do this is just to where it says add jobs. just go in and click the one that you want. i clicked the keyword which was the job title- uh, crew leader, driver. save keywords and then on the far right you're going to see, you know if i've got six total job openings. if i click a specific keyword- let's say crew leader, driver, and i only have one job ad that says that, then it should tell me one selected out of six. okay, because maybe i just want to sponsor one job ad. now, if you want to do in bulk, you can do that, you can pick, you can take like five different ads, and it makes it super fast because then you don't have to do all of this six times, you just do it once. and they've got a bunch of other filters on how to pick out the job ad from all the ads on your dashboard. uh, they do have like an exclude jobs part. so, like same concept, you're just picking and choosing which job ads you want to do. the campaign for going down. the next thing you've got define campaign budget, okay. so you've got two different budget types. you've got automatik, which is the programmatik spin that indeed does, and it's based on their tiknology. and then you've got bid for clicks. it's just pay for clicks and so you set a bid amount for how much that you want to spend per click. i have personally found that the automatik one which they recommend, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not good. bid for clicks- at least i kind of have some. i i know that, hey, i'm only spending maximum x amount dollars per click on my ad. now, just because somebody clicks your ad doesn't mean that they're gonna apply, but it's one step closer, right. so maximum cost per click: let's say that i only want to spend a dollar. you know, let's say two dollars per click. yeah, a dollar fifty, two dollars per click. and then let's see here, campaign budget optional, and you may even want to go down to one dollar per click. i mean, that might be a good place to start. i don't want to be giving people next thing: you know you get a big bill from, indeed, a dollar per click campaign budget optional. so you can say a dollar per click and then you can say, oh, i want a maximum spend like a thousand dollars, and you do it one time, or you can do it per month and then you could do daily budget. that is an option. so there's a lot of ways that you can format, like how you're gonna spend the money. main thing, though, is you can either do the automatik, which is indeed basically optimizing your spend for you saying, hey, you know, we're aiming to get the best results with the lowest cost, or you can do pay-per-click: just go a little bit further and do the campaign schedule so, um, you can start the campaign and have it paused so you can build it all out, but it starts pause, so it's not spending money right away. i don't really know how you do that. or you can set it active. okay, so start time: you can start the campaign, like at a later date, and then there's a little check box underneath the start date and it says: prorate first month. you do want to click that, because otherwise you're going to get charged a bunch more money. you know, if there's only a week or two left in the month, you want to make sure you prorate for the month? okay, you can set an end date. so this is great, you know, especially for our industry- and moving, like, if you want to start a campaign february 1 and then you want to end it on may 31st, like, you can do that in here. you can set it all up. so that way, hey, boom, okay, cool, we've got this budgeted out a thousand dollars a month, february 1, mar, uh, may 31st- and it's already built out. now you may want to be looking at the results of it to see if you want to change stuff, manage campaign performance. so they've got two budget balancing options. okay, one is click balancing and one is no balancing. what does this mean? basically, click balancing is indeed will even out all the clicks across multiple job ads. so that way you don't have one ad that's just killing it and then you have some that aren't killing it. okay, if you have multiple positions, no balancing will get you the most clicks possible. okay, indeed, we'll get to the most clicks possible, even if some ads get a bunch of clicks and some get not as many. personally, i want it set on no balancing because that, to me, tells me more of what the true story is like if a bunch of people are interested in this one certain ad. that's what i want to know. like, i don't want it to even stuff out and make it all level, because then i don't really know what's doing well and what's not doing well. so i personally think no balancing set job limits. so this is really useful tool. there's a couple different limit types. you can do a spend limit or an apply limit. applies limit- spend limit- is like: hey, i only want to spend a thousand bucks. the applies limit is: hey, i only want a certain amount of people to apply to this ad. once i get, let's say, 100 applicants, then i don't want to spend any more money, right? this is a lot better for businesses that are more mature and they kind of have an idea of their numbers and what they're looking for and they're like: well, we know personally, if we get 100 applicants, we'll hire x amount of people out of that, probably, right, if you've got it down to a science like that, then this is a great tool. so maybe i want to limit to. you know, let's say, i want to limit to 50 applicants and you can do that per month, or you can do it for the lifetime of the ad. you know, again, lots of tools here and then you can name the campaign and then you can get it started. so that is how to create a campaign for your job ad. when we say campaign, that's like sponsoring it, that's like more detailed way. okay, again, you could do this. the simple way is: go to dashboard, take your job ad and they have that little thing, that sponsor, over on the right. click it how much money you want to spend. you want to do it ongoing or you want to set it end date. start th.

Beyond Sponsored Jobs: Building your Brand on Indeed in 2020

alrighty. um, like i said, this is neil coster from higher clicks. i just uh wanted to thank everyone again for joining uh. my, i actually uh started higher clicks just about 10 years ago. i felt like there was a great opportunity to enter the market as a new recruitment advertising agency and provide a whole different level of service as well as a focus on marketing- marketing with the consumer mindset, and what that means to us is making sure that we help our clients think strategically but also execute on the tactikal side in order to make sure that we're able to measure roi for all the investments that they make across all the recruitment advertising channels. today, we're doing a partner webinar with our friends over at indeed. luke andrews and oksana klein are on the call and they'll be walking you through beyond sponsored jobs, building your brand on indeed in 2020.. um so, just to give you a little bit of background, luke andrews is the agency channel lead from the global product solutions team at indeed. he's been with indeed for nearly seven years in both the sales and strategy capacity. as a member of the product solutions team, luke works closely with agency partners, as well as indeed's direct sales and product team, with the goal of developing, implementing and refining solutions within indeed's product portfolio. uh, oxana klein is an agency development partner who's dedicated to supporting higher clicks. so, basically, if you're one of our clients, oksana is an extension of our team, but uh works at indeed and really focuses on helping make our clients successful. uh, she's collaborated with indeed's agency partners for a little over four years and helps us on executing campaign strategy and optimization of those uh camp client campaigns. um, she's also gonna be having a baby soon, so you know we're lucky she didn't have to fly anywhere to be on this webinar. so, um, thank you both for joining us. and just a minute about the partnership. you know we work very closely with, indeed, one of the things that we try and do as an agency is make sure that we work with all of our media partners in a way that um positions, you know, higher clicks and the media partner, like indeed and the client all focused on the problem. um, you know we don't. we try not to put up barriers between us and uh, between our clients and the media partner, and i think that you know this example of trying to just, you know, do some education and let our, our customers know what's happening on the indeed side as we start, you know, focusing more and more on 2020, uh is just an example of how closely we work together. um, you know, i think it's it's all. it's really interesting from my perspective, uh, having before started higher clicks, i was over at monstercom and you know that monster during the, the height of their, their reign in the marketplace, and clearly, i think indeed's in a similar position right now with so much job search volume and so many job seekers and and really a good focused mission on helping those job seekers. um, but, you know, a lot of us think of, you know, sponsor jobs as, uh, the mainstay of the options, and i think what's undervalued is how thoughtful some of the additional products that they've added to the portfolio are when it comes to building employer brand and targeting candidates. so i'm sure that our team at higher clicks has, uh helped introduce some of these solutions to you. but, uh, i think that having a little bit of a deep dive on this, a little bit of focused time on you know, taking a closer look at some of these solutions and then and truly hearing it from the horse's mouth, um, you know it will be helpful as you consider, you know, as we all tok about considering what to do in 2020 is. the market still appears to be extremely competitive and you know we're all looking for ways to strategically help our make our brand stand out so we can attract the best candidates possible. so i'm looking forward to this and i'm glad we could bring this to you and hopefully it's the the first of many- uh, higher clicks client webinars that we start doing over the over the next year or so. so with that, i'll- uh- i'll pass it over to oxana and luke. awesome, and thanks for that great introduction, neil. you hit on a few key points that i think will be recurring themes today, which is being strategic. it's no surprise that, indeed, we're definitely numbers, people that drill into the data, and we want to make informed decisions when we're looking at presenting solutions that solve real problems. and, with that note, that's really what drove us to develop additional products within our portfolio, outside of just specifically sponsored jobs. uh, what we wanted to do starting about 18 to 24 months ago is we really wanted to get into the space and understand the full job seeker journey. traditionally, we are known for our sponsored jobs, our organic traffic products, um, but looking further north, you could say, or reading right to left, we have terabytes and terabytes of data on candidate behavior, what they do when they come to our site or just generally use the internet to look for employment opportunities. what affects their decision-making process, the boxes that they need to take within their minds to actually action and convert on a job opening, accept an offer letter, stay at a company even so, with that in mind, uh, as we began to read right to left, we developed ad units and different products within the portfolio to affect more top of funnel. uh, build consideration for employers that potentially the job seeker wasn't considering in the first place or maybe wasn't aware of in specific functional departments. uh, drive engagement, so encourage job seekers to build a relationship with specific employers, which ultimately influences their decision on where to apply and where to accept offers. so what we'll cover today and what we will do a little bit of a deep dive on. we'll cover that top of funnel portion into the middle of funnel. we'll cover our- indeed targeted- ads brand product. the ad unit will outline what that solves for tactikally, functionally, how it works, and then we'll provide some examples on clients that have had success with that ad unit today. we'll highlight company pages and ways to- for lack of a better word- spruce it up. put your best foot forward and have a strong brand presence on indeed, which is extremely important and becoming even more important given the size and scope of indeed's job-seeking audience. you absolutely want to partikipate in that brand conversation, control the aspects of it you can control which ultimately will influence the likelihood of a candidate to convert. we'll also discuss at the outset, just right after this, we'll discuss one of our our newest and best-selling products to date. it's scaled extremely quickly. it's called indeed hiring events and the the name is perfect. it's beauty is its simplicity. it solves for really running job fairs, career days, batch hiring interviews- you name it. hiring events is a tool that allows companies to move extremely quickly. we take a little bit of the workload off the plate of your recruitment team and handle some of that admin work, while driving higher show rates, allowing you to follow up with candidates that maybe didn't attend, and this can. we're interested in having a conversation with you and with higher clicks. whether you're already doing this today, you know you're running job fairs or career days, holding batch interviews, or, if you're considering it, if this is something that you haven't done in the past. we're happy to have that conversation and discuss hiring events further, so i'll jump right into it. i mentioned some of this already was indeed notwithstanding. there are many, many companies that are sort of returning to the face-to-face hiring event or job fair due to its efficacy. it's a faster time to hire traditionally. there's a lower dollar per hire. if done well, you can fill roles and candidates- and this is huge candidates by and large report a better experience if you've been in this busine.

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what's up you guys? hey, it's Ben. thanks for checking out my videos once again. if you aren't a subscriber yet, please hit the subscribe button down below. I would truly appreciate it- and just smash that like button, just because you love me anyways. so let's move forward. I'm going to tok today about writing the best job descriptions. now, this is crucial in recruiting. so most of the time, you're going to be advertising a lot of jobs, especially when you're working in the general labor niche. so admin, production facility, clerical drivers- you post these jobs on job boards, indeed zip, recruiter Craigslist- wherever you're posting them, you're going to be advertising them. so you need to write really good job descriptions. the way you do this is you use a little bit of finesse, you provide a lot of information upfront and you basically lure someone into wanting to tok to you. once they tok to you, then you can sell them on the job and make sure that they're gonna come in for an interview and vet them from there, etc. etc. so what I'm gonna do to give you all that info is basically screen share some exact job descriptions I've written. I'll write one out right in front of you, just from a an organic standpoint of like if we got a job order, how would we write up this job description to put it on the internet so that we can get a bunch of candidates, then just funnel them all over to the client and then get a win and pop $2,000 in our bank account. so I am gonna screen share, I'll pop right in and I'll see you guys on the other side later. alright guys? so we're inside of my computer right now we're looking at craigslistorg- obviously one of the best places to place job ads pretty much for any general laborer niche. so, yeah, this is just an awesome spot to get a super easy ton of candidates in your pipeline for any job that you might be posting. so what I'm gonna do is basically show you how I would go about posting a job if I just got a job order. so I'm gonna say that this is an administrative role, that it works for da dental dental office and we're just gonna go from there. so create a posting. let's just say Seattle, so you can pick a lot of different areas within your own region but understand exactly how they work and the way they work. so on the east side, this is going to show to a much different demographic region. Snohomish County is going to show to a whole different region. South King County is going to show to a whole difference. oh, let's just say this dental clinic is located in Seattle. this would be really nice in generic. Seattle will be perfect for this. obviously I'm gonna click job offered. you've got to understand that jobs on Craigslist when you post them, they cost about 45 bucks apiece. I think this differs from area to area. somebody let me know in the comments what your jobs cost to post on Craigslist. so if I'm looking for an administrative assistant or an admin or something in the office, it's very cut and clear right here: it's admin office. now, one thing that's unique on Craigslist: so you can actually pick multiple categories. so say, this person was admin office but a lot of their duties had to do with Human Resources. you could put that there also. I'm gonna let you know right now this is not bode very effectively. it doesn't really like target exactly who you want. just pick one category and go with it. $45 rather than 90. it's much easier. continue. so we're at the job posting page. so what we would do is we'd pretty much just go in and put: well, here's the thing. so you really, when you want post a job ad, you want to make sure that it stands out. so if you look at Craigslist and we're just gonna take a peek here and look for jobs and I'm gonna put administrative assistant, this is just, I mean, a very generic, super simple position, okay. so if we look at this number one, what stands out? the ads with the pictures, always the ads with the pictures. these are super boring. not going to click on them. these are really interesting. they have actual people in them. that's incredibly interesting. these have logos. that's pretty interesting. more people, those are interesting. so another one: you absolutely want to make sure you have a picture in it. but so let's. let's look at the titles as well though. administrative front desk, blah, blah, whatever. administrative assistant, health and tiknology. okay, see, some of these titles are convoluted, some of them are too simple and some of them are just weird. administrative to 1902, seven, whatever. no one knows what that means. so you've got to keep in mind two things: picture and your title. so let's go back to ours. so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say hiring. now, this is huge. you don't see anyone. this is just gonna autofill. so hiring, whereas people all the time. administrative assistant for dental office, then I'm going to throw some of this in there, right? so you see, these symbols were hiring. now it's in all caps. you don't see any of that here, none of that Sun. here my job will stand out ten times above all these jobs, okay. so now that we've got that, we're gonna put it's just in Seattle. it's generic zip code now for the body of your job description. so listen, when people look at your job description, what do they want to know? all they want to know is information. that's all a job seeker wants to know. they want to know how much they're gonna make. they want to know what the hours are, where the jobs located at, what are the basic duties, blah, blah, blah. so I literally go through and I will type up a basic template position: dental office front. dental front office admin. admin and restrain it is. so I'm gonna give them as much information as I can. I'm gonna put hours: Monday, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, pay it. this is gonna be like an 18 to 21 to 21 an hour job, depending on experience. I don't even write D OE, I write depending on experience, because some people don't even know how to interpret that. so I put it all out there. then what comes next is generally a duty section. okay, answer phones, schedule appointments, billing, billing, filty, even putting here will teach what will train? I might have to train them on their building system. you don't want your candidate to get spooked out, be like I don't know how to do billing, so we'll train how. about another thing? we can just leave it at that. this is simple. experience, fir'd that you could trick. you could trade all these words for something else that you might like better. but I always like to make this a simple template. so experience it's. so. let's just say Microsoft Office suite experience- everybody knows what that is, but we're even going to put it in Word. Excel, just gonna put Outlook, email, I go is descriptive as possible. I don't really care how stupid it looks. I'm gonna give them everything they need to know: multi-line phone systems, [Music], calendar scheduling- okay, now we're just- you know whatever- office experience. make sure they've done this in an office before, not just like at their parents, like company on the fly, remotely. and then I'm gonna put something along the lines of: maybe we have one specific program that we like to use and it's called experience with Microsoft or Microsoft Project, standard 2010, 10 through 2015. whatever it's a specific program we use, we want to see if they have experience in it, so I'm gonna put it on here, and the the dentist is is like super into that program and wants to make sure the admin knows it. so these are, this is the experience we prefer. these are the duties. okay, this is very basic and this is just for exemplary purposes. I'm putting a ton of information up front. here's the hours. here's exactly what you'll get paid. this is the position: dental front office administrative assistant. you already know exactly we're doing. you're answering phones, you're scheduling appointments, you're handling some billing, and this is the experience that we want you to have in the middle, right here, I'm gonna put something like this: please respond to this ad with resume for an interview. people need to be told exactly how to proceed because dow.


We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci

المترجم Muhammad Rajab, المدقّق Hussain Laghabi. عندما يعبر الناس عن خوفهم من الذكاء الاصطناعي، فهم في غالب الأحيان يستحضرون صور روبوتات: تشبه الإنسان وتجري مسعورة تريد الأذى, كما في فيلم "تيرمينيتور". هذا قد يكون وارد الحدوث، لكن هذا تهديد بعيد أو نقلق حول المراقبة الرقمية بمجازيات من الماضي, مثل رواية "1984" لـ"جورج أورويل"،, إنها في قائمة الأفضل مبيعاً مرة أخرى. إنه كتاب رائع, لكنه لا يحوي وصف الديستوبيا المناسبة للقرن الحادي والعشرين. أكثر ما يجب أن نخاف منه هو ليس ما سوف يفعله بنا الذكاء الاصطناعي من تلقاء نفسه، ولكن كيف سيستخدم الناس ذوو السلطة الذكاءَ الاصطناعي ليتحكموا بنا, وليتلاعبوا بنا بطرق جديدة, وأحياناً مخفية, ومفاجئة, وغير متوقعة. معظم التكنولوجيا التي تهدد حريتنا وكرامتنا في المستقبل القريب يجري تطويرها من قبل شركات تعمل في مجال التقاط وبيع بياناتنا, وانتباهنا لأصحاب الإعلانات وغيرهم- "فيسبوك"، "جوجل"، "أمازون"،, "علي بابا"،, "تينسنت". لقد قام الذكاء الاصطناعي بدعم عملهم أيضاً. وقد يبدو أن الذكاء الاصطناعي بمثابة الخطوة التقنية التالية بعد الإعلانات على الإنترنت. إنه ليس كذلك. إنه قفزة في المجال كاملاً. إنه عالمٌ كاملٌ, مختلف، ويحمل إمكانات عظيمة: باستطاعته تسريع فهمنا للعديد من مجالات الدراسة والبحث. لكنني سأعيد صياغة ما قاله فيلسوف هوليوودي شهير، "مع الإمكانات غير العادية تأتي مخاطر غير عادية". دعونا الآن ننظر إلى حقيقة أساسية في حياتنا الرقمية، الإعلانات على الإنترنت, صحيح؟? نحن نقوم بتجاهلهم نوعاً, ما تبدو مزعجة جداً وعديمة الفائدة. جميعنا مررنا بتجربة أن تتم ملاحقتنا على شبكة الويب بواسطة إعلان, بناءً على شيء قمنا بالبحث عنه أو قراءته. تبحثون, مثلاً, عن زوج من الأحذية. ولمدة أسبوع، هذه الأحذية تقوم باللحاق بكم أينما ذهبتم, حتى بعد ما تخضعون وتشترونهم، لا يزالون يلحقون بكم. نحن متعودون نوعاً ما على ذلك النوع من التلاعب الرخيص. ننظر بامتعاض ونفكر: "أتعلم ماذا؟ هذه الأشياء لا تعمل", عدا أنه على الإنترنت، التقنيات الرقمية ليس مجرد إعلانات فقط. لنفهم ذلك، دعونا نفكر بمثال من العالم المحسوس. تعرفون كيف? عند عدادات الدفع في المتاجر قرب الكاشيير، هناك حلوى وعلكة على مستوى نظر الأطفال؟ هذا مصمم ليجعلهم يلحّوا على أهاليهم في نفس الوقت حيث يقومون بإظهار المشتريات للدفع. إن هذا يدعى هندسة الإقناع. إنه ليس لطيفاً، لكنه يعمل نوعاً ما. لهذا السبب, ترونه في كل متجر. الآن، في العالم المحسوس، هندسات الإقناع كهذه محدودة نوعاً ما، لأنك تستطيع أن تضع فقط العديد من الأشياء عند الكاشيير، صحيح؟? والحلوى والعلكة هي نفسها للجميع، حتى ولو كانت غالباً تنجح فقط بالنسبة للناس الذين, معهم أطفال صغار, ملحّون إلى جانبهم. في العالم المحسوس، نحن نعيش مع هذه الحدود, لكن في العالم الرقمي، فهندسات الإقناع يمكن أن تُبنى على مستوى المليارات. ويمكنهم أن يستهدفوا ويستنتجوا, ويفهموا وينتشروا أمام الأفراد واحداً, واحداً, باستنتاج نقاط ضعفك، ويمكن أن يتم إرسالهم إلى شاشة الهاتف الخاصة بأي أحد، إذاً فهي ليست مرئية لنا. وهذا مختلف. وهذا فقط واحد من الأمور البسيطة التي يستطيع الذكاء الاصطناعي أن يفعلها والآن, دعونا نأخذ مثالاً. فلنقل أنك تريد أن تبيع تذاكر طيران إلى "فيجاس"،. حسناً؟, في العالم القديم، يمكنك أن تفكر ببعض المناطق لتستهدفها, بناء على الخبرة. وما يمكنك أن تخمنه? قد تحاول الإعلان لـ رجال بين أعمار الـ25 والـ35, أو أشخاص عندهم حد مرتفع للدَّين في بطاقتهم الائتمانية، أو أزواج متقاعدين, صحيح؟? هذا ما كنتَ لتفعله في الماضي. بوجود البيانات الضخمة وتعلّم الآلة، لم يعد الأمر يعمل بهذا الشكل. لذا, لنتخيل ذلك. فكروا في كل البيانات التي يمتلكها "فيسبوك" عنك, كل حالة قمت بكتابتها في حياتك، كل محادثة في "مسنجر"، كل مكان سجلت دخولك منه، جميع صورك التي قمت برفعها من ذلك المكان. إذا بدأت بكتابة شيء ثم غيرت رأيك وحذفته، فإن "فيسبوك" يحتفظ بهذه. ويحللها أيضاً بشكل متزايد، فهو يحاول أن يطابق بينك وبين بياناتك خارج الإنترنت. ويقوم أيضاً بشراء الكثير من البيانات من سماسرة البيانات. قد يتضمن ذلك كل شيء, ابتداءً من سجلاتك المالية. لكم لا بأس فيه من تاريخ تصفحك, صحيح؟? في الولايات المتحدة، بيانات كهذه يتم جمعها بشكل روتيني، وتُجمع وتُباع في "أوروبا". عندهم قوانين أكثر شدة. إذاً, ما يحدث عندها هو بمزج جميع البيانات، خوارزميات, تعلم الآلة. هذه, لهذا السبب, تسمى خوارزميات تعلم. إنها تتعلم كيف تفهم مميزات, وصفات, الناس الذين اشتروا تذاكر إلى "فيجاس" من قبل. عندما يقوموا بتعلم هذا من بيانات متوفرة، يتعلمون أيضاً كيف يقومون بتطبيق ذلك على الناس الجدد, حيث أنهم, إذا واجهوا شخصاً جديداً، يمكنهم أن يقرروا هل من المحتمل أن يشتري ذلك الشخص تذكرة إلى "فيجاس" أم لا. حسناً, أنتم تقولون إنه عرض لشراء تذكرة إلى "فيجاس". يمكنني أن أتجاهل ذلك, لكن ليست هذه هي المشكلة. المشكلة هي: نحن لم نعد نفهم, حقاً, كيف تعمل هذه الخوارزميات المعقدة. نحن لا نفهم كيف يقومون بهذا التصنيف. إنها مصفوفات عملاقة، آلاف الصفوف والأعمدة, بل ربما ملايين الصفوف والأعمدة، ولا المبرمجين ولا أي أحد ممن ينظر إليها، حتى لو توفرت لديك البيانات كلها، يفهم كيف تعمل بالضبط بعد الآن، لن تفهموا أكثر مما ستعرفونه عما أفكر الآن. إذا رأيتم مقطعًا عرضيًّا من دماغي الأمر, كما لو أننا لم نعد نبرمج بعد الآن، بل نقوم بتنمية ذكاء. نحن لا نفهمه حق الفهم. وهذه الأشياء تعمل فقط إذا كان هناك كم هائل من البيانات، إذاً هي تقوم أيضاً بتحريض مراقبة عميقة علينا جميعاً, حيث تستطيع خوارزميات تعلّم الآلة أن تعمل. لهذا السبب يريد "فيسبوك" أن يجمع كل البيانات التي يستطيع جمعها عنك, فالخوارزميات تعمل بشكل أفضل. دعونا ننسى مثال "فيجاس" لحظة. ماذا لو كان النظام الذي لا نفهمه يقرر أنه من الأسهل أن يبيع تذاكر "فيجاس" للناس المصابين بثنائية القطب, وهم على وشك الدخول بمرحلة الجنون? أناس كهؤلاء غالباً يكونون مسرفين في الإنفاق أو مقامرين مدمنين. الخوارزميات قد تفعل ذلك، وأنت لا تملك أدنى فكرة أن هذا ما كانوا يقومون بتصنيفه. لقد أعطيت هذا المثال لمجموعة من علماء الحاسوب ذات مرة. وبعد ذلك، جاء إلي واحدٌ منهم. لقد كان مضطرباً. وقال: "لهذا السبب لم أستطع نشرها". أنا قلت: "لم تستطع نشر ماذا؟". لقد حاول أن يرى فيما إذا كنت ستستطيع استشفاف بداية مس الجنون من منشورات مواقع التواصل قبل بداية الأعراض المرضية، ولقد نجح ذلك، بل نجح بشكل ممتاز، وهو لم يكن لديه أي فكرة كيف نجح البرنامج أو ما المعلومات التي كان يجمعها. الآن، المشكلة لا تُحل إذا لم يقم بنشر المنشور، لأنه مسبقاً هناك شركات تقوم بتطوير هذا النوع من التقنية، والكثير من ما ينتجونه مأخوذ من الموارد الموجودة. ببساطة, هذا لم يعد شديد الصعوبة بعد الآن. هل جربتم من قبل أن تدخلون "يوتيوب" بنيّة مشاهدة فيديو واحد? وبعد ساعة تكونون قد شاهدتم 27 فيديو؟ تعرفون ذلك العمود على اليمين في "يوتيوب" الذي اسمه "سيُعرض تالياً" ويقوم بتشغيل شيء ما تلقائياً؟ إنها خوارزمية. تلتقط ما تظن هي أنك قد تكون مهتماً به, وما قد لا تجده لوحدك. هذا ليس بفعل إنسان. إنه ما تفعله الخوارزميات. إنها تلتقط الأشياء التي قمت بمشاهدتها والأشياء التي قام أناس مثلك بمشاهدتها، وتستنتج أن ذلك لا بد أن يكون ما أنت مهتم به، وما تريد المزيد منه، ثم يعرض عليك المزيد فحسب. إنها تبدو ميزة, حميدة, ومفيدة، إلا عندما تكون غير ذلك. ففي عام 2016, حضرت مسيرات للمرشح حينها, "دونالد ترمب", لأقوم, كعالمة, بدراسة الحركة الداعمة له. أنا أدرس الحركات الاجتماعية، لذا كنت أدرس ذلك أيضاً. وبعدها, أردت أن أكتب شيئاً عن واحدة من تلك المسيرات، فقمت بمشاهدتها بعض المرات على "يوتيوب". فبدأ "يوتيوب" بترشيح فيديوهات لي. ويشغل لي تلقائياً فيديوهات عن العنصريين البيض, في ترتيب متصاعد من التطرف. إذا شاهدت واحداً، سينقلني حتى إلى فيديو أكثر تطرفاً ويقوم بتشغيله تلقائياً أيضاً. إذا شاهدتم محتوى خاص بـ"هيلارس كلينتون" أو "بيرني ساندرز"،, سيقوم "يوتيوب" بترشيح وتشغيل فيديوهات عن اليساريين المتآمرين، وسوف ينحدر من تلك النقطة حسناً، ربما تظنون أن هذا يتعلق بالسياسة، لكنه ليس كذلك. هذا لا يتعلق بالسياسة. هذه ببساطة فقط الخوارزمية. وهي تستنتج السلوك الإنساني. مرةً شاهدت فيديو عن النظرية النباتية على "يوتيوب". فقام "يوتيوب" بترشيح وتشغيل فيديو عن كون المرء نباتياَ كما لو أنك لن تكون أبداً شديداً بما يكفي بالنسبة لـ"يوتيوب" (ضحك). إذاً, ما الذي يحدث؟? إن خوارزمية يوتيوب امتلاكية، لكن إليكم ما أظن أنه يحدث. لقد اكتشفت الخوارزمية أنك, إذا استطعت أن تجذب الناس لمظنّة أنك تستطيع أن تريهم, ما هو أكثر إثارة, فإنهم أكثر احتمالاً أن يبقون على الموقع, يشاهدون فيديو تلو الآخر, ويغرقون في رحلة البحث والمشاهدة, في حين "جوجل" يقدم لهم الإعلانات. الآن، بعدم وجود أي أحد يأبه إلى أخلاقيات المتجر، هذه المواقع يمكنها أن تأخذ معلومات عن الناس الذين يكرهون اليهود، الذين يظنون أن اليهود عبارة عن طفيليات, والذين لديهم محتوى معادٍ للسامية بصراحة شديدة، ويجعلونك تستهدفهم بالإعلانات. يمكنهم أيضاً أن يحشدوا الخوارزميات ليجدوا لك جماهير تشبهك، أناس لا يملكون محتوى معادٍ للسامية بشكل صريح على ملفاتهم, لكنهم ممن تكشفهم الخوارزمية على أنهم سريعو التأثر برسائل كهذه، وتجعلك تستهدفهم بالإعلانات أيضاً. قد يبدو هذا مثالاً غير قابل للتصديق، لكنه ح.

Indeed Free Job Posting

Hello Everyone, This is Azhar. In this video I will explain you about the way to do free job posting on indeed. Lets go to computer screen, Go to Google Home Page and then type indeed, Open the first website of search. Go to Employers / Post Job. Click on Post a job. Enter your Company name and Official Email Address. Click on Continue. Indeed will send you a link to verify your email address. Refresh to rectify the error. We get this post a job page after refreshing. We already have our company name here. Enter Job title: here Our Job title is Tele Sales Executive. Enter Job location: Location is Mumbai. There is error again: Location is Mumbai. In second step, enter "Your name". I will enter Azhar Khan here, Then "Your company name" and "Phone number". Then I will enter Company description here. This is recruitment consultancy. If you want to enter something else, you can write that also. Select your industry here. Every time they ask different details, process is same, but sometimes, indeed, will ask different details. in previous job posting They have not asked me about Industry and Company description, But now they are asking: Select Company size. I will select 1-49. Now, How did you hear about us? like how I came to know about them? I am selecting Other. Its not compulsory to fill this details, but I am entering this details. I have clicked on continue. We are on 3rd step now. Now it is asking: "What type of employment is it". I am selecting Full-Time from drop down. Is there a planned start date for this job, Yes or No? There is no plan start date. You can select Yes also. then you have to enter Date, Month, Year, but I will select No. Now we have Salary Compensation. You can select salary range here, Starting at. You can enter starting salary by selecting this. You can select Up to salary by selecting this Exact rate. You can write Exact salary by using this. I am selecting range here: 15000, 30000. How do you want to receive applications? I want to receive applications via Email. You can select In-person also, but I am selecting Email. Here is my email address. I will receive application on this email. I can also add additional email address, but I dont want to. How often would you like to be informed of new applicants for this job? Individually or Daily? I can select either Individually or Daily. Do you want applicants to submit a resume? Yes, Is there an application deadline? If you select yes, then you have to enter date, month, year, otherwise nothing. You can enter Job description here. I am copying Job description from here and pasting it here. You have option for bold italic. you can type here. click on Continue. Ask applicants about their qualifications. We have some questions here, Like Minimum of 1 year of total work experience Preferred. Whenever any candidate will apply, indeed will ask this questions to that person, so you will have this data in advance from candidate. Indeed will show you candidates on basis of this data. You can ask jobseekers to confirm their years of experience, Level of education. Their answers are included as part of application. Whenever candidates will apply, indeed will ask this questions, Job seekers will be asked to confirm these when they apply for your job. You can select either Preferred or Required. You can include questions as needed. You can also remove questions as needed. If you want to remove all questions and want all applications, then switch it off. I mostly keep it off because I want all applications. I want to tok with all the candidates After this. we have Automated skills assessments. How Automated skills assesments work. It get applicants with the skills that matter most. If you keep it on, It asks few questions to understand the skill of the candidate. Indeed will ask questions to candidate. Indeed has written here. Quality matches faster. Skills tests reduce average hiring time by 27%. Verify applicant skills. Real-world employers helped create these tests. These are positive points of these tests. As you can see, you can include Cognitive Ability. there are other options also, but for now it is giving only one option. I can select this and candidate will have to give this test. Candidate has to give this test for tele sales executive. If you have some other job, then indeed will give you other test options. You can send different test to candidate, but for this role we only have one option. I do not want this test. I don't want to send this test to candidate. You can use both these parts as per your needs. Click on Continue. We are on last page now. This is our job posting preview. This is desktop job preview. This is mobile job preview. Let me scroll for you. then we have application setting. we have edit option here and here. Lets click on continue to post a job. It is asking here to Sponsor job, but I want to send it for free. If you want to sponsor your job for better visibility and show up more often in search result, then click save and continue and pay certain amount to indeed, but I want my job post to be free, so I am clicking on Don't optimize my job. No thanks, My email verification is still pending. I will verify my email. Here I have email verification link. Lets click here. Confirm your- indeed- account. Enter new password, new password set. Lets go to dashboard. My account has been verified. My job posting is live and open. Job Status is Open. Lets zoom it out: Here we have Tele Sales Executive. Here we have no applications. Candidates will start applying soon. Sponsorship Status is Free. Post Mistakenly. if you have selected paid. You can change it to free from here. Job Status is Open. You can Close or Pause it, but for now I don't want to change it Here. we have few other options. Sponsor your job. View job details. Edit job. As you can see, our indeed free job posting is done. Few Hours Later, Few hours have passed after posting job on Indeed. Let search our job posting from candidate side. I am typing keyword- keyword by which I did job posting - My Company Name. You can type any other keywords by which you did the job posting. Click on Find jobs. Our job posting is done and it is reflecting here. As you can see, job posting is done. Lets check candidates application for this job. Only in few hours I have so many candidate applications. Hope you understood the way to do free- indeed- job posting. If you have any doubts, comment below or add me on linkedin to ask. See you in next video.

Indeed Hiring Events Case Study: TTM Healthcare | Indeed UK

[Music] to. TM healthcare is Ireland's largest healthcare agency. we recruit for all healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland, Republic Ireland and the UK. the biggest challenges got at the moment is it's a candidate shop market both in Ireland and in the UK. so we're having to look at different candidate pools from overseas as well as recruiting nurses from Ireland to the UK and vice-versa. so we know hiring for several positions can be very difficult. it's very expensive. it can be very time-consuming. using, indeed, hiring events just makes it easier to attract candidates and easier to manage. the way it works is: we find a lot of candidates for you. we leverage our powers- the number one job site- to bring all the candidates and job seekers to one place. we let you slowly focus on hiring and we will catch up with everyone via text or by email. we will even a reschedule interviews for you. so I just moved home from Australia. I was there for three years and I wanted to see my opportunities and Ireland's get straight into full time work. so I've recently qualified as a staff nurse. I'm currently working in Dublin. I also trained in Dublin for the last four years and just six- six months working on a ward nap. so I'm just want to spread my wings gonna see what what's around the country and what opportunities I have. literally, I saw a link on Facebook. I signed up from there and then straightaway, Louise- whoever's dealing with today- was in contact with me and it was straightforward. everyone was just really friendly and, yeah, you felt like you were actually getting somewhere to your application process. yeah, it was good. well, they're very organised. that's one thing. they issue they event tikets to the website and you know they keep in touch with emails. they let you send your CV so that they can review before you come here. when I spoke at Anthony, my consultant, he was supposed interested in what my areas of expertise were and also the areas that I would like to work in, and rather than, I suppose, being pigeon-holed into a certain area just for the sake of explain everything well to you, it kind of cuts out the stress of trying to find a job for yourself and they really direct you in where you need to go and provide all the information for you. so cuts out the middleman completely. the whole process is very good, very good experience. you know I'd like to what that again. if I don't find a job this time, you know it won't put me off coming to TTM and you know, experience the whole process again if I need to. we've met some fantastik candidates today, a wide range of candidates from nurses, doctors, allied health care professionals as well as healthcare assistants and social workers. working with indeed has been great because we've had a much by a larger candidate pool which has been really useful for us and we've had a really successful there here in Dublin, so we're hoping to replicate this again soon. home, for several positions can be really difficult, time-consuming and expensive to find the right candidates. indeed, hiring events simply makes it really really easy to attract and manage candidates for your hiring event. all you need to do is interview and hire. [Music].