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indicts man accused stealing shopify data

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Man Trapped Inside of Store After Serial Thieving Spree | I Survived a Crime | A&E

[MUSIC PLAYING],GIO: This man looks like a regular shopper,coming in to pick up a few goods at his local convenience store.,He's anything but regular.,He opens up his blue bag and dives in.,He fills his bag with chips, cakes, candy, and soda.,And when he's done, he just walks out.,,This man has been serial thieving,at the same convenience store for the better part of a year.,He's there so much they give him a nickname, Gatorade Man,,for his penchant for the thirst-quenching sports drink.,At least once a week, he waltzes in, grab some snacks,,then waltzes right back out.,Until one day, he walks in, fills up his bags,,and as he's about to walk out again--,MAN 1: Yeah.,GIO: --the clerks lock the doors.,He's trapped.,,The clerk recognizes the man and presses,a button that locks the door.,He calls 911.,But this thief is not going to wait for police to arrive.,He kicks once, twice.,Still no luck.,He pushes and pulls at the door.,MAN 1: [INAUDIBLE],GIO: He takes a running jump and kicks some more.,,MAN 1: Uh, like a thief.,,GIO: He puts the stolen drinks back,and drops the bag of poached goodies on the shelf.,MAN 1: Let me out.,Let me out, man.,You think I'm playing?,GIO: He grabs just one drink to help him in his quest--,MAN 1: He's knocking--,MAN 2: Let me out.,GIO: Escape.,,Finally, after a solid five minutes,of kick and flying jumps, the Plexiglas comes off,and he crawls through.,And he's off again.,,But in a surprising twist, the store's owner, Dennis Alloy,,finds an unconventional solution to ending the pilfer.,And here with us now is Dennis Alloy, the owner,of that convenience store.,Dennis, thank you so much for being here., Hi, Gio.,Thanks for having me., The Gatorade Man was constantly,targeting your store.,What kind of impact did that leave on you and your staff?,DENNIS ALLOY: Drives me crazy.,It takes a toll.,For my employees, I don't want them,confronting him physically.,It's just, it's just not worth any potential,bad result. He comes at will and gets away with it at will.,He would come in, oftentimes it was a few days in a row,,then I wouldn't see him for a little while,,then it would be a lot.,And these guys that work for me, they have some responsibility,in the store, and they feel terrible,when things like this happen.,There needs to be some consequences on what happens.,I'm not looking to throw someone in jail,and ruin their lives, you know, for what,is considered petty theft.,But there needs to be some consequence., Dennis, how did you decide to put an end to this?, There was a local neighborhood guy.,We were just discussing what issues I have as a businessman,,and I toked about the crime and the shoplifting.,And I showed a picture of the Gatorade Man,,and the guy there from the neighborhood's,like, I know that guy.,And he's like, I'm going to take care of this for you.,And two days later he texts me and says, I want to meet you,,and I've got the guy here.,So let's have a meeting., How did that meeting go?, I was not happy about him at that point.,He was a big problem.,He was terrorizing my employees.,He'd stolen from me multiple, multiple times.,So I went in with kind of an angry mood,and we started toking.,And I again, I don't want to put people in jail,for things like this and ruin them.,But we toked, and he kind of explained to me.,And you know, he was sincere and apologetik.,He toked about his drug problem and how he's been in rehab.,I felt like he was trying to address that.,And I think he understood that, you know, this had to end.,And we kind of know just shook hands.,,He worked for me for a full day, probably 10 hours.,He scrubbed my dispensers and cleaned up the parking lot.,I saw him on the cameras as I was sitting in my office,,just to make sure he was doing what he had to do.,And actually, I wish I had--,my employees would do as good a job as he did.,So after the conversation, I hadn't,seen him for several weeks.,One night, I got a phone call from an employee saying, hey,,he's back.,And I'm like, no way.,But since that one relapse, I have not,seen him in the store since.,But the bottom line, it just had to stop.,And I think, overall, it worked out.

Ashley McArthur Trial Verdict & Sentencing

Circuit Quarters reconvened I'm ABC,didn't maintain order alright we're back,on the record state of Florida versus,Ashley MacArthur seventeen cf5 eight for,four defendant is present with counsel,assistant state attorney as present my,understanding is we have a verdict,anything from the state anything mr.,Barry burrows John burrows it no no okay,let me tok to everybody in the audience,somebody out there is going to be,unhappy I don't know what the verdict is,but if there are people here I know,there are some family members and,friends for MS MacArthur and presume,that there are family members and,friends for Taylor right and I don't,know as I said we're gonna know in five,minutes or less what the verdict is,but let's tok about your reactions,there should not you may not be happy,but it's not a complete surprise,whatever the verdict is if there is,anyone who is going to audibly react,then you need to go ahead and quietly,step out now you need to assume that,it's the verdict you do not want and if,you think you would react you need to,step out now I do not want this jury who,has been as far as I can tell a,tremendous juries for his attention and,their willingness to serve and being on,time to feel any pressure from reactions,from people in the crowd not to mention,I have the power of contempt over you,and that's not my goal today is to hold,people and contempt but I do not want,you reacting once you hear the verdict,if you decide you might be getting,emotional then you can quietly get up,and quietly leave don't slam any doors,don't outburst right outside the door,does everybody understand the rules this,is very important,okay having said that let's bring the,jury you have a pen,all right and for everybody may have a,seat and for the record defendant is,present with counsel assistant state,attorney is present are you mister know,who's my for person who's got me mister,okay thank you mister we all able to,reach a verdict,okay all I want you to do is to hand it,to court security okay thank you,[Applause],I'm gonna hand it to the clerk to,publish in the circuit court and in for,Escambia County Florida state of Florida,versus Ashley Britt McArthur case number,one seven one seven C F zero zero five,eight four four a verdict as to the,charge in count one we we the jury find,the defendant Ashley McArthur guilty of,first-degree premeditated murder with a,firearm as charged in the indictment so,say we all,David a false foreperson dated August,30th 2019 do you want the court to pull,the jury all right Renee is gonna ask,y'all each a question okay this is your,individual verdict as well as the,verdict of the jury as a whole is your,verdict is this your verdict yes it is,this your verdict yes miss is this your,verdict yes it is is this your verdict,yes it is is this your verdict yes and,is this your verdict yes it is,Isis your burnoose,ladies and gentlemen I want to,I always think my juries but I've been,praising you all week and that sincere I,made a big deal on Monday about jury,duty being service to your country and,it really is y'all came in on Monday,thought you might or might not be picked,the next thing you know Monday afternoon,you're in a five-day trial I appreciate,the fact that every day 15 people got,here early or on time so we could start,on time I appreciate the fact that y'all,took notes and paid close attention when,I ask you one night if we could stay,past 6:00 you were willing to do it so,that we could stay on track and I,appreciate the careful deliberation you,gave to the case so you really have been,an outstanding jury and your,partikipation does you credit and we I,mean like I said this is civil you know,civil service this is serving your,country and and it's one of I've said to,to most important duties that you can,perform in peacetime and we couldn't,have done it without you it's been a,difficult case and y'all kept a good,attitude throughout a couple things and,I'm gonna let y'all go jury court,security is going to see y'all to your,cars this does count as your jury,service for at least a year so if we,call you or write you and it's been less,than a year then you can call back and,say you were with me and remind them and,you don't have to be here let's tok,about some of the right that you have,not to tok about the case no one can,make you tok about this case or your,thoughts and impressions or what you,said or anything you're free now to go,home and you're free now if you want to,tok about the case you can if you want,to go to live streaming sites Google,anything you're released from all of,that that's up to you if you choose,that's your choice but no one,can make you and if you choose to say,nothing that's fine I do always,reintroduce the attorneys because I,occasionally when I was a practiking,attorney would have a juror call me and,I found what they had to say helpful if,you want to if you should bump into the,attorneys somewhere out in public they,would never come to you other than they,might wave or something but they would,never come up to you and try to ask you,questions or put you under pressure but,if you want to reach out you can Bridget,Jenson works for Bill edinger elected,state attorney bill Eddie's numbers in,the blue pages Barry Barossa works for,or is the named person in borough sit in,Keene they have a big house on 9th,Avenue that's their business,John Burroughs at his son I believe is,on government Street has his own law,firm so if you want to you can at any,rate thank you and that's mostly what I,can say I told you I felt like you were,my people you have been my people and,I'm going to get y'all checked out I,want y'all to be safe out there keep,monitoring the storm if it should come,into the Gulf I hope that another day,another time in a year or two I might,see one or two of you again on another,case but for today you are free to go,thank you,everybody can have a seat miss Jenson,any reason we cannot move to sentencing,mr. berry porosity,okay miss Jenson anything you want to,say before I'm posting judge I do have,the answer sure if you want to maybe,turn the podium and my understanding is,we don't have to have a score sheet,because there is only one sentence which,can be imposed,alright man let's start with this raise,your right hand for me do you swear or,affirm the testimony you're about to,give will be the truth if so say I do,okay Joan Goldstein Huskins Parker and,mr. Huskins Parker what was your,relationship to Taylor right,I was Taylor's aunt and there something,you want to say to the court before she,was a sentence yes I do want to say that,and I know this is that I was there when,Taylor came into this world and I'm here,today and I just want you to know that,our family has lost so much a piece of,our tree of life is gone we will never,get it back for us is just closing some,of the book for the legal but it doesn't,close the book for all us myself her,father her stepmother my husband my,children my grandchildren her son,everybody and that um Taylor was taken,too early and she was not taken through,an act of God or through illness she was,taken through human behavior that was,very cruel and I could go on but it's,just such a tragic story,but I wanted to thank you and I'm glad,that we came to this decision today,all right mr. Barry Barasa,do you or Dismas MacArthur want to say,anything before impose sentence,[Applause],okay I just need all of you to stand and,just MacArthur I'm gonna ask you one,question raise your right hand do you,swear or affirm the testimony you're,about to give will be the truth if so,say I do okay mrs. McArthur I want to,make sure that I ask you personally do,you want to say anything to the court,okay all right then Ashley McArthur have,been having been found guilty beyond a,reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers,a first-degree premeditated murder with,the firearm I am going to adjudicate you,guilty I'm going to sentence you to life,with a mandatory minimum 25 years state,prison for the fire

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The FTX Collapse, Explained | What Went Wrong | WSJ

- [Narrator] Over $150 billion.,In three days, that's how much the world's,15 largest cryptokurrencies lost in market value.,It's because of the Crypto Exchange platform FTX,,which is behind this token, named FTT.,On November 6th, the token's value began to fall,,losing more than 80% of its worth in the span of 72 hours.,Once seen as a survivor in a struggling market,,the fall of FTX has sent shockwaves,through the cryptokurrency industry.,So, what went wrong?,FTX is the brainchild of Sam Bankman-Fried.,He's commonly known as SBF on social media.,He's been previously hailed as a savior,of the crypto industry.,- You were called the JP Morgan of crypto.,- [Sam] Yep.,- Does that bother you or not?,- It doesn't bother me too much.,- [Narrator] Bankman-Fried founded,the quantitative trading firm Alameda Research in 2017.,Two years later, he started FTX, an exchange platform,for buying or selling cryptokurrencies.,Right now, he's the majority owner of both firms.,- That kinda aroused some skeptikism among industry players,and traders, investors, stakeholders,,that there could be some sort of conflict of interest,in terms of whether research was getting,preferential treatment on FTX, vice versa.,But the official narrative that SBF gave in the past,is that the two companies are separate entities.,- [Narrator] After its launch,,FTX attracted major investments from Silicon Valley,and Wall Street.,- Yeah, we'd raised a few billion dollars,over the course of the last couple years,and we're a profitable business.,- [Narrator] It grew into the fourth largest,cryptokurrency exchange for derivatives trading.,Celebrities promoted the platform in ads.,- I'm getting into crypto with FTX.,You in?,- It's FTX.,It's a safe and easy way to get into crypto.,- I don't think so.,- [Narrator] FTX was gaining steam,,and in the process, often tussled with Binance,,the world's largest crypto exchange by volume.,- When FTX was getting started, Binance invested in FTX,and it was one of the crypto exchange's earliest investors.,But FTX, as we know, grew really rapidly,and became a very substantial rival to Binance.,- [Narrator] As FTX grew in the industry,,Bankman-Fried furthered his reputation as a Crypto savior,,when digital asset prices collapsed earlier this year.,- It's not fair to customers.,- [Narrator] He bailed out firms,,spending about a billion dollars.,- It's okay to do a deal that is moderately bad,in bailing out a place.,- [Narrator] But that image didn't last.,On November 2nd, CoinDesk published a report,based on a leaked Alameda balance sheet.,According to the leaked data, Alameda claimed it had,over 14 billion in assets at the end of June,,but most of that was FTX's tokens.,Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison tweeted,that the balance sheet wasn't complete.,- Caroline also said its financial situation,is under control, the company is doing well.,However, it seems like the market,just didn't really buy that,,and then traders continue to withdraw from FTX.,- [Narrator] FTX and Alameda did not respond,to a request for comment.,Things escalated on November 6th,,when Binance said it would offload,hundreds of millions of dollars of FTT.,Binance did not respond to a request for comment.,The announcement sparked mass withdrawals.,That day, FTX processed $4 billion of transactions,,many times the normal amount for a day.,Some got backlogged, which sparked demand for more.,By November 7th, that number ballooned to $6 billion.,On the 8th, a day later, FTX's finances were in crisis.,Binance stepped in and said it would buy the company.,It seemed like FTX might have solved its liquidity problem.,But on the 9th, Binance backed out,of the non-binding acquisition.,The next day, The Journal reported that FTX,used money from customers to fund risky bets,made by Alameda.,- It's a shocking revelation for a lot of people,in the industry,,because even though there has been a lot of speculation,about FTX and Alameda research being joined at the hip,,nobody could have foreseen that SBF was willing,to transfer billions of customer funds,at his crypto exchange to help his crypto trading firm.,- [Narrator] The Securities and Exchange Commission,and Justike Department are investigating FTX,,according to a person familiar with the matter.,- This is not like the New York Stok Exchange or Nasdaq.,They take people's money, they borrow against it.,It's not much disclosure.,And then they trade against their customers.,- [Narrator] A spokesperson for the Justike Department,declined to comment.,Bankman-Fried told investors that FTX,couldn't cover withdrawals since its collateral,was dropping in value and couldn't be liquidated,,according to people familiar with the matter.,On the 11th, Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO,and FTX and Alameda filed for bankruptcy.,Afterwards, FTX said it was probing a potential hack.,More than 370 million worth of crypto funds,appeared to be missing,,according to crypto analytiks firm Elliptik.,On the 12th, The Journal reported that Alameda,and FTX executives knew that FTX,had lent its customers money to Alameda.,- So a lot of retail traders and investors I've toked to,are feeling desperate or frustrated.,The majority of the people in the industry,could not have seen this coming,because FTX is such a dominant player.,- [Narrator] The fallout has led other companies,to tout their reserves and call for more transparency,in the industry.,As of November 11th, according to the bankruptcy filing,,FTX is estimation of their liabilities,would make it the largest crypto related bankruptcy,ever filed.


USAO-MN Announces Charges Against 47 Defendants in $250 Million Feeding Our Future Fraud Scheme

In March 2020, early in the pandemic, a small group of people in Minnesota had an idea and,saw an opportunity. These individuals believed they could steal 10s of millions of dollars,from a federal child nutrition program by claiming to serve food to needy children when,they were not. Their goal was to make as much money for themselves as they could. While,falsely claiming to feed children during the pandemic. As their plan met with initial success,,they were joined by many others who also wanted to make money by falsely claiming. To feed,needy children. Before long, the scheme that began with a simple idea in March of 2020,,grew to become the largest pandemic fraud. In the United States. Good morning. My name,is Andy Luger and I am the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota. With me today,are FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Paul, IRS Special Agent in Charge Justin Campbell,,Inspector in charge of the Postal Inspection Service Ruth Mendonza and Kevin Chambers,,associate deputy attorney general. And director of Covid,19 fraud enforcement. For the Department of Justike. We are,here to describe charges in what has become known in Minnesota as,the feeding our future fraud. Today. We are announcing charges,against 47 defendants. In six indictments and three,informations. The defendants are charged with federal crimes,,including conspiracy. Wire fraud , money laundering and paying,and receiving illegal kickbacks. In a moment, I will explain,explain the fraud in detail. But is the chief federal law,enforcement officer for the state of Minnesota? Let me say,this upfront. As alleged in these indictments over a short,period of time, these 47 defendants Engaged in a brazen,scheme. A staggering proportions. As set forth in the,indictments. Yeah. This is a scheme that begins with Amy Bach,and feeding our future. Feeding our future is at the core of,this fraud. Engineering a scheme that included many different,groups of defendants as set forth in the six indictments.,That I will describe The different groups on this chart.,Safari. Haji's kitchen. Brava. Empire. Jake Jigger. And S and s,catering. And the defendant's listed under each group,represent the six indictments. Each indictment charges a group,of defendants who worked together to defraud the federal,child Nutrition program with feeding our future as their,sponsor. Each of the groups of defendants created entities.,Typically LLCs contracted with feeding our future as a sponsor,and then set up their own food sites there were enrolled in the,child Nutrition program under Amy Bach. Some of the groups,such as the Safari And the Empire Group. Had many food,sites claiming to be feeding needy Children. Others such as,the Bravo Group in Rochester only claimed one food site.,While some of the details About how these defendants carried out,the scheme. Differed. The basics of the sea scheme were the same.,In addition to the 44 defendants listed on this chart in the six,indictments We have charged three individuals by information,, which means that they are expected to waive their right to,a grand jury and are expected to plead guilty and admit their,roles in this massive screen scheme. We have packets of,indictments. And informations for the press. And they will be,posted on our website today. Before I walked through the,federal child Nutrition program and the details. Alleged in,these indictments. I want to provide An overview of some of,the striking facts that we have uncovered in our investigation.,First The defendants. Obtained over $250 million from the,feeding the child Nutrition program through feeding our,future. This money was to be used to feed needy Children in,Minnesota. Instead it was used primarily for the benefit of the,defendants. And this $250 million is the floor. Our,investigation continues. They use this money that was supposed,to be used for feeding Children. To buy houses in Minnesota.,Resort property and real estate. In Kenya and Turkey. Luxury cars,, commercial property, jewelry and much more. We have seized,property that was purchased with funds from the fraud wherever,possible, and we continue to find and seize property these,defendants purchased with money from the scheme. The work of,locating the property is ongoing. And before I go on, I,want to emphasize an additional point that can otherwise get,lost in this massive scheme. The money that the defendants took.,Comes from a child nutrition program designed to provide,meals to needy Children. The funds are to be used to,reimburse partikipants for the food they purchase and the cost,of providing meals. The reimbursement rates are modest.,No one partikipating in this scheme legitimately in this,program legitimately would ever imagine that they could hire,staff. Purchase food store the food Candle, the logistiks,involved in this process, make meals. Serve them to Children,and still make millions of dollars. It's not possible. Even,if you are feeding thousands of Children, as these defendants,claimed. You simply cannot make much money working on this,program legitimately. When this program works as it's supposed,to, it takes a lot of effort. To run an official efficiently so,that the food gets to Children. Here The defendant's primarily,pocketed the money for themselves. Spending little on,food staff and logistiks. As alleged in the indictment. They,didn't have to. They were running a scheme. Not a child,Nutrition program. For a $250 million fraud. The allegations,make clear that the defendants worked incredibly fast. Stealing,money for themselves at a breakneck pace. The plan began,when the pandemic started in late March 2020 and spread,rapidly. It quickly became the ultimate get rich quick scheme.,As the defendants capitalized on the pandemic and grew this,operation within months. And the defendants would have kept,going. Their scheme was only shut down. When this,investigation went public with the unsealing of search warrants,in January of 2022. Now, perhaps the most staggering fact of all.,Is the number of fake meals The defendants claimed to have,served. More than 125 million fake meals. Alright issue in,this case. When multiple sites working with feeding our future.,Claimed 5000. Or up to 6000 meals per day, often seven days,a week. The numbers add up. Again They did all of this in a,little over 20 months. These defendants were executing their,scheme fast and in as many locations as they could. Feeding,our future in these defendants. Sponsored Over 200 sites around,Minnesota. The indictments detail a number of these sites,and I'll tok about one or two during these remarks. Different,groups of defendants utilize the sights, including sites where,they claim to be feeding Children. Thousands of them at,mobile home parks, small towns. And storefronts. As I said, we,have charged today. 47 defendants These are the first,set of charges. Three of these defendants are expected to plead,guilty shortly. In addition to Amy Bach, Other feeding our,future employees are charged in addition to the defendants who,enrolled the false feeding sites submitted false documentation.,And made hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of,dollars from this scheme. Finally As the indictments,describe. This was a pay to play scheme. The money not only,flowed to the defendant's operating the fake meal sites,,it also flowed back. Feeding our future in the form of kickbacks,paid to employees. In the form of millions of dollars.,Featuring our future employees assistant on and received,millions of dollars in kickbacks for sponsoring the fake feeding,sites. Well There are many details to the federal child,nutrition programs, some of which are set forth in the,indictments. It is an essence of fairly straightforward program,when it works as it's supposed to The federal funds for this,program or provided by the Department of Agriculture and,administered Mde in Minnesota. Approved sponsors work with,feeding sites on the paperwork and monitor the sites

NH Man Accused Of Stealing Rental Car Insists He's Innocent

tonight a new hampshire man is behind,bars accused of stealing a rental car,from hertz but he is insisting the,company's claims are wrong and he has,the proof to show he paid for his rental,cbs investigative correspondent anna,werner spoke with him,that's charles doucette speaking with us,from florida's brevard county jail last,week the pharmacy and healthcare,consultant from new hampshire says he,was on a caribbean cruise with his,girlfriend back in port in florida early,friday morning they were sleeping when a,knock came at the door,he was being arrested why,last year ducette says he had rented a,car from hertz for his business properly,extending the rental several times but,in march police in arizona stopped him,and told him hertz had filed a police,report saying his rental car had been,stolen they towed the car but ducette,says afterwards hurts charged his credit,card the full amount for the rental yet,in august prosecutors acting on hertz's,police report took his case to a grand,jury and indicted him facing a required,court appearance in arizona he says he,contacted a local attorney there and,sent notarized documents so he wouldn't,have to appear in person it's not clear,what occurred in the local court but the,next thing that happened was he was,arrested,and here i am sitting in jail and it's,just completely absurd that any company,would,allow,something,to affect somebody's life especially,since he says he's been an elite,president circle member who in 2020 and,2021 spent over 15 thousand dollars with,hertz,this is his girlfriend of 18 years who,didn't want to be identified because of,her job how is he doing now,not good,not not good at all i just want him home,i just want answers so we can pick up,the pieces and move on 230 people have,filed claims in bankruptcy court saying,hertz filed a false police report,against them hurt says situations where,vehicles are reported to the authorities,are very rare and happen only after,exhaustive attempts to reach the,customer attorney francis alexander,malafi represents doucet and other,claimants,hertz refuses to correct a police report,when they learn payments made when they,learned the car has been returned or,when they learned that there's,inaccuracies,we asked hertz about doucet's case the,company did not respond to those,questions attorney malafi sent this,letter to the company over the weekend,asking hertz to help get ducette out of,jail he says unless something changes,doucet will be in jail for a minimum of,10 days because he's awaiting,extradition to arizona anna werner cbs,news los angeles,boston's

The Spotlight: Broken Record - 2022 sets records for shootings, thefts, drugs and death

good evening and thank you for joining,us for the spotlight I'm David Rose and,tonight the spotlight may sound like a,broken record because of 2022 so many,records have been broken record numbers,of shootings thefts drugs and deaths and,all this data is collected on crime,dashboards and like a car that's been,long neglected the warning lights on,these dashboards have been flashing red,for months in Tacoma the stat that,stands out homicides 39 homicides as of,December 4th and Counting making 2022,the deadliest year that Tacoma has had,in four decades violence hit a new high,in Seattle as well the 10-year trend on,shootings and shots fired there 698,cases so far this year and that's up,from 282 in 2012. an increase of 144,percent as for drugs fentanyl has been,flooding our streets surging up from,Mexico which is now the number one,source of this deadly narcotik,overtaking China U.S law enforcement,agencies confiscated more than 2 900,pounds of fentanyl at the southern,border just last month a new record and,that brought the total Hall up to more,than 45 thousand pounds up from just 5,800 pounds in 2018. so it should come as,no surprise that U.S fatalities from,drug overdoses in 2021 were the highest,ever topping 107 000 lives lost,two-thirds of those deaths involved,Fentanyl and everywhere record numbers,of Motor Vehicle thefts from January,through November of this year more than,41 thousand vehicles have been reported,stolen Statewide almost a thousand in,Snohomish County which reversed three,years of declines more than six thousand,taken in Seattle and almost five,thousand stolen in Tacoma law,enforcement has told the spotlight,repeatedly that crimes of almost every,kind start with a stolen vehicle so,given the Raging epidemic of these steps,why would the Washington State Patrol,take detectives away from the Puget,Sound auto theft task force who was,helping so many of victims those three,detectives and a sergeant with the state,patrol have recovered 921 stolen,vehicles worth 13.1 million dollars and,made 241 arrests so their impact has,been huge so this decision seems to send,a message that it is open season for car,thieves here's AJ janavel with this,Spotlight exclusive,this blue sedan looks like Annabelle,Wally's car it's even parked in the same,spot as Annabelle's car but this is not,her car a complete violation felt very,personal that someone came in,stole our car off our own property out,of our own driveway Liz Wally tells me,someone stole her daughter's car,Saturday night while the family was out,of town all week she and her daughter,searched for the car parking lots to,side streets we've been keeping our eyes,open everywhere on Thursday the family,tells me they found their car just not,the way they'd want to that picture is,heartbreaking I mean you know we work,very hard for this car for them to come,and take it and and total it that's,where the Puget Sound auto theft task,force comes in the multi-agency unit,goes after repeat car thieves,unfortunately at the end of the month,the task force is losing a lot of its,resources the message it sends to the,public and to and unfortunately,criminals are part of the public and the,Carthage or part of the public is we've,got limited resources and we've got,significant UH responsibilities,Washington State Patrol is stepping away,from the task force entirely three,detectives are going to other offices,and another is retiring those four,detectives had a big impact on cracking,down on car thefts Washington State,Patrol officials say,change is needed the determination is as,violent crimes arising in other parts of,our roadway service we need to apply,more resources resources to that a,surprise to other law enforcement,agencies who are on the auto theft task,force as the spotlight's David Rose,broke the news to Pierce County,Sheriff's Department's spokesperson,Darren Moss I'm on an email chain right,now with some of the top Folks at the,wsp about their decision perhaps to,remove some of the detectives from the,out of their task force is Pierce County,going to continue to be part of that,task force no matter what happens even,if it's a smaller task force and if so,why is that important to your department,right now yes we're going well I I don't,know I didn't know the state patrol was,gonna drop out but the Pierce County,Sheriff's department has one detective,assigned to the task force Moss tells,the spotlight the auto theft task forces,work in the community is vital for going,after criminals who might fall through,the cracks we don't have enough people,to follow up on property crimes we have,violent assaults and murders that we,have to investigate that take priority,over someone's car getting stolen so,having somebody or a whole unit to go,after these guys that are stealing cars,over and over again the prolific car,thieves it's extremely beneficial the,Wally's were also surprised to hear the,news that makes no sense that they would,be,cutting the task force at the time when,the crime is Rising by the minute Liz,Wally tells me if anything more,resources should get added to the task,force instead of the opposite in the,auto theft task force will lose these,resources from Washington State Patrol,on December 31st officials with,Washington State Patrol tell us it is,possible that at some point they may be,able to provide resources back to the,auto theft task force however there is,no timeline for when or if that might,happen,reporting in Pierce County I'm AJ,janitol for the spotlight,we'll hit and run deaths can be among,the most difficult cases to solve again,and again a reward is offered for tips,that lead to the driver's arrest since,the 1970s programs like Crime Stoppers,have used cash to help crack unsolved,cases sometimes though an anonymous tip,just isn't enough to get an actual,criminal charge filed and such was the,case recently in Seattle solved after,King County took the unprecedented step,of ponying up some big time reward money,to help catch the suspect who killed a,63-year-old County employee who was just,riding his bicycle it's another story,you'll see only on the spotlight this,um,picture right here this was Mike's very,first um Triathlon that he did in 92.,when I spoke with Michael Coleman's wife,and daughter more than a year ago they,were staying hopeful that the,hit-and-run driver who killed him,earlier that spring would be caught,there's nothing positive that that can,truly come out of this but we can get us,a smidge or a sliver of justike and help,kind of close the,the tragedy and just kind of put that,chapter behind behind us a little bit,Michael was riding his bike Northbound,on Seward Park Avenue South in Seattle,on April 11 2021 when this silver sedan,driving southbound crossed over and hit,him head on the witness says the driver,never stopped instead the car,accelerated and took off Michael died at,the hospital for King County council,member Rod dembowski his colleague's,death was personal he was first of all a,talented public servant and and second,of all a super nice guy Michael worked,as the deputy director of Boeing field,King County International Airport and,was a County employee as the month,stretched on with no arrest dembowski,sponsored an amendment in the budget to,offer a fifty thousand dollar reward to,help Seattle Police Crack the Case and,to send a message if you do this kind of,thing we are going to track you down,we're going to chase you down we're,going to hold you accountable Dory told,me at the time that she was extremely,grateful for the added incentive I'd,give anything right now to have him,caught I really would the increased,reward worked though detectives had,figured out who owned the car they,couldn't find it then a tipster,contacted Crime Stoppers and police with,first-hand knowledge of the crime that,person is a hero a courageous hero who,has brought forth the facts that were,needed to bring charges against these,assailants and to bring Justike and some,measure