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Infinnii Dropshipping Success

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

As an executive in the network marketing industry, I believe that the DSD model is going to revolutionize the industry and turn it on its head. Only 8% of people in the average company ever collect a commission check on a regular basis, but with DSD's success, this can change. The online world, including YouTube and Facebook, is changing the game and impacting global industries such as taxis and hotels. Companies like Uber and Airbnb, which utilize the online world, have market valuations of billions of dollars despite not owning any cars or hotels.

Infinia's platform is tied to the growth of online media and various industries such as sports, hobby goods, electronics, and more. The Infiniti Springboard is a co-op program that allows individuals to generate rapid success by receiving great margins and having experts do the sales for them. The program is backed by the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, ensuring that it is a solid business venture.

There are three membership levels in Infinia: Prime, Surge, and Excel. Prime is for beginners, Surge offers access to 10 springboard seats, and Excel offers up to 50 seats. Excel allows for multinational product lines and the opportunity to earn higher profits per sale. With Infinia, individuals can sell on multiple platforms, including their own store, and generate cash back on every sale to maximize

EBAY AMAZON INFINii Review Business Presentation & Compensation Plan

Welcome to this information session presented by John Kinnear, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Infinity. In this session, we will discuss the significant shift in technology and how it is affecting our quality of life. We will also explore the opportunities to turn the e-commerce trend into profits using Infinity's industry-leading platforms.

Changes in Technology:

The Industrial Revolution is being replaced by a significant shift in technology. Our information no longer comes from traditional media sources like newspapers, television, or radio. Instead, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are now playing a key role in shaping our media landscape. The rise of e-commerce is also a significant trend that is changing the way we shop.

Opportunities for Profit:

Individuals can use these platforms to create income sources for themselves. For example, an eight-year-old boy named Evan generates over a million dollars a year by reviewing toys on his YouTube channel. Uber and Airbnb are also examples of individuals using technology to create additional income sources.

Infinity's Platforms:

Infinity offers industry-leading platforms that allow anyone to turn e-commerce profits quickly and effectively. Springboard is an excellent introduction to e-commerce and a great way to jumpstart your business. It

Official INFINii - This will blow your mind!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to review this information. My name is John Kinnear, and I am the vice president of sales and marketing for Infinity. I am excited to share with you some changes happening in the world of technology and e-commerce and how Infinity can help you profit from these trends.

The Shift in Technology:

We are currently experiencing a significant shift in the way we consume media and shop for goods and services. With the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, individuals like you and me now have the opportunity to generate income by participating in the creation and distribution of media content.

Additionally, companies such as Uber and Airbnb are disrupting traditional industries such as the taxi and hotel industries, respectively, by providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative for consumers.

The Rise of E-commerce:

E-commerce sales have been steadily increasing in recent years, with over 11 trillion dollars in worldwide sales in 2014 alone. This trend is expected to continue and will have a significant impact on traditional retail businesses.

Infinity's E-commerce Platforms:

Infinity offers a suite of e-commerce platforms that allow anyone to turn a profit quickly and effectively. Our Springboard offering is an excellent entry point for

Official INFINii - Rewards plan explained

can t accelerate the growth of yourlesser leg and balance out your teamsso what we did is we added in what sreferred to as the infinity cycle poolnow the infinity cycle pool is aseparate payout that s based on yourteam s growth so as your team grows andyou start to cycle you re going to beable to participate in the infinitycycle pool now this is a very verypowerful piece because it allows you toaccelerate the growth of your lesserleg and if you remember from theearlier discussion the lesser leg isthe one that always determines yourrank advancement or your payout so ifyou can accelerate that growth youredramatically going to increase yourincomes and the way the infinity cyclepool works is is that when you cycle youearn a percentage of the pool based onyour rank so as you go up in rank yourpercentage of the pool that you re goingto be able to participate in increasesas well and what s nice is that theinfinity cycle pool pays out weeklyjust like the dual team binarystructure now one of the other things isthat we pay out 70% of the globalbusiness volume into the rewards planand we re going to pay out 20% of that70% into the infinity cycle pool soyou can see how significant that is tohave that bonus structure in place aswell now there s a lot more to thecompensation plan but what I wanted todo is give you a really strong overviewof the different aspects that arewithin the rewards plan and how theywork together to create a very verypowerful income potential for you so ifyou have any questions on any of thisplease go ahead and ask the person

Infinii Overview - Real Talk - No Hype

Julie Becker introduces herself and discusses her background with DS Domination, a platform that provides training to its members to do retail arbitrage on eBay, Amazon, and develop private label products.


Infinii is a collaboration of talented entrepreneurs who have developed wonderful businesses. It is a commerce marketplace and a digital marketplace, providing a platform for people who sell digital products and want to develop their own brand. Infinii is going to add additional pieces as time goes on.

Commerce Marketplace:

Infinii is going to create a marketplace where wholesalers can connect with buyers and showcase their products. This marketplace will help people connect with each other much more easily.

DS Domination and Infinii:

DS Domination is not going away and it is still going to be available for a long time. Infinii is going to offer DS Domination as a product offering inside of Infinii.

Infinii Membership:

Infinii is going to offer memberships to be a part of Infinii. There will be three different membership levels and each level will enable members to get access to co-ops. These co-ops will allow members to make money without having to do the heavy lifting.

MLM Structure:

Infinii is going to be structured with a binary compensation system. It's going to include multi-level components to the plan as well.

Julie Becker provides real talk, no hype information about Infinii. She is excited to share this information with people and is looking forward to connecting with them to provide more information about what is going on with Infinii.

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