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influencer ads agency

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, I will discuss the influencer marketing industry and how it works. The industry is rapidly growing and expected to be worth 20 billion in the next five to ten years. It has become one of the most effective marketing strategies today, with brands eager to utilize influencers. Many people are interested in getting into influencer marketing but are confused about how it works. To explain the industry, I will provide an example to break down the layers and show how deals are made.

Explanation of the Industry Structure:

- Brands like Cook Purple, an energy drink, allocate a budget of 10 million for influencer marketing.

- The brand goes to a media agency like Mediacom, JJWBP, or AKQA to develop a marketing plan.

- Media agencies often partner with influencer marketing agencies like GOAT or Social Chain, who receive the proposal.

- Influencer marketing agencies then approach talent agencies like WME or Red Hair, asking if they have influencers that match the brand's requirements.

- Talent agencies negotiate deals and connect influencers with the brand.

- Smaller brands may reach out directly to influencers or use self-service platforms like Brandjoy or Influences.

Implications for Influencers:

- Influencers need to understand that talent agencies are limited by the deals they receive from marketing agencies and the emails in their inbox.

- Talent agencies may not always be able to secure the desired brand collaborations for influencers.

- Influencers may receive offers from random small brands or limited to specific industries based on the deals available.

- The role of talent managers is often misunderstood, as they focus more on managing incoming requests rather than actively seeking opportunities.

Understanding the structure of the influencer marketing industry is crucial for both brands and influencers. Brands need to navigate the various levels and agencies to execute effective influencer campaigns. Influencers should be aware that talent agencies may not always fulfill their dreams of working with specific brands, as opportunities depend on the deals available. It's important for influencers to have realistic expectations and be proactive in seeking collaborations.

Building an Influencer Marketing Agency with Jace Norman | GaryVee Business Meeting

The biggest challenge for young people is understanding why they have a clear vision and why others may not see it. It's also important to understand how electronic music evolves over time.

- Introduce characters: Xander, Gary V, Jace

- Xander and Gary V discuss Jace's new hairstyle

- Jace explains his bold hairstyle choice and how he feels about it

- Xander introduces his business partner, Jake, to Gary V

- Gary V asks about their current projects and how things are going

- Jake mentions they are doing press for their show and new company

- Gary V offers to help them and asks how he can assist

- Jake explains that they are young and looking for advice on building their production company

- Gary V asks what their goals are and they mention wanting to be a go-to brand for influencers and produce high-quality content

- Jake explains their management style and how they want to create a formal management company in the future

- Gary V understands and suggests focusing on branded content and building a client service business

- Xander mentions the challenge of working with clients who already have multiple representation

- Jake explains their focus on traditional celebrities rather than YouTubers and influencers

- Gary V expresses his extensive knowledge of the industry and mentions VaynerTalent, his own talent management division

- Jake is not familiar with VaynerTalent and Gary V explains their work with executives and celebrities

- Jake expresses interest in building Jace's personal brand and turning him into a formal businessman

- Gary V understands and supports the idea of showcasing Jace's business side while also maintaining his persona as a TV personality

- Jake mentions the contradiction between Jace's on-screen and off-screen personas and Gary V acknowledges the challenge

- Gary V expresses his understanding of their business goals and suggests investing in the changing landscape of the industry

- Jake agrees and acknowledges that the world has flipped and traditional routes may not be the best approach anymore

- Gary V mentions his advantage of not being in the industry but still understanding it and suggests that their success lies in adapting to the new reality.

What strategies do you think Xander and Jake should implement to achieve their goals of becoming a go-to brand for influencers and producing high-quality content? How can they balance Jace's on-screen persona with his desire to be seen as a formal businessman?

How To Launch An INFLUENCER MARKETING CAMPAIGN in 7 Simple Steps (Strategy, Outreach and Examples)

Hey Bill! I came across your YouTube channel and I really enjoyed your Black Eyed Susan review. Your in-depth description of the ingredients was spot on! I'm the brand manager for Kinda Hot Sauce and I wanted to see if you'd be interested in trying out our new collection. If you're accepting collaborations at the moment, I'd love to send you the full line for a dedicated video review. Let me know if you're interested and I can share more details. Thanks, Michelle.

How We Make Millions With Influencer Marketing | 2022 Complete Guide

In this article, we will discuss the importance of influencers in today's marketing landscape. From personal experience, we will explore how to effectively start working with influencers to boost your brand's reach and engagement. By following a strategic approach, you can maximize the benefits of influencer collaborations and drive successful campaigns.

Key Points:

- Influencers can have a significant impact on sales and brand awareness.

- Building relationships with influencers is crucial for successful collaborations.

- Startups have a unique advantage when working with influencers.

- A well-curated Instagram feed is essential to attract influencers.

- Creating a list of potential influencers and reaching out to them is a systematic process.

- Brevity is key when crafting outreach messages.

- Follow-ups play a critical role in maintaining relationships and tracking results.

- Gifting campaigns can serve as a testing ground for paid collaborations.

- Using Google forms can streamline the collaboration process.

- Content is a vital aspect of influencer relationships and advertising.

Influencers have become an integral part of modern marketing strategies. By carefully selecting the right influencers and nurturing relationships, brands can amplify their reach and drive conversions. Startups, in particular, have a unique opportunity to leverage the appeal of influencers and position themselves as innovative and relatable. By following the outlined steps and focusing on creating compelling content, brands can establish fruitful partnerships with influencers and unlock long-term success. So, are you ready to tap into the power of influencers?

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

In this article, we will discuss the top influencer marketing agencies that can help brands achieve success in their influencer campaigns. These agencies specialize in finding the right influencers, creating engaging content, and providing analytics to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. If you're looking for professional assistance in influencer marketing, these agencies are worth considering.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies:

1. Viral Nation:

- A global agency that works with both brands and influencers.

- They have a talent agent team to represent influencers and connect them with brands.

- Viral Nation creates campaigns based on specific goals and pairs sustainable influencers with brands.

- They provide top-notch analytics to help brands assess the success of their campaigns.

2. Sugar Free:

- This agency consists of marketing professionals, social media gurus, creators, and data analysts.

- Their focus is on creating stories that have a lasting impact even after the campaign ends.

- Sugar Free has a vast network of trusted influencers and bloggers.

- They handle all the legal aspects, contract negotiations, and content delivery coordination.

3. Carousel:

- Carousel has a unique approach to influencer marketing.

- They have developed a contentformitz index to rank influencer-produced content.

- They use influence content targeting systems to engage meaningfully with the target audience.

- All posts are monitored in real-time for performance, allowing them to boost the best content.

4. Kairos Media:

- Founded by content creators, Kairos Media has a global team of innovators, storytellers, and social experts.

- They work with influencers from various industries, including gaming, fashion, lifestyle, and more.

- Kairos Media has partnerships with well-known brands like Papa John's, Unilever, Vodafone, and Bacardi.

- They pride themselves on their data-driven approach to reach the target audience effectively.

5. P my B:

- P my B is a British influencer marketing agency.

- They specialize in working with Croma influencers, who excel in both knowledge and delivery.

- They have a unique selection process based on 46 data points that impact consumer behavior.

- P my B has positively assessed over 17,000 influencers from 47 countries.

Influencer marketing agencies play a crucial role in helping brands navigate the world of influencer marketing. The top agencies mentioned in this article offer expertise, a wide network of influencers, and analytics to ensure the success of influencer campaigns. Whether you're a brand looking for influencer representation or an influencer seeking collaboration opportunities, these agencies can provide the necessary support and expertise.

"Life as a Global Ad Agency Head of Influencer Marketing"

Welcome to the podcast Life as a Show, where we explore different jobs from around the world. I'm your host, Christopher Schoenwald, and today we have a special guest, Rich Gopal, the Global Head of Social Media and Influencer Marketing for the Publicist Group. Rich is a passionate marketer, writer, and entrepreneurial spirit with a curious mind for strategy. He has over 13 years of experience in creating digital-first strategies for various brands. In today's episode, we'll dive into the world of social media and influencer marketing and gain a better understanding of its impact and importance. So let's get started!

- Welcome to Life as a Show, a podcast dedicated to helping people find their professional pathway.

- Today's episode focuses on advertising, a concept that has become increasingly challenging to understand.

- Traditional mediums like print, radio, and TV are no longer effective in reaching target markets.

- The rise of social media and influencer marketing has transformed the advertising industry.

- Our guest, Rich Gopal, is an expert in social media and influencer marketing.

- Rich brings a wealth of experience in creating digital-first strategies for various brands.

Rich Gopal's Background:

- Rich is the Global Head of Social Media and Influencer Marketing for the Publicist Group.

- He has worked with brands in industries such as FMCG, hospitality, technology, automotive, beauty, and telecommunications.

- Rich focuses on tailoring strategies to achieve direct business results without compromising the customer experience.

- He has worked with brands like Lexus, Lenovo, Shangri-La, Oppo, and Sony.

- Rich's experience includes working with Ogilvy and Socialbakers before joining Publicist.

- He has mentored global, regional, and local teams across APAC, the EU, UK, and the Americas.

- Rich has been recognized for his work, winning awards at Cannes Lions and Campaign Asia.

Understanding Influencer Marketing:

- Influencer marketing involves enrolling credible influencers with an established audience to promote brands on social media platforms.

- Influencers can affect the buying habits and actions of others through their original, often sponsored content.

- Influencers can be travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, food critics, professionals, or celebrities.

- The authenticity and impact of influencers vary, depending on the individual and their content.

- Influencer marketing is a form of creative partnership and brand endorsement.

- Influencer marketing has revolutionized the advertising industry, replacing traditional mediums.

- Rich Gopal has extensive experience in creating successful digital-first strategies for brands.

- Understanding the role and impact of influencers is crucial in today's digital world.

- Stay tuned for more insights from Rich and his perspectives on the future of advertising.

Question: How has influencer marketing transformed the advertising industry?

How I started a social media agency & became an influencer manager

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! If you're new here, welcome! My name is Emmy and today I'm doing a video that I pretty much get questions on all the time on Instagram and TikTok. This is also sort of like a mini life update for people that already follow me and wonder where I've been and what's going on. Basically, I am a social media and influencer manager and fun fact, my job is actually owning the agency. So, I own a social media and talent agency, that's what I'm doing now.

So, this is all about how I started and how to get into that and the most frequently asked questions. Because I started posting on my TikTok, which you may have seen, but TikTok is my main go-to platform to show a little bit of work-related stuff. Like I'd say, take dogs I work platform, so I do videos like the biggest mistakes that influencers make and what you should be doing. I answer questions and stuff on there as well as showing a day in my life as a talent manager. So, you can go see all that over there.

Today, it's gonna be a bit more in-depth. I'm gonna be going through the questions like how I started, how to get into it, what I studied, what I did for work experience, how many years of experience I have, and if you want to get started, what you need to do, all of that.

So, let's just jump straight into it!

1. How did I get into it and where to start if you're starting from scratch?

- Background: I started back in 2015 on a YouTube channel that had 60,000 subscribers. That's how I got my foot in the door in terms of social media. I would fly to VidCon and somewhere in the city to like America. I had a lot of YouTube friends that are now doing such amazing things. From all these trips and opportunities, and also networking, I got to see the ins and outs of life being an influencer. But I didn't have enough to go for it myself. I prefer the business side of stuff, being behind the camera.

- Starting the agency: During lockdown, I had my sister and a friend called Annabelle. We were doing content shoots together in car parks and things like that. They were talking about how they want to work with brands, get gifted stuff, create content, and how they fell in love with editing their pictures and TikToks. I thought I can help you do that. So, I went home and literally plucked a name. I found the name Aesthetic, which means a person who enjoys art and appreciates beauty. I thought it's perfect. We're going to be the Aesthetic Collective because we are a collective, a group of creatives who appreciate beauty and create art.

- Education: I did photography at uni, then switched to graphic design, and then did a masters in public relations and communication management. I have a very creative but also business PR side of stuff education.

- Starting from scratch: It can be quite scary and difficult if you have absolutely no experience. I would recommend looking for internships. Most things can be done remotely now. It's a niche market and hard to get into, but I think the industry needs to change and start paying people for their time and energy. I wouldn't go for unpaid work, but if you want to pad up your CV and have more stuff on there, maybe it's beneficial. I've seen people do freelance work themselves, reaching out to brands and businesses and offering their services. I started influencer management by just saying to my friends, Hey, I can email some brands for you and get you collabs.

- Confidence to start: When I first started making videos and doing things myself, I filmed so many videos to get the confidence up. Sitting in front of a camera and getting used to that, editing it, making myself familiar before I ever posted my first one. It's the same in any other aspect, like design work. You want to show the best version when you're confident and proud of your work.

- Knowing what business you wanted: I didn't know exactly what business I wanted. I just went with it and started the Aesthetic Collective. I had a portfolio with my YouTube channel and social media presence, which actually helped in getting a job as a social media manager for a bridal shop.

So, that's a bit of background information on me and how I got into the industry. It can be quite scary and difficult to start from scratch, but with internships, freelance work, and building up your confidence, it's possible to succeed. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and use your social media presence as a portfolio. Good luck!

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