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inspiring ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Nike: Find Your Greatness

greatness,it's just something we made up,somehow we've come to believe that,greatness is a gift,reserved for a chosen few,for prodigies,for superstars,and the rest of us can only stand by,watching,you can forget that,greatness is not some rare dna strand,it's not some precious thing,greatness is no more unique to us than,breathing,we're all capable of it,all of us,some people are told they were born with,greatness,[Music],some people tell themselves,[Applause],if greatness doesn't come knocking at,your door,maybe you should go knock on its door,sometimes greatness is about overcoming,insurmountable adversity,sometimes it's just fun,greatness isn't always measured in,tenths of a point,it's a bit bigger than that,sometimes greatness is something you,plan,but most of the time,it's just something you try,it's easy to think greatness is only,something you see on tv,unless of course,greatness is watching tv,[Applause],greatness is a scary thing,until,it isn't,if we think greatness is supposed to,look a certain way act a certain way and,play a certain way,we certainly need to rethink some things,[Applause],is it speed or endurance,does it happen in two hours or four or,six,is it finishing strong or barely,finishing,yes,[Applause],is greatness worth fighting for,what do you think,if we face our fears,it means we're pointed in the right,direction,even if that direction is upside down,it's not the biggest stadium in the,world,not the biggest players either,but the pursuit of greatness is kind of,big enough,isn't it,you don't need an official court,an official net,or official uniforms,to be officially great,[Music],greatness speaks for itself,once it learns to tok,greatness needs a lot of things,but it doesn't need an audience,some measure greatness and precious,metals,like i am,greatness has not born,it's made,if you'd like to tell the guy with the,sword he's not great because he's not,famous,be my guest,[Music],there are no grand celebrations here,no speeches no bright lights,but there are great athletes,[Music],somehow we've come to believe that,greatness is reserved for the chosen few,for the superstar,[Music],the truth is,greatness is for all of us,this is not about lowering expectations,it's about raising them for every last,one of us,[Music],because greatness is not in one special,place,and it is not in one special person,[Music],greatness,is wherever somebody is trying to find,it

2 Best Motivational and Emotional ads By LG

[Music],[Music],[Music],you'll need a hardening,Peters including who,[Music],honey come on,he said he called me,[Music],Amerika Amerika she al Emily,[Music],don't kill me look,[Music],[Music],along,[Music],oh she crazily Moraga wanna read color,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Music],halogen,[Music],screwed on,[Music],presenting ng puri care air purifiers,and water purifiers as pure as your love,[Music],my mom,hmm Papa Baja don't keep us which,everyone John,[Music],named beta domani for me was very for,safety - I get to fly on the Space,Shuttle in America pass some on my wrist,okay pudgy he had,pushing your Keith leather grungy,[Music],well might be become deal with a bad kid,again,[Music],the life is good,life is good,mm lookie home I said daily like we,really should,you're good yes,[Music],[Music],mrs. Sharma uh-huh Manny Neiman well,hello madam but Gigi,hello Marvel TV jaw repair owning a,sauna Papa Sonia,very very strong especially my guiding,star theory papa,or Mary sapna core and any money I love,you,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],cello's and looky hum I said Tilly like,we really should

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GamesBeat: Inspiring ads at the Games Marketing Summit

it's not just can't get inspired by,those things but I want to take a moment,to call out of challenging and a team,marketing is what of course what it is,to do a video game the first piece here,did it work I press the button god,they're so I wonder cable on the walking,dead they showed us a world where,zombies your burrito and mom's still,have to get their chores done Vicki,moves through the house cleaning off,guns and machetes vacuuming up a finger,and then she finally comes to her,husband and Daryl room full of zombies,for response clean this up I don't ever,watching this spot I couldn't wait to,agenda joy left in season two Dallas,season three I was driving south on the,405 and I realized this behind a gap,starting it was covered in ads for the,TV show Dallas I immediately was drawn,back to the age from the start without a,slit large from their great oil Empire,this connection to the real world,created a trigger for German for me is,equal to the gas stations for weeks,following this site American Horror,Story these pronounced to the birds are,should grab my attention every time what,struck me most about this year's ad was,not just that it was critikally sexy but,that year after year is show creates a,campaign that is completely unique and,yet it feels like a part of a larger,series and it's something that the,actual show does repertory style casting,news story lines the breaking bad days,laughter the final season the show you,can visit the name lab before break,earning into its elemental symbols you,would then take this updated faces,profile and I couldn't wait to get my,name in transform make me feel like it,was part of it's sort of final season,even though I only ever seen two,episodes show house of cards season 2,teaser you know teen years are some of,the most fun entertainment marketers,ever get happen it's because you get to,create these pieces for the hardcore,fans you sort of get it this is this,exactly what happens did by giving a 30,second shot of robbing drug take a very,long dragon or cigarette and then,fail cold manipulative and power hungry,you could feel her in every frame of,this single shot Beyonce's album release,lot of contracts a lot today so she,tweets surprise in the world go crazy,and I only bring this up because I think,you can only happen one time while it's,not exactly marketing we all know there,was none you can better work very long,marketing meetings to cover the risks,and rewards and strategy it paid off,with one of the year's biggest search,Lisa and every news outlet an office,water cooler was toking about it the,wu-tang clan secret album this is,incredibly code is crafted by a Moroccan,artist yeah I a the silver and nickel,box contains the only copy of wu-tang,clan's next album in a world where we,flippantly click back and forth between,whichever music you please is some,Spotify they want to create an,experience like a fine piece of art this,album will go on tour under heavy,security much like a series of Monday's,on display then in the final sale the,only copy will go to the collector I,maybe someone else mentioned 24 hours of,happy it's actually very somewhat of a,piece called parole block and it's,actually really fun watch by comparison,but the undertaking is still incredible,its 24-hour music video automatikally,cases to point the video that's,basically on your computer every one of,the four hundred dancers got one tank,just dance to the song while cameras,followed them in one shot and it just,sort of makes you happy um mobile Wall,Street I'm a little biased on this,salami was dreamt up by the teams at the,ant farm but the most interesting part,of the tale of the music in the trailer,one of its defining traits was actually,the massive undertaking hearing at my,house Saturday life may our producer,think that whose attraction to play with,unfortunately it had even been reported,yet through some Holly the magic she was,able to get it recorded cut in up on,street from one of the year's best,trails gravity T's are once again the,teasers you know some people love these,some people laughed out loud either way,really felt something just ran as one,long shot of the film and while they did,have to add some sound-effects otherwise,it would be too weird the pieces simply,apart an amazing experience that was,gravity carry coffee shop I gotta love,you sweet toks like this this year now,I hate the direction right I couldn't,vote british isle of a file viral,trailer with me all this time our pieces,created that truly went viral and the,reason i really think is that it's,really the amazing reaction you know,truly watch the video again what's,amazing is the reaction to the,telekinetik powers what's great is that,it matches what hope people will,experience when they watch the film,secret life of walter mitty once again,with the vinyl stuff this time they gave,$25,000 the person who would create a,movie quote unquote motivate inspire and,giving people a catalyst to do something,that they never done before this amazing,breakfast acidic took the 25k and,brought food to the philippines to help,the survivor from a horrible typhoon and,film the whole thing the video makes you,feel like you just want to leave your,life behind for something amazing just,like Walter Mitty and humanity dodge the,amazing partnership was truly bold let's,give marketing direction over the,character of Ron Burgundy did it topic,actually allowed him to spend entire,commercial toking about indebted,details of the glove compartment all of,which comes standard it's amazing and,it's believed that commercial that,entertains cells Thorin Comedy Central,this is the direct rhythm of the AT&T,it's not complicated commercials it's a,common key question who's better for her,low-key this type of country asked by,devoting himself and I only list this,here because I'm so fascinated by how,they did this you know do they ask AT&T,is it because they simply slap Comedy,Central onto the back it just bottles my,I don't really know how they did it,don't have the planet of the age rarely,did it trailer take a turn,gasps as i watch this trailer play out I,wonder bloody post-apocalyptik movie was,coming out when the connector lock die,for their billing and still be pulled,away I nearly choked on my popcorn,realized that this was the sequel to,2011's own and I was staring directly,into the eyes of da Caesar it was simple,direct the trails get out of the way of,the entertainment that is marketing gifs,were used game Jerry now all my friends,now a huge text box and boy but the way,the Microsoft definite end of the,reaction to last year III was raped this,video starts with to James on screen and,they explain the steps of how to share a,used game with the friends it's a long,lead of this carburetor goes on for step,1 followed by God one simply handing the,ghana game to got it too it's incredibly,unfortunate million views or not that,xbox one expectation like I said that's,what's been annoyed while I'm sure it,should be referencing something that's,actually nominated this year despotik a,single unifying vision of a suitable,invitation used to highlight everything,fantastik about the box and this last,one here it's the screens BTS right this,huge artikles incredibly long as Rick,credit created the highly addictive,three is what every behind-the-scenes,should be it prefers everything for the,excitement of the ideas of frustration,that is,to get into the drunken texts that it,might actually be fun this makes peace,space you'd love to gain more and i was,very much funnier than i know i'm at a,time oh he took it off thank you

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Inspiring Ads

[Applause],an american dream of glory,to spend still summer afternoon running,on finely manicured grass,to become part man part myth and part,legend,to extend boyhood into manhood,to taste the joy of achievement reserved,for those who can run,throw and hit the round ball better than,the millions of wide-eyed boys who ever,played the game,and it was this dream that enabled a,farm boy from arkansas,named dizzy dean to become one of the,greatest pitchers of his generation,to achieve fame and a touch of,immortality playing the summer game,called baseball,the spirit of achievement is the spirit,of america,this message was brought to you by exxon,in commemoration of the american,bicentennial,[Music],this elegant spotted cat flashes across,the sun drenched african plains,swifter even than the wind but if he,were competing with another creature,as elegant and as wonderful after,several hundred yards,even the cheetah would be overtaken by,the world record holder for the mile,the thoroughbred racehorse one of the,fastest animals in the world,come out and see him at belmont park,he's beautiful,today we heal the sick today we,comforted the suffering,and most precious and wonderful of all,today,we saved a life give so that we can do,more and,more give to your local non-profit,hospital,give to life the national association,for hospital development,when the only sound is the frozen,silence of winter,you go to work throwing mountains of,snow,back into the sky and when the track,becomes a railroad again,it's miller time time to head for the,best tasting beer you can find,miller high life if you've got the time,we've got the beer,[Music],miller beer,my father never made much money he uh he,was a honest,good businessman all his life and when,he died,it wasn't a question of my saying gee,what do we get,it was a question of does he owe anybody,and i took care of whatever he owed,when you reach this point i haven't,always been here life has not been easy,it's been a struggle to get this way,there are plenty of times when the kids,were in school i had three sons going,through very expensive schools,and one of for three years i had all,three in at one time and,that that too your cash flow can hurt a,little,and there were times when money wasn't,around and i had a scrap and,you know tok to us at leventhal heart,to heart,the better we know you the better we can,pick out the pond that's just right for,you,let's assume i'm an island in the,bahamas,i've got beaches like cream colored silk,great big beautiful hotels and,all around me sleek white yachts with,rich men inside,two and a half hours from time square,nassau,that's me guess what,i'm granba amma island freeport,i've got a casino that looks like the,taj mahal,golf courses many door and if skin dive,is your pleasure,here it is,are you wondering who they are they're,out islands,700 unspoiled untamed,bahama out islands aren't they nice,[Music],inventiveness ingenuity craftsmanship,integrity vision quality creativity,a renaissance has begun at ford 1983,marks the first,full flowering of this new beginning a,renaissance that is producing,automobiles,of remarkable quality and beauty a,renaissance that gives new meaning,and renewed pride to the words made in,america,and sullivan was a child without promise,orphaned,and almost sightless but she spent her,adult life bringing understanding and,illumination to those trapped in,darkness and silence,she taught the deaf and the blind and,her greatest achievement of all was that,she enabled those minds cut off from,sight and sound,to find expression her pioneering,teaching methods brought the music of,understanding to the ears of the deaf,and the eyes of the blind hers was a,life of compassion,tenderness patience and love and her,most illustrious pupil,helen keller went on to become one of,the great women of our,time,[Music],we salute anne sullivan for her great,achievements in teaching and helping the,handicapped,the spirit of achievement is the spirit,of america this message was brought to,you by exxon in commemoration of the,american bicentennial,a surf at big sur pounding the rocks,into the shape of dreams,the random energy of a big apple,saturday night,iowa farmers harvesting the land near,the smell of homemade bread,and when you're thirsty the taste of an,ice-cold coca-cola,if you stop and think for just a moment,you'll find we've got more of the good,things in this country than anywhere,else in the world,have a coke and start looking up,[Music],[Applause],[Music],it's,muse is really a mirror held up to,society it shows us who we are,how we are and what we're doing,reporting only one side of the story is,not the real story at all,we realize that what we tell you every,night really does affect your life,we bring you face to face with the world,abc's world news tonight weeknights with,peter jennings,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],also on the faces,people going,[Music],he was poor and uneducated but louis,armstrong grew up to become our great,goodwill ambassador,charming the world with a special genius,of his music,he was idolized everywhere because he,transcended politiks and language,with a uniquely american expression of,joy love and celebration,called jazz the spirit of achievement is,the spirit of america,this message was brought to you by exxon,in commemoration of the american,bicentennial,you

Top 5 Coke’s Most Inspiring Ads HD

[Music],[Music],[Laughter],[Laughter],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],during Christmas visions of bronze,OmniFocus England a buffer gift-wrap no,longer Thomas Indy coupon man a cigar so,the specificity of us Apogee fret no,regarding even powerful so closing time,for us faithful elite not inside memory,by being time you know parents which are,no brother no parallel available pool in,underwater five many Europe it is very,possible baby,Papa that's it what's a probable,[Music],see when I open in the cut above all but,an ordinary bow already started that I'm,gonna plug in reader in London,basketball nice sheep are you people,Pascal Bosco they tok about the more,feeling information young maybe someone,the Logano mobility ballot Lisa Queen,aleena,that's a Amelia,he will Annie and the other 80 bones,allegations in the ravenous opinion,[Music],[Music],[Music],or there been a set me up,[Music],yeah,[Music],any proper regard oh yes,[Music],the mine our thermo well actually it's,not for me it's for you and your,[Music],[Music],[Music],you,[Music],[Music],to get more people to try Coke Zero we,created an entire campaign that they,could literally drink,first we built a billboard that served,real coke zero to thousands of fans then,report Coke Zero to people all over the,country this is a drinkable commercial,we partnered with Shazam and created a,new way of using their tiknology,Shazam now to drink by she's aiming the,spot the Coke Zero from the screen was,poured right into people's phones,whether they were at home at a concert,or among 80,000 people at the,n-c-double-a final game every,interaction ended with a free Coke Zero,that could be redeemed at major retail,stores across the u.s. even when there,was no screen we poured Coke Zero using,just sound,from ads that became cups to flyers that,became straws,to tweet support coke zeros in 140,characters to drinkable posters that use,Shazam,to turn people's phones into digital,straws,[Music],every single ad put a Coke Zero people's,hand,[Applause],so next time you're thirsty,drinking ad

3 MOST EMOTIONAL & HEART TOUCHING ADS | Why & What | Reaction by Jaby Koay & Achara Kirk!

[Music],why and what,is the name of the youtube channel this,is called three emotional,three most emotional and heart touching,ads why,and what i like how achara nods are head,like as if i'm a five-year-old reading,along,and the chicken crossed the,road road,i'm crying already i'm just kidding,it's like a try not to cry video oh,first day,watching india,hi vikan from delhi,[Music],analyzing the market trends i suggest,our company should invest in the indian,music industry,punjabi rap rules guys well i think,pakistani sufi is bigger,that's what he's doing right yeah hey,big lamb,so you guys are like neighbors back home,is it like same people same culture,yeah no they are different,surf right,[Music],but we all like basmati rice,[Music],foreign,[Music],i'm just hungry hell i don't feel like,crying that's the way i'm from i'm only,crying because,will always bring you closer,[Music],oh that's sweet though,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],is,[Music],yes,[Music],that was cute,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],which hindi movie was shot near,bangalore 40 years ago,really ok google,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],hey,[Music],scene,[Music],foreign,oh that's so sweet,[Laughter],he got suckered,don't do it oh gosh oh wow,oh my gosh this is so cute,what is his real name i know,i knew that was coming too,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],what was it advertising google i know,but what like just just the ability to,find information,okay the world's most famous search,engine,commercial i was expecting like a google,phone thing to sort of like integrate,because like look at this great footage,that he got,you know yeah oh i don't know look at,the theater he was able to acquire,because of the google because of the,google no his dad worked at the theater,so right,um but oh that was that that one got me,did did any of those get you,i think the second one got me i didn't i,wasn't like ready to full-on cry i mean,it was certainly emotional the thing,with the dad is obviously a sensitive,subject for me but like,uh it was i mean it was nice it was,touching yeah it was really sweet it,didn't it didn't uh,make me uh cry or anything like that the,first one was a little bit,funny to me in so far as you know,because i don't know where they're,stationed you know but they're obviously,they're obviously abroad you know,because there's caucasian people,yeah the commercials are like let's,assume it's america uh i haven't ever,met,a pakistani over here or an indian who,was,reluctant to associate with uh,you know the opposite ethnicity yeah,yeah you know i was like every every,indian i met was cool with pakistanis,every pakistan i met was cool with,indians,and and they had lots of people of,the opposite ethnicity there was no,weirdness there at all,so when i saw that i'm like i don't,recognize this as something from my own,reality,that was the only thing that sort of,threw me yeah in fact we know we know,people who are,who's half uh indian half pakistani we,know a couple that is,one's indian one's pakistani they got a,baby i know i know,another couple like that from like a,good friend from school,who's indian married a pakistani guy and,you have a lovely family so yeah,and so and so in taking it a little,further,okay forgive me this is me just being as,honest as i can with you guys,i don't know what goes on on the,pakistani side i'm only paying attention,to the indian side and what my audience,is saying to me,but i have notiked that the pakistanis,that tok to me on the internet,are generally open-minded because they,love bollywood yeah,and the resistance is often on the,indian side where they're like we don't,want,it's like it's like 25 of the audience,is like we don't want any pakistani,association whatsoever,75 is actually cool with pakistanis,they're like whatever we know it's not,the people we know it's that it's the,government and the military like we get,that which is my thinking,right uh and so it was just like the,commercials just odd to me for a number,of reasons,however the sentiment i thought was neat,i thought the sentiment i thought was,cute ultimately,um it's just like i just i just took me,out of it for a second because i'm like,any indian or pakistani i've met over,here,doesn't ever behave that way they're,always cool with each other yeah no i,mean i i thought that the,the idea was really cute like just as a,basic concept of like yeah we may be,different in many ways but actually,there's this one thing which is the love,for basmati rice which like,you know brings us together it unifies,everybody yeah it's a it's a really,sweet notion,even though the ad itself didn't really,feel,real right you know and yeah it would i,would argue that there's a lot more than,basmati rice that,brings people together that there's a,commonality between yeah indians and,pakistanis but,that's another topic for another day for,another video and so,moving on to the next one is the radio,one that was the one that i think,got me more because i think because it,was succinct,it wasn't or not that's the wrong word,but just like shorter,yeah it wasn't more drawn out it was,more to the point and so,you know it it's also something that i,feel like a lot of,creative types can relate to you know,it's,i so for me as as just like a youtuber,as a content creator it's like,i know that feeling of like that one,nearly got me too yeah i was already,like,getting worked up just from that one i,mean thinking back to gamerfleet's video,you know when he was streaming and he,had like eight people watching you know,it's like you i know what that feels,like to only have a handful of people,paying attention and how,like frustrating that is because you're,like you're putting in the time yeah you,know,and just to not have as much of a,response as you were hoping,uh and then the trickle effect of it it,kind of,kind of reminds me of doing the the,loves indication that's exactly what it,brought to mind for me because it's like,i love that,at the end of the the ad he realized,that actually the best thing for him to,do,was to create an outlet for people who,are like frustrated or just have,something to say,just to put it out there be because of,the idea that no one's listening anyway,so i can say whatever i want you know,well i mean they are similar to what you,were doing with the internet there is a,sense of um,anonymity so yeah i mean with the phone,calls too it's no one's gonna know who,it's,who's but yeah i just thought it was,cool i thought the way the actor handled,it was cool i thought the way it was put,together was nice,and nesca the nescafe um ad,element didn't overstay its welcome it's,like a guide in got out it did its thing,yeah with the google one it was that i,think that because it,it overstayed its welcome just a little,bit it's like you had me,as soon as uh up until like the point,they got home,it's like do you have a good vacation dk,yeah it was or whatever he said,yeah he said it was good right and then,the one yeah and then they watch the,movie the next day,yeah then conclude it there that was,good enough,like then that was that was touching and,then you had to take it all the way to,the theater,i'm like god damn like what is this,that for me was like uh what was that,movie um,best friend i love you man whatever it,was about it was a bromance movie with,uh,paul rudd okay where he's getting,married and he may he has a best,he needs to get a best man the whole,movie's about that okay,and he makes friends with the guy from,uh how i met your mother,the tall dude okay anyway it doesn't,matter oh so what happened in that movie,was uh his best man was taking photos of,him with the iphone,and then at some point a paul rudd's,driving down the road and there's,billboard photos,with the photos he took from the iphone,i'm like that's impossible that's,the iphone megapixel account wasn't very,high how are you able to,make these big big billboard photos