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Insta Dropshipping for Micro Brand Success

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we learn about how to contact small influencers and close deals with them. First, it's important to send an email rather than a direct message for a more professional approach. If you can't find their email on their bio, you can check on the Instagram app. When contacting influencers, it's essential to be personal and emotional to close the deal successfully. It's crucial to mention why their brand aligns with yours and how they can benefit from collaborating with you. Two templates are provided for contacting influencers, one for medium influencers and another for nano influencers. In conclusion, it's essential to personalize your approach, show why collaboration can benefit both parties, and use emotional factors to close the deal successfully.

Micro Influencers Instagram For Shopify Dropshipping Store

In this video, the speaker discusses the benefits and strategies of micro personal branding influences. The following are the main points covered:

- Micro personal branding influences are exploding in popularity and profitability.

- The speaker promises to share secrets and tips on how to take advantage of this trend.

Poster Schedule:

- When approaching micro influences, it's important to pick the right product.

- Tuesday and Sunday evenings are the best times to post, as people are more likely to be on their phones.

- The speaker provides specific times in Eastern Standard Time for optimal posting.

Story Posts:

- Story posts can cost around $10 for every thousand views.

- It's important to ask for analytics and demographics before paying for a story post.

- Engagement level and size of influence can affect the cost of story posts.

Normal Posts:

- Normal posts should have at least 20,000 likes.

- The speaker advises against choosing influences that use engagement groups or power likes/comments.

- Social blade accounts should be checked to ensure that an influence's engagement is not declining.

- Micro personal branding influences can be costly but have a high return on investment if chosen correctly.

- The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and join their Puma family for a chance to win a $5000 giveaway.

How to Find Influencers for Shopify Dropshipping 2022

In this article, we will explore the best methods to find influencers to promote your e-commerce and dropshipping stores. We will cover five different methods and provide tips on how to retain your influencers for long-term success.

Today, we will discuss the best methods to find influencers to promote your e-commerce and dropshipping stores. Influencer marketing is a great way to increase traffic and sales for your store.

1. Offer Commission-Based Affiliate Programs:

Before reaching out to influencers, you need to offer them something in return for promoting your products. The best thing you can offer them is a commission based on every sale. Create an affiliate program for your store, and set the commission based on how much you sell your products for and how much profit you make on each product. Use the Up Promote Shopify app to create an affiliate program and start reaching out to influencers.

2. Use the Up Promote Marketplace:

List your store on the Up Promote Marketplace and allow affiliates to sign up for your program and start promoting your products. You can also use the Up Promote app to find influencers in different niches and reach out to them directly.

3. Look for Instagram Influencers:

Search for influencers on Instagram by using a string of characters related to your niche. Look for accounts with around 10% engagement rate and between 10-40k followers.

4. Reach Out to Facebook Group Admins:

Search for Facebook groups related to your niche and reach out to the admins directly. Offer them a commission-based affiliate program and give them an incentive to promote your products.

5. Use YouTube Influencers:

Search for YouTube videos related to your niche and filter by view count. Look for influencers with around 5-40

$0-$30,000 In 30 Days Using Instagram Influencers | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

How to Make $30,000 in 30 Days with Instagram Promotions

In this article, we will dive into the world of Instagram promotions and how it can help you make thousands of dollars every day, week, and month with Shopify dropshipping. We will learn the exact process of how one entrepreneur, Hassan, made over $30,000 in revenue with his Shopify stores using Instagram influencers and promotions.

Instagram Promotions:

- Find a niche theme page on Instagram that aligns with your product

- Contact the page owner to inquire about promotion rates

- Pay for the promotion and provide your product link for their bio

- Use engaging reels or videos for the promotion and make sure it's posted at the best time for engagement

- Caption should include a call-to-action and link in bio

- Social proof with followers and reviews can help legitimize your store

Hassan's Success Story:

- Hassan made his website in 3-4 days and started with Instagram promotions

- His first promotion was on a page charging $150 and made over $1,000 in sales in just a few hours

- Hassan then doubled down on promotions and made over $2,000 in 24 hours with a $150 investment

- He recommends using engaging reels or videos for the promotion and focusing on a simple and effective bio and caption

Instagram promotions can be a powerful tool for Shopify dropshipping entrepreneurs to make thousands of dollars without spending on ads. The process is simple and can yield great returns with the right product and promotion strategy. With Hassan's success story, anyone can learn how to do it for themselves and achieve their financial goals.

How I Find Influencers That Make Me $14K A Week (REAL EXAMPLES) - Shopify Dropshipping

In this article, we will be discussing how to find Instagram influencers who can help achieve $14,000 a week with Shopify stores and brands, with an $8,000 profit margin. This is a new strategy that has not been shared online before. We will cover product research, private labeling, finding unsaturated influencers, and the email templates that work best.

Product Research:

To find winning products, we use tools like Peekster to search for viral ads on Facebook. We focus on industries like beauty and fitness, and we also look for winning products in the influencer market using tools like InfoSpy. We focus on markets where spending power is high, such as the French and Dutch markets, where we found unsaturated influencers.

Private Labeling:

Private labeling is essential when working with Instagram influencers, and we negotiated with suppliers to private label the product. We started with a minimum order of 20 units to keep costs down, and we used a product page builder to create a website with engaging animations and before-and-after sliders.

Finding Unsaturated Influencers:

We hire freelancers on Fiverr to find us loads of different influencers in a Google sheet. We then hire VAs

Come contattare un Influencer su instagram | trovare influencer | shopify dropshipping

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular, especially in the world of dropshipping and e-commerce. In this article, we will explore how to contact influencers and what to say to them.

Why use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is advantageous, especially in the beginning stages of launching a store. Collaborating with an influencer who already has a ready-made audience can attract potential customers to your brand and product.

How to find the right influencer?

It's essential to avoid big influencers and focus on micro-influencers with an excellent engagement rate. To find them, we can use hashtags related to our niche, search for influencers with a similar audience, and verify their authenticity.

How to contact an influencer?

When contacting an influencer, it's crucial to show interest in their content and ensure that their style aligns with your brand and product. It's best to avoid

How To Find Instagram Influencers For Dropshipping

How to Find Instagram Influencers for Dropshipping by Using Captions

In this video, Ennis shares a unique trick to find Instagram influencers for dropshipping by using the text in their captions instead of hashtags, location, or shoutout platforms.

Benefits of Finding Influencers by Using Captions:

- You can find influencers who have never worked with a drop shipper before, leading to a unique audience.

- Finding the right audience is essential for dropshipping success.

The Trick:

To find influencers by using captions, Ennis suggests using Google search engine and adding a URL parameter to the Instagram website.

1. Type site:instagram.com in the search bar.

2. Add /p/ after instagram.com to only show posts.

3. Type in a keyword related to your product in quotation marks after text: to find posts with that exact keyword in their caption.


Ennis uses hiking shoes as an example keyword. He finds over 1,000 Instagram posts with hiking shoes in their caption using the trick.

By using captions to find influencers, you can find unique audiences for your dropshipping products. Ennis reminds viewers to press the like button if they found the video helpful and to reach out to him with any questions or video requests.

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