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instagram ads cost 2022

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

The BEST Instagram Advertising Strategy for 2022: Cheap & it WORKS!

instagram's changed a lot over the past few months and if you want to run ads on it in 2022, you need a brand new strategy that'll help you play into those changes so you get more love from the algorithm and much more profitable ads. so in this video i have got the single best instagram ad strategy for what instagram has evolved into, which is no longer an image sharing app- right, the head of instagram actually came right out and said that video is their focus now, specifically reels. so this strategy is all about using the brand new reels ad placement in a smart sequence that mimics the way people might naturally find you online, gradually getting to know, like and trust you. the sequence just puts it all on hyperdrive, helping quickly move people from never heard of you before all the way through. i am ready, let's do this and, as my friend and facebook ads expert, amanda bond, says, ads just amplify what's already working or not working in your business. so if you've got an offer that you know people want, this is the missing piece that's going to help you scale it way up, and i do have a simple version to start with and a slightly more involved version that you can build to once you're more comfortable and see that everything's working. so we're going to start simple, get a little fancier later on in the video. okay, so here's the big mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to advertising on instagram, or facebook for that matter. they run an ad to a cold audience who doesn't know them yet and they ask for a sale or for their email address. you know they choose a conversions objective, which does seem like the best idea, right. after all, you want instagram to find you people who are most likely to convert into paying customers. but the problem is buying decisions just aren't made that quickly, so you end up paying a lot of money because, let's face it, conversion ads are the most expensive objective ad you can run, and they advertise to people who just aren't worth spending all that money on, because they aren't ready to buy yet. they're not warmed up to you as a business yet. so how can we reach those same people for a lot less money? that's what the sequence is really all about. so we're going to create two levels of real ads, not just a one, and done so, let's just get right into this. so for our first level, you're going to create what i call the magnet ad. and here's the thing. i don't really want you to think of this like an ad at all. right, this reel will never mention your business or your paid services. your single aim here is to simply attract the right people, who would be your perfect customers, and repel all the wrong ones. you know, like magnets do. that's the name here, and the way you're gonna do this is to simply create a really short clip that's closely related to your business niche, that either informs or inspires people on that topic. then anyone who's interested enough to watch it would likely be your perfect customer. so now let's just get into the specifics of what this clip should be, right? so first of all, i want to shake off this myth that reels need to look like this. right, you don't need to dance and point- i'm dancing, i'm pointing to make the point. you don't need to do that, and you certainly don't have to follow the latest trends from tiktok. so if you want to do it that way, you certainly can. right, if that's your thing, do it. but if your reel has good information that's delivered in an engaging way, which can often mean you just speaking directly to camera with a good amount of enthusiasm and energy. uh, the right people will be interested in getting that information. i've honestly never seen one of these, you know, dancing and pointing videos that i think nails the material any better than if they were to just say it. so, not to mention if you get caught up in the trap of following all the trends- and, tik tok, those trends change daily. right, unless you're gonna make advertising on instagram your new full-time job, you don't have time to keep up with all that. and in case you're ever stuck for ideas here, a great all-purpose prompt for your reel would be to think about your ideal customer's biggest problem or stumbling block that's in their way right now. then just make a short video giving them the one piece of advice or the three tips or the truth behind the common myth that's blocking them from getting what they want right. the idea here is you're inspiring them that what they want is possible, and maybe you're even giving them a shortcut or a quick win that they can achieve on their own through your advice. and i know examples help. so you know, let's say you're a wedding photographer, you might want to show three couple poses that nobody else is doing. or if you're a chiropractor, bust the myth that you know they'll need to keep coming in for life once they've gotten started with you, or if you're a life coach, you could share the secret to having the most productive morning ever. so now let's tok logistiks, right? how do you make this? how long should it be? uh, who do you show it to? don't worry, i'm gonna walk you through everything. so, first off, reels are vertikal, so you just pull out your phone. you don't shoot it upright, not sideways, just record yourself within the app. right, the finished video should be no longer than 30 seconds. that is the limit for reals ads as of right now, and i do highly recommend just recording it in the app, like you're making a normal organic reel. that's gonna let you edit it and add music filters if you want all that good stuff that makes it look like a native reel. so just keep in mind, if you do use music here, when it's an ad, you need to use copyright free music. don't try to use the popular stuff. that's just going to get your ad taken down. then you'll preview it and then click the download button on top and this downloaded video is what you'll upload into the facebook ads manager. you'll want to choose manual placements where you'll go down to instagram and choose the reels placement. but here's the thing: you can't just choose reels, at least not yet. so i recommend also choosing stories, because this type of video should also work very well there too. so you can kind of accomplish twice as much. so who exactly are you going to show this magnet add to in the first place? so we've got a few options here. you can target people based on interests or, better yet, on a look-alike audience of previous buyers. but i wouldn't do that unless you have a list of around a thousand people or more to start with and to base that look-alike audience on. so if you don't have that many previous customers, no worries, just do interest targeting. but the trick here is you need to stack enough closely related interests until you get to at least 500 000 people, because facebook and instagram like big audiences now. it really helps their algorithm work its magic. so resist the urge to get too granular here. if you're a business coach, just target something like facebook business page admins, you know. don't layer that with too many other criteria or it's just gonna restrict what facebook is best at. and don't worry, they will find your perfect customers inside of that audience for you, and you can start these level one ads off at as little as five dollars a day, and then you can start scaling them up if you want to, once you see good results. and i do recommend coming up with, you know, three to five different reels here, with completely different angles or hooks, and testing all of them against each other. so if they all work, great, you can keep them all running and then just split your ad budget between them. but more than likely, you're going to start to see that some are performing much better than others, in which case you would just kind of turn off the ones that aren't working as well, so the winners have more budget to work with. so now that our level one magnet ads are running, attracting new prospects to your business, it's time for level two. so i did promise you a simplified as well as a more advanced version here.

The BEST Way To Advertise On Instagram In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things you need to know if you want to create effective, high converting and profitable instagram ads. first, you need to be using the right kind of ad format. you see, instagram has changed a lot over the past few months and there's one kind of ad format that's working better than pretty much any other kind of instagram ad right now. if you choose the wrong ad format, or worse, just go along with the default settings and leave it up to instagram to decide where to show your ad, it doesn't matter how smart or funny or creative your instagram ads are, they're just not gonna work. next, you need to script your ad in a very specific way, known as p-a-s-o or paso. this is going to hook your viewer right from the start, keep them engaged throughout your ad and get them to take action at the end. but don't worry if you've never heard of this before- most people haven't- so i'm going to show you exactly what it means and how you can incorporate it into your instagram ads. and lastly, you need to use something called sequencing. sequencing is an advertising strategy that not a lot of people know about, but it's been proven to increase your ads consumption by 87 and the amount of conversions you get by 56 or more. understanding how sequencing works won't just make your instagram ads more effective, but you'll see how you can apply this to any and all marketing and advertising you create from today forward. sequencing really is the closest thing to a marketing magic bullet that i've ever found. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the all-important ad format. fun fact: you probably already knew this, but instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. now they all about that video life. the head of instagram, adam massari, said this last year, but they backed it up by changing the algorithm and pretty much wiping out any hopes of organic reach from photos and replacing everybody's feeds with video, but not just any kinds of videos: a very specific and very familiar looking kind of video known as the instagram reel, a short form vertikal video with all the makings of its competitor, tiktok. in fact, it's pretty obvious that instagram reels is a direct copy of tiktok. but all is fair in love and war- and this is war anyway, i guess instagram figured: if you can't beat tiktok, you might as well join them or at least copy exactly what they're doing. and so instagram hopped on the tiktok bandwagon, essentially leveraging the popularity of this new format and did everything they could to get their existing users to adopt this new reels feature. now, this next part's worth paying extra attention to because it's going to serve you for many years to come. anytime an app like instagram or facebook or tiktok or whatever launches a new feature, they give that feature a bit of a head start, a little extra push and some algorithmic support in order to try to get it to catch on a little faster. essentially, the way it works is that they reward the creators and advertisers who use their new features by giving them a disproportionate amount of new reach in order to help them get this new feature in front of as many people as possible. and that's what happened with reels, exactly like what happened with lives and stories and carousels and, well, anything and everything they ever launched. this is why, while you want to be careful to not chase after too many different shiny objects, you also want to be able to capitalize on new trends, because they often offer these massive first mover advantages to the people that adopt those early tiknologies and early tools. long story short people like reels, and instagram wants you to use reels, and not just organically either, but is a powerful advertising tool that right now is getting better results than pretty much any other placement on instagram, and you can safely test out story placements alongside your reels placements with just the click of a button, and creating an instagram reels only ad is really pretty simple. now, if this is your first instagram ad ever, then it's important to understand that facebook owns instagram, so the way that you create instagram ads is actually through the facebook ads manager. so in order to run instagram ads, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a facebook ads manager account. once that's done, you're pretty much off to the races. so to set up an instagram reels ad, all you need to do is first log into your facebook ads manager account and, once inside, choose your objective and targeting options- i'll tok about that more in just a minute- and then choose manual placements and select reels. you can upload an existing reel that you already have or you can create a brand new reel from scratch, which is usually what i recommend. this is because, when you're upgrading your marketing strategy from free organic traffic to paid online advertising- and real money is on the line- you want to make sure that you're doing everything in your power to optimize this ad for the highest likelihood of success. okay, next up, let's tok about how to script your ad for maximum impact, because, make no mistake, the advertisers that are getting the best results with their instagram ads right now are thoughtful and strategic and very careful about what they say and how they're saying it. if you're the kind of person who's comfortable just getting in front of the camera, hitting record and trying to nail it in your first shot, that's awesome. you have a gift, my friend. most people, though myself included, are gonna benefit by just a little bit of prep work and some planning to make sure that we say the right things in the right way at the right time. in fact, even after having created thousands of ads over the past 10 years for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes, i still spend most of my advertising time on writing and editing my ads in order to make them as powerful and impactful as possible, and over the years, i've found that whenever i get stuck or just can't seem to get inspired or come up with anything new, all i need to do is go back to one of my favorite copywriting frameworks of all time- paso. so let me show you what that looks like now. vaso or paso stands for pain, agitate, solution and outcome. this is a proven formula because it gets right to the core of what's really important with your message, which is your customer and their problems. you then agitate the problem by showing them just how bad it is before moving on to the solution- your solution, and then wrapping it all up with the outcome and the results that they'll experience. now, obviously, you're going to want to jazz it up just a little bit more and make it specific to your business and your market in your industry, but to show you what this might look like in the real world, here's an example of a grizzly bear self-defense course known as bare jitsu, a popular and practikal martial art. up here in canada. there's nothing worse than going for a nice walk in the woods only to be confronted by an angry bear. face to face with this 800 pound giant of the forest, your options are extremely limited. you can't outrun it, outclimb it or out fight it, that is, unless you're armed with the skills of bare jitsu, a non-lethal martial art crafted in the back country of canada's most remote wilderness that can help you defend yourself against one of the forest's most dangerous predators. after you learn the art of bare jitsu, you can walk freely, safely and confidently, knowing that you have the skills and experience to conquer anything that nature can throw at you. [Music]. okay, now that we've got that covered, next sequence: a strategy that's been proven to increase the consumption of your ads by 87 and your conversions by 56 or more. there was a us-based advertising research study done by adaptly, facebook and refinery29. their goal was to try to find out what advertising strategy worked best. option a was to create a single ad with a single call to action. essentially, one ad, one call to action, which is pretty standard in how most people do their advertising.

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How To Make Money On Instagram: Sell On Instagram (Instagram Ads 2022 Guide)

instagram right now is still the social network with the highest sustained engagement. in this video, we'll explore how to leverage its massive audience by learning how to sell on instagram and set up instagram ads. welcome to learn with shopify, where we help you start, run and grow an online business. before diving right into instagram ads, let's first make sure we're aligned on your goals, meaning why might you even want to spend on advertising in the first place? if you want to keep catching videos just like this one, consider subscribing and hitting that bell so that you'll be notified the moment new videos come out right here on learn with shopify. for most first-time entrepreneurs, the knee-jerk reaction to the thought of spending on ads is one where we say, whoa, spend money. i'm already running so lean and the business isn't even really profitable yet. but what we're really saying is: how can paying for ads ensure results? i mean, the whole point of spending money on ads is for those ads to bring in more money than they spend, and it's a scary thought to drop cash without having the confidence of the payoff. so before even thinking about ads, we need to start off by clearly defining the desired results we plan to achieve with them now. generally speaking, the desired result is ultimately more sales and more income, but there are direct goals and indirect goals. an example of a direct income advertising goal is conversion, meaning someone sees your ad and immediately buys your product. the money you spent on the ad translated directly to money going back into your company. and, thanks to shopify's partnership with instagram, this is made even easier since you can link your shopify account with your instagram account by setting up a facebook channel. this allows you to tag your products so customers can literally buy your products directly inside the instagram interface. shopping on instagram truly provides a seamless customer experience, because customers are able to discover your products on their instagram feed and can check out without ever leaving instagram. now, an example of an indirect advertising goal is engagement, where someone sees your ad on instagram and it peaks their interest enough where they might like it, perhaps even comment on it or, even better, share it with one of their friends. another valuable example is lead generation. this is great for collecting information from users, like their email addresses, so you can market to them in the future. both examples are indirect income advertising goals, because you spent money on the ad, but the instagram user didn't buy anything right then and there. so it didn't translate directly to money into your company's bank account, but what did happen was a new person became aware of your brand and raised their hand saying they're interested in your product. this allows you to add them to a marketing funnel where you can re-target that user with additional instagram ads and perhaps add them to an email marketing campaign. the more touch points with the customer increases the likelihood of future purchases, which therefore indirectly leads to money in the bank. this is all to say that, before diving into the nitty gritty of how to sell on instagram, the first thing you need to do is clearly define all of your goals, your desired results from your future ad spends, and don't worry if you're confused about all the possible goals. the very first step in the facebook ad manager, where you'll be creating all of your ad campaigns, forces you to do exactly that: pick a goal for your campaign. now, when it comes to choosing your budget, one of the biggest benefits of instagram ads is how affordable it is to start and how scalable the pricing is as you grow. but because there's a lot of confusion and mixed messages from gurus online, i'm just going to put this out there. if you are just starting out budget 50 as complete risk capital, meaning it may not yield any results for your first ad campaign. those 50 bucks are for instagram sophistikated ad bots to learn what works and what types of people they should serve your ads to, based on your initial targeting definitions, and are worth every last penny. but let's dive in. the first thing that has to happen is that you need to ensure that your instagram account is a business or a creator account, as opposed to a personal one. if you're confused about which to choose, a business account is used if you are representing yourself as a company, like unbound, mourinho or pila case, while a creator account is if you're a content creator and you plan on selling merch for, say, your youtube channel. once you have either a business or creator instagram account, the second thing you'll need to do is to link your instagram account to your facebook business page. as you know, facebook owns instagram, and so all of your instagram ad campaigns will, in fact, be created in facebook's ad manager. and, by the way, if you don't have a facebook business page, creating one is super simple, and don't worry about the fact that your new facebook business page doesn't have any images, info, content or likes, because no one on instagram will know. you just need this linking to happen to be able to start creating your instagram ads. the next step is optional for now, depending on your goals, but if you want to enable people to buy your products directly from your instagram posts, you're gonna have to both set up and connect a facebook catalog to your instagram account. doing this is easy, but your new facebook catalog will need to be approved by facebook first and can take a few business days in the meantime. once you've done these prerequisite steps, we can finally move on to the actual creating of your ads. by the way, if you want to learn even more information on how to grow and monetize your instagram account, we have a free workshop with field tested instagram marketing tips. learn how to grow your instagram audience and monetize it with an online store. click the link in the top right corner of this video or in the description below to register for this completely free webinar. when it comes to facebook and instagram ads, there are three nested layers, and it's a good idea for you to be familiar with them. these layers are campaigns, ad sets and ads. campaigns are the top level layer. this is where you define your goal for the campaign. whether we're toking about brand awareness, traffic to your site, engagement, lead generation or conversions, you're telling facebook and instagram what category of desired results you're after. this is a critikal choice, as it will influence how your instagram ads are optimized and how you pay for them. for example, the cost to serve your ad to a thousand people will be different if you want them to click a button in instagram to visit your website versus if you want them to fill out a form and submit their personal information to you through a lead generation campaign. so be sure to start the campaign on the right footing by selecting the correct campaign objective. once you've selected the objective, give your campaign a name that makes sense to you and you can move on to your ad set. your ad set is essentially you telling facebook and instagram how your ads should run. this includes a daily budget, but it also includes demographic and interest-based parameters of who you want your campaign to target. define who you want to see your ads. all the same, targeting options are available for both instagram ads as well as facebook ads, and if you want to learn how to create custom audiences, i'll link that video right up here. and, by the way, in the ad set portion of the setup, there's a section called placement. facebook's ad manager shows automatik placements as the recommended option, so they can experiment with placing your ads across facebook, messenger, whatsapp and, of course, instagram. but if you already know your target audience spends their time primarily on instagram, don't be afraid to choose manual and check off only instagram. after all, this video is all about instagr.

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hi guys, welcome back to my channel. my name is ivora and if you are new here, hello. thank you for tuning in. if i wasn't a subscriber, my og always give me your call. you guys, thank you for coming back to watch my content. i love you and i have gotten questions like: how much do i need to start on an instagram ads? what is the best budget to put into my ads to get the best results? how much do i need to add before i start- and today we'll be tackling those issues- best instagram budget that gives results. instagram at cost in 2022, because things have changed. okay, january i was running. at february i was running ads. i only stopped much because my accounts got disabled. okay, so i'm a good customer, so i know the in and out from experience. if you would love to transform your business using instagram ads, do make sure you watch till the end, because everything i'll be sharing in this video is gonna be value back-to-back and without further ado, can we please that straight into action? so, guys, i want to let you know that instagram advert is not about budget alone. like, okay, i can put one millionaire- i can't even do nonsense, but i'll just be getting money. no, do your budgets matter? yes, it does, but you should know that instagram advice is about your content. it's about your culture. content means the picture of the video you would be using. you cannot be using a low quality picture and you expect me to buy from you, so your content quality must be on point. if you need to invite to get a good phone, get it. if you're a vendor, you are taking a picture of your product online. you are making video. this is not the time to be using a phone number for two thousand. i say, oh, i'm on the budget for the past two years. the lowest one i have. this was hundred thousand, you know, because i want to do bugatti. okay, i think i got this match. it was, i think, was one, six or something thousand, and i did not invest that amount of money on food because i want to be taking selfies like hi guys. i invested it because i need good video and pictures for my products, so when i want advertise it, you love what you see. number one, secondly, was because of my youtube channel. however, before my youtube channel, i use phones with good camera. i do not compromise on my camera because i know that i own an online, so my business is online. i do not have a physical store for people to come and use their colloquial eyes to check. they can only check online, so i have to give them the best. so before you tok about your instagram budget, tok about your content. how i is the value of your content? how is your resolution? how is your photo quality? how is your video quality? that is the first important thing. the second important thing is your caption. a lot of people write boring caption and you'll see when i own hearts. i spent twenty thousand. it did not come back. i cannot convert because. number one, when i saw your adverts, i was confused about what you said. i'm like it's like you're selling cream or you're telling shoes, the kind of advice you push out, irrespective of your budget. in 10 seconds of missing your ad with your picture and your caption, i should be able to know what your business is all about, how you do what yourself, before i even go to your page. me going to your page is to see more of these products, not to understand what you are selling. so your caption: if you sell bags, write it in your caption. do not assume that, and somebody can see the picture. they see this bag. do you sell bags for wholesaler? do you sell bags for corporate people, isolating bags of students? what is your target audience? so you write the language they can't understand in your caption. it is very important. totally attach your prices to the caption. never run an ad and you did not put price. and you expect me to come to your dm and they're saying how much? you know you would just waste your money, your hardware to not convert, irrespective of your budget. so now let's tok about. your offer. project is the last one we'll tok about, because people think that object is the first thing. your offer. what offer are you giving them? know that if you are wearing an ad, save yourself shoes on instagram and your own ads. about 30 people in your industry are also running at. there are times that i see a lot of bags from 10 different instagram and in a day. so why would i buy from you? why not the other people? why should i buy from you? you have to have an offer. are you offering free delivery for me? i sell gifts item and my offer is free card on all others. some people sell cards for 1700, but i give them for free, but it's not, for you may have added my cutting money to the price of my products. you really don't have to do something free, but people love to, so listen to the word free, like when they have freedom, like you say anything. so you have to add free something. empty the throats, but you can review your price and act. so my own catch- white only has- is my free card and paper bag. a lot of people also use my lumbar to package their orders by using paper bag and free free card, so i added to my caption my offer. do you understand? and lastly, let's tok about budget. how much does instagram advert cost in 2022? how much can you spend? now? let's go to the button after april. i think no. last time me. last time it was when i started running at back to back. before then i do art voice either. i play someone that has crowd, maybe what's up influencer, instagram influencer to help me advertise. but last year when i started instagram at proper- before then i have done art a couple of times, but i told myself i want to be consistent and do this advertisement. the first month of running adverts i spent wasn't fifty thousand or sixty thousand, so there's a part day. how much do that cost per day? know that um, instagram charges per day. so fifty thousand over thirty days is one thousand six six six. so that means i was spending one thousand six sixes daily. let's assume it was fifty thousand. i think it was 150 thousand. then the next month i increased it. so now you can spend as low as five hundred naira a day, as at that time. but now the lowest you can spend per day is 597 in a day. so presently i'm going to add and phone is charging me 2000 by the making four thousand error party, as that's now now. then i was able to run out. now i am still able to run ads because i work with the projects that i have. so as a starter, you can start your adverts with 597 area per day. however, the more money you put, the more results you get. but not having money should not be an excuse of not running adverts. in fact, when, anytime i want to run my ads, i did not start my hat and i put 2000 around, but i would first test the hat. i usually use the lowest cost, which is 5.97, to run my heart. so once that people are following me from these ads. then someone sent a message with the screenshots of my advertising: oh, i want this. that means okay, from owner to that fire. yeah, poor petrol fashion. then that is when i would increase it to 2000 era. if at that time i first put 5.97, after two days i watched it, i people saving it and people sharing it- are people following my page from this ads. then when i said, okay, this ad. so right there, i'll increase the value to 1005.. in fact there was an ad i was only last month. i was 1030 per day for someone like me. i want to add that at a time because i cannot afford it. so you can actually run just one act per time. so let's assume you are working with that one of 597. let's just calculate 600 naira per day times 30, that is, and 10 000 tonight. that means even if you have 18 hours for a whole month, you can run hearts. can you get sales with this? as yes, you can. as i said, i put 597 on my heart first. three days is 5, 37 when someone buys or when it's like people are following me, that is when i increase it. so i wait for that 507 to give me results before i increase my project. so either five nights, seven hours did not give me results in a week. i am gonna offer it. so what i'm saying basically is people are using small amounts of money to run advanced on instagram and th.

Do Instagram Ads REALLY Work? | Instagram Advertising in 2022

all right. so you clicked this video because you're wondering whether or not Instagram ads are worth it, specifically, if they're worth it for you as a business owner or as a Creator. so I'm here to drop a quick video on you today to tell you exactly why. yes, they are, let's get started. so we recently dropped this video on Instagram. thank you all. if you want comments- and it's very helpful and it's how to add to grab ad. and I wanted to address the question on whether or not you should be running ads anyways, if it makes sense for your business- and I'm gonna say in a lot of cases, the answer is yes. now we've been running ads on Instagram and Facebook for at minimum seven years, probably hitting the eight year mark now- and we have seen so much success, and that is on the Creator side and on the business side. on the business side, we've been able to make investments of 5K to make 100K for our clients, and we've also been able to use ads on the Creator side. so not only do we hire creators for our clients, we also work as creators for other brands and we've been able to actually Sweden the deal the little bit by being individuals who know how to run Instagram ads so we can actually offer further reach to the brands that we're working with. not only has that allowed us to increase our budget when we're doing our asks for deliverables, but that has also just enabled us to have a Competitive Edge against perhaps other creators, if they were to weighing us up against somebody else. now, the first reason why you should be considering Instagram ads, and why they are certainly worth it, is because they take the pressure off your organic strategy. with ads, you aren't limited to your direct following or those are optimizing your posts, for. you're able to break past the algorithm and reach an entirely new audience who is completely custom and targeted to the audience that you want. ads also help you to grow, so with ads, you have the opportunity to reach those new audiences, but use the same conversion tactiks that you're generally using in order to get them to follow. I've actually done a video on how to increase your following using Instagram ads that I'll leave up here as well, and I think I might do an updated video on this too, because there are even new tactiks that we've implored since we've done that video. but all of those work as well, and I do want to say, even though you are running these ads and you're able to break past the organic algorithm a little bit, your content still needs to be good. so it does not mean that you can slide with your content. it just means that you're not only relying on the organic optimization tikniques to get you to where you want to go. you have the opportunity to leverage all the data that meta has on us in order to get your content in front of the right people and get the actions that you want. and when we're toking about getting your content in front of the right people, another very important reason why Instagram ads are worth it is because it allows you to Target your direct audience. so we know that we optimize our posts with hashtags in order to make sure we're getting it from the right people. with ads, though, you are just going into ads manager and you are saying: this is the exact person I want to reach, this is my target audience, that I want you to go out and put the content Runner based on what I know about my audience. so I know that they are women in this age group who like these certain things. you can do that and take the guesswork out of some of the hashtags or competitor analysis that you would be doing, because meta ads allow you to actually specifically Target the individuals that you want. ads are also worth it because they extend the life of your content. so when you think about it, the way that the algorithm works is truly based on recency, with the exception that we see with certain reels and certain pieces of content that continue to perform Well. normally, three days is the shelf life that your content has, but with ads you get to extend the life of the content. you get to save. I'm putting this piece of content out there and I wanted to run from this date to this date and that's how they'll run. so that means when you put work behind a piece of content and you want to extend its shelf life, you can't do that with ads, and we've done that specifically with video content leading up to Brand campaigns or massive launches. we'll do that where we have like teasers that kind of go out and we'll make sure that extends for one week, another extends for another week and kind of have them go in a flow leading up to the big announcement and then we can also extend those announcements as well using ads. so that's a key consideration when we think about the limitations around organic reach and organic length of posts. it's not like YouTube, where things can come up forever. you could be watching this video three years from now, which would be amazing. let me know if you are- but that's the difference between, say, organic Instagram content, organic Facebook content and paid content. ads are also extremely worth it because they allow you to generate leads and drive sales in your business, and isn't that what we're here for- either leads when it comes to Brand Partnerships, or driving sales when it comes to having a business and wanting people to buy our products and services. and the reason that they're able to do this is because you can create ads with clear objectives. so you can create ads that say: I want people to go to my website and I want them to purchase. those are called conversion ads- and you can send traffic to your website. you can also help with increasing your newsletter, so we can run a traffic-based ad for an offer and then leverage that offer to increase our email list, which we have done in the past, and our email list is quite large because of some of the ads that we've run. that's what ads have the power to do. ads are phenomenal because they are backed by tiknology and they will specifically help you in the areas of growth, engagement and revenue. so I feel like I've made the case for why you should be considering running Instagram ads in your business or as a Creator. if I did, I definitely recommend you watch this video next, which will help you with creating your high performing Instagram and or Facebook ad as well. there will also be a checklist in the description box below for you to download as you follow along in that video. so if this video was helpful, let me know in the comments below and let me know any questions you have. I've had a ton of great questions on that other video I just mentioned, so let me know in the comments. thank you so much for watching. if you liked this video, give us a thumbs up, hit subscribe below and hit the notification Bell so you don't miss any other videos from us. you can follow us everywhere at High season Co and we will see you in the next video. bye.

Instagram Advertising Costs - How much will you pay

how much does instagram advertising cost? it's a simple question, right? unfortunately, simple questions don't always have complicated answers, so buckle up because we do have an answer. but it's not a simple number outright. this is because the cost of Instagram ads fluctuates regularly, almost like a living ecosystem. it stays relatively steady, but sudden changes can throw the system off balance a bit and your ad costs with it. since Instagram ads works on an auction-based system that's created a dynamic marketplace for advertisers, a number of factors affect how much you need to bid and the spend to be competitive. let's take a look at some of these factors that can most directly impact the cost of your Instagram ads and how you can use them to your benefit. number one is your relevant score. this metric is a number from one and 10 that will tell you how relevant Instagram believes your ad is to your target audience. it's gauged partially on their systems, algorithms and also on engagement. if enough people like, share or click on your ad, the score goes up. if they hide it, report it or express negative sentiments, the score goes down. a high relevant score is known to lower CPC and add costs, so keep a close eye on this one and try to keep it above a 7. you'll also want to be mindful that the actions you're optimizing for which determines what sort of actions and results you're paying for. if you optimize for links, you'll likely be paying when someone clicks on your ad. if you choose to prioritize unique reach, you'll pay per thousand views. keep an eye on how this affects cost on your campaigns. by the way, the third factor that frequently affects ad costs is your choice of placements. Instagram feed ads cost more than stories ads, even though they're both in the same platform. if it's important to keep your costs low, you can tiknically run Instagram ads on other platforms that have lower than Instagram costs to try to maximize your budget and ad spend. the fourth factor is completely outside your control, but affects you nonetheless. certain times of the year or events in the marketplace mean higher levels of competition. this, in turn, will typically result in higher ad costs, which is why you can safely expect those CPCs to start increasing come the holiday season. there are, after all, a finite number of ad placements at any given time, and the auction is the perfect example of supply and demand economics. the last major factor that affects cost outside the audience targeting itself will be advert aghh, if people see your ad too many times, their likelihood that they'll convert goes down and the likelihood that they'll hide the ad increases. this doesn't help you irrelevant score and it lowers your CTR, so it can start to affect ad costs over time. keep your frequency low and, as soon as it goes above a three, change up either the targeting or the campaign before it's too late. with all this being said, it's time to look at ad costs. there's a lot of data available and some of it is conflicting, but the general consensus is that you can expect to pay at least between one to three dollars on a click on Instagram and around $5 per thousand views. that being said, these are general guidelines and some advertisers pay much more and some pay much less. know what's normal for you and as long as you're yielding a positive ROI and keeping a high relevant score, you're creating strong campaigns and you'll notike quickly if something goes awry.